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Keiya Tasire May 17
"Within each of us
Yes, it's under the surface
Is a land of mystery
Just waiting to be explored ."
a hint that there is more to life and it is uniquely yours.
Nava May 16
Look into the dark

My eyes will hold you

We are the same spark

That shines into the yin

The yang that speaks

Spoke within
I was fighting
These pieces
That broken

It's the space
Between these
Cracks, keeping
The fire burning
From within.

But no
Amount of
Water could
Put out
The fire.

While it still
Ignites the flames
So deep,
Bringing out
A fiery aura.
The wind will whisper words
of healing
for those ready to hear it
It does not wish you to remain
stagnant within yourself
So breathe it in
and receive the gift so freely given.

-Esther L. Krenzin-
Seanathon Apr 19
Eternal time
Is hinted at, implied
For a moment within this solumn sound
But that is not for us to know
As humans with, within this truth
Surrounded by and all around
Everything we do and create, implies
Claw apart my flesh
to reveal a bleeding heart
Peel me open
to show what is falling apart
Stoked flame burns
brighter than trampled coals
Turn me to ashes
to crumbling charcoal
Once drowning
now buried in storms
A star shines brighter
fractured light reformed.

-Esther L. Krenzin-
I don't need much
to be content
And sometimes when my
heart is fraying
A simple glimpse at
the stars
Smooths away the
rough edges
Stills lips that tremble
and quake
From holding back brimming

-Esther L. Krenzin-
There are small needs that are often not met. Take time to fill them. You deserve every last one of them.
i wish i could lay in the bathtub
in the middle of the night
i wouldn't plug the drain

i would pick off my skin
peel it back
starting from the tips of my toes
i wish i could extricate
all of this body

my soft smooth skin
laying beside me

my raw
***** and muscle
vein and bone

would you be scared of me
would you please stay
i feel like a liar
i say im fine
i wish i could tell you these things
but would you be scared of me

is there anyone out here that listens to me

im surviving
but my mind is dying
i dont want to be stuck inside anymore
Nemis Apr 12
There's an invisible monster,
Who's holding me in its shackles.
And we share a great bond,
Not the one meant to be broken.
I'm a puppet, with anger as the strings
And he's my master, controlling me from within.
I'll never let it go, because I adore him so
And he's forever with me, even if I want to let it go.
It's about how the negativity controls us, makes us lose our mind and makes us pretty much a puppet is like.
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