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Chezka Sep 13
Adulting is not easy,
success is the number one enemy,
wondering what world can be,
pressure from everyone is a worry,
though it shouldn't be a reason to concede,
because there are dreams and goals to forsee.
Never let anyone or anything become a hindrance on pursuing your dreams.
Gemma Davies Sep 6
Each one of us can make a difference...
We have the opportunity every day.
Together we can make a change...
It's time to lead the way!

What you do makes a difference...
Be the change you wish to see.
Volunteer, Recycle...
Help the homeless or plant a tree.

If everyone put their hands together...
For we are the human race...
Imagine what we could achieve...
We'd make the world a better place!
My poem was lovingly made into a 'Me to You Bear' video:
Ciara Jones Jul 17
A painted mirror
With the image of love
Only intended to show her exterior
No matter the size of the shove

They pick spitefully
Tossing flecks of dried work
But she responds oh so delightfully
Forgetting her crafted worth

Born to show others an image they'd like to perceive
Dead to have not even the maker grieve
Be the best that you can be
Don't let anyone say you aren't good enough.
All you can do is try
You might surprise yourself.
and achieve it.
I  started to make cards from my photography raise some funds for our self-relient ladies craft group.
soMEone Jun 27
Why stress about what will happen in the future,
when you can enjoy what is happening now?
Have A Great Day!
soMEone Jun 27
If you have a problem with someone or someone has a problem with you;
don't waste your time wishing bad on them
because by doing that you're being distracted by what you want to achieve.
if you spend you're day negatively thinking about them.
Negativity will come straight back to you.
Be Happy, Focus On What You Want To Achieve.
uv May 29
Always write to inspire!
Always read to get inspired!
Always believe to achieve!
Always feel to recieve!
Always work that extra mile,
To bring that heart felt ,one in a million smile!
Just for the beautiful writers here on hp..wondering their purpose here!..wondering what are all these dancing words for ..?
I believe poetry is like beautiful clothing to words..
Poetry makes its subject magical and helps normal ideas and expressions seep deep down into ones heart  just to make some one smile ..
My main reason to write is to bring a smile onto ones face ..either the reader or my own ....
Because a smile is what this world needs ..
Do you know where these spanned steps are heading?


Me too, neither anyone.

Maybe to a pale turquoise ocean with
breezy soft waves, chirping birds
from foggy dark green pines, or maybe...

                                 a pit to die

Just keep on walking
But if you fall

Have you ever learned to fly?
a darned
robot would
center mine
here but
it takes
my dust
and rolls
it away
in a
swamp in
Eden that
shills my
mind with
garden magic
so there
I'm above
the rest
a wanderlust
Karisa Brown Mar 15
If you ever hear me
Know I'm here for a reason
That everyrhing is okay
And that as long as you
It will be
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