George Krokos May 11
To those wailing of their loneliness which nobody hears
is like crying in the dark with no one to see your tears.
They're lacking in the gift people come to know as love
which is missing in their lives being Graced from above.
Oh, how mournful are the lonely people of today
who can't seem to find friends with whom to play.
Tho' living in a community they're just really like
outsiders looking in onto their abandoned psych.

At times steeped in depression and unable to rise
out of the gloom they're in which isn't a surprise.
Some even feel that they'd be much better off dead
and find it hard shaking this notion from their head.

There are those who're victims of families torn apart
in a desperate situation wanting to make a new start.
Others are poor in spirit without a glimmer of hope
accustomed to tribulations suffering a life of mope.

Yet, some others again are recipients of a harsh life
imposed on them by unwanted circumstantial strife.
The consequences of their actions brought them here
after indulging in those things offering a false cheer.

Be sympathetic towards any who're in such distress
and offer a helping hand to them; by yourself bless.
To be lonely is also a feeling of being empty inside
which in turn is reflected in one's life there outside.

It seems they've squandered their time in various ways
and gone against their conscience in the course of days.
Adding to their woes by forsaking the quiet Inner Voice
heard from deep within their soul with the right choice.

This has left them feeling empty inside as stated before
like some of those who are said to be in the spirit poor.
If there's no sincere repentance or seeking help in need
change won't come for them like that Spirit to proceed.
Written in 2018. For all the lonely people - you are not alone.
Mister J Apr 26
Until when will I wait?
Until when will I suffer?
Until when will I long?
Until when will I seek?

Until when should I lock myself up?
Until when will I long for the warmth?
Until when should I feel dead inside?
Until when should I walk alone in this life?

Until when should my heart be hard as stone?
Until when do I have to wait for someone to chisel it?
Until when will the winter of my life last?
Until when do I stay just to see you at last?

Until when do I have to suffer lonely nights?
Until when will I wake up in a cold, empty bed?
Until when will I feel anxious about a single's lifetime?
Until when will I fear connecting to someone else's life?

Until when do we have to wait?
Until when do we have to suffer?
Until when 'til I see your face?
Until when 'til I hold your hands?

Until when do I just see you in my dreams?
Until when 'til I see you in my reality?
Until when 'til we finally meet?
Until when 'til we passionately love?

Until when will I be alone?
Until when will I be isolated?
Until when will my emotions be suppressed?
Until when 'til I finally bask in your embrace?

I am stuck here..

Waiting for you..

Are you stuck somewhere else too?

If so, then tell me how to find you..

And if Fate blesses this search..

If the gods open the path which leads to you..

I'll never ever let go of you..

So tell me..

Until when 'til I find you?
Surge of emotions and ideas just came to me
Just kept on typing.
I know its a bit rushed
But please tell me how you feel.

Thanks for reading!
Until my next piece!

Mister J Apr 25
My life in shades of gray
Of black and of white
This heart just pumping blood
No adrenaline nor thrill in life
No color in this stagnant art
No purpose in this senseless wandering
Switching destinations on a whim
Seeking warmth from those without it

Eyes grow souless
With each passing day
Mind feels wistful
With each passing thought
The youthful passion
Fading into nothingness
The fiery emotions
Slowly burning out

The enthusiasm of a young man
Crushed in the grip of reality
The loveless heart
Growing tired and weary
Everything feels cold
A long and harsh winter
In a young and untested life
A struggle just to feel alive

I am tired
I am weary
A stagnant pond
Seeking a ripple in my life
A chance to feel
And to turn my life around
From the gloomy colors of grey
Black and white
To a masterpiece of thrill
Of passion
Of love
And warmth
As colorful
As a kaleidoscope
With all these emotions
Flooding out
Trinkling down
Flowing and moving
Like a flooded stream
Connecting to people
Linking to hearts
No longer stuck here
No longer alone
Together with others
Just feeling alive
Just embracing Life
Feeling a bit down lately
I hope you like it.
Thanks for reading! :D

Today an elder brother sought pardon
for hurts and ills done to me said
"I gently ask we sever contact"

I noted words sever and gently in his line
sadly turned watching black blood streaming
from velvet gloves gripping a rusty stiletto.
2018 © Christos Victor

incongruity: a state out of keeping or place; inappropriate; unbecoming, disharmonious
Me Díaz Apr 4
The inner chamber,
When i haven’t even earned the key
To the outer wall.

M•(e). Díaz
How do you let it in,
After an embrace with the devil,
Who whispered, that the world is a lie,
Drenched, drowning in hypocritical sin.

Set, I continue on a road I know so well.
Yet my eyes  no longer touch,
The toys of show and tell.
Maybe I don't want to come back.
I've spent too long buttoning this collar,
Close to my chin
In all, the hope I feel,
Is the silence is yet to come in.
Jeff Gaines Mar 8
Please save a place for me,
deep inside your heart.
Always know that I think of you,
as we both practice our art.

Our worlds are full of temptations,
so very hard to resist …
and the good Lord knows
we're both far from,
sixteen and never been kissed.

Wealthy men with jaws divine …
Temptresses with looks so fine …
Paths that lead our hearts away …
Paths that surely lead astray …

They'll lead us there every time.
They'll leave us there … so  unkind.
Our hearts must shine,
night and day.
Through any darkness … they'll light our way.

If you never touch my face …
If I never look into your eyes …
We'll always have the comfort of sharing
the same
big, blue sky.

If I never smell your hair …
If you never kiss my lips …
Always know the search for your smile
has launched a thousand ships.

So, I hope you save a place for me
in your heart so sweet and kind.
Please, save a place for me …
Heaven knows you've one in mine.
Fall 1999
Jeff Gaines Mar 5
I'm looking for something …

and I don't ever know if I'll know what it is.

Maybe I'm just supposed to see all the things you can search for,
and yet,
never really have anything.

Just see everything.

I can accept that …

I've had an outrageous life so far.
Like "For Ethereal ...", this is an actual excerpt from an online chat that I was having with an old High School classmate.  After I looked up and read what I had just written to her in the little window, I was struck by it so hard, that I cut and pasted it right into MSWord and made it into one of my “pieces”. We had been chatting about where we had been and how our lives were going at that moment.
Ronney Mar 4
Praying with anticipation
Hoping the time never appears,
when the mind quits, the heart splits and life is held with a loosened grip.

Be Brave, Be Fearless
Be Strong, Be Bold

Lock hands, take heart and don’t let go
Reach out, speak out and let us know


When your ready
You’ll be guided towards the right road.
-Everyone needs help at some point, but we are reluctant to seek it for a variety of reasons such as pride and shame.

- There is no shame in asking for help.

-The humbling of ones character is the growth of ones character

-The first step to getting help is to help your self. To do this you must reflect and have self awareness. Be completely honest with yourself acknowledge that help is needed.

-Help must then be accepted in order to take effect.
Mister J Mar 1
I've been treading this life
One step at a time
Drifting with its flow
Taking me to where it goes
Slowly counting days go by
Wandering here and there
Seeing the world in all its beauty
Seeking a home for my soul

I've seen a lot of these
I've heard a lot of those
I've been gone to places
I only used to dream about
And yet as all of the world
Is within my very reach
Why does this young heart
Feel so empty and weary?

Here I am at a crossroads
Stuck at where Life took me
Where should I really be?
Am I even meant to stay?
Or should I just run away?
But If I run and flee again
I'm meant to stay alone
And then I suddenly realized

I want love
I need it so
As bad as oxygen
As precious as gold
Someone to hold tight
'Til my days grow old
Someone that ignites my fiery passion
And gently calms my mellow soul

A companion in this lonely road
And someone to drift with
Looking for the perfect home
Waiting still at this crossroad
Where could she be right now?
What does she do with her life?
Could she be stuck at another road
Or could she also be waiting for me?

I miss her
I long for her
I love her
Even though she's not here yet
I haven't seen her face
Nor touched her hands
Our paths haven't crossed yet
And yet she affects me greatly

Hurry it up, sweet destiny
Bring me to her
Let me flow to the path
That leads to her side
Let me gaze upon her serene face
That eludes me even in my dreams
Hurry it up, sweet destiny
Though I wait patiently, I'm losing myself

I know she longs for me as well
I know she's gonna love me like hell
And when our roads finally meet
She'll hug me tight and kiss me sweet
So please remove the veil that hides
Open the path to her loving arms
Because no matter how hard it is
No matter how long it will take
Whatever hardships I face along the way
She's definitely the home that's worth the wait
Listening to this certain song.
I fell in love with it and decided to write this
Two people longing for each other
A love letter for the one who's worth the wait.

Happy Reading. Thanks. :)

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