With loads of time to fantasize
About living the Bermuda paradise
San Tropez, Marbella and Capri
The French Riviera and the Mediteranean sea

Dyed blonde hair and teeth like pearls
Night club champagne 'In Crowd' girls
Dance in Rome and kiss in Paris
Luxurious lifestyle you learnt to cherish

Paparazzi socialite idle rich
Expensive sports car posing bitch
Boeing, Concorde club class flying
Jet stream travel is electrifying
Jet Set from the 60's & 70's
They say when I die
there's a place I'll go
where every face
will be one I know.
Some call it heaven,
and I hope it's true.
But what paradise
compares to you?

I was just a lonely
little bag of bones,
but you took me with you,
gave me a home.
Each word you spoke then,
like a breath of spring -
your lovely laughters,
and the joys they bring.

You say I'm funny
for the way I feel,
the things I say,
glances I steal.
But you don't know just
what it is like
to lie beside you,
in bed at night

to feel the beating
of your precious heart,
to see you rising
at each day's start.
I'll take you with me
whenever I go
so lost is a feeling
I won't have to know.

And when I die
there's a place I'll go
where every face
will be one I know.
And I'll call it heaven.
It can be our new
little bed to lie in.
Just me and you.
Written in the style of Bob Dylan's, "To Fall in Love With You."
Isla Jul 6
She runs away in her sleep
Only to find paradise
In her lover's venomous kiss
i thought it was honey dripping from your lips
but it was really just venom from your fangs
rob kistner Jun 26

my footfalls
drum the root chambers
of the old growth
each step
cushioned by centuries of needle-drop
in this ancient forest

enjoying the rise and fall
twist and turn of the trail
I amble dreamlike

my walking stick is smooth
clutched comfortably
in my right hand

tensions dissipate
by the audible stir of the wind
in the treetops

wafting down the western Cascade slopes
it invigorates

the steady rhythm of my footsteps

rounding a bend in the trail
brushing through waist-high fern
I crest a knoll
and stop


filtered by the towering woodland canopy
light drifts down dreamlike
settles golden
into the natural cathedral before me

a presence is tangible

a breeze enfolds me
filled with the intoxicating scent
of living earth

an addictive bouquet
of cascade red cedar
douglas fir
ponderosa pine
and ionized mountain air

my spirit rises
my being grows weightless
any sense of self floats away
lifted into oneness

I'm startled from my reverie

a young doe
bounds onto the trail ahead
stands proud
pauses in the golden light

she considers me briefly
then disappears
quick as a stolen glance
quiet as passing time

darting my eyes
here then there
in a vain attempt to follow her
I catch glimpse of silver-blue
where massive tree trunks part

a wind-blow lake appears

this crisp mountain mirror
is the reason for my trek
into this mighty wilderness

climbing a boulder at trail's edge
I sit
pull my legs under me
and lean forward
arms folded
elbows on knees

I face lake-ward
basking in the energy

I grow very still
I become this moment

in touch with my soul
with the eternal
in paradise


rob kistner © 2009

This is a captured real-time experience of one of my many hikes over the years, through the high mountain Oregon forests, on the western slopes of Mt Hood, in the Cascade Mountains. Truly paradise!
This particular hike was around Lost Lake, in the wilderness mountains above ZigZag, Oregon, just off the amazing Pacific Crest Trail.
Sharing this is bittersweet because it depicts an experience I loved, enjoyed time after time, but sadly, will never have again, because of my health.
But my memories are glorious!
Kivanc Jun 26
Hey! Can you hear me from the hell my love,
I and God want your shiny soul as breakfast,
Needing it when the countries start to settle,
To create a paradise that contains humans.
Ancient page
Ancient day
Grant me insight
If you please in this way:
Sight of the light
Before the blessed gate
Eden, safe

These towers shall fall
These lowly shall rise
These in power forget
These towers disgrace
The Firmament when
The Chalice flows over:

eunsol Jun 23
at nights like this,
i can only think about you.

as i put my headphones on,
i can hear your voice that soothes me
so loud, and
and so clear.

your voice,
your voice alone could keep me warm.

i might not have you in my arms,
but i can totally feel
your warmth
on this cold, cold night.
inspired by warm on a cold night by honne.
David Lampert Jun 22
Truth is paradise. It leads men's souls to an island alone.
from a dream 2003-03-15
mindmatter Jun 14
don’t let me leave
don’t let me walk away
because I want to stay
my heart belongs to you

my mouth will shut
my mind will try to forget
I feel they want me dead
with you I have life to live

I tie myself away
I lock the door behind me
I throw away the key
only where you can find it

I only trust your love
I wonder if you will follow
this dark cloud of sorrow
to hold me tight again

the demons will fight
they won’t let go of my hand
they believe me as damned
until your light blinds the room

no one would face them
no one cared to sacrifice
showing me a paradise
that grows behind the clouds

now there’s your silhouette
that I witness in my dreams
that quiets my screams
singing my spirit to rest

when my eyes flutter open
now there’s your smile
inviting me to stay awhile
reminding me my paradise
is one I shall create
A young girl is walking on a sinuous and rough trail.
Wounds and scratches have found its place in her body, so frail.

As she reached the end of the pathway, she began to feel decrepit and impuissant that she wanted to discreetly skreigh.

On a cloudy dark night, a boy appeared in the fog.
He said
Everthing will be okay..
Don't worry..
Just take my hand..

He took her to a place
that is very bright,
dazzling that it hurts
her heavy eyes.

They both sitted on an evergreen
well-groomed grass.
She noticed the beautiful scenery that appeared.
It calmed her mind,
her heart,
her whole being.

The sun shines,
the water by the river is crystal blue,
the breeze of the wind blows her hair.
She have seen the skies,
the birds and the flowers
surrounded by tall trees.

This place is filled with love, joy and happiness.
This is the place that she can choose to be with
or she can be in another world..

                                          -Ella Salvador
(c) June 2018
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