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D CoLe Jun 3
I am a worrier ,one of light
playing with stone and might
   in life's cradle,
in a jungle of emotions with only but my pride to cuddle.
I strike with my halo,
to darkness saying hello.

    Have never give'n to the   'bliss' he bestows on seekers,
but the feeling is no longer as good.
My heart whispers the secret garden to my my mind,
and I wonder what's like to given to the temptation.
Mortal  to our own thoughts and broken by the eyes of the world,  tread softly because oh, the earth is delicate and quite selfish with its secrets
Man Mar 28
the cigarette smoke
laden in the air
threw the pattern seeking portion of my brain
and i saw you
as free as i had always thought of you
without the hardships of this harsh reality
it made me sad
to think of you
with how you were at the end
but you're happy now,
with hope
SoAverage Mar 25
We all come from the root of one book but each has their own chapter and path

All embarking on a journey to find the true meaning of life

Through the blazing storm concealed with misfortune for most walking the path

Some be trying to numb the idea of being alive cause of the wait of carrying a dead body inside

Celebrating death like its a festive season

Growing up trying to find something our forefathers seems to have lost

Hiding from reality
That life is forever changing and unknown to us

While seeking for a better life that all this pain we feel is a dream most wished  they never had .
I  wrote about how life is not as easy as we think
Abby Feb 21
What am I so afraid of?
That I may change my fate?
Or maybe it’s already happened,
And maybe I’m too late.

Can I be forgiven?
Will I ever understand
Why all of this has happened?
Am I really here by chance?

Chasing phantom shadows in and out of dreams
Counting constellations and holding on to childish things
Afraid to take a chance, for fear that I may fall
Afraid that there’s no going back
That I’ll never know myself at all

The truth too overwhelming
The fear I hide behind
Fear that I hold onto
Fear behind these eyes

To chance is only to forget
The pain that binds me now defines me
Give in for good you’ve placed your bet
“Survive!” the voice inside me
A piece I wrote back in March 2007 as I was going through a divorce with so many questions and faced with the opportunity to reducing myself and my path.
without a vision
people are rarely reminiscent,
of what they have been seeking
and fall into a deep torpor
maybe its this slumber
that makes them realize,
all they wanted was right there
in front of their eyes.

there was a girl, brave and bold
carried in her heart, a potful of gold
searching everywhere, knowing nowhere
where she would get her answer.

with such strong desires held in her soul,
a fire ignited in her heart
as she wandered into the dark,
the rustling of a brook, somewhere in the woods
where she would often sit by and ponder
'Is happiness all I seek?
or is it just one of life's very old tricks
and maybe it reeks?'

with such a heavy heart
she walks alone into the woods,
contemplating whether life is something
that she never really understood.
I seek for her as she seeks the answers.
Ry Dec 2020
You can build them if you need. But don't scream behind them when another being sends letters through the holes you made to seek what you needed all along.
kell Nov 2020
Am I nothing to the words that reach minds only to what pleases the eye?
am I just hearts love to a ****** in the jungle midst of a world full of lustful hate?
what makes me less desirable with a soul that lays in pieces than one that lays in a whole.
Do all the stars aligned fault at my seeking?
am I a failed soul waiting for a breath of another?
feels like the world has left me for more lovable things
seems like the challenge of my heart has left me alone in despite of loving every individual strongly
for I scream to the universe to make there stars align not for my benefit
only indefinitely of there own.
In all efforts I can accept the disappointing reality, givers aren't here to receive.
love regardless.
Andrew Layman Oct 2020
Take my hand
discover its warmth
look past the human debris
and find me
avalanches and storms
of centuries
could not bury me
for the studio light
shines too bright.
Bethany Mahan Oct 2020
POWER in the blood
Is no STRENGTH of mine
’Tis so sweet to TRUST in Jesus!”
I shout in  jest
            Aging way before my time

“It ain’t well at all!”  I rage
In berefted soul
I writhe and waste and pine AWAY
YET you refuse to make me WHOLE

You deny me fadeless hope
You forego my cry for PERFECT LOVE
You chastise my ask for LIGHT

You hide your HEALING HAND
You disrobe so I can’t TOUCH
I’ll never RISE AGAIN
When gifted DEATH & CROSS

Be thou my VISION
For I no longer SEE
This AMAZING GRACE I’ve once heard of
Isn’t really FREE

In this garden of silent PRAYER
I determine not to speak
Cause nothin’ but

Means nothing to a Death Eater’s
Dance with Midnight’s GRIEF
Wrote this poem on a really tough day
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