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there's still a grey line
between we lost us
and we found ourself

despite all the pain,
and mental traumas..

there was also butterflies,
beautiful things,
and fluttery feelings.
i don't regret meeting you,
it was incredible.
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, things called faded never were:3

losing hope on the the line
a beak of joy once in my lifetime

miracle from the ending
never want to manipulate a bending

the polar of the polar was at that stake
a back to back felt like a heart break

favourite on the eyes
no need for excuses or pathetic lies

goddesses of killers
breathed into a caterpillar

but the butterfly not to live ought to die
on a yellow leaf to rot and cry

a shoulder to hang on not written on that destiny
today of all days the dangerous whispers to bethany

how much of months are upcome to bare the yin
battle of love in a spiced up of a resentment called yang in

melody to fear
connected to the neck right there to the ear

to no one but me

They had
once been here
before, beyond
the light years still
in the calm silence
of the dreamscape
of indigo and blue,
where came the
oceans of hearts
fracturing the
fabric of the
to create
and see none
other than
each other,
in the hour
of the midnight
realm, others
passing by
are silhouettes
in time and
ghosts painted
in their dream
of tidal eyes
upon each
other, wave  
on wave,
skin on skin,  
the breath
of one
into the
voice of
a blue
in soft
from the
on the
in gentle
rising to
the night
sky as
as the
are returning
to the night,
as starseeds
of many,
amidst the
the lovers,
whom are
adrift in
(Little note: I was inspired by the title of Nicola Yoon's book
for my title, it is a book I dearly love.)
Zoe Mei Apr 9
not much more
than a metaphor
as a butterfly flap
is a windstorm.
biche Apr 9
In sorrow, not greed
Lacking so much I needed
I found myself pleading
So much more than receiving

Giving off an air
A pale whiff of despair
Certain that no-one cared
No evidence contrary

I used to ask why
Why couldn’t you try
This would surely subside
If you’d only please try!

There was another question though -
Could love not break, but instead grow?
I look at you and know
(Gently, now)
We reap only what we sow

Something about your face
The way you hug me awake
They way my body shakes
You know just what it takes

You always say words can’t hurt
I would always beg to differ
Still, I know we can go deeper
With the courage to love beyond our fear

Knowing what I know now
About my sacred, personal power
I feel you crown me at the final hour
In our calm, evanescent harbor
April 8, 2021
I have been visited by an angel who let me know that what I needed was inside me the whole time. The patterns will keep recurring until we own them completely. We are powerful creators who manifest the exact circumstances needed for our evolution. We need each other. Thank you, my brother.
biche Apr 8
You said it was a good conversation
I was fighting tears the whole time
We go way back with this
Back & forth you call talking,
To me it’s a battle and
You win, every time

I don’t know who
You think I am
But the me you think you know
Is a YouTube pundit’s scam

I wish you knew the real me
Analytical and accomplished
But also wild and free
It’s lonely in this bubble called “we”
Coming apart at the seams
Feeling understood and respected
Only in my dreams
March 21, 2021
The struggle is a feature, not a bug. What can it teach you? What superpower can you cultivate on this spiritual battleground? Don’t forget, you’re not out on the moor fighting him, love. You’re fighting yourself.
Bracing for its perennial fight
Brave and powerful Butterfly of the Night
With wings of glass, fragile, yet strong
Antennae pricked up, mesmerising and long

It's shaking; nervous; it's a timid creature
Darkness swallowed its beautiful features
Sond of silence striking its core
Shadow of a Butterfly, broken by war
bubblyflower Apr 1
red flowers cover the heavenly field,
your teary eyes reflect the moonlight,
the person that i need beside me is you,
i know you need me too,
staying by each other's side
what a beautiful sight!
i wish we could stay forever,
i wish we could be merrier,
it's time to say goodbye,
a butterfly tickles my hand,
let's be together even after the end!
EA Mar 31
I used to have a butterfly
A butterfly with a broken wing

Everyday, I give my time and efforts
But one day, I lost it
I realized my butterfly left me
I went crazy and spouting nonsense

"I cant live without you"
"I don't want to lose something so important"

I repeatedly said as I try to find it
Which I finally did

As I'm guiding it back
I realized, Im trapping my beautiful broken butterfly

Being with me is not home but a tight prison

So I'll let my butterfly to decide
I'll give the freedom that it deserves

And on the process,
I'm breaking down the prison
And do changes

Because I really love this butterfly
My beautiful broken butterfly

And I'll do what I can
So It will stay here with me again
Im obsessed with my butterfly 🦋
You decide bb
Beckie Davies Mar 29
A butterfly once flew into my life
A beautiful friendship was formed
She stayed for a quite a while
Until there came a vicious storm  
Bringing chaos and hardship
In all of the confusion
I found that she had departed
I grieved for my friend
Unsure of why it had ended
Eventually like most things
I found closure and acceptance
Out of the blue
On an autumn evening
A butterfly stopped by
Fluttering her wings in greeting
So there, time stood still
Call it fate if you will
A reunion of two butterflies
Who never truly severed ties
a reunion of two butterflies who never truly severed ties
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