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Jeremy Betts Mar 2023
A life time lost, mindlessly searchin', wanderin' aimlessly in the margin
Lingerin' in the gray, outside yet somehow dead center of socially accepted norms and action
Starved of affection, but by design, never forget to mention it feels safer with zero human interaction
Parched, withering away, no reaction, no peace, only life but just a fraction

A scorched Earth, a nightmarish vision, a dream state of my demons risen
No rhyme, no reason, no time to be forgiven, is it a sin if the motive is kept hidden?
Does one exist if forgotten? No answer if you can't remember the question
Hence then, to stay afloat one must stop the spin of the downward spiral one finds oneself in

Listen, or don't, it won't matter in the end, frightened without the knowledge of when
A last breath taken after finally on the mend, would it be different if hope wasn't given?
A permanent decision, forever finally allowed to begin but could it be considered a win?
It's all about perception, a frown flipped upside down is a grin

Eyes wide shut, lie and try to pretend they're open, heart closed off, can't repair what's been broken
A conversation with a villan disguised by the voice of a friend, a danger unspoken
Another bad omen, no one around, both voices coming from a location deep within
What's been awoken has stolen emotion and allowed the erosion to begin

...and here...we go...again...

FC Azaele May 2021
Emotion is the greatest author
that we will come across.

And Sometimes,
it is within ourselves that we’ll encounter them.
Ileana Amara Apr 2021
what if the things that breathed life
into this monster inside me
are the hearts that i've mended
at the expense of my own?

or perhaps, the cruelty of this world
which constantly blew
the small flame of hope within me?

what if the reason
this monster continuously grows
is because i have never embraced it,
accepted it, and love it as it is?

because all monsters ever needed
was to be loved & not be feared —
because fear is the twin sister of hatred.

04.26.21.| "poetry is a creative means of human transcendence."
Winnalynn Wood Mar 2021
Isn’t that glimmer visible?
That wonderful sparkle, like a fly to the light
A shining diamond, an alluring sight  

Seeker and seeked and discovered overtly
What fun is its commonality?
Must you spend a two months salary?

But see the gem in the rough
Weighed far less in value
But nonetheless faceted
Judge it harshly shall you?

The trope of the diamond
Has been pried from those eyes
By the multi-facets and spectrums
Of transient angles, translucent drums  
Milky or lustrous, a separate conundrum

Choose the opal, akin to the human soul
Shimmering subtly and brightly
Gently and ever-changed nightly
Like the starriest coals
Trill and hover ever-so lightly

Discovering the treasures in the rough
That others could never trust
They’ll lie in waiting, perhaps turn to dust
Mark Wanless Feb 2021
the answers we seek
are within as the questions
that form in our mind
CA Guilfoyle Jan 2021
I could paint these things
though color escapes me
storms prevail, black water
it's a flood I fear
I hold the levee back
clench my heart and all the rest
I think in tremors and waves
then settle and wait for night
dream of ships breaking fog
deep humming of horns, shrill of seabirds
wake me on the shore from sleeping
from waiting for someday
there's a bell that never chimes
only this moment that pulls
brings me ever closer in.
Mary Shanti Dec 2020
The mirror reveals the soul within
It is hazy water filled
In a desert mi raged heart

It is barren
Where whence it was full throttled cherry blossomed, apple cheeked rosy

The mirror reveals the soul within
Scorched embers
Still can see through the branches to a small piece
Not yet scorned
Tenderly aching but still filled with a sense of wonder
A leaf not torn
A branch unbroken, its leaves fall, hoping to dance in the suns warmth

The mirror reveals the soul within
Whose lines tell stories like trees that have grown
There bark is brittled beauty
Born from moments that were swept up like wisps of air

The mirror reveals the soul within
Still standing
Still solemn
Still here.
JKirin Dec 2020
It is heavy—
the burden you carry.
inside, you’re aching.
Will decreases—
you’re ready to shatter to pieces.

Yet, there’s fire.
Your eyes blaze with anger, desire.
Feel it burning—
all its power, deep, twisting and turning.
Let it out, then—
and escape from the weight of the burden.
about escaping one's darkest thoughts
Mariyam Ridha Dec 2020
I don’t chase love,
but I,
rediscover love from my core,
and make people chase it.
im doing it i guess
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