Kevin M Ryan Mar 24

Stark ipseity
Trance tranquilty
Oxidized reality
Fear what's inside of he

Hardened, weathered wear
Reinforced steel layer
An unrecieved prayer
From this dweller of a lost lair

Killing none with his righteous ammunition
A dark dancer omitted his foreign recognition
Of which I received in a dim rumination

He felled so foul, triggered the end
A sterile head rolled off to a shallow ditch
Gone are the days of the Baphomets

An order of the forgotten rebel
Who lost their way to that downed castle
Where it's said the bell tolled one last somber knell

This tale is old and long forgotten,
Scribed on tomes molded and rotten
The story holds nothing now but a ghastly haunting

I don't know what this is.
George Krokos Mar 3

You have been barking too much
and you seem to have lost touch
with what is acceptable behavior
ignoring the example of any Savior.
The community is also sick and tired
of the noise you make that’s inspired
by the standards you wish to impose
on other people to follow your nose.
You think that when barking you don’t drivel
expecting those whom you bark at to shrivel
by the magnitude of the noise that you make
so as to impress all others for your own sake.
You’re really nothing but a mongrel after all
and don’t give a damn about others who call
often out to you to shut up and stop barking
but continue with a selfish clamor marking.
Could it be those whom you bark at are being
a threat to your own position you’re seeing?
Or is it perhaps due to the diminishing customer base
as the neighborhood is now aware of your sad case?
The time’s coming when you’ll get a kick up the arse
so the incessant dreary noise you now make will pass.

Written in 2016. Inspired by the barking of the neighborhood dogs and some experience on another website.
Vexren4000 Dec 2016

Dreams can be of future,
or present.
They can also take form of castles in the sky greater than one had ever witnessed.
Dreams can be shattered by the sound of an alarm.
They can be fulfilled in reality
and can prove futile as well.
In most cases, your dreams are up to you.
Live them,
or yearn in bed in agony.

Ryuu Bloodsplatter Dec 2016

The days grow shorter

The nights grow colder

The clouds grow dreary

As you sit amongst the graves

Sing to the sleeping
For amongst the dead you are weeping

A melody for the fallen
To their forgotten souls you are calling

A lullaby to the little one
Showing them one last rising sun

The days grow shorter

The nights grow colder

The clouds grow dreary

As you sit amongst the graves

Ominous May 2016

i miss the sight of blood
flowing out
of this body
as much as i miss
the safety & false brief relief
that used to lead me
to my own depths.

Pamela Rae Apr 2016

So many times I've fallen
into a dark abysmal hole
I wallow there for awhile
and sometimes I wish I could
just let go--
but the matters at hand
keep pulling me--
insisting I crawl my way out
and even though
I feel like crap
and am filled with unending doubt--
I find my way back
from this dark and dreary hole
and I dust off all the shit
I crawled through
hoping the pain I felt
won't show--
but the best thing of all
when I make it back into the light--
I look around at all the wonder
that greets my enlightened sight
and oh my goodness--
so much love was there all along
I just couldn't see it or feel it
because everything around me
seemed to be going wrong--
but now I know that darkness
is only a temporary plight
and that whenever I really need to
I can somehow always
find my way back to the light...
©Pamela Rae 04.13.2016

For all those (like me) who've had a rough few days
(or more)
finally I'm seeing light again...
(I hope you are too)
Blessings! ♥
Kathryn Willis Mar 2016

As dark and dreary
it stands alone at night -
hoping for solace.

This is my first attempt at a Haiku.
NalaniRose Mar 2016

all i wanted was a simple apology
if you loved me it wouldn't be that hard
but i guess you didn't
they told me not to fall to hard but i never listen for i thought was different.
but you were exactly what they said and to my existence your malignant
but yet somehow you still are a stimulant
you set gasoline to my fire and it heats up resembling our heated arguments that end up with one of us in pain
for you were never the solution you were never my rain to exhaust my flames
your a poison and it's addictive yet my soul still survives
it hurts so much but my heart yearns for you it chimes
chimes in a irregular beat; wishing for you to care but its like i'm never there
i always end up suffering the ramifications
your my main cause of my dreary tribulations
yet, i stay
yet, i still care
yet, i'm still blamed
yet, i cant stop loving you
Where did i ever go so wrong?

Leah Hodgkiss Dec 2015

this is the kind of sadness that walks out on you after your first fight, the kind that refuses to swallow its pride and turn the car around to say I'm sorry

this is the kind of sadness that envelops your sheets. the kind of sadness that reaps the sunshine from day after day. the kind that's so all-consuming you've had to reread this sentence nine times and

this is the kind of sadness that went to bed without saying I love you and is staring at you blankly over the kitchen table telling you all about my day

Ronald Christian Dec 2015

As I lay down today

Letting the storm passes by

Trying to deal with this dreary life

Adam's ale on high up, dripping

Pails on the ground, catching

Steer clear of mistakes

Nevertheless, they are certain

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