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miracle 7d
We are polar opposites
you grow towards the sun, i towards the moon
yet i feel, we were made to love each other
back from the dead
Orin Tisab Sep 12
Transformation, to be transformed
To fly, to the wings that soared,
My dreary genesis,
To the radiant prism, O dear Iris

Fly, Fly my butterfly
Sparkle, luster, let the light come by.
Grown and free.
The vision of beauty, sending love letters to thee.
Tony Tweedy Aug 22
Why from singularity to universe
across fourteen billion years?
Then give me just but these sixty
in the company of countless tears?

Why is it I am here to witness,
the wonder of universal things?
Only to know I will never know,
what cosmic evolution finally brings?

Why am I born to a species,
that seeks to know all it can?
But then given such small a window,
I can never hope to see all it's plan?

Why evolve a sentient intelligence,
that looks far beyond Earth's ground?
To give each only such a short lifespan,
where all the answers can't be found?

Why congeal my eternal dust this way,
and then evolve me to conscious thought?
Where universe and evolution continues on,
my consciousness given time oh so short?

Why since the creation of all things,
has evolution had need of so many years?
Without simple insights and more answers,
to give rise of hope for a life of fewer tears?

Why the bindings of science and physics,
that dictate all that comes and goes?
Where time and space and matter,
are given restriction and order to their flows?

Why give me the power to think and question,
in this section of space and time oh so small?
Where rational thought must finally conclude,
humankind has no significance in the plan at all.
I hate unanswered questions.
Ken Pepiton Mar 20
An old boy's philosophy, ambles up
arrow in one hand,
strung bow in the other…

Aim at nothing,
you cannot miss.

I watch this idea, nothing more, no thing,
a thought…

nock the shaft, draw back the bow,
not as I expected, not
as I saw ahead, not
aiming at the skies, outmost limit…
this arrow aimed at me.
Or was it you?

Mustabin you, or nothing, as intended,
I was aiming at nothing,
to prove I could still hit it as easily as once,
when I was young,
and at the brink… of next, laughing
The joy of an outlet, for a dammed river, desert river, wide, and mostly dry
but for these thousand year winters that are so rare...
Tea Feb 7
Are children smarter?
They often are enrolled in laughter.
Are babies geniuses?
They smile when they see different faces.
So is it smart to be joyful?
And stupid to be down and dull?
I like to believe so.
That we are sad when we need to be and let go.
Then, grow out of our mistakes and learn to walk.
We will make many mistakes before we can fluently talk.
It's not wrong to be wrong.
It might take us very long...
But eventually, we will run and not stroll.
We will easily be able to climb to any goal.
Just don't expect to run before you can stand.
Don't think you can draw when you've an inexperienced hand.
We must learn with the years.
Not always with laughter, but also tears.
We have been given more than a day...
To walk all this way.
Stand up when you fall.
When you can't, reach out or call.
People want to help, many do.
But we have all been lied to...
We have become so suspicious of strangers...
We make up all these scenarios and dangers...
We make it harder...
And people respond colder...
We think we protect...
But what do we really select?
We choose to be hard.
Cold, so we don't shard.
But... when we bend with what we can't change...
We widen our abilities and range...
We actually become better.
And even if it feels like we shatter...
We actually turn stronger than before.
We are softer but hard to the core.
We let people say hurtful things...
But we stay who we are and grow wings.
We stay quiet cuz that way they won't be able to reply.
We tell the truth, so people can rely.
We stand our ground when people go too far.
But we don't start a war.
There is a limit when people gotta back down.
They can't take your house when they have the whole town...
But yes...
Sometimes giving up the good for the great is best...
We sometimes go from ***** to grand.
And we don't always understand.
I don't think it's always necessary.
We might think it's unpleasant and scary.
But knowing everything has been impossible since the beginning.
The truth does sometimes takes away our singing.
The more you know, the more you carry.
But building on the hard truth is much better than...
Building on pillars of salt and sand...
We wilt if we don't grow...
So let's hug ourselves and be happy now.
For instance

If one is silent
That life needs some editing
If one is out of time
That life needs some editing
If one is within 4 walls
That life needs some editing
If one is in pain
That life needs some editing
If one is in dark mode
That life needs some editing
If one is out of a dream
That life needs some editing
Time up
There is so much more
Outside the box

Breathe easy way
Genre: Observational
Theme: A Reminder
Mystic Ink Plus Dec 2020
Nobody is immune
To pain
It's okay

What it offers
Genre: Inspirational
Theme: To adore the mindfull happiness, one must witness the pain.
Author's Note:
If I am given options
Happiness or peace?
Without 2nd thought
Peace of mind
What I'll always stick to
To whom it may concern
Mystic Ink Plus Nov 2020
Don't burn outside
Burn inside
And let that be art
Genre: Minimalist
Theme: Another self
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