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Huddled grazing at the feet of drunken Gods,
imbibed by crimson blasphemes and the lust of lies.
Smeared unto the grasses- a darkened hue.
onward weighs the pleasantry that binds.

The tight flog of a screamless whip.
Chaotic lore into peasant skin it rends.
A stench rising from cadavers - a carrion feast.
As a Ravens coups spur the ilk of ill portents.

Ominous lures of the slivered silver moon-
echo flashes upon sable black feathers.
Speaking in glints against rising wings agape,
the unraveled conscience of a God unfettered.

To the slaughter willfully go the droves
of cancered thought and blinded eye.
From whose spoil will feed the starv'ed flock
whose flagellation still yield no cries.

A Gods stature at which fullest they stand
is only dwarfed by the encroaching universe, avast-
whose very stars are the moon bound Ravens sprawl
pocking the scape against which the ****** dispatched.

Cyclical onslaught of the sacrifices come-
Inescapable fate beats the drum.

And so eclipse the ravens - o’er the moon!
their ****** return to the banquet strewn.
A modified sonnet much more akin to my Gothic and Victorian proclivities. Also, who doesn't love a band of maddened/drunken Gods and the slaughter?
God Blessed Oct 7
Let others strive to win a bay wreath crown,
Since nothing gold can stay that gilded is
With fool's gold; let them strive while I write down
What rust cannot corrupt for being His.  
Worldly esteem awaits the faithless great
Devoted to the craft of writing words,
The very words the Lord will uncreate
For glorifying not the Lord of lords.
The contest that I'm in's a different one:
To write the words predestined still to live
For being valued by the perfect Son
Of Father God, to whom these words I give.  
In short, I strive to win (this writer warns
The other pens) from Christ a crown of thorns.
So tell me friend, oh where should I now go
To waste my days within this endless fight?
On to the right where nothing is left, or
There to the left where nothing else is right?

This war grows cold inside my growing bones:
I hide my fears within a house of glass.
But joining them means throwing sticks and stones,
For none of us have yet learned from our past.

My questions to the wise are called naive
And arguments with fools lend no insight.
But in the end I long to just believe
In something that can hold me through the night.

Though life and death will steal my breath away
I will not bow to fear, strain, or dismay.
Max Oct 5
The moon holds my very first steps
Gently embracing the tracks I leave on earth
She puts all my drawings on the fridge
She is my brightest star
With her, I do not hide anything
And I always finish my sentences

I have always been an emotional being
My emotions leave me breathless so I use other mediums
Thus ever since I was a child I traced poems in the sand
Made memories filled with love
And while words kept me company, sandcastles gave me a home

With sand and my toes, I made my very own chapter
With shovels and buckets, I made a book
Made ink out of water
When I was angry, I traced fire ants blazing my feet
When I was lonely, I traced the 52-hertz whale swimming into the earth
When I was sad, I traced the mountains too high for me to climb
And when I was happy, I traced songbirds sweetly singing a tune at dawn

All of this for me to wash them away with the tides
Emotions aren't something I like to talk about
Nor do I like to draw them
I feel vulnerable, it makes my skin ache
When I actually say what I mean it hurts
The possibility of rejection is painful
Like winter does to cracks
Like fire does to skin
Like violent wind does to paper
It is everything but enjoyable

I am as open as a sonnet
I do not lie
My metaphors and imagery are my truth
My rhyming pattern is consistent
My theme is not a red herring
I do not lie
Please trust me on this
But just like a sonnet, the twist happens at the end
And I always cut myself off
This is 2/3 of my school assigment
Theme: Nature
Place where I wrote this: 3 am thinking about beiing vulnerable
Aer Oct 4
rage leaves your lips as chaotic silence
lost in the air, unheard of by my ears
you speak of mountains and harsh convergence
of thoughts. insults hitting, targeted spears.

just as the cunning serpent tempting Eve,
doubt burns through your mind, forgetting its roots
regret— that one has caused you to believe
poisonous lyrics, rising in upshoots.

emotion leaves hands how the lips could not
release cruel thoughts upon the decay
left-behind in the aftermath of rot
yet forbearance causes my mind to stay.

can I ever escape from your embrace?
untrusting love, causing my heart to race.
more poetry homework, this time a mess of an attempt at sonnet writing- I am atrocious at following "poem rules" for more "traditional" poetry.
Spades Oct 1
I see you fall and I feel helpless
I see your pretty smile replaced by tears
This was your dream and I feel hopeless
I just hope you can live on past your fears

The ocean and the earth live in harmony
Each detail of your waters are beautiful
Strength like the smoothest symphony
Your love is plentiful

But your hope is not
The eagle stole it, and then the crows finished off the rest
To return it, is what ive sought
Each day is a test

I’ve never seen you so soulless
Swaying in the wind, helpless.
this is actually based off an anime ship- guess who in the comments..?
Norman Crane Sep 23
That gibberish he talked was city speak,
Gutter talk near the Tannhäuser Gate:
Memories, you're talking about memories,
Moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain,
All I could do is sit there and watch him
die. Slow thing and he fought it all the way,
Where do I come from? Where am I going?
Go to Hell or go to Heaven, I'm afraid,
That's a little outside my jurisdiction,
Fiery the angels fell / deep thunder rolled,
Ships on fire off shoulder of Orion,
More human than human is our motto,
I watched him die all night. To have feelings,
I've seen things you people wouldn't believe.
Created from lines from Ridley Scott's 1982 film, Blade Runner.
Luiz Sep 21
I sit lonesome on a mid July night
as the moon's full glow gallantly flows
to shine her bright light on my dreams tonight
from that long ago that I once forgo

next day, I sit in a room full of smiles
the loneliest I've ever been alive
I can't dial the one that makes life worthwhile
so I survive until my drive at five

for later, my thoughts slip into a daze
and angels rain wet skies to my red eyes
as my head again graces my son’s face
the prize in disguise, for his love won’t die

and I keep returning, unrestricted
to my mind, where I am unafflicted


copyright 2020/ Luiz D. Syphre
Leah Hilliges Sep 20
I lay alone at night
and felt the curtain sway
It blocked out all the light
so long it was not day
I heard the beat of heart
it fought its way through veil
The fog that would not part
it whispered a sad tale
I shuddered 'gainst the wind
that danced in sly and fast
Before my black hair thinned
reminder of the past
And, I knew that come sunrise
My eyes'd betray my lies
Iambic tetrameter
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