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Paul NP 5d
Silver tongue, Gold and Watch:

That which I speaketh Illuminate

My eyes stretched across a euclidian landscape capture the tings and rings of Spherical Sound Souls.

I see saw gently, rythmic gentry. Sea sowing seeds in the sands of time.

Eclectic Suns and Moons share space. Warming rays upon its face. Golden eye, no doubles, 1 and 7 in my name.

Dark Gold, brilliant silvent solver, dissolving desolate dollars.
Caccooning above its collar, the sounds of a scholar, holler.

In the night, wolf pointing bright , howl at the temple, flaming candle, waving sight.

Better fly high up above the city sky.

I spy with my third eye, Ra El. Spiral inspired by the spire, I inquire the next desire, mastered mystery cold blue phire.

So De-Sire me , I fly up the ranks. Strike One, Rank One, The One is Won. I am Wonder with the Word in My World in Thine; all seeing eye.

Eyes Shine.
I Sign.

The Nameless One
Sixteen Jais Jan 9
Create your own reality, control it with mentality and mentally believe that you are right where your need to be.

Does the past define you?
And your now predict ya?
Do you feel the same as in last years pictures?

I don't believe in fixtures
We're evolving you see
And cosmically

But if you only see with eyes
And only hear with ears
Then the connection and perception
then suddenly disappears
Ankita Gupta Jan 6
Between now and then
A lot has changed
Or should I say grown
In and out, in every direction
Like it was just a matter of time
Like the change waited for seasons
The growth that need water and sun
The tree shedded it's leaves
It bloomed in the spring
Covered with snow for Christmas
Between now and then
A lot has changed
Tanzil Dec 2018
Have you ever seen
a scar heal?
Something that seemed dead
for quite too long.

It's amazing how it all
comes back to life

There came no prince
No fairy with a magic wand!
I wonder how it then evolved
through the burning times..

All the scar did was
ALLOWED itself to be healed!
Many a times unfortunate things happen with us, things that aren't in our control. However, I think the best thing about life is that it gives everyone a second chance. The most important thing is to ALLOW yourself to be the amazing person that life wants you to be.
Luna Jay Dec 2018
Your reality is unrealistic.
You are not a simple statistic-
You are a person.
The thoughts seem to worsen
Within the ages of these stages
And changes of the seasons-
I don’t know the reasons,
But the wind whispers through
My hair, and without a care,
I watch silently
As our reality tears.
Luna Jay Dec 2018
Never the same as yesterday.
Words change and lines fray.
Veins snake through unknown feelings-
Canvas skin, your paint is peeling
And you are kneeling
To a new god.
A fraud
That you announced as fiction
Only yesterday.
Luna Jay Dec 2018
I’m Longing and Learning.
Constantly, I’m yearning
For a man who isn’t mine.
A divine being- I find
The time is turning.
I’m older,
I’m bolder,
Unsure if you’ve grown colder.
Too frisky to care-
I dare to find someone
Completely new.
Tired of feeling blue for you.
Avery Glows Nov 2018
Is this evolution we call—

Ppl becoming things
(so that)
things become of people;
Ppl becoming parts
(so that)
parts come tgt to
become people—?
Is that not what
all there is to life...
An act
parts masquerading as wholes
as hosts mastering over themselves
as us
at the center of this all
is the substance of reverie


at the core of this bawl
is the call of life.
Nov, 2018
Äŧül Oct 2018
6:30 PM 15/10/18 slam poem
"What's her name?" An excited voice whispered.
My benchmate asked me,
Just as the new girl entered,
With all her glowing ebony beauty.

I thought about something,
Ignored him and simply so,
Continuing my reading of the drama.

He prodded on like a nagging child,
"Tell me, Atul, what's her name?
Who's that **** girl?"

His whisper was loud enough now,
The girl heard it as she climbed,
Climbed higher on the back seats and how.

I glared at my benchmate,
In disappointment & disgust,
It was him who I had befriended.

'Him! I befriended him!! Out of them all!!!'
I thought about my vulnerability in our society,
But I did not react to him out of that anger.

I just said, "What's in a name?"
He raised his eyebrows and moaned, "Huh?"
I said with mirth, "Yes! Someone like you will get her renamed!"
7:00 PM
6:30 PM
Half-an-hour slam poem I wrote in the Literary Club at my PhD college.
A tribute to Nirbhaya and women safety all around the globe.
7:00 PM

My HP Poem #1724
©Atul Kaushal
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