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What you're discovering now
I've lived that years ago.
Things you thought were impossible
I've seen it a long time coming.
All that was, called crazy,
Now everything's plain stupidity!
Surrounded by futile mind,
Have I become one of them?
Or am I still crazy?
Am I gullible or not?
Why listen to you, or what?
Your opinion does not rate!
Totally futile, great!
What would an Einstein say?
Why listen to BS anyway?
You don't have to like me,
I don't have to believe thee,
Not everyone likes everyone else,
I get to please myself!
Bit of rant, feedback welcome.
Apporva Arya Jun 24
You are too young,
To let the world break you.
Too handsome,
For a heartbreak too.
Just wear the smile,
**** the rest for a while.
Mr dark eyes,
It will be futile,
Wasting your life dealing with lies.

Listen to your heart,
It won't hurt.
Spring lies in your heart,
Still life might hurt.
Just weave your life,
Fall or ride,
Hansraj ki ** aap pride.
I wrote this to motivate a friend of mine. This one always belongs to you. #presidentHansraj
I fell in love and lost my heart
and that was why it tore apart.
The love given wasn't returned
by the one for whom it had yearned.

It all seemed so sad at the time
I often thought it was a crime.
But then I could be so naive
early in life's path to believe.

Nature's hand had dealt me a blow
and recovery was very slow.
Everyone I asked was futile
in answering to make me smile.

I sought for love in wrong places
and all I got was strange faces;
looking back at me with contempt
'cause in their heart love was exempt.

Rejection is a dreadful thing
and everyone has felt its sting.
A love you may feel for someone
is best experienced as fun.

Never force love on another
even if they're a real brother
You'll just draw them further away
and who knows what else is at play.
Written early in 2019
mia May 10
my torment is one of clouds and flowers
freckles upon sun-kissed oranges
roses through honey
& eyes like the abstraction of Renaissance

oh butterfly how you make my heart melt
chocolate brownie wonders with giggles on top
your effervescence brighter than a summers day
you have my pure heart within your oppressive interior

silences are filled with images of creation
a cornucopia for even the loneliest poet

I leap into our pool of nostalgia for old time's sake
to find your words transform into serpents.

secret messages whisper into the ears of another
futile flames burn brighter
your eyes ***** my flames & ignite my passion
if only your elusive heart was mine
a work in progress. as always, comment what you think down below!
Tony Tweedy Mar 16
Seven billion poets and rising. Fourteen billion ears and no one can hear.

If my words go unread and my voice goes unheard, did I ever exist.

I don't know if a bear did but I did when I was camping.

If we call the start a big bang when it goes will it be the little whimper or the even bigger bang?

Is it true that ****** shoes are nailed on?

I used to be on hormone therapy.... but she put up her prices.
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