blunt deadly weapons of mass destruction
electrify, fracture, and
jeopardize Homo Sapiens
species (and entire biosphere)
continuity rent asunder

doomsday declared (nuclear winter
gallows humor spelt
with eternal snow day)
dystopian authors outflanked
nuclear fallout wreaks worst

rocky horror picture
effected upon mankind
global (worldwide)
big screen radioactive
wee willy weber webbing

materiel severely seared
sepsis poisons deoxyribo
nucleic acid future generations
organic fiber cursed
simultaneous single simulcast

broadcast airs live after Royal Wedding
audience participation demanded
bumping ugly fleshless
formed fruitless fatal fumes
anomalies all – blinded

beastial begotten bemoan
brethren brood
brutal burnt offerings
crackling, snapping,
and popping surreal muck

shapeless liquified populace
sloshing helter skelter
quests slither towards
aimless destination
bone a fied skeleton crews cruise

crying cretins creep cavalierly
crepuscular cratered city
cruel mushroom clouds
cloaked croaking cellophane charred

cancerous clumps career,
clomp continuously
chaos charts choking climate
cold comfort commanded collusion
commander in chief concurred

crumpled coveted constitution credo
crass conceit communicated
cooly came clean concerning
consensual coital cavort
crazy cream craving characterized

condoned combined crunching
crotch crab free cunt -
condom free crux
contractual commingling
cashiered coverup

chic chica chick
cigerette chewing
clutched cocked club
choked chicken concluded
das capitol business

before he returned
to regularly broadcast program
the sea son finale
last chapter of human race

no winners, nor survivors
bleak contaminated Earth gasping
heaving jackknifed lost
nonpareil planet reduced to vapor!
He looked at her like he wanted her.
She looked at him and saw the darkness. The darkness that was just like hers.
He saw her body.
She saw his mind.
He felt bad for his lust. He wanted to understand her more.
So he tried. He got into her mind and it scared him. The darkness and pain she was in.
He left her.
Later on he saw his darkness and realized she should have been the one that was scared.

                                 With love,
(when living nightmare pierced real time
thus engendering the following rhyme)

adrenaline powered stealth bomb blast
with the noggin of this, ah... ur... bane chap,
     which debilitating anxiety doth outlast
means to cope (thunder and dumb struck)
     with stranger mental things

     at expressed vertigo, nausea, racing heartbeat
     ogres recreated tormented, torpedoed, tortured
     most decades from my yesteryear,
     which aye presumed long passed.  

now, within my head "guerilla"
     warring faction
     lobs a grenade followed by "bombs away"
broadside finding this body electric doing

     a kamikaze nosedive into sick bay
where major organs suffer direct hit
     analogous to a giant fist
     smashing pumpkins,

     sans thine flesh as if clay,
which psychic sortie plagues my ability
     to function reduced
     tub bing bedridden one day

approximately one week ago
     from this thirtieth of April
     tooth house sand ate teen gray
ting, grinding, and grounding with figurative

     threshing blades employed
     to winnow chaff from hay
literally crushing willpower,
     where invisible jaws

     of sharpened steel interlay
atop pulling stalwart garrison strafed,
     (akin to a crash test dummy) named Jay
Walking to become blindsided

     obliterating every last trace to stay alive
     hence, this emergency transmission,
     viz this bloke communicating
     desperate plaintive wail,

     that I haint okay
with plea PLEASE HELP
     this tortured soul on verge pray
begging tubby rescued before drowning

     like a panicky gull clay pigeon,
     and buoy albatross
     strangling me far distant from any quay
quickly sinking spirits,
     abducted via fiendish runaway!
And sometimes I wonder if I’m the problem.
It’s messed up when you think all the problems and issues in your life is all your fault.
Maybe it is. Maybe I overthink things and they become more problematic in my head.
And this is why it’s nearly impossible to trust my thoughts. Cause at this point I don’t know what I’m really supposed to do. I don’t know what’s good or bad anyone. It’s time to figure out what part of my head I should listen too. I don’t think this is gonna turn out so well.

                                    With love,
noah wide dee ya when,
where, why or how then
thine ark of in sight fullness, pen
(viz uber taurus), men
sans quirky physiological ken
focus a ford did afore hen
chosen poetic themed word den.

this tire less un escort head
eureka moment (regarding
figurative crash test
dummy awakening) drove home
this aye opening
pissed tin, peculiar, pated preserve.

this contemplative bore
ring emotive, five and fifty four
year old cannot pinpoint bon jour
if thee essential addle brain lesser more

of mine heard from a thread
reputable broadcast, read
an article of con fey head
door ration online or elsewhere bred

such as storied pay
periodical. nor can i lay
vouchsafe these myopic gray
brown eyes bore awareness fey
via watching an expose.

though lack of identifying you
might think bistro, milieu, venue,
et cetera, one comment true
lee can be averred with certainty.

sometime within a small crick
number of years ago, a kick
a** super tramp crowned cow lick
a phenomenal humungous slick
cranium tried to play cheap trick.

subsequently, this beastie boy
experienced a numb skull syndrome.

while linkedin to this zone
seize hoar sal lad frosted stone
er flakey state, this acute up pone
hirsute, oblate spheroid hone
betook chrome dome grown.

spongiform territory
noodle could now know
wing lee hone a vaster tract.

Even a poe Pud'n Head Wilson
like myself understand ably
venerated woke full perception!

ma mind took laser like focus,
which brought notice, viz
enlargement of sacred brain power,
and hence spurred the above title.

once me noggin came
to this hyper awareness frame
(some unknown small game
number of years gone by), name
ming deliberate scrutiny cherished tame
intelligent pod wither ya find me vain.

visual cognition alerted - holy cow
my curiosity how
circumference of ancillary now
anatomical accouterment pow
wore lee atop shoulders without doubt tow
er became larger since taking vow
visual stock (of said) most vital wow

constituent body part. aye aint
got any hard data (hmm... maybe
Cambridge Analytica might know
a tidbit or two) pertaining to this
indisputable cognizance, where

expanding cerebral gray matter
iz concerned. only via circumspection
(more so refined since the recent
forced quantum leap into muddled,
molly coddled, middle age),

this distinct heady revelation
vied to be capitalized, gratified,
and limned into some semblance
of cogency.
Writing this poetry, can
be a cathartic process;
it allows me to explore…
all that’s within me. By
doing so, I am able, to
uncover the inner finesse

that He has placed inside
me. Simultaneously, I am
clearly pushed outside of
my comfort level; between
sharing my work, finding
what’s in me and The Lamb’s

expectation… of my heart,
I find the experience of
writing extremely humbling
and satisfying. Hopefully,
my poetry’s quality will  
improve, as I voice Love…

from my human perspective.
Author notes
Inspired by:
Psa 2

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By Joseph J. Breunig 3rd, © 2018, All rights reserved.
I try to sleep
With my hands close to me

Anti social, maybe?
Fear of intimacy, maybe?
Not really

I sleep with my hands close to me
The physical action
Of crawling inside myself
Crawling inside myself

As if I will be safe there
Within myself
Crawling inside myself
Within myself

If I could
I'd rip my chest open
And crawl
Further inside myself

As if I'd be safe there
As if my hands
Inside my chest
Could grab my heart

Slow it down
Inside myself
Within myself

Would I find
my own hands there
Inside myself

Forcing my heart
To beat this uncontrollable ryhthm
That makes me

Inside myself
I can't seem to fix
What's broken
Within myself

Even if I could crawl inside myself
I know
I know
It won't get better

Fool myself into thinking it's better
For myself
Broken, inside
And out

It's not safe
Inside myself
I know within myself
I have to get out myself...
Roberto Apr 9

Raging deep beneath my skin
Beyond thoughts of hope and sin
Lives a current all His own
In my heart it has its home

Breathing deeply from my shattered core
He burns within and releases more
I inhale life from my healing heart
My skin and soul rift apart

In my pain I’ve wondered past
But now I see His way at last
Covered by wrongs hidden by blood
Poised to release its consuming flood

Deep within I feel His force
Raging within from my source
Dying to live He breaths complete
I no longer maintain and compete

To keep Him secret deep within
Beyond all secret’s caged begin
Now the time has come for life
The walls He pierces like a knife

Consumed is my heart and mind
Never will I seek to find
Again myself inside complete
Never again shall I repeat

This tortured path beyond my sin
Pushed beneath my soul within
Now He breaks free to fully live
Free at last my soul to give

No longer hidden behind the walls
Of sins and wrongs gripping halls
Free from all to live and die
No longer required death to cry

Instead I see and hear the life
No longer controlled by sin and strife
One step forward I now take
One future renewed I now make

All because deep within
Beyond all wrongs and damning sin
Raged a current from His will
No longer kept at bay and still.
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