An endless frozen wasteland
Is the home in my heart.
I desire for a paradise
But my home follows me
I exist in the freeze
I have killed my only hope
Because I am eternal frost

Many times someone has tried to comfort me, but I pushed them away with my coldness. For those in life that tried, I am sorry for being myself

How great would it be
To wake up next to the sea
With the sound of birds
Flying above the clouds
Having coconuts as drinks
Lying down at the beach
The sun kissing your skin
Your mind clear of doubts
Away from the hectic life in the city
And dive into peace and serenity

I really need one
Tia Nov 21

While they are all travelling
I am here stuck in my own daydream
In places they have never been
In a paradise only my eyes have seen

I've been in a lot of places
I even travelled the universe
I've travelled to the future and past
I've slowed down the time from being fast

I met the people I always admire
We all hugged as we smile
They gave me advice on how to live life
They told me how should I fight

My sweet little paradise
The reason why I still try
To continue my journey in this mad world
To accept whatever tomorrow is up for.

a dogma
that inter-
nuncio drew
sultry where
gotham despite
arms was
proctor of
circle that
could emboss
pathos in
guise of
rouge that
flew in
grace still
an alkaloid
with quantum
effect beyond


Blood like wine,
will leave a stain,
Blood like mine,
will leave pain.
A pill to make you feel like shit,
A gun to shoot, & finish it ~
A razorblade sure looks like fun,
A cigarette to blacken lungs,
Another way, another day,
A lion trapped inside an open cage,
A life of pain, or an early grave.
One will damn, & one will save.
One to damn, & one to save, but it's too late.
I can't escape, I can't run away from memories,
Oh, those happy days,
They pierce into me,
Until my mind frays,
Lost every piece, lost everything,
Can't escape life, or death—can't rewind ~
When I'm digging my own grave,
In thoughts, I'm buried alive.

Haven't given up yet remaining corrupt,
While looking at the world through these eyes,
I know my time is up:
With the perception of a broken mind -
My passion's gone, dust,
I hide like Parasite,
As I long for Paradise.

Day by day,
I no longer-long,
I crave,
So much more, than ever before, & my thoughts stray,
Unwrite my words, & erase my name.
Giving up,
Taking a dive,
Making a jump,
Relinquished from your eyes,
Don't worry much,
Maybe, we'll meet again in Paradise.

By: Ashton C. Amstutz

stefaniaSi Nov 17

we always return
to the places where
there was freedom
learned to live the ocean
skin was glowing
the soul bloomed
traveled and returned
fell in love with the sky
kissed the sun
we all go back
I go back
to you

Kume Nov 17

These heavenly lands,
Where the rain washes away fears,
And leaves the courage that sunset brings.
Where hopes marry belief, and trees are forever green.
Where the shadows come alive, and silhouettes breathe.

Where art is more than expression,
and dreams colour the soul.
Where broken spirits find redemption,
And all pieces are made whole.

Dess Ander Nov 15

Looking at you takes me back
To that paradisal garden
Where we used to pick roses

Roses are the colour of blood.

Petal by petal, life fell apart
Until there was nothing
But a thorny stem

No one wants to help you
When you are the cause of scars

So you pretend
Pretend like nothing happened
Pretend that you have no negative emotions
Pretend that Eden hasn't turned to Hell...

Until the only evidence of your soul
Lies in your eyes behind each iris

Daisy Marrow Nov 10

It's the morning once again.
I feel the sun on my skin as it shines in.
The sound of today's birds are chirping inside my head.
I can feel your breath on my neck.
I soak in the moment,
because the world is so quiet at this time.
We're the only one's alive right now,
I'm so glad you're mine.

So open up the windows as it starts to rain.
Let the rain calm you.
Let my touch soothe you.
No need to think about the day and the hours,
just let them linger.
Let your stress melt in our heat,
as we lay next to each other
filling all the gaps.
I can not tell a lie,
this is my paradise.

Angela Rose Nov 8

I want to write about the sunset, how the rays hit the ocean and it was so beautiful that I could almost shed a tear
But all that I can write about is how handsome you looked with your back to me as you stared at that same exact sunset
And all I can write about is how much I loved you at that exact moment and the sun could have fallen down and I probably would not have noticed

I want to write about how melancholy the rainstorms make me and how I get so lonely and depressed each and every time the sky cries
But all I can write about is how your eyes are the same exact color as the night sky right before a rain storm in the middle of July
And all I can write about is even when the sky was having a mental breakdown full of rain all I could think about was how content I was being wrapped in your embrace

I want to write about how genuinely happy and bright I feel once the Birds of Paradise start to bloom in the spring
But all I can write about is how they are the flower I could see from the porch swing at my mother's house where we talked about our future children
And all I can write about is how much I miss talking to you at four in the morning when the rest of the world was asleep, everyone except for us and those Birds of Paradise

I want to write about nature and beauty and the weather and happiness and I don't want to keep writing about you
But it's you.
It's never anyone or anything else, but you

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