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Terror evolves in the pure open space
where, sparked by the doubt of one who resents
the consequence of living and knowing
nothing of the terrible, terrible
confrontation, it propounds incessant
problems of being and ceasing, until
entangled Reason entangles itself
in implications of implications,

confounding the space, conceiving a place
of refuge bounding Nowhere’s edge,
where ponderous dreams of life without care
augment the power and anger and dread
of Terror itself, thickening like air,
glutting the infinite heart of the head.
Thomas W Case Jul 27
If not for you where would I be today?
Most likely dead or on some distant shore.
Your love does not drift like the ocean waves.
It stays close to my heart, I can't ask for more.
Your skin So Soft like velvet on my tongue.
Your orchid, sublime, responds to every kiss.
To my ears your heart beats like a song.
If I never met you my life would be amiss.
But now we build the future bold and brave.
There is no fear when I am in your arms.
The ***** is gone and I'm no longer a slave.
My soul is not in a state of alarm.
Your breath is like the wind on barren land.
I swear to you I'll always be your man.
Death calls to death while true “deep calls to deep.”
Old rotting, cursed cadavers on our backs
with cravings crying foul for what self lacks
excoriate our wills with passion’s seep.
And, then, beyond self-damage to its host,
corpse seeks ignition in its kindred kind,
to plant arousal in another’s mind
and soothe its ego’s appetite to boast.
But Spirit beckons spirit up toward Christ,
to rise empowered o’er sin-flesh we bear
by setting mind on His desires and care
whose blood was cost at which our peace was priced.
If Christ be in us, let us then obey
and spur each other on along the way.
May the LORD judge between us what is true
and lead us graciously to higher ground,
grant peace to each of us where discord’s found,
correct us when our ways have gone askew.
May we be open to His gentle ****
which keeps and guides us safely back toward home,
stay close upon His heels, not idly roam,
find comfort in His Shepherd’s staff and rod.
He has right paths prepared where we might grow
into His likeness, freed from chaining sin.
And one way or the other He will win—
to sanctify by truth or chastise-blow.
In mercy, loving-kindness, faithfulness
He disciplines His own for Heaven’s bliss.
A vision of us standing on that Day—
before Christ, eye to eye with souls’ Delight—
ignites heart’s fire to reach toward richest height,
forsake world’s common road for Glory’s Way.
I crave that sacred path—its holiness—
where wisdom and humility join hands,
where purifying difficulty stands
while prudence often feels like loneliness.
Brother, can you see this vision also,
as dross all burns away and gold shines forth,
displaying precious gems of our faith’s worth?
Let’s chase it hard and Christ more closely follow!
In Heaven—fixed on Jesus all the while—
our eyes shall catch, then nod with knowing smile.
Eternally accepted in God’s Son,
His righteousness now credited to me,
I’m pardoned, justified, set fully free.
By grace through faith, hesed is ne’er undone.
No merit of myself on which to stand,
my works of flesh and law won’t favor earn.
But God Himself in Christ, I’d finally learn,
had satisfied each holy, just demand.
And by same grace through faith that justifies,
Christ’s working out His righteousness in those,
by covenant before the world, He knows,
e’er keeps, upholds, protects and sanctifies.
Because in Jesus Christ I am approved,
from trusting in His love I’ll not be moved.
I place my empty vessels with the King.
Once filled with longing, sentiment and pride,
they sated no one’s thirst, though ego tried—
sin, disappointment, sorrow, hurt ’t would bring.
Knowing devilish poison these contained,
reminded old, dead dregs drained from each spout,
all sediment’ry visage I poured out
of Dionysian wine heartstrings had feigned.
Now in God’s presence, as He cleans smeared crocks
from motives, meanings, memories of words
and clears my mind from myths’ entangling cords,
a tale-abating door behind me locks.
I’m freed! The Gospel story’s what I’ll tell
and offer Living Water from Christ’s well!
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