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Sara Brummer Nov 12

death’s dark moons of tidal sadness

ferocious heaves and sighs of birth


yellow warmth of day’s last kiss

dappled shadowed semi- tones of earth


storm’s thunder in heaven’s raging brain

the cautious rhythm of a summer rain


a night of passions’ lucious moans

morning’s taste of sweetened honey tones


a dream’s dissembling reflexion

a second’s truth of camera inflexion

No momentay frame of flesh,
No precarious green shoot,
No wink of precious inspiration
Without those secret wavelengths
of vibration.
Karisa Brown Nov 5
Through the hourglass
Through the pebbles
Open me
Up as if I were a gift
T Sep 7
I’m overflowing
Radiating high vibrations
My body cannot contain it
My hands are shaking
So I run, give them to the earth beneath my feet
and she drinks them
and I hope they dissolve into what you need
and I hope she returns it to you, with no trace of where it came from
Because all I need is to give
and it doesn’t matter what form that takes
As long as it makes its way back to you
us humans—we are a
powerhouse for change
a true celestial force
to be reckoned with

did you know
that when we clap
down here on earth
our neighboring planets
are affected by it?

so when we cry until
we cant feel our face
or when we laugh
until our bellies ache
the whole Universe
feeels us shake

our vibrations
are so much louder
than we think
we are so much more
powerful than we
could ever see
our thoughts
literally become things
all of consciousness
is woven into a blanket
of all that we think

and mostly
we are unconscious
in how we guide
our self talk
but it’s never too late
to remember
what we forgot

create a whole
entire new you
with the new
patterns you grew

so let’s make more room
for healing our lives
by rearranging our mind
into a catalyst for light
Haruharu Apr 28
I'm back where I started..
..his laughter, a voice I can't ignore.

My heart is pounding.

A feeling in my chest, impossible to deny.
I want him close.

Breathe. Focus.

.. and there he is..

With a smile he touches my neck.
A brief moment of closeness.

He looks into my eyes and I know.

The vibrations in the air shake the ground.

I want it to last, I want more..

But I need it to stop, we both do.

He is fire and I am water.
Nathalie Mar 31
October had snuck in through an open door and she hardly noticed as her busy schedule had kept her quite occupied and uninterrupted since late August. A moment of respite finally gave her some pause to admire the beautiful display of autumn leaves reaching for her through the lavish bay glass window in the living room. A potted plant stared at her from the corner of the den as she breathed in the musky scent of incense burning from the fireplace. She jotted down a few lines of poetry on the napkin resting on the table as new inspired thoughts made themselves known. This wave of creative musing had been coupling with her for the past few months and she rolled with the energy, taking full advantage of it. The flow was energizing and as the vibration heightened, it only added more fuel to the flame, indulging her to voice more of her heart inspired verses.  She captured the essence of love, channeling tuned emotion from a deep place within, delving her into an abyss of peace and bliss unknown to her until now. She resonated with the echo in her soul as she mirrored the breath of heaven and earth combined.

Sonia Ettyang Feb 24
Sunbeams crack through the tall trees
Birds chirping along the window seals
Wind chimes tunes fills the quiet room
Nag champa wafts in the air

Mat laid flat
Squats and stretches
Eyes closed
Mind in the body
Heavenly flow

Frequency modulated
© Sonia Ettyang
prana is the universal energy which flows in currents in and around the body"
jerelii Dec 2018
so you may explore life
in your own
questions are boiling
in your mind
wondering where to go?
the path that you really want
but perhaps
have you ever ask yourself
what do you really want in life?
does that “why” is the one calling you?
questing out life
giving out so many clues,
doing it perfectly and fine
but what does your spirit
leading you to be?
that one direction that will make you happy
and contented with life.
time could tell if the search is over!
and you found that real purpose in your journey.

just some random thoughts
that i’ve learned from one of the people that inspired me and help me organizing my life

December 18,2018
Keith Mitchell Dec 2018
sitting on a fence
realm of stásis
heart floating in one direction
common sense in the other
eyes stay wide
deep and far reaching
universe just outside my reach
fingertips yearning
someone there
no hoops to jump through
circumstances appreciated
never expected
rising in the moment
appreciation of gratitude
sparkle in your eyes
your touch
meandering kisses
oral rapture
touching my heart
vibration a ripple
far reaching effect
brilliance of you
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