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I've been told that
if I see something beautiful
(a flower, for instance),
I should leave it alone,
let it grow and bloom.
But, I'm only human,
and I've spent a long time
holding on to nothing.
So I say pick the flower,
hold it, smell it, love it,
and stop wasting your life
wanting something that is
right before your eyes.
Personally, I think the title is better than the poem, but I posted it anyway.
laur 7d
your heart is so out of place,
you don’t know who to love
nor who to take
and it makes you want to cry
but you go ahead and lie
just to put a smile on her face.
you tell her you’re alright
because you just want to keep her safe,
she doesn’t realize all you do for her
so maybe it’s best just to leave,
instead of wasting your time on her.

her: selfish, only does what’s best for herself.
As a young man in love,
I was selfish.
I walked with you,
I shared food,
I slept with you,
It was my insatiable thirst;
Desire, and
I needed to gulp it,
At any cost,
For survival.
Perhaps you felt likewise.
I didn't know.

Now, being older,
Which I do
Out of love,
I do for you.
Stephen Nov 5
How did Love,
Of all things,
Become so entangled with selfishness?
The poets used to write pages just to admire their beloved’s hair;
Now they just write lines lamenting their own unfulfilled desires.
Love used to mean
Wishing someone happiness
Wishing a wonderful life for the admired one;
But now,
Love means cursing your beloved,
Or feeling sorry for yourself,
If love is not returned.
How do we get back to real Love?
How do we get back
To admiring each other,
Caring for each other,
Wishing the best for each other?
How do we teach
(and learn)
To truly Love each other
Without requirement?
How do we teach
(and learn)
That Love,
Real, True Love
Does not ask for anything in return.
I wish that all mirrors could be windows,
Having had quite enough introspection.
I want to live in the world the world knows,
The world that is more than my reflection.

Trapped behind walls seeing nothing but me,
These mirrors have cost me my perspective.
If I’m all there is, who am I to be?
Solipsism is no man’s objective.

I peer through the glass right back into my face.
I don’t even know if I’m seen behind.
Windows are mirrors to the human race,
But the reflection in mine makes me blind.

I wish that all mirrors could be windows,
But scared the world won’t like what I expose.
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Popleocan Sep 30
Melted into my cushion below.
Wood before me, ceramic circles.

Cold vibrations buzz in the air,
Carrying tales.
The same... but different.
Repeatedly blasting my eardrums,
Gripping my mind in a chokehold.
Pounding in messages all the same.
Dreadfully, droning. On and on.

Where is it coming from?
The icy daggers that pierce me deeply,
Killing my hope?

In front, on cushions of their own.
Countless figures lined up with circles.
Shadows, smiling and laughing. Repeatedly.

Same stories. Same atttibutes.
Distinct figures externally.
Each internal voice... the same.

My ears lift like feathers.
Flying in hopes of warmth.
Only to meet the same,
Instruments under each figures nose.
Eating their flesh on ceramic circles.

As my wings fold, I sing my song.
Warm but filled with color.
Scented with lavender.
Tasting of pepper.
Rainbow vibrations warm the table.

The figures become clearer.
My friends, family, strangers all near.
Talk of themselves everyday all year.
My words distinct. Reach every ear.

Strange questions and tales; none true.
Alone at the table but surrounded I sit.
Wishing to hear my words returned.
My wings stay chained, my heart cold.
How many jokes have I told?
How many smiles have I seen?
How long has it been?

Speak for them. To drown them out.
Leaving smiles on every mouth.
Have no friends and get no help.
Speak to them, talk to myself.
I dont know how to add bold text and italics on my phone.
I find myself wanting too much
To see the woman I love
To create work sent from above
To share the joy I have
To quell the anxiety I bear
To care
To matter somewhere
I don’t know why this happened to us
To grow up with expectations
They rule the divided nations of the mind
And I’m just a ***** to them
A prisoner of time
The active volcano of my soul is ready to blow
At any disturbance
I feel the urge to cry
let the ash rain from the sky
But It’s doesn’t seem ready yet,
it’s been a while since that last time
My mother read, disparaging aloud a compassionate letter my brother wrote to her about his longings for a better relationship,
I was twisted and hurt deeply by her maliciousness,
It caused me to rid myself, I ran to my room, and she came following in
I dropped to the floor in agony like a tragedy had just unfolded,
She held me as I screamed and cried "He doesn't have anyone"
Realized months later, neither do I
how bold it seemed to allow that pain possess me.
Am I just a ***** I thought
I think we can try our best to be tough and ignore the pain we suffer, Push It down
And now I’ve reached that point
where my heart can bleed no more
My soul can’t suffocate any longer
and there I’ll go pretending
Living inauthentic
Until I decide to stand up for my beliefs
I read once that the assertion of faith is only an indication of fear and I’m afraid of everything near
How underrated because it doesn’t help us survive,
I guess I’d be better off dead if any attempt to appear confident is just that
An attempt
Gray clouds consume me when I’m feeling down I cough them up and my lungs bleed deoxygenated blood

What if you have no one, nowhere to turn
No time to hurt because you’re inundated with work

I’m a fool for wanting, I have a disaster of emotion within me
Cherisse May Sep 17
Hello, death?
Yes, uh, hi. Calling because I wanted to clarify things.
When I said I wanted to die, I meant alone,
not with friends.

I don't want them to get caught in my selfishness,
Nor do I want their families to feel loss.
So yes, at least keep them safe; I'm fine with dying, I guess.
Anyway, until next time, death.
I forgot to post this one.

Me and my research teammates almost crashed into a car in the middle of the highway. Thankfully, the tricycle driver managed to swerve and slightly scratch the car, even when the tricycle was going full speed.
Popleocan Sep 13
I am selfish

Loneliness clenches her arms around my chest.
As my breath beats my friends away i will claim to do my best.

I am selfish

My expectations are in space where every path is up.
My rocket in orbit, is my obsessive love.
Launching my heart with fire as i request a dreadful trade.
A crusade,
To recieve your heart fully just the same.
It's insane.

To even ask these things.

I graciously give my heart away.
For no gain.

I am selfish

I know my worst sin.
The monsters clawing at my skin.
With razors for fingers.
With guns at my chin.
I weakly whimper in pain.
As my torture begins.
Every day selfishly,
I want to give in.

My chest becomes fire.
My eyes become ice.
My head is now smoke so i can't breathe quite right.

But i am selfish.

I am ******.

I won't accept every helping hand.
I always give what I demand.
And when it gets hard.
I make darker plans.

I am selfish
My worst sin of all.
No matter my struggle,
Is I can't help it.
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