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Queen Z 4d
Recall that moonlit night,
We were together on that lovingly sight.

What a wonderful moment that was,
Really, that was the real paradise.

My love for you, no need any lens,
Stars and fireflies are the evidence.

Walking together on a snowy path, glorious than the fantasy,
Never ever anyone had experienced on this galaxy.

Holding hands and waist tightly, my lips touched by yours,
Looked like, got an never ending love source.
Ay Oct 15
We strive to be dwellers of Paradise,
to dwell therein forever.
But when one has fallen into sinful error we do nothing to help him be better.

The superiority complex that caused the devil to be expelled
Has entered our hearts and made us dispel unity.
Those involved in sinful activity feel impelled to fall victims to more immorality.
Whether their sin be in private or in plainsight,
We are quick to reply with a lack of emotional apathy.

He is the First with no beginning and the Last with no end.
The Most Forgiving, Most Merciful if we sincerely repent.
Faith resides firmly in the hearts of good intent,  proved by our actions though at times they misrepresent.

There's a divine measure that doesn't compare to mine or yours.
His knowledge and mercy both impossible to know,
And whenever He wills, He is the One who Reforms,
the One who fixes the situation to the ones who rightfully perform in good ratio.
We hold onto the wrongdoings of others as if tomorrow is promised,
Or think we'll use tomorrow as an attempt to transform.

If your birth had been different and some doors had been closed,
I cannot imagine enough how your life would've been reversed.
We ignore that our faith is not up for debate or the fact that our fate could be changed in blink.
By default we harbour feelings
towards those who do fault,
Blind to their healing and the depths of their burn.

When you saw that boy acting against the clear law; under the influence of the forbidden liquor,
You came to the conclusion and made a connection that his actions and intentions were wrongly in sync.
In reality you missed the crucial hidden link, that he repents when he thinks of the sins he commits.
Don't you think that these people knew all along that what they've indulged in is morally wrong.

We are blind to the guilt that eats them alive 'cause we don't witness the tears that fall through the nights.
Rhys Hebbs Oct 15
Paradise is the lovechild of courage and pain
but only when the passion
to reinstate pleasure
is birthed by dancing in the rain.
For all tenacious dreamers
serenade the Goddess of Blooming
lest the coldness thats looming
from their soon to be consuming tomb
swiftly seals their doom.
Yet when the Devil prowls the avenues looking for souls to ******
with a life thats deranged
by the day to day charade
of the virtuous ball and chain
maimed around hard, sad truths,
who amongst us can try to deny the pull of
temptation towards false salvation
of all nihilistic avenues of uncouth youth
and the bittersweet fruits of their brutal truth
Karijinbba Oct 4
More often than not
one is fated to continue loving
a lost great love misunderstood
as regrets teaching self love
expanding to others
is healthier to living
then surviving in daily
worthless pain that hating is.

I wanted to know true love
in this life time.
To meet great wise souls,
but mostly haters came to me as
stranglers boa constructors
mendicants greedy blood
hungry Alien moths
attracted mostly to my light.

Snakes slidered around
my tini cradle in my parents
forestlands, one bit my leg!
Through life, it was the most benevolent of my attackers!
My uncle's malignant
child predator his jealous
viper wife Roselia was as evil
marriage to my spoiling paternal uncle didn't change her ways.
Roselia murdered my two baby brothers David Sanchez and half brother blue eyed Antonio Chavez G.
She devil left me
internally bleeding dying requiring surgery to save my life
I ran away at age seven
surviving that ugly predator
in her jealous rage towards my
naive un-protective ignorant
unfit widow mother!
Later on, running from this nightmare two human predators
fathered my three precious kids
Jealous Greek Medeas tortured
my newborn babes in Calamata and Athens Charalambos
(haralobo) Kiriaki and her family
poisoned us three for years and
a lifetime trashed me to those who were deafly jealous of me in USA.
Henry R, W remained
a Charles Manson advocate in CA
he is and his evil sister Liz his sterile ex-girlfriend all high on ******* almost turned me into Sharon Tate!
trashing me for being an RH -O-
Back in 1983 to steal my children and sell them for ******* dues to whom ever bailed them out
a hate crime against me a Mexican born a Mom struggling to stay alife all alone beautiful in and out purple heart Mom;
an immigrant running for my life saving whatever the vipers left of my 3 baby girls and myself!
I couldn't find a single friend in USA
My Josie-Rosie my sassy, required surgery on her sternum chest
to save her life.
We are hated for surviving them all
foes ditching their death dice each time they tried stocking me and baby girls everywhere we went.
Elizabeth W G even bought me a fraudulent life insurance sold my medical records to thugs in the medical LA care fields
in LA CA USA hating me
for succeeding in all they have failed.
For my heart, my perseverance!
for my lovev to my children.

I was so battered myself I feared going public but my silence allowed enemies to return to trash me to my kids and harm them some more I couldn't save them they were assimilated drugged compromised and blackmailed.

I have not seen my grown kids in eons
just to not to spike the demented jealousy in those thugs
they now call friends enemies
who took my place in their life.
the witch hunt must end
for God is stronger then evil doers.
That deadly enemy used drugs to lure my 2 sons in law trashing me
  to them too beyond repair.

They think they won but God's justice shall prevail to avenge some justice
for me and my blindsided children
whom I birthed adored raised schooled my gifted high IQ'd kids.
I saved their life a million times
my motherly rights shall resume.
as God is my witness
evil just can't prevail forever.

True love divine found me too.
in all areas of life that may matter
the all wholly good ways.
That unforgettable true love
had left me behind shredded.
alone misunderstood;
Afterwards misery and pain
was all I found as you read above.
but my heart of gold knows how to love no scorn in me hides only love.
Is it better to have love and lost?
This purple heart Mom knows
what true love is though.

What to be in love is like,
when a special human being
fell in love with me too.
When my children deep down understand we are all victims of same evil enemies
my kids love themselves and me their good life saving caring heroic Mom.
deep down, my children adore me Angel Mom, remembered well.
their Mexican-American Mestizo French mix Mom pride and joy
Mexican lives matter too!

I am glad I was your Mother
(my lala, my sassy, my coco)
Patricia Angela, Josephine Rose,
Michelle J San-Gutier.
I am giving you three new names
for good luck, new beginning!
kiss my grandkids for me
their true maternal grandma.
with much much love.

And to me all, all this,
it made all the difference.
Copy Rights
To the loves of my life my grown daughters my grandkids and my first
and last love JPCRk
as for my unprovoked jealous enemies.
My children and grandkids belong to my heart to God not to you snakes in our paradise!
we aren't dogs nor cats not for sale!
your evil deeds are destroyed with truth.
Charalambos haralobo serial killer human trafficking predator: Kiriaki Mantalozis, Elizabeth W G Henry R W
Arthur and Susan W. Raitano
chikd tiryurer Judy A
you are trash thieves human ptedators racist biggots
human trafficants with agendas
sociopaths I give you all ten traits of narcissist personality. I didn't make you sterile you were born that way God is wise in who to make a Mother and who not to but the devil births and feeds thugs like yourselves
to steal treasures and feel important because without victimizing innocents you have no life at all.
As God is my witness you all shall rip what bitterness you inflicted unprovoked..
Maha Sep 17
lagoons deep with their waters a murky verdigris
a thousand sunsets had set and sailed
the trees and their emeralds glistening from storms past
a head amongst flowers, resting in their pastel bunches, peering up at the whisps of clouds smearing the sky
how long can I stay in this dream, how long before it disappears like everything once before it.
There's a place we all could go
Be captives there for hours
A place that in perception shows
Us giant moths & flowers...

We'd smell the finest perfume
From Mary's flowing locks
For Jesus's  anointing
From her alabaster box...

We'd hear the singing of the buds
About to burst in bloom
Feel the wind that listeth
Into our tiny rooms...

For here we are in prison.
Here we are in chains.
But Christ has arisen!
His blood flows through our veins!
So no matter what is done to us
This fact still remains
We perceive the sound of heaven

Your voice is deafening
But it's still.
Touch my heart of hearts
With Your mighty will!

Lord of lords
Great I AM
You show Your awesome power

Even when you think the world is nothing but butterflies, you can’t help but notice there’s still dark skies
Away from the nonsense we try to arise, more pure with our words and not feeding into the lies
Even when they dim it down it doesn’t seem to change our minds, that a butterfly can fly in a dark sky
Glowing even brighter than it would if the sun were to shine, dodging rain drops in the nick of time
Finding a mate to fly by their side, and sticking it out to enjoy the gloomy days demise 🦋🌦
We can still rise and cherish one another like butterflies even through the darkest dark skies ✨
Denise Uy Aug 27
That night was our (my) Polaris,
where I thought our futures would take us.
I suppose it wasn't Polaris because you left me with my future, not ours.
I wished for the stars to take us where we thought we'd be, but I guess I wished for dust in the desert.
The stars took back their promises.
Norman Crane Aug 21
His lady Eve passed Adam the apple
in the garden of—even
though He had said: No you mustn't know
good and evil,
so serpentine she birthed the worm,
from a womb of innocence
and rebellion, as he in divine aphelion learned
of sinful inconsequence,
from within a cavity of snakes,
they took twin masquerade masks of death,
arcane and fabled, gold leaf and skeletal,
and laughed at the setting sun,
whose will be done—
to die for their mistakes,
the reptillian led them to their seats,
in a theatre of falling leaves,
front row of decay,
and crowned them gods and scientists.
But from their seats they could not rise,
for it was they were on the stage,
by wisdom caged,
as the snake hissed prophecy:
descendant crowns become collars,
and Eve wept,
tears of spiritual squalor,
       for all the unborn scholars,
choked into submission,
       by sin.
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