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September will be waist-deep in restoration.
The rain today was evidence of that.
Thunder for the deaf ears.
Lightening to whip the rigid spines.
Eventually it will break the water's surface.
It will separate souls from the atoms it inhabits.
Pick up the rock, watch the ants scatter
The other half of the bible has been found.
I've seen it, there are no questions left.
Love is coming.
To the influence, I give permission.
Though this heart is nothing more than a fist of lifeless gray matter,
a rhythm of agony continues to barrel through the pathways in my body.
Atoms and assumptions packed into a sack of brown fabric,
I lie awake into the late hours, hoping that we've been praying for the same paradise.
Knit Personality Mar 2016
Please, take my hand, and, hand in hand, let’s take a walk together.
    Let’s wander with a springtide wind and wend a private way.
Another green world with waters blue where blows the fairest weather
    Let’s seek and find and claim as ours and visit every day.
Pedro Vialle Sep 10
Hearing you breathing
softly on my chest
my skin burning
as I touch your hair
feeling your heart beating
so close to my own
makes me dream
all night long
and feel like in the sky
on my new found paradise
Oh well... Guess I'm in love again!
I’d swim across the ocean for you.
And I’ve always loved this way.
But the difference is that before, every time, I would do it for someone who would stay dry, and comfortable, and let me be drenched by the storm in the sky. Less than crossing puddles, and less than even helping me cross it myself. I swam oceans for people who would ask me to carry them on my back while I did, eventually forcing me under and drowning me, knowing full well what they were doing. They would hardly cross a street for me.
But I will still swim oceans for you— and I am absolutely sure that you would for me too. So I’ll meet you in the middle.
Sam H Sep 3
chasing bliss
is like chasing tides
one moment at reach
but never collides

my bones are broken
from the life i suffered
now, i cant stand still
so i let my body sink
beneath the gritty silk

i'm half submerged
from the neck down
i relish the ocean breeze
and marvel at the spectacle above
of purples, pinks, and blues

i stare into the horizon
as i await the currents
and when the sounds end
i close my eyes and whisper gently
take me to zion
guess i caught that bliss after all.
poison of a heart is,
poison of a stone
a step of poison is,
a step of a stone
a poison stone is,
a poison heart
a poison stone is,

a step of a heart
step is stepped of a heart
step is stepped of a poison
paradise is a stepping paradise
paradise is a stepping poison
a stone is a paradise of stone
a stone is a paradise of a stepping paradise

a poison of paradise is a poison of stone
paradise is paradise poison of stone
poison by heart is poison by stone
poison by heart is poison by paradise
step of a heart is step of a stone
step of a heart is step of a poison
step of a heart is step of a paradise
my writing is called philosophical writing. i only uses middle ages words,words liked gracious,extravaganza,etc… this poem is about time is a beginning of a stepping paradise. i don’t add capitalization’s on my writing.
Äŧül Jul 28
I shall do you an injustice
If I steal you out from paradise
I shall do Gods an injustice
If I kidnapped you from heaven
I shall bless my people
When I bring your divinity to my land
My HP Poem #1754
©Atul Kaushal
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