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Bhill Sep 14
vast and impressive views saturate your existence
day to day they alter, shift and evolve
with open eyes, you will see
with eyes shut, you will feel
with emotion, you will desire
fill your cup with the sights unfolding before you

Brian Hill - 2020 # 253
The reptilians running society,
have absolutely nothing on me.

Scales on outer, cold inside,
I crept through a semblance,
that was required to die.

Triangle, square, apple, or pear,
my thoughts intrigue,
more than my silhouette dares.

Are you receiving the message I'm sending?

Sincerely yours,
truth transcending.
Eva Jul 10
Over time,
words evolve...
Their meanings-
become useless.
Every time I look, I don’t always watch
Every time I cook, I don’t always use pots
Anytime it’s too much, I never know how to stop it
Anytime I’m outta luck, I reallign all my options
Now every time I look, I always pay attention
Every time I’m shook, I make sure I stay connected
Now anytime I love, I’m gonna do it the smartest
Now anytime I’m up, I always make sure I go the hardest
Learning from yesterday’s mistakes, growing from yesterday’s pain ✊🏽
Fae Jun 14
Summer leaves, like breath.
Exhale, like oxygen,
When the winter blooms.
neither life
nor the way of living it is easy.
neither to love
nor to be loved is cozy
it is the glimpses of the story
highlights of the moment
that make what it seizes to be.
Nicole Bonomi Apr 30
In essence we are pure desire. That desire is an expression of a moment and that moment becomes a series of moments we call life.

Suspended on the hands of an evanescent ticking. Pending on the beat of a vein woven drum. Fragile and fleeting. Ever mysterious and expanding. 

My outer life was full. My inner life was like rampant Boston ivy and aspects of my soul were more akin to cities than archetypes. 

Deluged with words and pulses, in poetry I am but the result of all those who came before me. I represent more than I am able to comprehend.

My expression is the result of all those who slain me and all those who heal me. Thank you differently and the same, for the hues of my emotional palette only deepened and multiplied like the cells of some thousand galaxies. 

Pent, it was time for my expression to vent.
LC Apr 26
when she was younger,
she thought growing up
was the extinction of
her younger selves
to create an adult self.

now she knows
these past selves
are living within her
and will always be there
as her new self keeps evolving.

she needs to host reunions
and invite her younger selves -  
for fun and memories,
laughter and spontaneity,
to remember her roots.
#escapril day 25!
Poetic T Apr 19
Vibrational  hues eclipse
         my exterior ,
reverberating upon
                           my senses.

Parallel bars synchronize
around me, am I  a prisoner
as the resonation keeps
            me within this spot.

I can feel within a perfect
           storm of repetition.
Like chambers bouncing off
each other, trying to find a

I look at myself,
                      breaches spring forth,
this shell is to weak to keep me in.
        Shattering forth, I'm pure volume.

The bars start to spike, As I break free.
         We become harmonized,
what tried to bind is now part of my reality.
How beautiful you bloom
when you nurture your roots
Self-care can be hard to master but when it is practiced, you begin to learn that it is a stepping stone to your wholesomeness. It is the key ingredient that combines balance and unity to your soul that makes you who you are.
Grow, Evolve, Transform
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