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George Krokos Jul 2023
The passion has almost gone
of love and longing for Thee;
there's no meat left on the bone
for devotion's heart to see.

Instead of looking within
the mind is focused outside
with the body getting thin
life's mercy is to confide.

One just can't ignore the signs
that can be seen by the eyes;
age seems to be drawing lines
and there's no comfort in lies.

Like a dog eating a bone
it soon gets to the marrow
and for this it eats alone
with its eyes being narrow.

We become what we're to be
over a lifetime of years prone
to the ups and downs we see
and fruits of our efforts grown.

It's by grace we can transcend
what it is we have not seen
so the hours we've got to spend
will determine places been.

If we stick fast to the path
and don't deviate too far
we won't incur any wrath
and even shine like a star.

Life's course involves such a plan
that we may glean in the mind
looking deep enough to scan
at its source of light we'll find.
Written in April, 2021.
Maria Mitea May 2020
lifeblood carefully unfurling its branches
in the marrow’s guardian cells
connecting with permeable walls
when pressure is looking for an elastic collision and
the steady stream animats the soul
bursting into a state of internal ataraxia
She's a supermodel without the penthouse
It's a million dollar mistake if you're not careful
The overall outlook seems baleful
It can still be amended
This is a tiring game of pretended
I'm just hoping I've contended
We're in a time where people say whole lots of words but never meant them
Poetry plays a hand in it's crazies, cheaters and wifebeaters
Why are you trying to be her?
She has nothing on you and that's a fact
I care for how we interact
If you're not seeing someone let's have a discussion
You've dealt with and dished out the repercussions
I'm hoping to be the one the curve the stock arrow
Your life, your wishes, your fears, your passion
Each and every inch of your bone marrow
Don't worry about your one room apartment
The neighbors will have to understand
I care about you and your potential
Giving you something you always deserved
If not me, somebody better
They're out there somewhere.
Anthony Mayfield Jun 2018
Burning glory,
Of such I’ve never seen.
Of which I’ve only dreamed.
Such light,
To shine upon the sins.
Thick smoke,
To choke the loss to win.
Who wins?
They win.
White ash,
To remind of your decay.

Crows fly,
Their carrion play.
They clap,
A murderous parade.
They bleed,
Yet they don’t so who’s to say?
I say,
You say.
Who wins?
They win.
A pause.

The next day is still.
***** upon the hill.
Who knows,
What happened on that day?
The monument,
To remind the price to pay.
We’ll pay.
They’ll pay.
I say,
You say.
Who wins?
They win.
They always win.
They want to watch us fail and suffer in the midst of our own mistakes. They have pyres waiting for all of us.
Scratching, clawing
Clenching, gnawing
Pick at the wound
Tear it open, rip it up
Free the bone from its
Prison of skin
Separate the marrow
From within
Light it up, burn it down
Incinerate the concept

— The End —