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Ivy Leigh Sep 11
I have never
written about love
in a way
that is full of hope
because although
I have felt it,
it is not something
that lasts long
enough to make
me want to write
a poem about
the beauty of
someone looking at their phone
or eating some chips and their
shoelaces on their chucks tied
around their ankles, so maybe
they wont trip
or drag intentions;
they act and react
and feel what's real.
Kim Essary Nov 2018
Blame is merely a person's way of.  placing fault of their own amongst someone else to keep them from admitting any wrong.
Fault, a widely described word in which is a cause and or effect of a purpose.
Putting blame upon another is telling them they are at fault of making the wrong decision or choice of action.
Not much intellect goes into either word as I see it.
An action , so to speak, is bound to get a reaction.
So mind boggling these words, maybe it is that your actions caused another to make a decision you may Invision to be wrong when in respect it was only a reaction to your action, so whom shall be to blame or at fault now?
When in the act of pointing the finger or making such accusations of blame or fault ask yourself , was it an act you did that caused them to react in such a manner that it could be wrong?
Just a jumble of thoughts crossing my mind .
Eric Babsy Sep 2018
Diplomacy is the best policy.
Ever since the dawn of man we have waged wars to believe in a fallacy.
The future is sacred.
With diplomacy on each side we feel no longer naked.
Sit down discuss our thoughts.
Look we are heading towards the future, look what I brought.
Make trade talks with each other.
Please be my friend, be my brother.
Because without diplomacy the world will come to an end.
No more of us having a future, fun, or friend.
By backing each other into a corner what will we have?
Something that just rips me apart, makes me feel so bad.
No more people in love.
Just driving a stake through our hearts, no freedom like a dove.
History is bound to become true over and over again.
Without diplomacy how will we ever find ourselves again?
Please if you would spread the news.
If you do not believe; please take some time to look at today’s news.
With fair talk people seem to react.
No more of us fighting *** for tat.
Diplomacy gives nobody a raw deal.
People do not walk away empty handed for real.
Just give it a chance time and time again.
Write down your thoughts and express them as well as you can.
So practice like we all want to be.
A world where we can all sit at peace, and peaceful dreams become reality.
Débijonne Aug 2018
Almost asleep when my phone ticked;
'A notification,' it says.
Your name was there, you liked my photo.
And my stomach drowned in butterflies—
Scratch that—moths, surely they're moths.
Stronger, buzzier, like your power
To occupy and stay in my brain
With that single heart emoji beside your name.
Thinking that the double tap
Is as if you love me just the same.
Shoutout to those whose crushes follow them on instagram. Mine doesn't. :( HAHAHA
PatrickHertveld May 2018
Use words
As your swords
To cut any border
Of any many
Use words to give birth
To everything worth
Speak words out
An action no doubt
Josh Overson Jan 2018
You know what,
**** my insecurities.
**** my over thinking.
**** doubting ****.
**** being angry and jealous.
**** being quiet.
If I want something in this world I’m going to go get it.
**** my responsive mind state
The past can stay there.
You’re worth...
I want you and a whole lot more.
It’s time to work.
Thomas Hatchett Jan 2017
This is a call to Arms
The time for action is now.
Our government is preparing for War
They're building walls and cutting ties
to conquer us they must divide
us from ourselves and from our world

This is a call to Arms
The time for Action is now
The board is set, and we, the Pawns, are all in our place, facing an enemy we are told to defeat,
though they appear to be identical to you and me.

This is a Call to Arms
The time for action is now
We must revolt
Lest we be sacrificed to Kings
To Queens, to Bishops
To the knights of the realm and the castles they call home.

This is a call to Arms
The time for action is now
We must band together to be heard
We will not be cannon fodder
On frontliles of a culture War

This is a Call to Arms
The time for action is now.
Defeated looms ever closer
The Reckoning draws nigh
Will you stand and deliver
Or will you bow down and submit?
Will you face the coming adversity,
or brave the consequences
should you turn your back to it?

This is a call to arms
They've taken land and sea and air,
Poisoned them to **** us,
and then billed us for the repair.
The enemy surrounds us,
Threatening life and limb and freedom.
Demanding fealty and obedience.
Demanding tribute for the war chest,
And soldiers for the ranks,
Demanding that we pay the cost while they set price.
They want us broken, not just beaten
Only unconditional surrender will suffice

This is a call to Arms
The time for action is now
To chant the castles down
To fortify the streets
Against the tyranny and the hate,
Against powers of subjugation,
Against the evils of the world

The doomsday clock ticks ever closer to midnight. We must act now; so to avert catastrophe.
IDS Dec 2016
Sewn-up into not caring
Modelled dispassionate
Roused into fantasy;
This one time would be
Oh naive optimism

His sight grows absent from reality when
he sees her
Leaving me unconsidered
he trades grins with her
With no forewarning
he trails off to her
Consinging to oblivon my presence when
he's with her
Nothing assuredly matters when
he's conversing with her

I'll bid farewell
to those so called feelings
Friends can fracture your
Sole heart
If you keep confiding
You will bruise nonstop
So let me advice you this one time
Become cold as ice
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