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Keiri Aug 20
Simple beauty is often complicated.
One who tries too hard isn't pretty.
But where exacly is it stated.
What defines beauty?

One is appealing to the eye.
But can be rotten inside.
It can all be one big lie.
One doesn't care and doesn't try.

One can be visually unappealing.
But a beauty within.
In the end, that one would win.
But one is sad, it's a sin.

Simple beauty is simple and short.
True and honest, yet humble.
One cares and repells the wrong sort.
It's the one that'll make you stumble.
Keiri Aug 20
Gorgious grass fills my unending world illuminated by the suns.
The suns that seized the darkness.
The pink skies that got to unfold as the sounds of guns.
The red horizon promising more emptiness.

The craziness of the blue fogs that obscure my thoughts and choke my words.
The words of the power that emerges from the depts of the deep.
As the hearted suns met by the pure and helps me with sorts.
I finally feel the green shower that surges to help me steep.
Faizel Farzee Aug 13
The sound of battle sings around me
a voice armored
Deaths favorite track drenched with hope and tearstained destinies cut short silently plays
My name screaming across his cold lips
Do I give my soul already condemned willingly
My demons caged
rattles my spirit from an eternal slumber
Waking a memory of a blessed love waiting in cloaked fear
I stand as if the mountains themselves, has given me their roots
Her scythed love carries me forward as fear chooses to fear
I move with the might of 1000 comrades fallen
Courage lends me its strength
Lashing out as the hatred of the innocent lives lost fuels me
I strike with the force of demons possessed
The blood of my victory seeps from my wounded sword
Cries of a battle won rains tears of elation
Breathing underrated as death screams….
Knowing, I chose to live.
Battles, hope, chilling
Trudy Aug 5
(The Phoenix)
How do I find me?.
I thought I knew where I was, but I died.
And could not find where I’m buried.
If I find myself fast enough I’ll be able to come alive again.
I hope I do before I get putrefied.
But my soul is a fire.
Setting aflame the light that I need to find me.
Finding yourself is hard. But we all rise like the phoenix
Seanathon Jul 29
So many wait
For another life
To walk into their own
Just to change the self

When really they
Are the only person
Who can pull apart the former fabric
Who can lend a mending hand to help
Change comes from within
I feel it all so deeply
that it hangs from my neck
like an unmarked tombstone
I've tried to bury it in
one too many drinks
they quenched the embers
sparking in my gut
so I get drunk on gasoline
hoping to match fire, with fire
fumbling hands shoving matches
down my throat
swallowing them whole
consuming that which burns so bright
within me
and even after I catch ablaze
I still feel it all too deeply.

Esther L. Krenzin
Live within my perfume ...

You are in my heart ..
so deep there inside ...
You are the only into my thoughts ...
just you forever ...
You are my soul's lover ..
whom i got every night ...
into my all dreams ...
You are in the depths of my body ..
running through my blood with no stop ...
to keep feeling you ...
wherever you are ...
yes you are ...
the one whom i feel ...
feel the love only with you ...
and feel your love ...
even with no words ...
i can smell your perfume ...
your warm breathes ...
in spit of this distance ..
i feel you ...

sweetheart ...
wherever you be ...
i'm there inside you ...
as you are ...
lives inside me ...
from so long years ...

so please my sweet lady ...
feel me ...
and keep my perfume ...
on you ...
to feel me ...
wherever i be ...

good morning sweetheart ...

hazem al ...
Johnny walker Jun 26
Sometimes even things I  don't won't to see know no more but from deep within me there lies a strength born to
No matter what comes my way somehow I always find that strength to fight my way through to another
Just natural Instinct born Into me even though I might not really won't
to fight on but somehow this strength always
The broken and the batted
The shattered and the weary
The things that bring you down
The things which seem so scary
In life some measure others
By just the naked eye
Not realizing that deep within
There dwells a butterfly
Donna Jun 14
I brushed my teeth and
left my teeth on the sink , then
I smiled at the world

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