Little free sparrow
with the sad sound,
rolling with its shadow
all night long.
Settles in your heart
with memories of that once was,
and if you keep quiet
you can still hear its song.

Little blue butterfly
floats on the last day of May,
around in the bright spring
off on life's highway.
It has seen the world
and take it all as a play,
it dives into an ocean of clover
and a nirvana of forget-me-not.

Little black cat
spins the dark night,
chasing rare demons
while guarding your mind.
While you're away in dreams
nothing dangerous can come in here,
two large amber eyes are watching
shining like moonlight.

Little white dove
with wings as a sign of peace,
knocking gently on your doorstep
waiting for crumbs of love.
Somewhere unknown it flew away
around its little leg hung a message:
"wipe the diamonds away from the cheek
and keep in mind that nothing lasts forever."
Autmn T 4h
I once saw a butterfly with bruised wings and, in that moment,  I understood what it felt like to break the most fragile, beautiful part of oneself
Written during a time when I felt like giving up with the possibility of love due to anothers inability to appreciate the love I was giving
Ruben 1d
I came across a butterfly
An innocent soul that would never lie
It had beautiful orange wings
That communicates the song it sings

Elegant and graceful it flutters
I wish I knew the message it utters
It came close, as if to say goodbye
Then it flew away into the blue sky
Sam 1d
A caterpillar
Scared of the world.
Going through
The same routine.
Eating and
Always in
The same place.

The caterpillar
And begins
To stray.
Becoming more.

A chrysalis
Around the
Brave caterpillar
It needs time
To sleep
To dream
Before the big change.

A broken chrysalis.
A butterfly
Spreads its
New wings.
To fly
To live.
I created this poem as a kind of metaphor for myself. I used to be very anxious about getting outside of my comfort zone, but I am now spreading my wings and becoming more.
Do you know what I think about when I see a single butterfly flying in the air?

No, you’re wrong, I don’t think of you. I think of how that butterfly keeps flying in the air, landing on flowers, leaves and trees while being all alone. With what purpose does this mere butterfly have and why does it keep flying around in such a majestic way.
I guess I think of myself. I too like the butterfly am constantly flying around with no purpose yet I continue looking majestic as I land on some flower.

BUT, when I see two butterflies flying together, I think of you and I, and that for a moment in time, I was not alone. That I found someone I could ‘fly around with majestically’ while still having no purpose. But you flew away and left me on some flower.
So now when I look at two butterflies flying together, I also see that there’s a chance to find someone else that will join me in my (no purpose) life’s adventures.
I used to tear myself apart
And bleed blue butterfly wings
To pause my torment.
My life had become pure survival,
On creating something beautiful
Out of a dreadful loneliness.

My life had become a horrific masterpiece.
No one understood- those blue butterfly wings,
Kept my alive.
I used to tear myself apart.
Slice, to release my anguish.
But a constant, it always was-

Lingering, waiting,
For the blue butterfly wings to vanish.
For me to rip myself apart.
Again, and again, and again.
At times it seemed
My suffering never ended.

These days are different,
For when those blue butterfly wings
Bleed out my skin,
The never mature to red   I devour them
To have lasting serenity.
Anguish will not ruin me again.

I used to tear myself apart.
This poem is describing how it felt to cut while I was depressed. I cut to take out my anger and sadness on myself. It ruined me and "helped" me at the same time. Again, any feedback would be appreciated :)
For all of you
Who were born with cocoon hearts,
Breathe now
Or forever hold
Butterflies in your stomach.
When a girl is born
She is given a box
“Fit in here
Do not

She carries
This box
She goes.

She grows
Until her
Box can
Hold no

When a girl
A woman.
She realizes
Her box’s
True use.

A woman
As butterflies

All she needed
Was a
Space to
Wrote this in honor of International Women's Day
sunprincess Mar 9
In a rainforest
admiring everything green,
A blue butterfly
i’ll change all my hers to hims,
so that maybe i could learn to love again.
because when your name unfolds,
it’s so evident that i can't let you go,
but if i somehow made you into a figure that doesn’t exist,
maybe these feelings will sort of drift.
i’ll edit every poem i’ve ever wrote,
in an attempt to keep my head afloat,
then when i drown i’ll fiend being surprised,
because it’s stupid of me to think changing a word would erase you from my life.
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