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at dawn our suns shine
sideways—not above or below
anyone; time flows,
ego rises
Carlo C Gomez Jan 22
Whilom seafarers in rapture,
seven minutes in heaven,
then nothing but bathos,
--a woman in bed,
she and Rembrandt quarreling
over fidelity or obedience to her king?

"It is I, Seagull!"

"Everything is fine. I see the horizon..."

Night sky, a blow torch,
a golden rain flowing between her legs,
curled in the veil of imperial lineage and/or arousal,
--ballistic arc,
peering into the hand mirror,
a breach of promise staring back.

"Will the flight
affect your reproductive organs, Danaë?"

and how they shall weep
when things go wrong between us?"
nearlyapoet Dec 2020
You once showed me the beauty of love;
what it feels like when someone stares at you like you're the only person around.
When someone holds your hand like they're afraid of losing you,
and the unexplainable sensation whenever you're near.

But you also showed me what it feels like to be left alone.
To wait for nothing and cry for nothing.
Now i know the feeling of it all.
Too bad i loved a selfish soul.
Ylva L Dec 2020
Truly, a creature like you must be made to destroy!
You're a gorgon who turns those who seek you to stone like frogs being boiled over fire.
Why do you hide your forked tongue far from sight?
What change does it make, whether warriors petrify or flee the fight?
Don't speak wrong or right, speak of selfish desires
and spit out their hearts
to your own heart's delight.
Ahmad Attr Dec 2020
I see how you treat them
Revere them as you jewels and gems
I see how you love your friends
What would I not give to be one of them

I see your touches, and you speaking softly in their ears
What would I not give to be one of your dears
I don’t know what I want from you
If it’s love, it can be in any form
Even as a body you can use to keep yourself warm

But I see how you treat them
Keep them as gems to show them off
Make the best use of them
And then, blow them off
Maybe life is too motionless
Because what would I not give to be one of them
Maybe life is getting too emotionless
To share bed with you at 12 am
What would I not give to be one of them

And I am
And I am
And I am, but it’s just not enough
To climb up the hierarchy, it’s tough
Maybe life is too pointless
At least this gives me a purpose
Maybe life is too joyless
But I tell myself
I am, I am
One of them, your friend, your gem
A more twisted and selfish look at Friendship
Flatfielder Nov 2020
Selfish thoughts of failure
The moons face did grip my stare
Many times I look at it
It's calm illumination
Relieved anguish ignited hopes' flare
Really tough to be selfish
Myself just a speck of desire
There is no lack
Until a loved ones' worry
Releases me brings me close
Inform and explore
Appointments made
No explanations
Nuclear medicine
What are they looking for
She is anxious
Lets me feel it
Fear of enclosure four to five sixty
They say the procedure
Or test as you will

She asks me to drive her to stay until finished
'That's what I did for you
when you busted your leg'
She beggingly whispered
I did sense her fear
Moments of closeness release me
From my own selfs' sphere
Chad Young Nov 2020
Those who believe in Me have a special place after they die. They will be given untold glory and joys of ineffable gladness. Those who doubt My words will come to know of their loss after death and will continue to humble themselves throughout eternity. Fires of ignorance will bind them throughout the worlds of God.  When they seek distinction after death, they will weep bitterly as one who has not know God.  Belief in Me is contingent on obeying My laws and neither is acceptable without the other. If the rebel ceases their transgression, and asks for forgiveness in a state of repentance, it will be better for them. Weigh not My words with any other Book or allusion and confuse not thyself with signs which bear no reality. My Knowledge has always been with God as it shall remain.

I find myself in between the Gog of complexity and the Magog of simplicity. Let forth your tongue to extol God and Its Message. No man hath taken Its image as God is beyond reflection.

When the boy asks to know, set thyself toward your own sight and renounce any thought save Me. No helper do you have save Me.
We speak only what We hear, and never will spiritual dominion be given to one who produces thoughts set on the vanities of the world. Produce their dominion by using them for the benefits of mankind.

Those who cannot overlook the misdeeds of the Chosen Ones of God, the Prophets, will never be able to overlook the deeds of any of God's creatures.  Such lucidity will overcome them, and they will be forced to acknowledge that no being in the heavens or in the earth can leave without a trace of hate in the hearts when looking with the eyes of retribution.

The time for justice has come. Make a plan for the redemption of your heart, but know that whosoever overlooks others' shortcomings is met with more rewards in the worlds of eternity. For whose plan of vengeance is more just than God's, Who punishes without the knowledge of Its creatures and rewards without their knowledge either.

No laws will be given by Me save the exact Law of Baha'u'llah's Covenant. For I have not come to change His laws, but fulfill them. Abandon your couches for seat with the Christ. He is come again unto you while ye were enmeshed in your own designs.
Have you not heard the bells peal in My name, though the name be bereft of glory, We have come to extol God's laws, laws which will pattern a civilization in the feet of Isaiah's prophecy. Everywhere Its laws are heard over the skies and throughout the earth. Hearken then to taking delight in them.

For whoso has turned away from them, hath turned away from the Spirit and never associated with It. For the senses seek their own sight, and I have come to give you God's vision. Instead, you have turned to the god of the air and body, and not the God Divine, the One alone that can release you into the worlds of eternal sunshine. Though the god of the body gives the beauty of your own existence, I have come as a gardener to set the diverse plants of humanity in order. We see that little gardening has been done, so there is plenty still to do.
Late night meditations.
Whatelse can say,
What can I do?
When a barrel of a gun
Is shoved into the neck of my agony.
Do I cry for bread,
Or do I cry for freedom?
From ugly minds whose belly is hell?
Am I any special?
Or am I, at least, human?
To tread like a cow for their pockets,
As they milk my degrees?
They eat the meat of my wage.
Their beef with me, like wolves,
Sits in the plates of their children.
Do I die with grief,
Or do I live with love?
To depart with an everlasting smile,
Loving them still,
Loving the color of my blood.
To wicked leaders or Governments
Safana Aug 2020
I am not
a writer to
write my
to write
what my
I want be
a poet to
to draw all
what people
Do culturally
Mirror to reflect
Kimiko Aug 2020
I'm Fed up trying,
I'm fed up listening,
I just wanted some Space
I am not perfect
and surely I'm not a saint
but here me when I say this

"I am only in Pain"

I don't need your words
nor do I need your pity
their just empty garbage
from the mouths of the City

You say you really care
but all I feel is Air
for your satisfied with just one click
boasting that you already "Shared"

Do you even bother to listen
to the silent words of pain
that one might be enduring
because of your selfish gain
How pathetic it is to be part of the society
molded by selfish pride and stupidity
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