Lost in translation
Doomed to let the
Sun go down
Upon our grievances

Endless skins
Without men
A remedy
In avalanche
With a gun street

The best performance
The original animation
With the devil
In a room full
Of flowers

Space oddity religions
And pity party nightmares
The consequence of inaction

On fire in the rain
A simple song
Screaming of wild love
Forgotten futures
And alternate Edens

The infinite galaxy
Yet forgiven
©James Dennis Casey IV
I see my lonely satellite
I'm not in paradise
Am I lovely too?

You like my arms
You like my stomach
But only when it has the muscle lines vertical and horizontal
It doesn’t look like that now
I have no one to impress
I never look my best
Is that enough for you?
Am I lovely too?

My thighs spread out when I sit
But I wear leggings under my jeans to make them fit
That makes me pretty, doesn’t it?

My knees have this ugly indent
My shoulders stab when I hug
My stegosaurus spinal cord could cut glass
I’ve used it to cut my mirror in half
Your mirror is perfectly shaped
It's perfect because it shows you
Am I lovely?
Do you love me too?

I’m never the topic of one's thoughts
A careless lady in competition with thots
These red bubbles of insecurity try to escape from my face
And everytime they try they just  get bigger
But so am I
The doctor says it's a good thing
I may be thin but I still cling
To the idea of being like Maria-
That woman is in paradise and it must be nice
To have someone singing about how you’re lovely--

Please, tell me you love me
The once tolerable parts of me are lost
And that is the cost of loving beautiful things
You don’t love yourself
But I love you
Am I lovely too?
I’m falling into space
She tells me its my safe place
I see my lonely satellite
Im in paradise when I think of you
Do you love me?
Am I lovely too?
this poem paraphrases lines from the song "falling into space" by Don DiLego
When it rains in paradise
do the cherubs run for cover

When the rain comes down
does it disturb the lovers

Pouring down in buckets
angels wings as protection

Huge the drops surround
a bad weather man prediction

Are there lines in heaven
posted with a sign

Does Jesus dance in the rain
changing it to wine
Would't that be great! :D~
'Love' was one word
he managed to live with.
an absurd one that's followed
by a feeling of disbelief.

This boy sat upon a nippy grass
every Sunday night when
all that mattered were
sweet honey and silvern stars.

If only he could stretch
his arms and reach the stars
just to make him stay
he would do it in bloody
or in effortful way.

If only he could deafen
the people inhabiting
the world through shouting
his lovely name he would do it
like thunder, so people would hiss
and be impressed
of its lightning and blaze.

If only he could build
a giant paper plane
filled by words he meant to say
- by words that could explain how
lovely life could be if he'd stay
in forbearance, he'd do it
despite of his flimsy body
and weak body-built.

If only…

If only these impossibles
could be possible
this boy would stay awake
caffeinated by the feeling
that he's coming back
and love him again and again
just like old days
and unforgotten memories.

But not in this life,
not in here
where beauty is all that matters
and where nature is a fence
that all types of love
couldn't reach the tip
of the paradise we all dream.
Amanda Mar 2
Isn't it funny, how just hearing
his name makes you smile?
You feel like the blood pumping
from your heart could flow a while.
You are clear-headed
once given his advice,
He holds the power to transform
This daily purgatory to paradise.
He will make the world stop turning
on the first beat of your command,
He is the final piece to the puzzle
you before couldnt understand.
He completes the picture
You envisioned for your life
Beautiful despite the ongoing
Suffering, stress, and strife.
He has an extraordinary gift
One so special and rare,
The magic ability to capture
Your entire heart with just a stare.
He knows he could hurt you but wouldn't,
By doing you wrong or pushing you away,
It's obvious how captivated you are
By the spell he casts on you every day.
The bond between your two hearts
Is so strong it will never sever,
He is the one you love, and will continue to,
Long after forever and ever.
This was an old free verse poem I turned into a rhyme. I didn't like how it sounded before but now it's pretty legit.
kal lahr Feb 25
Neverland is home for lost boys
Boys who are young at heart
Lost from reality
Family no matter what

Neverland is magical
So much pixie dust it’s enticing
Faith, trust, and pixie dust is key

Neverland is where time will pass no more
We'll dance and talk like little kids
We celebrate late into the magical night
Imagination and absurdity is embraced

Neverland is full of adventures
Where mermaids swim and pirates fight
Run through the jungle laughing
We poke fun at Captain Hook
Play fight with sticks

Neverland is paradise
Where we follow and ensure that the everlasting imagination is forever
Maturity and structure is taken away
Absurdity and imagination is embraced

Neverland is…
"The second star to the right and straight on till morning!"
(My first poem on here, feel free to give nice advice)

He never had this power
That satisfied himself—
'Twas difficult to compensate
In seeking what he left.

With paradise above the years,
He exhausted for an hour;
A prayer occupied his skin
And agonize no more.

Ashley Hope Feb 25
My hearts skipping beats right now,
the thought of everything that has ever happened comes crashing down,
I can describe the feeling as uncharted land,
I've never been here before,
never thought I'd land,
I sit up and breathe the fresh air,
the sent of flowers and the rustling of birds,
I've woken into a paradise,
I thought I'd never hold,
I start walking through some fresh cut grass,
the smell reminds me of a summer that i wish would forever last,
I come across a field of wheat,
I reach out and touch a feeling so sweet,
at the end of the field i see a tree,
It's beautiful and it has brown autumn leaves,
I sit under it and wonder how it can be so soothing even during a storm,
I stand up and keep heading south untill i reach a waterfall,
the water falling so peacefully without a care in the world,
the sound of it is like music to my ears,
i dive into the clear water and resurface without any fears,
as i wipe the water from my face everything has become clear,
there you are with your field colored hair,
those brown eyes i fall into without a care,
and oh your heart,
my beautiful waterfall,
so clear and so certain it's like a mirror without a wall,
so as i open my eyes i begin to see,
my paradise is you always smiling at me.
love <3
Mystic Ink Feb 20
Unseen to ones eyes,
Cultivate with all the blessings

Paradise exists
Genre: Mythic
Destre' Feb 19
The same road I've walked down a thousand times
suddenly opens up to clear blue skies
And I can practically hear it ringing in my ears
the waves of the ocean that I've been dreaming about for years
The birds, the wind, the sand between my toes
The sun on my skin, lounging around sipping mojitos
"Paradise is a place that's far from home,
and lately all I ever see is everything I've ever known"

But then the clouds roll in
reminding me, I'm in the same place I've always been
The italicized lyric is from Paradise by Ryan Caraveo
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