Eight hands,
One bed.
Jaded lovers,
Presumed dead.
I see your silhouettes,
The butterfly effect.

Green-eyed monsters,
are in your head.
Take Polaroids to capture it.

Can you hear my melody?
Lost souls,
They come to me.

Kawa 6d

He was a butterfly,
Lost in the darkest of nights,
But he came upon a light,
Shining from distance,
And in his rush he was quickly drawn to her,
And the closer he got,
The more gorgeous,
The more beautiful she became,
But even that light disappeared,
For the moment he touched her,
He got burned, fluttering through air,
He fell and I died.

So love similar to the butterfly and the light,
We hope that it might be something.
We rush ahead with such excitement, drawn to something with a deep affection.
But each one is tempted when by their own desires, they get lured away and enticed.
Giving it our all, the magic, beauty, the moments, what is that light, what is that flame and glow.
What is it that we want so much, forgetting it’s power to burn, to kill, to literally set you on fire..

Cat Lynn Dec 8

One of the most fragile creatures known on this earth...
It's wings lighter then a single feather of a bird, it's wings are it's prize and worth...

More then a design of beauty, but an artwork purposely fashioned
So delicately it dares to sore with it's enemies in the sky, although it's small and passionate...

It's weak flutter is what gives itself the power to rise.
Small and beautiful, just like most models, but too soon, it dies..

Isn't it filled with complete innocence? Absolutely Not!  
For it stole from the plant that offered it's self as it's home! This was the little Caterpillar's plot!

For the beginning of it's life, it was surround by the world that was large and gigantic!
It took what it's selfish flesh desired, although it wore a disguise that was anything but frantic.

It's small head always looking up for more, but not even the tastiest leaf nor string of grass could satisfy
It was soaked up by the dirt's promise for fulfillment and the  grounds believable lies

If it was wise, it would climb up the rough bark of a tree...
Though it may stumble more then it would on the ground, at the end, it'll soon see that it'll be set free...

The realization of the submission to the wind became it's dream
The acknowledgement of the heavens surrounded it's theme

Slowly locking it'self in a cocoon to suffocate and silencely murder it's sinful past
It's change of mind and soul transformed itself into a floating mast

The mystery of this transformation no creation can define nor grasp
When it finally rips away it's old flesh, a new beginning has finally clasped

It eye's pop out, now fully unblinded from the distractions of the ground
It's body now weightless, free from it's burdens, it's sky like desires were found

A new creature, a new creation, has used its finished painting as wings to reveal its duty
What it is weak in size and strength, it makes up for in character and beauty

What use to be selfish and rude is now compassionate to nature with every flutter
The stars of the ground of flaring colors share it's sweet drink with it's new friend,  this change of hearts causes it's enemies to shutter

The priceless beauty it contains is more then just an mask, but also
an act for it's enemies!
Willing to sacrifice it's self for it's kind, some will surrender their poison filled bodies, killed helplessly

Determined to distract, Skillfully willing to scare, these little ones will do anything.
Protecting countless eggs, so they too may learn about the freedom through the flap of a wing

Their portrait of many colors signify the mercy of a Flame we deserve
Beautifully created, and light in flight, our eyes able to examine such a jewel is grace that we need to preserve

There is a flame... do you dare want to experience it?

Do not take the sight of a butterfly so lightly... There is so much more behind that beautiful creation then meets the eye... The creator that created something so heart changing and lovely and delicate but yet daring has also created a place for those who rebel against him... We don't deserve to lay our eyes on his creation... We have broken his commandments we have broken his law we deserve hell

but yet...he is still merciful... to even see the beauty of a butterfly wing...
Alienpoet Dec 2

Red lips
White paint
hides death
her grace a butterflies wing
life caught in her cold stare of her sting.
All dressed in colours which catch the moons glare
she kisses you like death kisses away the life that fades from sleep
an angel with a bushido blade
cuts away the bamboo which grows with haste
the light fades into a full moon
A butterfly hiding in a tomb
with carnivorous teeth
hiding a song of red bloodied despair
her cold touch ice on skin
catches your heart within sin
The black tea ceremony
of vampiric death or matrimony
if she chooses you for her thrall.

Neharika Dec 3

I just flew through black butterflies
fluttering around a holy circle.
I just saw them lose their color
red yellow and purple
I turned some pages, burnt, outdated
no traces of me has ever been in there
I think I might have been reborn,
I found my pair and lost my share.
I think the butterflies have gotten into me.
or might I've just gotten into them
I used to see a lot of hues
but now all I see is a huge black gem
black butterflies let me fly for the least,
I've lost everything and found my wings
let me fly, let me fly
if ever young caterpillars are to rise
rise up to being beautiful butterflies.

I once met a butterfly
Her wings were so bright
So colorful and lovely
Every day she would find me
And flutter onto my shoulder

One day I was waiting for her
But instead came a wasp
She buzzed around my head
And I batted her away
And then she stung me

First on my ear
Then on my nose
And again on my shoulder
Where the butterfly once sat
I batted again and she buzzed away

Down the road about a mile or so
I then met an imp
She saw me and she giggled
At the bumps on my ear
And my nose and shoulder

I asked her "what is so funny"
She giggled again
and leaped onto my shoulder
Then she buzzed in my ear
And changed into a butterfly
Then she fluttered away

Time forgot her,
but you didn't  
she still lives in the memory
her imprints on the places she touched
her thoughts in her diary full of poetry
her last words carved in the cemetery
and the smiling photographs in your album
still keeps her alive
she's that birdie flying
and that butterfly lingering
always buzzing in your mind
she's still part of your life,
she won't die till you do.

Cameron Nov 21

Long ago, there was a butterfly,
Its membrane wings, thin plastic,
Its precious lifeblood, oil.
Humming from flower to flower,
It never strayed from chartered paths.
Proboscis feeding, but never tasting,
Body consuming, but never growing.

Long ago, there was a butterfly,
Its brain, a mother board,
Its memory, four hundred and ten megabytes.
Sucking up all the nectar,
It never imagined the damage it would do.
Sensors scanning, but never seeing,
Motors whirring, but never beating.

Long ago, there was a butterfly,
Its cold limbs, now crippled,
Its power, all run out.
Collecting dust on a barren field,
The butterfly never lived, and so it never died.
It moved, but never thought,
It flew, but was never free.

Lyn-Purcell Nov 17

Draw me close to you
Like a butterfly to a distant moon.
Light up my path,
so I may hasten forth sure minded.

I'm feeling rather lost today...
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