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The words we say to you
aren’t strictly true
as much as they do
what we want them to

shaped and spun
with hidden gears
so when they reach ears they fit
neatly settling
without drawing attention
to the shabbiness
and moth holes

Look here my good man!

Hand shadows dancing
on a bright screen
hiding meaning
in dumb show gestures
of duck quacks and rabbit concerns

In Oz, the wizard’s heart came good,
behind our curtain
you’ll just find avarice
and certainty
that a brief, gout ridden future
means more to us than you
Should I be helping people?
Everyone is happy when I do but
Looking at their smiles makes me
Feel happy, the only time I feel happy.
I started to help many people
So that only I can be happy.
Helping people like this, is it selfish?
"Arey O Bumble Bee!
I Always Greet Thee,
Why're You So Restless,
Spend Little Time With Me."

Bumble Bee Replied,
"Juice Sucker I Am
****. Then I Leave
Not At All Restless I Am.”

Rose Said With Grim Voice,
“Noted For Future Use,
Shall Be Very Careful
That No More You Misuse.
Readers To Muse On The Contents Of The Poes.
Phil Bailey Apr 22
Hey there, I'm Joe Sixpack,
an American full of pride.
I don't want no welfare state,
I don't want no free ride.

And I don't want no charity
'cause freedom don't come free.
I just got four priorities,
they're ME, ME, ME and ME!

I just can't stand the government.
Tax, I don't wanna pay.
Don't want no lazy welfare bums
to **** it all away.

Don't want no ******* FEMA
after flood or hurricane.
Don't want no public healthcare
to fix someone else's pain.

But if my house blows over
or if I get unemployed,
and I don't got insurance
and my health's getting destroyed...

Well, then you'll see me change my tune
and I'll be first in line.
Sayin' "I deserve a handout",
"Oh poor ME" I'll ***** and whine.
Calling out hypocrisy is one of my greatest pleasures.
Many were born,
accepting the image;
my love is torn,
as she blends in assemblage.

Out with the old,
and in with the new;
the poets, while bold,
will dwindle to few.

I'm one of the brave,
who dared SAVE the beauty,
and still managed to behave,
as her gaze passed over me.

What is it here,
that my heart hasn't got?
maybe I'd sell myself, dear,
to give people what they're not.

Chase, chase the love,
of what may fill the empty,
glamour, and shine might move,
but your memory'd never leave me.

All in a daze work,
they'll measure the rhythm,
it'll make me a ****,
but I could stand in line with them.

Vying for the affection,
yet selling the dream,
no objection to injection,
of their soul snatching scheme.
A perfectionist.. but on what level? And which one counts?
Is she satisfied
By your way of selfish love 
Does she act like those
Women in **** you can rise above 

It’s all what he likes 
It’s all when he comes
It’s all him choking her 
It’s all him the hunter
When do you even see her liking it
When do you ever hear her finishing first 

Do you make her scream 
While your **** is raining 
Do you make her feel
Like she’s not pray but a queen

Reddening skin 
Painful blisters
Bad disease 
From your mistress
Mark Toney Mar 23
~ when love precipitates, selfishness evaporates ~

© 2020 by Mark Toney. All rights reserved.
2/18/2020 - Poetry form: Didactic - © 2020 by Mark Toney. All rights reserved.
Tony Tweedy Mar 23
In a world of isolation where I have come to live a solitary life,
There is hardly any trial in the new contamination dictated strife.
The way of things and even loved ones we will yet come to bemoan,
To face an uncertain future where we face prospects to yet die alone.
Where is the wisdom and the knowledge our boasting said we had
Seemingly replaced by irrational hoarding and a toilet paper fad.
There is no surprise in the reaction or that people do what they do,
Believing that this is short lived and good times can be returned to.
Fewer friends and loved ones than on the days before,
In a used toilet paper world, on a selfish, remote and lonely shore.
Be well... be safe. Whoever, wherever... do it with humanity and care or it is really all for nothing. If things are going to change then please find better and not worse. Make it a better place when you get there.
Chandler Ames Feb 26
bully and beast
tummy and tongue
circus trainers thankful
that they tame lions
Tony Tweedy Feb 17
Of darkest obsidian like sharp shards the guilts upon my soul.
Deeply cut the wounds I carry that now make me less than whole.
By choice and deed I know who it is that I have hurt and wronged.
Through consequence of choice I made, my torture has belonged.
A price I paid and yet payment can never recompense.
As soul is tattered in self loathing and I am bereft of all defence.
There is no way to make amends or make a penance for my deeds.
My life has no more meaning and my soul eternally yet bleeds.
I cannot ask forgiveness and of salvation there is none.
For all the things I chose in selfishness, will never be undone.
Maybe priest or God will absolve me by the offering of some chant.
But despise my heart and soul, to forgive myself I cant.
What can you do when you no longer believe your own lies?
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