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Dezzie Hex Apr 24
Far into the forest where the crippled creeks wept,
Where sweet springtime fades with promises unkept,
A rotted cabin sat under gnarled arms of trees, wheezing its final breaths in autumn's breeze.
I was too young to turn back in fear as the ache of curiosity pulled me near.
Traces of rust where hinges fell left doorways to gaping mouths of hell.
Shards of glass like shattered bones lay in the musk of time's ripe decay.
O, but in deafening silence it seemed I still could hear the floorboards scream.
Every step within those walls left me longing for an otherworldly call.
The ghosts of the woodlands forever roamed every crooked nook and crack of this home.
Entranced I stayed until the black of night seeped into the corners of my long abandoned keep.
And its spirits trailed my steps as I walked away, promising to return again someday.
I dreamed of a place I forgot long ago.
Choderlos Apr 26
I'll go with you to the ends of time

We'll be together till eternity runs out

I'll find you beyond the oceans

I'll rescue you from the depths of the deepest seas

I'll be your sun in the night sky

Your glaring supernova in the daytime

Guide your feet above safe earth

I'll duel with your captors and set you free

Be your symphony when the singing birds flee

I'll synchronize your heartbeat with mine

Hold your gaze in my eye

That you may understand

As I'd scarcely allowed myself to hope

The weight of these words I so sparingly speak

That you will believe me

Is all I desire of you

That you will come running into my arms

Because these words are true

Come then, o come

Come to the one who loves you more

The end of your problems bitter and sour

Let's ride into the living sunset

Let's paint our lives with the rainbow

We will live like gods

We will make merry day and night

Sadness and sorrow will be out of sight

We will be the immortals of time

Forever has just began with the two of us
by Michael R. Burch

He comes to me out of the shadows, acknowledging
my presence with a tip of his hat, always the gentleman,
and his eyes are on my eyes like a snake’s on a bird’s—
quizzical, mesmerizing.

He ***** his head as though something he heard intrigues him
(though I hear nothing) and he smiles, amusing himself at my expense;
his words are full of desire and loathing, and though I hear,
he says nothing that I understand.

The moon shines—maniacal, queer—as he takes my hand and whispers
Our time has come . . . and so we stroll together along the docks
where the sea sends things that wriggle and crawl
scurrying under rocks and boards.

Moonlight in great floods washes his pale face as he stares unseeing
into my eyes. He sighs, and the sound crawls slithering down my spine,
and my blood seems to pause at his touch as he caresses my face.
He unfastens my dress till the white lace shows, and my neck is bared.

His teeth are long, yellow and hard. His face is bearded and haggard.
A wolf howls in the distance. There are no wolves in New York. I gasp.
My blood is a trickle his wet tongue embraces. My heart races madly.
He likes it like that.

Published by Dowton Abbey, Aesthetically Pleasing Vampires, Into the Unknown, Since Halloween is Coming, and Poetry Life & Times. Keywords: vampire, werewolf, supernatural, New York, gentleman, blood, neck, teeth, canines, wolves, desire, loathing, moon, snake, bird, mesmerizing, reptilian
by Michael R. Burch

(after Edgar Allan Poe)

Nevermore! O, nevermore!
shall the haunts of the sea
—the swollen tide pools
and the dark, deserted shore—
mark her passing again.

And the salivating sea
shall never kiss her lips
nor caress her ******* and hips,
as she dreamt it did before,
once, lost within the uproar.

The waves will never **** her,
nor take her at their leisure;
the sea gulls shall not claim her,
nor could she give them pleasure ...
She sleeps, forevermore!

She sleeps forevermore,
a ****** save to me
and her other lover,
who lurks now, safely smothered
by the restless, surging sea.

And, yes, they sleep together,
but never in that way ...
For the sea has stripped and shorn
the one I once adored,
and washed her flesh away.

He does not stroke her honey hair,
for she is bald, bald to the bone!
And how it fills my heart with glee
to hear them sometimes cursing me
out of the depths of the demon sea . . .

their skeletal love—impossibility!

Keywords/Tags: Nevermore, Poe, horror, supernatural, dark, sea, shore, death, dead, ******, ghosts, night, surf, ******, ****, naked, ***, corpse, skeletal, skeleton, skeletons, demon?, demons, demonic, surreal
Tori Schall Feb 26
You are my ghostly apparition in the night,
appearing when I close my eyes.
I don't know if I'm dreaming,
or if this is the cold, hard reality.
I'm sorry-
I can't finish that sentence,
I need to say it. I need to-
Deep breaths.
I'm sorry that you feel the need to be with me.
There. I said it.
I am sorry that you are watching over me.
I am sorry.
I need to tell you something.
Are you here?
I can't feel you anymore.
Please, have you left me alone?
I'm grateful, I truly am.
But you need to go now.
I don't need to be watched over any longer,
your job is done.
No, I can't say it.
Oh, Vengeful Spirit,
apparatus of my despair.
I love you, but you don't belong here-
with me.
I don't know who you are,
but I ask of you-
No, I'm begging you,
Let me go.
Niki Jan 28
You turned and looked at me
Eyes full of tears
By the time the clock was ringing
I was trembling in fear
Fear, not of the unknown
I remembered really well
The deal, in which they'd come
To drag me down to hell
Hell hounds were unleashed
Lashing out at me
Ripping off my skin
Until I couldn't breathe
You held me in your arms
Refusing to let go
Kept calling out my name
Hoping I'll respond
Inspired by TV series, Supernatural
Greg Muller Feb 3
One two three hundred of Iceland's sailors.
Leaning on the finance from our big servant

Departure had little fan-fare
But what did they care

A summer’s Blinding heat
A ship loaded packed with wheat

As Night’s grasp grew.
Our maps battery did too.

Leaving tonight.
I kissed my wife.  

Across the sky ten times.
The sun blazed our horizon’s on the same side.

Food getting lighter, our bellies yearning for dinner
Mutiny, mutiny, mutiny.
I wasn’t going to differ.

Two days later. Our top man, who saved the evenings with good chatter.
Gave our crew the word.
Land **, you ***** rappers.

Looking across the sea, putting our withering hands above our knees.
My eyes glistened, had we come to Griffen.

Our final steps, until our land, was pushing forward and backward.
Onboard the land, our sea legs, outstretched our hands.

Aliens, and sailors, leaving together.
What are they saying
New food to chew.

Gave the crew a push to rearrange our mast
Setting sail back to our past.

The cheers were loud, and we are all proud.
As each one of us was the sailor that lead a mutiny crowd.
Robby Nov 2019
There’s something magical about 3AM
It calls me awake almost nightly

Sometimes I’ll sit outside then
Just to listen to the wind dance

It’s peaceful there in the calm
I can feel that peace in my soul

I don’t discount that comfort
Because it’s few and far between
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