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Mariyam Ridha Nov 23
My heart is broken
Without you.

Soul is void,
With you.

And I reconcile,
Heal and arise,
Within you.
Such strange kinda love
I was stuck in a rut,
Not in a place I knew.
I had my heart shut,
Through and through.
If you are someone who often gets stuck in places beyond their comprehension, you just might relate to this. Places where your heart stops working and you don't know what is real and fantasy. I've heard people facing a war against addiction often experience this and also in some cases it can be a medical condition, often beyond their control. But in the end, I think the human spirit is stronger than these places and it is what will survive. We just have to believe and have faith in ourselves, often the most difficult part but well worth it.

PS: The title is inspired by a song of the same name by 'The War On Drugs'. One of my personal favourites and highly recommended :)
Talia Aug 31
Simplicity holds my smile.
The present
ever worth my while.
Try give the globe
An optimistic spin
Because Hurt’s origin
is within.
Simon Aug 11
Trying to tame that which is within is a counter defect too something even more excruciatingly impossible too seemingly dabble right into! All because nothing truly ever remains the same afterwards...when all limitations are shot clean straight off the market! A market that is ONLY of the making towards what truly is from within, that harms ALL products into a complete stasis of "subjugation". Subjugation is how this thing (from within) is desperately trying too fool you into even trying to reach out from within (first and foremost). Actually, there's NO telling what could happen when you even try to "reach out from within"??? Since nothing is truly trusting when limitations start to burn out! Like a "spark plug" inside a cars engine that burned out because it short-circuited too many times, that it eventually wore it's entire self out cold! Showing that even while trying too tame (that which is within) may seem like just an incredible first.... Only until you are shown you've been left both lost and forgotten, altogether. Until you were to finally discover that nothing ever made sense to begin with. It's because you've been out cold this entire...**** time! WHY?! And why am I just noticing this now...?! Simple... Because a long, long, long...time ago... You tried to control something beyond ALL your wildest dreams of being capable of achieving! Especially while trying to tame that which is within! You can't erase the past! Just like when you are finally discovering that you've been short-circuited one too many times! Conclusion... The end result, is a massive tempting pleasure! Showing that you were obviously right about one thing... The market from within, is now spreading joy too your most wildest dreams about simply trying to merely take on that which is within!
PS... What do you suppose that could mean...?
You can't even (for the very lives of your individualities) try to simply attempt your "tempting" selves into taking on (that which is within)! You will certainly lose! As you were ALWAYS...meant too!!!
Better a small spark of flame
From hot coals and ash
Than a great bolt of light
That goes out with a flash

H A Vitatoe Jul 10
I held onto
the memories
that made me cry.
That made me enrage
That even
made me
hateful inside.
As I moved on.
To another memory.
I burned any good
that you made with me.
Up in flames.
Is where
the good ones went.
I forgot to hold on
to the ones that .
At one time.
I wish I had not
James G East Jul 7
Here, yes yours to use.
Keep begin, even if once begun, again and many times.
As much as it takes, fight or don’t, find, strive, make do if you wish, survive, but don’t ask, not any more. You’re answered, always have been.
Blatant in the past with no malice meant, while being written not read.
That’s right there’s no one way, right and wrong not or.
It’s yours to use, choose or seek.
I stand in front of an altar
I see myself falling
Onto my knees
Shutting my eyes tight, tight, tighter still
Until I am closed so totally
Sealed by the salt of the earth
I crawl blindly
In every direction

I wake

I am no longer fixed on the cold white stone
Of my perish
In a dress as constricting as His words
While a familiar man
I have never known
Spreads oil across my forehead
And pleads with God
With me
To save me
From myself


I awaken altered
At the base of a Tree
In the Forest by my childhood home
Covered in rich black Dirt
And wet
Not with tears or holy oil
But with cleansing Rain
Panting from a run I do not remember
Wearing heavy boots that make me feel
As if I could stomp out the fires of hell
I am no longer begging for salvation
But laying in wholeness
With myself
Of all things
So small and so large


I awaken filled with a vastness
Greater than the number of stars in the sky
I am alone
For now
And more at peace than I have ever been
Knowing now
You cannot ask for something
That has always been yours
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