Janna Jul 31
The hand of my Creator
Was knocking on the door step
Of my heart
Patiently waiting
Always seeking
His lost daughter and child
To return into His mighty arms
- soulwriterj
I found my way back home.
hazael-fae Jul 25
Strangely your existence feels familiar
yet this  feeling so peculiar
my soul almost echoing in a rhythm
filling the kingdom
which is us
yet your name is anonymous
a connection endless in time
someday a souls intimacy will shine
evolving metamorphosing into one
together shining bringer than the sun
vivid colors of your soul
raveled energies whole
shared breaths bring me life
when will you drive
ill put my trust in the breeze
your somewhere within the trees
vowels spoke drift in the wind
someday our synchronized energy will be aligned
until time..
Krishnapriya Jul 19
We travel the world
book to book, blog to blog
Guru to guru, mentor to trainer
Looking, finding, losing

Ultimately return
Empty handed

Only to find it all
And then some more
In the secret
of the heart
Reza Bavar Jul 17
I’m going mining today
I’m digging in that place between
My pain
My grave

My hands are covered in it
The dirt and the shit
Of a lifetime
Of the lifetimes before me
So far back no one knows their names

I’m searching for treasure
It has to be here somewhere
But so far
It’s just the dirt
The dirt
The shit

I’ve dug so deep
I can’t crawl back out
I can’t forget about it
I can’t let it go

It’s death

One of them is definitely down here
It’s as simple as that

And so…

I’m going mining today
Like I did yesterday
And the day before… and for everyday I can remember

I’ll dig and dig
Until memory of me fades
And my dreams fall from the sky
Past the stories that promised happiness
Beyond the eyes that captured my heart
Away from the lights of the shore… Into the oily blackness I’ll swim
That place no one wants to follow me to
That place everyone tells me doesn’t exist
I’ll dig
Long enough
Hard enough
With everything I have
When I arrive
I’ll send you a card

I’ll invite you to mine
Follow the tears, the blood, and the sweat
Look for the light of my soul

“That was the treasure!” I’ll declare
“Now let’s find yours”

I’m going mining today
You don’t have to… you can stay
I’m already covered in it…

The dirt
The shit.
Give me something,
I just need anything I can get,
To try to heal it.
I'm trying my best,
Not to forget how to be without it.

I am searching the lines,
Creating new stanzas,
In a hopeless attempt
To get it all together again.

Lately I'm starting to see
Myself seeking attention,
Even if ever so slightly.
I realise I've clung onto things tight,
That make me feel needed,
Those who paid me attention,
And then those same people who then did the opposite:
Because everyone gets bored eventually.

Now I feel like I'm just waiting,
For someone else to forget me,
Another person saying fuck it they don't need me.
In addition for a while now,
I've felt my siblings slowly slipping away and away further
To him.

But that's not what this is about,
This is about how self centred I am,
Once again, I guess it will always come back then.
The past years seem to be a sequence of:
Thinking I'm better,
When really I'm just changing the order of the pattern,
I'm just expressing it in different ways.

But I don't know how many more strategies I have left.
And if such a time comes.
I ask for courage anew, happier eyes.
To delve into sweet slumber without sigh.
Time neither passes or retracts.

And in addition I find the least bit bearable.
Unable to drown in total sleep.
The sights seen precious.
I forget where I place my head.

And I hold no grievance against thee.
Heavily affectioned to many a sight.
My eyes swallowed whole,
At happiness's interpretation.

Whilst I not forget, Sandman,
I dream with open eyes
rob kistner Jun 20

the nocturnal neon zoo
groin deep in humankind

suckling life's sweet underbelly

swilling full
the luscious flesh festival

by the siren song
of sacred sensuality

I am a night being


I am a sentient being


my fingers burn
from dancing
with the fire-whores of
and indignation

I come
in a rolling glorious fire

fast and hard
tough as hell

and crashing in
howling mad
to scorch the night

with every devil I can find


a combusting carnal fireball

fierce appetite

roaring hungry
for life's deliciousness

longing to consume
every succulent morsel and crumb
of passion

pursuing truth



rob kistner © 2007
contemplation on living life full throttle eyes wide open
IrieSide Jun 10
Feeling tides
of shimmering wave
take place
in modern day
I felt the pull
towards something more
though when it came
I lost my soul

Searching hard
with just a hint
some godly spark
that held my hand
the warmth of it
was all there was
yet sufficient

a poet at heart
yeah that's me
even with the money
cars and things
nothing more
gives me that rush
of a free flowing stanza
of my soul's pure

It nourished my garden
this dripping of words
from clouds in thought
and glacier energy
I found my soul
etched in this
sacred poetry
Stay true to yourself. That sacred energy you know is there. Follow it always, and it will guide you home. Neglect it, and you'll come out empty.
I seek... adventure
I seek to find the greatest treasures
I seek an expedition of the furthest corners  

I want to see a world more important than my own.

I seek... discovery
I seek to unearth my hidden self
I seek an expansion of my earnest passions

I want to see my purest nature exposed.

I seek... growth
I seek to expose my dispositions
I seek an awakening of body, mind, and soul

I want to see revolutions I’ve always known deep inside.

I seek... romance
I seek to remain soft and kind
I seek an affection without reservations

I want to see others care for me as I care for them.

What do you seek?
Krishnapriya Jun 9
They say
Don't be a seeker
Be a finder
What is there to find?
I am complete
In Thee
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