A Yorks Jan 10

Fast genau zur gleichen Zeit
hab ich alles
und spiegelbildlich dazu
gar nichts bereut.

Ich war mal jung,
ich war denn dumm,
ich hatte keine Ahnung,
was ich im Leben wollte.

Und hätt ich das alles anders getan,
anders gemacht,
wär's besser?

Ich bin müde.

Kann aber überhaupt nicht schlafen.

Was ist hier geschehen?
Was ist mit uns geschehen?
Weiß jemand was?
Hat jemand was gesehen?

Ich bin aber so müde.

Ich denke entweder viel zu viel oder gar nicht.
presley Jan 9

i woke up to cat whistles, 3:00 am,
head underneath the covers in a furry hat, toes slipped in mint hues
i tent up with my torch, celebrate a disorderly sleep;
i brought an important book with me:

a constellated museum you glued together
with your boyish hands, Perseus hands
cataloguing the wild things you wanted to share

you memorised my sirens, your favourite sounds,
taste, my lips in a puckery stare

we shared moons, nights in winter-lace,
caffeine'd at the hip, skins so loved we were evergreens

you memorised my colours in the dark--
red, green and yellow
blended in a washing machine

2010 - 2011
oh, london where the clouds never go away, i keep my coat on from september to may - london, she & him
mythie Nov 2017

A black and white world.
Devoid of colour, devoid of feeling.
No sound.
Only silence.

Then I met you and my heart beat fast.
I couldn't breathe without you near.
I wonder why.

The dreary skies suddenly turned blue.
The wind blew stronger than ever.
The birds began to sing.

I could hear music pound from my heart, whenever you came close.
The streets full of chatter, full of life.
Colourful clothes.
A radiant display.

When I touch you, my world's on fire.
I feel content and burst into tears.
Your lips on mine make my heart sing.
I love your warmth.

Holding your hand, I cry.
Crystal blue tears seep into your skin.
I wonder why.

Your hand limps.
The world is black and white.

Zero Nine Nov 2017

Saw you on the balcony
Saw you on the asphalt
Going to your car? So,
"Hello" is what I get,
and all of it.

Saw you at the office, I
Saw you at the pharmacy
First day, your new job. So,
I won't take your time away
Thank you for the pills

Fight and fight the feeling
but there's no fight to fight.
My routine is writ in river rock,
you're looking beautiful, free,
even if your phone is in your head,
and you've routine like me.

Romance and its fickle game
stitched me up young
After years, there's no way
to escape getting better
It's better now and I'm devout
to no one but myself, but
it's been forever since
I've seen as sweet a face
when each morning delivers
bitter afternoons before
the night brings reminders
your entire day is hate.

Amber, Oceanic Blue, and Violet
In the sky, particles align

You trace the stars for me
You make me feel what I seek
Is more than drawn in dream

Sam Sep 2017

Days crumbling faster, still the countless shades of hopeless linger in my eyes. Like notes written on a napkin from a diner where the doors never lock. A napkin soon to be ravaged by hands and stuffed into a pocket. The end result, shreds and pieces.
Reminiscent of the current state of my still beating heart.
                      Questioning every thought, every dream. Life falling
apart as the zipper travels down the seam. Skies become gray, and everything is grim. Love lost to the girl who stole my whole world. Now I fill the void with cigarettes left half smoked. Trying to find a way, to mend a heart left fully broke.

Zero Nine Aug 2017

Tell me once. Tell me again, I wasn't listening.
Move your mouth. Speak again,
I wasn't watching or listening.
Typically when tongues lash, mine is still.
Typically on a night out, it's better to stare.
Whispered our shouted,
who cares? Who cares?

Sam Jun 2017

Forget me, for I am sinking.
Forget me, like the tides that forgot to recede after they pulled me from my feet. Drowning me beautifully below the surface.
Forget me, as I've forgotten what it feels like to have a pulse. The water in my lungs, a malady I can't escape from.
Forget me, as the currents drag me further from the shore. Leaving me more empty and broken than I've ever been before, but, as the sun sets into the sea, remember me.
Remember me for who I used to be.

Jack Jenkins May 2017

I am shaking uncontrollably
All these feelings aren't mine
I want to fade into sleep
Everything is so wrong
I'm a tormented soul
My cry is unheard
I'm deaf and blind
Mute and crippled
I say not my own words
For I have no words left
I am broken
I am dead

I'm certain Rock Bottom's Basement has a sub-level...
Mikayla Smith May 2017

Trampled on the remains of the past
And these tears on my face run like the blood in my veins.
Only one day my veins will be empty
And I'll be nothing more than passing clouds heavy with rain.

These days, my mind is blank;
Ready to sway to a forgotten song.
Somewhere, my shadow roams,
Remembering when I ruled unbreakable and strong.

Its memory flickers like a lantern in the night,
Hoping to rekindle our flame that once blazed so bright.
Yet, how can I forget what I was
And still, accept who I'm supposed to become?

My lonely life strikes me dead
And there sits my throne:
Pondering the days of wine and bread,
Now an echo where he stands alone.

As we ruled, we crowned the eager faces,
But, now they're broken souls time has faded.
As we ruled, I'd look to you and see the light
And now you're just darkness still battling a lost fight.

We're in ruins! We're in ruins!
Can't you see?
Beyond the horizon,
There's nothing, I guarantee.

This kingdom was once my home,
Where I ruled with pride.
Now, I fight against matters unknown
In this lonely life.

When I close my eyes,
I still see us looking toward the sky.
The sun illuminated our world
As we ruled a land where we loved with hearts unfurled.

When I listen to the stillness of the breeze,
I can hear our distant cries of victory.
And a ghost of a smile dances on my lips
When I remember how the world was at our fingertips.

I just want to go back in time
To those days when our hearts were kind.
But, this power went to our heads
And our days of ruling sadly came to an end.

Today has been a very hard day for me. Memories of past experiences have come to haunt me and this poem is in response to that. It may not be the best, but this has truly come from my heart. I hope that you enjoy it.
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