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Laokos Oct 10
there is a price to
authenticity that
most people
are not prepared
to pay

the cost
(at least in part)
rejection, failure,
anxiety, madness,

it's vicious
strangers and
deadly lovers--
all of them
with spinning
flowers for
eyes as they
dig in: the
elbow, the
heel, the

becoming who
you are demands
that you sacrifice
every inch of
what you
thought you
were to the
eternal flames

it means you're
gonna be hard
on yourself--harder
than anybody else
has ever been
on you

it means you're
gonna think
about killing
may even come

make no
mistake, it
will be the
death of you
it will be
the best death
you could've
offered yourself

you will look
back upon
your life with
a cutting
smile and
piercing eyes
knowing that
you stayed

through every
cheap shot,
backstab, and
bad call

defeat, and

you kept
coming, no
matter what
life threw at

these things
mean nothing
in the face
of true

and what
is becoming
if not
and that
which remains
after its
I used to think
I was living a nightmare
Now I think I'm becoming
Tizzop Sep 25
you can't go back to dem buildings
let it be, hashtag smorky, snakes
from the face of the heavens it's
a quiet view, this place feels like home

you can't go back there, tribulations
you know the mentality of cockroaches
you know their game and you know mine
you're standing on your own, decide

who could they possibly ask to fight?
energy, loaded brain, muscle flex
bullet holes, wild roses and benzes  
a quiet view, this place feels like home

who could possibly burn the struggle down?
in the voice of the enemy, you hear yourself
too many will fall, too many will collapse
you're standing on your own, my friend
Tizzop Sep 25
i met a girl and tried to kiss her
but at nighttime, we standing on our own
we be watching old jack, showing off
heavy necklaces, king of gold bracelets

old jack had approcached us like a wizard
and showed her and me his palm lines
she looked at them and guessed: a butcher
old jack smiled, a smile filled with home
Deeply inspired by:  

Fred Sep 24
I am an Angel

I am a dog wide eyed

     panting at the window
I am an Angel cast down
I am a bird with a seed in my beak

        pecking at the rough bark

I am an Angel with only 2 eyes now

     I am a fish in search of water
        all shoulders moving fins through the shallows
I am an Angel with un-grown wings

     I am a pig shivering 

           flies from my bristly back

I am the sky and all those who fly in it

I am the earth and when I shake

     I am the magma moving

           pushing up

I am the sea and when I swim

     Whole continents are washed away.

I am an Angel and cannot help but be
imehsahdehahs Sep 19
There's A little
Bit of serial killers
in all of us
Cox Sep 10
You breaking me in two was everything that I needed to rebuild myself into a better version of who I am.
Nikki Aug 20
How does it feel
when you become one?
When lives intertwine
and you don’t know where one ends
and the other begins
When you give yourself fully
to the one you love
Everything in the open
She trusts you
and you trust her
with your heart
with everything
How does it feel?
Alex Aug 15
I am done with those days,
When I painted my walls black,
And for the thought that the glass is half empty,

I am through with nightmares,
Where the echoes of demons were louder than mine,
And when I made snide remarks about myself,

But now, I am ready,
Leaving that behind,
Moving forward,
Dante Jul 22
I put my voice under a light not knowing that it would burn to a crisp, and all you would hear would be the weakening growls of an animal refusing to die. I thought I had to speak to exist, when all one should ever have to do is be.
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