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Heavy Hearted Nov 2023
Forgiveness, to forgive                    (for me)
Is essentially subtle- to a fault,
Beautifully it's practiced,
Yet inherently mistaught:
To ask of anything more
From the person you've done wrong
Is blatantly selfish, at its core
Pressuring them along.

Unless exactly, specific and honestly, you reiterate once more.
All the reasons which you petition forgiveness
And what you're sorry for:

To draw conclusions, assumptions and things, without the facts in place-
Was to right out start off in
an Unreasonable head space.
Furthermore, my tone of voice
And the disrespect it achieved
Is not what you- Alena, not at all
From me; should've ever recieved.

Lastly, explicitly I have to say;
I'm sorry for my aggressive words.
And the fact I reacted that way is
A retort- as a minuet or two, voice note
Deserved the block- and what you wrote.

I'm sorry about this- discrepancy
I actually enjoyed you working with me.
I'll leave this here for you to find, &
Hope these words were worth your time.
When you read, know these are sincere; my apologies- true.
Not just mere pretty, fluffy words for you.

Poetry's something I, almost know, you appreciate~ so heres an apologistic-free vers hyphenate.
A note to a co-worker I hope she takes to heart

Dear alena,

I'm sorry for taking to you like that online- it won't happen again. Hopefully in time You can give me another chance regarding how you feel about me / see me in a different light.

Mark Toney Sep 2023
From her I get …

From her I get …

(Vs 1)
She validates my existence
Leaves me always wanting more
I just love her sweet persistence
Yes, she’s the one that I adore

From her I get …

Main attraction
Chain reaction

From her I get …
Anything goes
All tomorrows
Only she knows

From her I get …
Morning after
To the rafters
Ever after

From her I get …
Color blindness
Love that binds us
To remind us

From her I get …

(Vs 2)
Days overwhelmed by stress and strife
My heart was hard my blood ran cold
You shared your warmth and love of life
That day we met when I struck gold

From her I get...

Beautiful rhyme
Says she’ll be mine
All of the time

From her I get …
Rhythmic slow dance
Love at first glance
Taking a chance

From her I get …
Love confessing
No distressing

From her I get …
True love
Say I do love
From up above
Fits like a glove

From her I get …

If selfishness precipitates, love will evaporate
Throw caution to the wind then your life will upend
If selfishness precipitates, love will evaporate
How much better at day's end to be found kind

(Vs 3)
Knowing I’d be lost without her
Communication is the key
May God bless our love forever
Our three-fold cord eternally

From her I get …

Main attraction
Chain reaction

From her I get …
Anything goes
All tomorrows
Only she knows

From her I get …
Morning after
To the rafters
Ever after

From her I get …
Color blindness
Love that binds us
To remind us

From her I get …

From her I get …

(Repeat and fade)

Mark Toney © 2023
9/2/2023 - Poetry form: Lyric
Heavy Hearted Aug 2023
You see me
You free me
And every time
you take me back-

"A hint of light in the dark (I always know)

Only enough to keep from giving up
(you're never too far, cause)
If I could go back to the start;
(wherever you go)
Id break the pattern-
(We're under the same stars.)
-before too late."

You change bodies
Sporting each soul,
Their trivialities vs.
True athenticity
How it tesselates each role;
As if I wouldn't notice it
Always, so open ended;
Every word written -
Every artwork made;
Each specific song -
Either listened to or played

Were never for anyone but myself.
My Dear Poet May 2023
What was known yet unseen
was a king and a dying queen
holding their last kiss good bye
That day the kiss died

He then ordered all his men
to bind all lovers in his den  
Every embrace ever lied
The day the kiss died

The Judge and the Law
all came to find flaw
In any poet or guide
The day the kiss died

Finding two lovers, that spoke
of how his and her lips broke
Evidence, they could not hide
The day the kiss died

They cried,
“We hold and we touch
yet it’s not enough in as much
a kiss can’t be denied”

The day the kiss died

With a kiss hid in their heart
They tore them apart
and took them aside
The day the kiss died

Children chanted, “the kiss of death
will draw your last breath.
Don’t or dare to no longer abide”

The day the kiss died

And all the people they wept
and the sweepers that swept
the sad streets, they sighed
The day the kiss died

In lace they all dressed
in hope to lay the last kiss to rest
In a coffin to confide
The day the kiss died

That night,
Artists repainted the sky
Lanterns hung high
In the black rain they cried
The day the kiss died

While white doves bled red
It was heard and it was said
even the angels cried
The day the kiss died

The clowns in all places
Painted a frown on their faces
for all grooms and the brides
The day the kiss died

Old widows slept as it seems
waiting for their dreams
nuns by their side
The day the kiss died

The romantics broke doors
of bottle shops and liquor stores
yet the wine had all dried
The day the kiss died

Yet, still up north and down south
lovers, for love, open their mouth
welcoming death near and wide
The day the kiss died
Carlo C Gomez Sep 2022
Moving beyond the sun
to where our minds
are a fraction behind us,
believing they've found
the other-side.

I am glass shattered by redemption,
and I am now the shadow
of a mirrored divinity,
for somewhere out there
is a god resembling my face,
and its nakedness stares me down.

Raising eyebrows at the moon
as if this is love's culprit,
yet, opening arms and minds welcome
the thereupon lust as if
some devoted era:
bow and arrow shapes
of you and me,
falling out of love without travail,
but of constant ease.

I look better in black and white
than in vulnerability,
my exploitation of
private earth looms casual,
though I'm well aware
of the vibrations it sends.

Manipulators of love and war
were all we really wanted to be,
cheating destiny
by falling for the future.

And from this side of our mind
the sun was always cold,
just a vague old relic in a fresh grave:
a princess ruling among
the ruins of past decisions,
and happily she gives
a stagnant kiss of consequence.

Recommitted wind breaks
through, like turning, burning
pages desperate to speak.

But I'd rather that her white lies
take me now, than a waking grasp
or a skirmishing wave
terrorize me,
as this black [media] plagued sun's
desecrated heart bleeds
and recalls to mind
the coming blasphemy.

Carlo C Gomez Feb 2022
Dear Mr. P - [stop] -
I was your knife in the water, a credit card kept exclusively for killing - [stop] -
I was a gingersnap on your sugar train, a flower-filled glory box to swallow your whole wide world - [stop] -
I was night, night of the electric insects, praying mantis and ladybug — nervous animals, lotus eaters, enjoying a ceremonial after meal
- [stop] -
I was slivers of pseudoscience poisoned by man-made seasons — a new and beautiful and interesting disease - [stop] -
You and me, we are now the same — snapshots in sheared time, before the closedown of our impossibly ****** impulses - [stop] -
Best wishes, V
Thomas W Case Nov 2021
She had that
octopus smile,
always reaching for
I was her small
fish; her handmaid.
I lived in her nebulous
world for far too long.
Inky confusion...

There's a reason for
your treason, said the
old man to the shark,
but Hem forgot, a beast
is a beast, they do
beastly things.
We all have to eat.

I'm done being the
It's your Ocean,
I'm just trying to
swim in it.

You're an oyster,
and I want your
but I won't drown
for it.
Anthony Pierre Jul 2021
I knew you
needed this
sincere apology
to pull yourself

but you
had to be broken

so I could
keep myself
in one piece
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