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Carlo C Gomez Jan 16
Waiting for the reassemblage
One light will do
Bright things come to confusion

What pushed us together?
The love underneath conflict's thumb?
Winter kept us warm
Her face soft as sleep

With wakened eyes
With wakened hands
You quiet me
On these nightingale floors
In small explosions
that are yours to keep

I can’t remember how
we made love, but I remember
the colors we made together

It is in the shelter
Of each other that we live

Andy Chunn Nov 2020
I don’t understand the way
That hatred seems to rule
Every minute of every day
It seems to gain more fuel

Dave told us years ago
That “We Just Disagree
But now we choose to hate and so
No answers will there be

Cooperation is a lost art
Collaboration can’t be found
Real solutions will never start
When hatred still abounds.

There was a time not long ago
When opposite sides could talk
Design and ideas would flow
Our leaders walked the walk

That time is gone, it seems for good
And hatred rules the day
Discussions turn to attacks so rude
There’s nothing left to say

It seems that now we never find
When two on opposite sides
Disagree, but still are kind
To others far and wide.

“Agree to disagree” I’ve heard the phrase
And try to comprehend
That differences, like a smoky haze
Don’t make you hate your friend.

So take a chance, just try and see
You’ll help this world go round
Don’t hate because you disagree
And answers will be found.
Zane Smith Sep 2020
are pushed.
on the floor.
Lu Wilson Jun 2020
Why is your opinion the only one that matters?
So stubborn and unreasonable it causes emotional scatter

My wholesome intentions are now twisted and skewed
Is it so hard to sympathize with another point of view?

I can be two things at once rational and empathetic
Couldn't you then be sensible and sympathetic?

You don't understand, but that doesn't make me wrong
My intentions, rationale and viewpoint also belong  

Guilty for doing what I feel is right and ****** if I don't
You could just be kind and support me, but I know you won't

You say I have a choice, but I know what that means
An order of silent treatment with a side of love liens

If I'm picking battles this is not one I'm fighting to win
The victory with a punishment that doesn't match the sin

Ultimately, it isn't the end of the world if I don't get my way
Respecting my reasons are not black and white, just simply grey

Even if you can't understand the picture to see my play

I'm tired and just trying my best not to take it to the mat

This time couldn't you just respect and trust me anyway

After all these years...

Haven't I earned that?
Sometimes we just don't see I eye to eye
Charlotte Ahern Jun 2020
i never agreed with it

but i loved him

my mind couldn't over throw

the wishes of my heart
Do you agree with the thought that it's hard to defy the heart?
Makenzie Marie Sep 2019
Forgive yourself
We all get let down sometimes
Maybe you let someone else down
Maybe they let you down, too.
Hand in hand with uncommunicated expectations.

And it doesn’t have to be one person’s fault.
Carl D'Souza Jul 2019
Is civility
a good-willed politeness
to other people?

Is the benefit of being civil
to a person I disagree with
that I maintain
my joy and happiness
and the other person’s joy and happiness?
Breanna evans Jan 2019
baby all I wanna do
is try and get along with you
why do we have to fuss and fight?
can't figure out, it's just not right

I know I slept in kinda late
I'm sorry, I don't feel so great
I'm trying to change the way I feel
but you just don't see the appeal

I can't be still, I can't be lazy
and you look at me  like I'm crazy
or worse, like it's some kind of crime
to build myself and **** some time

I'm sorry that I can't sit still
it's just the way I have to deal
I go too far, I get obsessed
but if I don't, I get depressed

at least, if I work out a bit
I won't feel like a *******
lie to myself, at least that way
I had a good, productive day

and if I went to meditate
at least, I got my thinking straight
but with all this, you're just annoyed
with everything that brings me joy

can we start over?
baby, please
I love you
I don't wanna leave
but when you
start to act this way
it really pushes me away

can't play guitar,
can't take a ***
without you finding fault with me
and that's just how
you make me feel
I gotta doubt if you're for real

so tell me, baby
what did I do?
I'm trying so hard to get along with you
don't wanna go,
I wanna stay,
but I feel like we need some space

to meditate,
to cook and clean,
to work off nervous energy
why does it have to cause a fight?
and cut into my sleep at night?
my anxiety, ADHD, and bipolar are all ******* with me at the same time today. Sorry if I'm getting on your nerves, I'm really trying to get my **** together.
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