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My girl was all to me
very wicked laugh a
**** voice
Eyes that
could undress me with
just a glance
Eyes that could take
me to
Her passionate kiss
to take my breath away
leave me gasping for
air, body and very soul
she put Into
Beauty on the outside
and beauty most Importantly that came from deep within
All Helen was to me but most Importantly she had a beauty
that shone from deep within a rare quality
Divine Dao-3 Nov 23
White Cat-v~.~v-Haiku
˝~˝¨~¨ (˘->w<- ˘=¨˙˙˙

´Mačkon Sanja ... Belo Poljano´˝=  *¨~
¨~¨ ˝~˝¨~¨ ˝~˝¨~¨˝~˝¨~¨ ˝~˝¨~¨ ˝~˝¨~¨˝~˝¨~¨ ˝~˝¨~¨ ˝~˝¨~¨˝~˝¨~¨ ˝~˝¨~¨ ˝~˝¨~¨˝~˝¨~¨ ˝~˝¨~¨ ˝~˝¨~¨˝~˝¨~¨ ˝~˝¨~¨ ˝~˝¨~¨˝~˝¨~¨ ˝~˝¨~¨ ˝~˝¨~¨
­˝~˝¨~¨   ˝~˝¨~¨
Mačkon Sanja ...
                   Bel     ¨¨~~¨˝~:)˝~˝
¨~¨   Galeb Preleti Most     ( ;  ˝~˝¨~¨
          Hradčanski Lep Grad.   ˝~˝ * ¨~¨

¨~¨˝~˝¨~¨˝~˝¨~¨˝~˝¨~¨˝~˝¨~¨ ˝~˝¨~¨ ˝~˝¨~¨ ˝~˝¨~¨ ˝~˝¨~¨ ˝~˝¨~¨ ˝~˝¨~¨ ˝~˝¨~¨ ˝~˝¨~¨ ˝~˝¨~¨
˝~˝¨~¨˝~˝¨~¨˝~˝¨~¨˝~˝¨~¨˝~˝¨~¨˝~˝¨~¨˝~˝¨~¨˝~˝¨~¨˝~˝¨~¨­˝~˝¨~¨˝~˝¨~¨˝~˝¨~¨˝~˝¨~¨ ˝~˝¨~¨ ˝~˝¨~¨
c´mon daarlings, for sure you´ve got
already experienced such a blisful silent moment
numinously and sacredly frozen moment in time - for ever packed deep within nano-electro-magnetic-wire-of your marvellous, great synaptic valentine nice likevoid

amuba Nov 21
Everything seems different
No clue what changed between us
All the things and meanings bent
Me and my whole body in fuss

Something doesn't feel right
When I touch you and your skin
My heart and my feelings goes for a fight
Something is terribly wrong within

What has changed?
This feeling that I can't manage
Uncontrollable that I have become
I still don't know what is to be done

I hope you are not the same
Please don't be in the same page as me
As the book has this horrible game
I hope you are all good and free

This horrible feeling that is in my gut
I will pull you out one-day be prepared
You make me terrible and everything shut
My mind and my heart, defeat never be declared
Something is really not right in me, within me. And I have no clue how to manage this unless writing it down. Writing is my medicine.
I run into a wilderness
within myself
after clawing my way
up from the depths
it was so dark there
and yet I could see so many things
now I have escaped
but I don't feel safe
while I stop to catch my breath
I feel that something follows
a branch snaps behind me
I turn to see, but no one's there
I turn back around
and there it is
GreenTrees Oct 26
True love is easy find when it comes from within.

Karl V.  2018
what if I am not really a human
but a bird whose wings have grown
deep within my aching bones
like angels, they sing
of days I've not yet lived,
times no one has seen before
as though *** wants me to learn
from all that is inside myself
She tells me to be patient,
soothing voice of Lady Light,
whispers me to sleep
in some faraway galaxy
where peace makes all the planets dance
and love makes the stars burn bright
Xallan Oct 1
It's just a place to rest
-the heart of a singularity
--art is compacted with garbage
---orbited by a cycle, inevitable and predictable

It's just a place to breathe
-halfway down the freefall
--confidence torn away by wind
---holding tight to regrets about not learning to fly

It's just a place to live
-we come when we feel ready
--put our decomposition on display
---our parasites smile and wave to the crowd
inside me
has always
a seed
of light
in dark
and fertile
I want
to know
of who
I'm meant
but it
the shadows
that find me
in my
inside me
has always
inspired by one of my all-time favorite characters in the Star Wars universe, Rey of Jakku :)
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