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It all began, with magic
Let me guide you, home
In case, you forget
Genre: Micro Verse
Theme: Sincerely Yours
आजके बाद फिर मिल्नेका, रख्ना तमन्नाए
चाहत हो गानेना, तो, लो मे, सिखाँदु तुझको —२
ध.ध.ध. म.म..म ब. ब. ब. .......

खाब हो उड्नेका , पंख, लगादु तुझको —२
आजके बाद फिर मिल्नेका,रख्ना तमन्नाए
दिलमे अगर कोइ, चाहत हो तो, नछुपाव मुझको
मेरे साथ, हस्ना और हसाना, सब जनको
खाब तो खाब हे, जिन्दगी हे एक , सही
उम्मीदे, आसाए, तमन्नाए भी होगी कइँ —२
आवाज नही लेकिन, होठ कुछ, कह रहे —२
रबका भाषा यही हे, लो, मे सिखादु तुझको

मासुम चेहेरा जब , पास आए नजरे ही दिल धड्काए
रबका भाषा  यही हे, लो ,मे सिखादु तुझको
सितारोके बात हवाओसे, जब संझोगे
तित्लीयाका पंख गगनमे  सहरे, जब देखोगे
जब किसिकी चाहतमे, कुछ देर भुलोगे
सारी दुनीया कुछ नयाँ नयाँसा, जब लगे
तो मे सझु..........
आजके बाद फिर मिल्नेका, रख्खा हे, तमन्नाए —२

चाहत हो गानेका, तो लो मे, सिखादु तुझको
खाब हो उड्नेका पंख लगादु तुझको
सारी दुनीया नयाँ नयाँसा जब लगे तो मे संंझु
आजके  बाद फिर मिल्नेका, रख्खाहे, तमन्नाए —२
Genre: Romantic Gazal
Theme: Connection || The One
इस दुनीयामे कहाँ कोइ पराया हँे
व उसका हम उसके बाकि सव हमारँे हँे
इस दुनीयामे कहाँ कोइ पराया हँे

रातके साथ दिपका, दिनके साथ धुपका ——२
गगनके साथ बरिसका और मिट्टीके साथ पेडका ——२

इस दुनीयामे कहाँ कोइ पराया हेँ
व उसका हम उसके, बाकि सब हमारँे हँे
इस दुनीयामे कहाँ कोइ पराया हँे

सराबीका साथ मेहकदाका, भमरेका साथ रंगका ——२
हाथका साथ हाथोका और दिलका साथ दिलवालोका ——२

इस दुनीयामे कहाँ कोइ पराया हँे
व उसका हम उसके, बाकि सब हामारे हँे ——२
इस दुनीयामे कहाँ कोइ पराया हे ——२
Genre: Gazal
Theme: Connection
What is the bridge between the worlds
Of matter and the mind?
That bridge is made with spoken words
Which contour and define

So if the wealth which I create
Depends on what I say
I will choose to enunciate
The strongest words today

With words I form and crystallize
And shape my world anew
With words I freshly realize
The work which I must do

Words are the bridge between the worlds
Of matter, thought, and will
I'm eager now to learn which words
Will all my dreams fulfill…!
This is Prosperity Poem #21 at
Killian 5d
My spine spared a half inch
​when I fell from where cars drive.
Yes, I'm still a living breather.
Yes, I'm one who does survive.

Maybe life won't be so lenient––
Won't let just anyone pass.
I can't create energy out of nothing.
I can't destroy my mass.

As long as clocks are ticking
and the pedestrians cross the street––
as long as we are living––
I will stay standing on my feet.

To climb up on edges
and sit there looking slumped...
I could feel, but couldn't think,
I did only after I jumped...
alternative title: don't go climbing on edges where you don't belong
She looked over the edge,
down towards the water. The
bridge was the gray of steel
and concrete. She saw her
breath through the October
air, shallow yet long and
steady. Her face held no
expression, numb. And she
fixated her eyes on the dark
center of the river below.
The coasts were always so
pretty, tidied up with a thin,
blue line. But right down
the middle lay the deepest
part. And it was darker than
the shoes in her hands. And
it all moved forward, moving
on down the line, ever
changing, as nothing changes.
As if nothing mattered. She
took a deep breath.

Aleksander Mielnikow
Seanathon Feb 8
Winding these words
For a rope to you
Across a narrow bridge collapsed
Will you
Outreach, outstretch
To catch last
At the end where we both
Find findings true
Poetry A Rope
Sometimes time at night whilst I'm awake cannot
sleep with my darling on
my mind It was Christmas time a year
came my closest to dying then ever I'd been for the mess I was now finding myself In there seemed no way out
at least not for me, I was holding to the wrong side
of railings hanging of a motorway bridge contemplating my fall to the road down
then realising I couldn't fall without endangering Innocent people even If dead I wouldn't want It to be the last thing I'd
came as close to the devil that night than ever been  when something decided to save
Something decided I was worth saving rescued me
came close to the devil that night
Arianna Jan 31
Percussion of wings,
Bronze against the azure-pocketed sky
At dusk in the streetlights.
Golden, golden
World in candlelight hues
Too frail to warm the winter.

Up and down,
Invisible strings in the space between
Each gliding note,
Meandering with coloratura grace
Just beyond reach
Of the waves below.

Dark and reflective, as if from a Van Gogh,
The Vltava rings in baritone.
"How does your lake
Sing to you in the evening?
I wonder, watching my breath fly away
With the birds and the cold.
I imagine your lake could be a mezzo-soprano. ;-)
ok okay Jan 30
I lost the key to unbind my soul
And I thought I would never find it
Until one night
At a bridge between life and death
I came to an understanding
The pavement at the bottom of the bridge wasn’t they key
My soul was never bound in the first place
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