Blessings in winter
Rain of spring leaves
Drift home once more
Hearth captures all hearts
with love as a cloak
And we bond
This one is an old poem I just found reading my old journal from 2012-13.
Man, time seriously flies! And the trip down memory lane is great!
It really shows how much I've evolved with my pen!
And I sure as hell will keep on inkin'! ^.^
Thanks so much everyone! You're all amazing!
Be back soon!
Lyn xxx
Poetic T May 27
The Neanderthals of present man,
                     need to evolve to the
Homo-sapiens  realisation that
                 everything moves on.

That they were only judgmental
     on the past, thoughts are evolving
                   to what is seen now.
And those of evolutions past
                     are needing  to catch up.

For those that linger on past hatred
           and prejudices, will be extinct
           in the motion of time.
and all will remember
                                      their faults after.
Lyn-Purcell May 26
'To be or not to be'
leaves you to wander
then flee

'Become or not become'
That is the true question.
As much as I love Shakespeare, become or not become should be the true question. For we are put on the crossroads to become greater than who or what you are.

Be back soon!
Lyn x
Avery Glows May 22
I love the taste of fire and ashes,
even the pungent sting of burnt charcoal.
Decaying in gasoline.
Because they were remnants once,
of who I was.
Quit acting out
Stop running your mouth
This isn't the place
You don't have the crowd

So what to do now?
Deaf ears are, by nature, not tuned to hear.
Skip the line and do what you stepped out to find

Paint over me
Replace the image with something nice
Like a bowl of fruit or a cup of rice.
But make sure to fully apply
You can cover me up
But my voice doesn't die

Spread my name and sprinkle in lies.
Make me look like this bad guy.
It's all good now, and I honestly have given up on how.
So erase those memories.  
The ones you share with the one smashing these keys.
You gotta get out the paint,
roll up your jeans and start to paint over me

But like with any period of time
There is always some type of find
Discovery comes when you allow yourself to be kind

Paint over me
I don't wish to be
Another follower turned casuality
I'll walk away for free
Just make sure that when I leave
You paint over me
When the urge to reach out hits
Remember that wounds heal bit by bit
And if you could just please
Let me be
Paint over me
chloe Mar 20
why or why not do we all have to change.
the shadows in our heart, evolving, but in the same shape.
when i begin to drift off, all i hear is silence.
then a roar.
at that moment, i know things have started.

i will never be the same again.

we don't have to change if we don't want to
elizabeth Feb 25
the average day is forgettable and blurry,
vaguely remembered by simply the month or year it took place.
you don't realize the life-altering days in the moment,
for they put up a facade of a typical day beginning with the same alarm clock blaring and ending with no real impact on life to come.
you let those days pass by you,
until one morning you wake up and nothing is the same anymore.
the person you once took pleasure in being is gone, replaced with someone new, someone unlike anyone you ever imagined you would become,
and the person you used to call home is no longer asleep next to you,
but you've now found a new place to rest your head.

the moments in life that define who you are and who you will be are made up of insignificant walks to get coffee, lengthy phone calls about nothing with friends, and lavender petals that fall from wilting flowers on the kitchen counter.
they are not based on nights spent in silky, silver dresses,
holding fizzy drinks and kissing a stranger at midnight.
it is not the so-called monumental events that alter the times to come,
but rather minutes spent strolling through aisles in a grocery store and sorting laundry that reshape your life.

if you look back on your somewhat ordinary days,
you will watch everything change right before your eyes.
you will see yourself,
blind to what is happening, evolve into someone completely different.
the forgettable days,
those are what add up to your life,
those are what determine your characteristics and what your future will hold.
the sooner you realize that each and every afternoon could help you grow,
the sooner you gain the strength to control what kind of person the tiny yet forever transforming moments will change you into.
This is to the girls, whose playground heart became roadmaps of battle scars
To the girls whose butterflies were ripped apart by the touch of broken men's palms
The girls who hold the secrets of these withered men's minds in their offshore hearts

This is to the boys, who instead of counting sheeps are counting strokes as the violence spreads to their mothers thighs
To the boys, whose fathers never became men
The boys with black-eyed hearts, borrowed smiles and have become breathing dead; with their hearts wearing the violence like a hoody

This is to the homeless whose wealth is stacked in heaven
To the homeless man or woman, who never dreams
The homeless veterans who became slaves with frostbites in their veins

This is to the minds casting ballots on whether to leave
To the minds, who seem to be endlessly failing at sea
The minds with no shadow to keep them warm at night


                                                    - Ola Bajo
We must never give up, we only fall to rise, we must never be quiet, revolution chants against its demons. This is for everyone who doesn't seem to believe in Hope. Scream out your fears, pray to God, evolve and be reborn by the pain, Attack all voices against your freedom and kindle your spirit with the blaze.
Poetic T Jan 30
The world
       isn't all flowers,
sometimes petals
            are crushed underfoot.
we must learn to evolve.

We must learn
      never to be plucked,
and never let others collect
                            our petals..
We're stronger than that.

The world is a kind hostile place,
                 find your earth and grow strong.
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