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Minyeon Nov 5
Do you remember feeling free? As we soar the blue skies. But it also made us feel blue knowing there are things we cannot achieve. Only this I ask of you, Be the one of your dreams.
Onyx Oct 10
evenings dwindle ever so slowly
as if Time had forgotten to breathe;
suspended, in effortless gloom
wildly wishing
the overture would change for once
monotones bleed from things once cherished and abhorred;
people so beloved
held cruelly by the vortex created by Time and Land
the clock strikes its usual hour with an poignant ‘ding’
echoing in the staleness of now.

perhaps I’m deluded Time had forgotten her cue;
perhaps I myself had forgotten to live,
perhaps I had turned cold and merely waited for warmth to thaw me,
perhaps the wait for that elusive desire
halts the need for progression;

I have tasted the dismal dismay this disgruntled encasement delivers;
it took so long to notice...
Believe 💫

What if I listened to everyone?
What if I carried on being the black sheep?
Always felt like I was going to get shot by a gun
One day I overcame this crucial heap

I could have sat in the corner
Staying controlled by my disorder
I had the strength to go against
what I was perceived to not be capable of
No longer sitting on the fence

Even if I don’t reach the highest height
I still gave plenty of powerful fight
I could have listened to what people thought I’d be
Used my wisdom as a key to unlock all the  massive amounts of potential in me

Today I feel exceptionally proud because
What if I carried on living life in a grey cloud?
The saddest word
In the whole world
Is the word “almost”
By which the hearts curled.

He almost made it
She almost had forever
They almost survived
I was almost enough clever

He was almost loved
She almost didn’t lie
They almost won
I almost didn’t cry.

Sometimes I lay awake
Wishing for the world to burn
Sadly I don’t make the rules
But it’s going to be my turn

My turn to change the rules
My chance to not quit
Time to improve my destiny
And, I “almost” made it.
If you dream you are a bird, you cannot wake to flight
If you dream you are a shark, teeth and gills shall not come
You may dream of wrongs being righted
And of fair and deserving treatment for all
But your dreams will ring hollow
For dreams are beautiful errands for fools
That come freely without consequence
And change happens in waking hours
Which is paid for in blood, sweat, and tears
I stand upon the mountaintop
And raise my banner high
I feel the inner confidence
A strength I won’t deny

Though obstacles I daily meet
These hindrances I shun
For with my constant confidence
Unless I quit - I’ve won

My banner I display to all
That they too may achieve
I cultivate my confidence
And always I receive
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Isaac Ward Jan 4
Doesn't send shivers down my spine,
When I write it,
If only I could ignite it!

Oh, the only art I've got,
And it chokes me so,
Why can't I just let it go?
These words fall on deaf eyes.

Doesn't it crush your spirit?
Or, do people watch you?
Tell me, how I might strum their heartstrings,
And bring these ones and ohs to life.
Aleena Jan 3
After I finally got you
I realized,
I do not need you
To be happy
If life isn't worth living for and there's nothing to really achieve,
then wouldn't that make all of us over-achievers?
i was running and thought of this?? does this even make sense??
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