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malluraeh Oct 7
goals are just pitstops
your goals to achieve
are above the clouds
ignore the clouds and go beyond
of the universe, don't stop at your goals
Nylee Sep 17
When I was young
I always thought I'll fly
Fly away from this land
to the sun.

As I grew taller
I realised there is more sea
it is too deep
for me to see.

Still on my foot
not going higher or far
Sitting in the comfort
I keep an eye on the shore.

The waves are taking away
all things I want to achieve
Because I haven't learned yet
how to swim.
Carl D'Souza Aug 1
When people accuse me
of being abnormal
because I think for myself,
I steadfastly continue to think for myself
as I am aware
that thinking for myself
is the only way
that a unique me
in my unique situation
can achieve
my own unique joy and happiness.
Carl D'Souza Jul 29
When Destiny
brings danger and difficulty
I aspire to be steadfast
in optimistically
striving to achieve
my joy and happiness.
Carl D'Souza Jul 29
striving to achieve
my joy and happiness
makes me cheerful.
Carl D'Souza Jul 25
Is living
striving to discover
the answers
to the questions
in my mind
about how to achieve
joy and happiness
within an unknown Destiny?
Rose Diamond Jun 28
i wonder sometimes,
if ill ever be okay,
if this felling of sadness
will ever go away

if my smile would be real
and the gleamer in my eyes will return
if ill ever love myself again

is it too bad to hope for things to get better,
because they say that before the light comes the dark
is it okay to cry a little forever
i wish i knew what has been planed.

so ill hope for the best,
try and keep my hopes high,
fake a smile every day
till it becomes real at last.
Gods1son Jun 26
Let's flip our dreams into our reality
Of course, it would require tenacity
But we cannot belittle our abilities
Mediocrity is a self-created enemy

With blood, sweat, and tears
We've enough ink to paint our destinies
If only we would look beyond our fears
And reach for our shining galaxies

Then, our dreams will be our everyday living
A single step of faith ignites more steps
In the direction of what we've envisioned
This is the time, no more procrastinating

It's high time we got the ball rolling
Mistakes are part of the growth process
The future begins from now
Dreams are for living; a verb, not a noun!
Chase Pamplin Jun 10
Stars falling means the universe weeps
The mind has finally calmed
The energy we’ve become
Balance has begun
Life doesn’t play for keeps
Even if you haven’t experienced it all you will be remembered in the dreams of those who are sleep.
We dream. We believe. We love. We achieve.
malluraeh Mar 26
I love my heart so i speak it.
The freedom, i seek it.
I need and believe it.
I've got more tricks up my sleeve.
You'll see when i achieve and
On the highest degree.
What a relief.
Qui vive...
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