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nora Feb 14
My life lacked purpose ‘fore the day we met
Beneath the harvest moon you stood in wait
Your eyes, bright amber, blinking large and wet
I swooned at our encounter, called it fate,
Your hair, it glowered dark as blackest night
You scorned me, yet I could not turn away
When suddenly you took off in a flight,
I swore that I would not be kept at bay
Your silhouette now low against the ground,
I squint to make you out in night’s dim haze
Hear rapid patters as you tread around
Your countenance a mirror of your ways
When I make my approach, you hiss and mewl
Alas, now to a cat I’ve played the fool!
nora Feb 13
Camila dips a toe into the black
A ring of water sears upon her skin
She knows at once she cannot venture back
until she tames the beast that lurks within
She’s grown familiar with its poison kiss,
The fragile light corrupted by its shade,
Yet if one truth exists, she thinks it this:
Camila’s fought too long to be afraid  
She winces as her knuckles sear and scar
But, trem'bling, she does not cease her descent
She casts her burning eyes into the tar
and spies the beast, head hung and elbows bent,
but startles when the beast cries out in song
Its voice had been Camila’s all along
What is it that signifies that paradise yonder
In view but always out of reach?

I've grown so spoilt from love, I fall into being a child, I need to change
I've known it for years but never had to
Until I finally saw your face
I love you like you will never know

I was so lost without you, and I can
Strife and struggle for a reason now
Because I can't wait to be your man
Walking down the aisle and waiting
However long it takes for you for I know I'll wait assured,
Knowing if I'm ever gone too long you'll make it your life mission to find me
And when I see you again it doesn't matter who falls into who's arms first
I'm never letting you go
And every day onwards
I'm going to be your man.
And you'll never have to fret

I'm going to be your man.
And you'll never have to cry

I'm going to be your man.
And you'll never have to fear

I'm going to be your man.
And you'll never have to fight

I'm going to be your man.
And I'll never be weak again

I'm going to stay your man.
1 out of a hundred 2/4
You speak of apologies
When your absence leaves a void within my days
I cannot meet the wants your heart so often craves
Yet thoughts of us persist in soft degrees

You say you're not the perfect one for me
And my love only exists in fairytales
But sorry, like a whisper in the shadow
Means little when you're all I long to see

You are the shining light in my soul
No other love can stir this deep within
You're the one, forever true love
In every heartbeat, it's you

In Love’s Sonnet, you're the verse I play
No other love can truly replicate
the river overflows down to the sea,      
a wintry song to tame the reveled night,
and born of love the stars blaze ever bright,
with soft-ringed beams that sigh like poetry.
dark woven hour, how you inspire me,
the midnight gleams with pools of paean light,
the drowsy moon is shining filmy-white,
the woodlands shrink and dream of sanctuary.
arise on arching wings, oh, song once sung,  
oh, water sprite, oh, lily of the vale,
you pine for love, the forest weaves a spell,
unearthly voice of honey throat and tongue
  i hear you whisper, sing your wild, wild tale,      
  then bid the world goodbye and sweet farewell.
i stare to sea where autumn's night-winds tease
and sea waves crash and run with all their fire,
i feel a sense of rest that doesn't tire,
caught up in sea-rose reds and heady breeze
and like the fiery waves and sea-blown trees
this love of flames that once burnt with desire
now nothing seems, all fallen though once higher
than love's sweet dream that waking quickly flees!
oh, love's sweet dream! the metronome-like waves
beat like a pulse, a love of moon and tide,
the whispered song has faded, bitter-sweet
and drowsy as the water near my feet,
magnolia now blooms near these old graves
and i no longer yearn to be his bride.
Nickolas J McKee Sep 2023
You held me in grass,
In times of despair.
You my very last,
Dont worry, beware.
You told me its fine,
You’ll see me again.
All loves have a line,
Never wanting end.
To roam the woods more,
Was all I wanted.
What love away soar,
Ever known daunted?
All sweet passing through,
Carolina knew…
Thank you  Carolina…
Ackerrman Aug 2023
May this foolish boy let his mind wander,
O’er an impossible and pristine lake,
Pontificate beauty like no other,
So, my eyes can drink in all they can take.
I am sorry I don’t know you better,
Searing embodiment of Athena,
My motif isn’t even singular,
I have no motive in particular.
Just a call from my heart- so covetous,
I see your picture-perfect face light up,
Like bacons of fire, long since extinguished,
The smouldering ashes birth a phoenix.
Your perfect hair and the way that you stare,
Makes me wish that I was not here but there..
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