U Mims 1d
Going about the day as you pray
Nothing goes
As you
flash your smile that's contagious
As are moods that's outrageous to the
    E               I
But at last life
Don't work like  that
We cry we dye we struggle
We ride we hurt get betrayed
& Still March in life's parade
Is we want but without them we couldn't enjoy the

© KingandQueen Productions
Life's full of wonder don't b scare to dare dream & achieve
Awake! arise! you've been sleeping too long
and following the ways of all the throng.
Look around and see what you need to do
and begin to accomplish something new.
You may even have to finish those things
entrusted with you and for all life brings.
Don't brood too much now or linger over
what could have been but instead recover.
Press forward with a good diligent heart
leave sorrows behind, take an active part
in those things presently before you cast
lest it be said you weren't up to the task.
Be ever steady with your heart's resolve
and in life do things that help to evolve.
Written late in 2017.
A bit of a motivational wake up call to myself and others inspired by the thought of the  New Year in the forefront of my mind.
Some things are just meant to be
Some things are just meant to unravel in reality
Some of it will set you free
Be with that one person, you know you're meant to be

The heaven and hells of society

Tick tock
Can you feel the shock?
Tick tock
Jump off that dock

Time was invested
My love was reinvented
But the waves from my heart
Never again shall i perfect it

     Life is good, it's really working out
But I'm kind of bored, my mind's all about

     I'm glad to hear that,
You deserve a pat on the back
I'm sorry you had to go through that emotional attack

A real sense of happiness is something that I lack
I want that beautiful feeling in my heart back
But in my heart, there is a crack

Pack it away
You'll be happy
Just be that
Be that for today
Things are gonna get better
It's gonna be like a raise
You're gonna get that pay

It will all pay out eventually
I want you to be happy
I mean that truthfully and sensually
We all undergo pain to greatness
You just got to keep that positive morality mentality and that loving, caring personality
It's just part of the heaven and hell of society
This is just reality
Druzzayne Rika Nov 2017
She's just touching the surface
reaching no more than her own pain
losing days trying to wash her tear stains

the world's wishing her to rise above
look in their eyes and see the truth
to see what they try to allude

there is no straight way, no easy route
and everyone is the passenger of the same boat
looking for the very same perfect coat

But no one will get something which is not theirs
fate has decided everyone's own roadmap
there are some small steps, some big traps

Wait for the check points, rather than all stones
the game of the life, all to achieve and leave
don't just halt at one step to grieve
because she's just wasting her time.
Tyler standish Nov 2017
You talk about wanting to be successful,
but your actions are only regretful.
Empty the contents of your bottle,
just to still be there tomorrow.
Just wake up early to achieve,
even though you truly don't believe,
that you can be successful,
put your head down and be grateful.

An excuse is what you all use,
instead of changing your world views.
Become what you want,
by believing you are enough.
In the words of a great man,
think and grow rich you can.
Lyn-Purcell Oct 2017
Achieve what you can while you still
have flesh. So when the time,
of death comes, your
bones will sing
songs of
You only live once. Do all you can while you still have breath.
A Barker Sep 2017
Imagine the unimaginable
Dream the unachievable
Think beyond the realm of this world

Obtain the unobtainable
Create the impossible
For there are no boundaries
TheseRoots Aug 2017
I don't have motivation to move
There aren't many things I have to lose
Maybe that's my issue
I'm too depressed to leave
and have very little to achieve
I'm stuck in bed with the lights off
with no motivation to move
Finally out of writers block. I missed my little saplings ♥
In order to
make it so
First be able
to see it
There are times in your life when you see things clearly. When you can make anything happen. It is a function of survival...stress, thought. At that moment when it all comes together in your mind. There is a second moment when the consequences of your actions to another become known to you. The choice is yours alone.
Kylie Jul 2017
If one is grasping the regression of becoming alone in the dark road, one must become reliant on the reflection that you have held in the midst of challenges that you have faced, maybe they were not or maybe they were as hardened and strong as the challenge you distantly stare at, but flying over the road is cheating it gets the job done but doesn't hint satisfaction at the finish line.
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