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Spring upon the rose
live on the flow.
Be wrapped in the fragrance
touch it not.
Let it be without a form
even in the invisible dark
shows up the moon.
And believe it or not
that all perfect sweet spot
planet paradise could be the next stop.
Like the flower thins out into the fragrance
ah, these finest wings know no bound.

The butterfly paradise slips out is on the fly
wafts into the enduring scent of a paint so bold.
Lo, on its picturesque wings it has all the eyeballs
where does it reach out to no one knows.
It's on the other side of the pool
only the Queen Fathima knows that groovy grove!

No one tolerates any pause is deadly on this route
here death is unknown but none is destined to gain a foot!
It’s a Mount Sinai scenario no eyeball
can withstand the dazzling beauty enduring long.
Yet it’s immaculately spotless every soul shines out
that shuffles on these secret alleyways of God!

Pans out to the horizontal spread
and dips into the depth.
Hewed beauty Fathima is the far cry
water nymph amidst the mesmerised burnt-flock.
The resident handsome swan in heaven
on the constantly flowing riverfront  
keeping it on its toe!
Shofi Ahmed Sep 2018
Glowing bright in the dark
is the moon the half of the sun!

The sun from the heavenly blue
colour in the midday rose to bear the light
and basks into the other half of the night.

Goodness knows when but God willing
the ancient bird of time once will fly.
Numbering the numberless stars
filling the one halve the half of the sky!

Maybe each star is a shining piece
of one half cut halve that's yet to reunite.
As the cream always rises to the top
and God promised the believers paradise.

Perhaps then without cutting in a fraction, once
paradise is packed with the folks of the perfect bunch
there be no more partial decimals of the pi!

I wonder then how will it look, a full moon picture?
If then the forever intact paradise lends a mirror
of the ‘immanent feminine’ In Shaa Allah
God willing that will still be my better half!
I have to admit that I was only able to write the conclusion having a clue from my better half. Only the woman knows the depth of the enduring feminine mystery that they possess. That has a lot do with nature and a primitive reason for the man's attraction towards the woman.
Kurt Carman Mar 12
I am here,
my Eyes are closed.
Only You and the paradise island your on can see me

Then Aries appears & shows me the way,
Hallways, familiar faces greet me,
My soul and body are renewed.

It's when I see you Mom,
My April 12 Birthday girl,
Victorian tea cups and saucers....

Come back, please come back,
I miss you like a mothers love
A bond that lives forever.

I'll never get over losing you.

Waiting to reunite with you...and I know... because the day which we fear the most....
Is but the Birthday of our eternity.
I think of you each and every won't be long now.
Calvin Norris Mar 12
The sailor looks upon the horizon
Seeing a beautiful isle
Waves the crew to dock
Heading for the shore

As he reaches his destination
He sees sweet fruits
Tall trees and shade
And long elegant beaches

The sailor looks out
Back at the sea
Remembers his sense of love
But pushes it down with another drink

After time
The sailor cannot take it
And as nobody else shall leave
He takes a boat and makes way

Weeks later in the open ocean
Weak and dying, hungry and thirsty
He closes his eyes
Then a smile portrudes
Décio Mar 9
My city feels like a prize
That’s how commercials play
They make it sound like paradise
Palm trees, beaches, sunset all day
The bigger the hotel, the higher the price
Doesn’t matter where you lay
You’ll feel like fire within the ice
The people will make you want to stay
But they just want the moving device
It’s money if you couldn’t tell, by the way
But come here, though, take the advice
There’s even a place to pray
And lots where you can sin. Twice.
Rue Mar 6
She’s a blue stream
that engulfs the mind.
Every way seen.
Every way combined.
memoona kazmi Feb 27
i am sorry,
i am sorry that i just couldn't,
make sense out of it all,
i didn't realize,
that you wanted me ,
to call that sand castle,
buckingham palace of yours,
i am sorry
that i was such a fool,
for saving you from drowning,
without knowing,
you were the fish,
surviving in that ***** water,
i am sorry that i wanted to,
save you from darkness,
without getting a notion,
that darkness was what
you have been craving for,
i am just sorry that i could understand,
that your tongue addicted ,
to that cheap vine of lies,
had no taste for the holy water of truth...
_memoona kazmi
I look at man and see me truly lived.
I women see, my love so proved is shown.
I kiss the child, no color's negative.
At time I feel I have to heaven flown.
Yes, in my life the world's dissent is sweet.
Not that it rosy lives deep in my heart.
But due, my friend, that paradise I'll meet
One day as sure as the beauty of great art.
No color's bad in this my humble mind.
Repulsive woman none through my kind eyes.
When I do die, I want to leave behind
My thoughts, my verse and hope they see me wise.
       I know so well the meaning of the good.
       I strive toward it to help the poor; we should.
irises Feb 25
you are my
beautiful paradise.

when everything else in the world
feels so ******* wrong.

when the world comes crashing down
and I have to look strong

I know I don't have to in front of you.
Sombro Feb 24
If paradise had a name
A prism of the tongue
I would speak it to you, and hear
The tinkling laughter that bless'd the air

And clouds would hear my poem
And spread it through the rain
And eager faces turned to the spring
Would feel my words also

Chuckles showered 'cross the green

Sunny minds would face each other
And grinning, speak the words of meaning
What charmed thoughts would dot the village squares,
And sighing fields of this land

You'd bring that be
A conduit of mercy
A funnel of good will
What wonderful eyes you have that
Look into the skies with me
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