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Shannon Soeganda Sep 2020
One cooked in Melbourne,
the other cooked in Jakarta.

One finished her medium-rare steak,
the other has not.

One went to wash the dishes,
the other watched her while smiling sheepishly.

They were 4 hours apart.
Little did they know---
that was going to be their last quality time
spent together

in the name of

"You and I both together.".
Lost in Melbourne, gone in Jakarta?
Nyssa Oct 2018
It's 11pm and I'm walking down those well lit streets.
I'm not sure where I'm going, I'm not sure where i want to be.
I just know that where I'm going will feel better then where i was before.
Casey Rodger May 2018
I stand there in the night, although it’s not dark at all,
Not a single star in sight, but there is a shopping mall,
What feels like a million people rush by me so fast,
I must be invisible to them, knocking me as they go past.
Shops are lit by lights so bright up every street,
I can feel the traffic’s vibrations running up through my feet,
A warm buzz of machinery spreading through my being,
There is so much going on, I can’t believe what I am seeing.
Different lights flashing, flickering and pulsating around,
My ears are straining to try and match up each sound,
I know I’m breathing air, but I wonder how much of it is clean,
So many different types of people in this forever changing scene.
As I stand there listening to the loud commotions of the city,
I see a flock of over weight pigeons looking sick, and I feel pity,
I think back to my home and how happier the birds appeared,
Each one seemed so healthy and free, suddenly the pigeons disappeared.
My nose feels cold and frosted while my hands sit warm in my pockets,
My lips are wind struck dry as my eye ***** pasted in my sockets,
A complex stream of interesting, unfamiliar aromas fill my nose,
Quickly shifting from sweet to sour, although I have not changed my pose.
With each passing car the atmosphere will alter,
Aromata varies as the air drops from warmer to colder,
A consistent blow of wind from the icy thick night,
Pierces my eyes with tears and blurs my sight,
Cool and crisp air surges into my throat and licks my ears,
The hair on my neck suddenly feels like little spears,
Goose bumps coming and going with the breeze,
Welcome to one of the most exciting cities.
Julie Grenness Jan 2017
So, this is Melbourne,
Here, we have a new norm,
Last night, a man's ***** got shot,
His ex did not think he was so hot!
Sounds like she was a Christian pal,
Guess she was my kind of gal!
Yes, this is Melbourne,
We've evolved a new norm,
She did Lorena Bobbit proud,
Shooting penises is now allowed!
Feedback welcome.
Julie Grenness Jan 2017
Let's hear it for vaccines, my dears,
The 'anti' movement's  in full sway here,
Now there's measles in Melbourne, no cheers,
Summer epidemics, the parents' fears,
Let's hear it for vaccines, my dears!
Feedback welcome.
George Krokos Dec 2010
Aborigines and kangaroos
boomerangs and didjeridoos.
Leafy gum tree branch and koala bear
black stump in the middle of nowhere.
Jolly swagman camped by a billabong
in 'Waltzing Matilda' a favourite song.
The wild brumbies roaming free in the outback
a scruffy hobo living alone in a country shack.
Aboriginal myths called their dreamtime
the native Australians regard as sublime.
Ring-tailed possum and wombat
aussie bloke wearing akubra hat.
Alice Springs and Ayers Rock
outback stations and livestock.
Ned Kelly bushranger and his law brushes
the Eureka stockade during the gold rushes.
Laughing kookaburra and old man emu
platypus swimming in underwater view.
Banjo Patterson’s poem ‘The Man from Snowy River’
who went riding down mountain side without a quiver.
Surfers paradise and the Great Barrier reef
sixties rock ‘n roll legend: Johnny O’Keefe.
Anzac marches and the land of the Southern cross
old Cobb & Co. stagecoach used to travel across.
Glorious summer sunshine and winter rains
severe country drought and the desert plains.
Eucalyptus scent and Tea-tree oil
good health remedies from the soil.
Fresh water yabbies and the witchety grub
all make good tucker in the bush or scrub.
Crocodiles in the Kakadu national park
Burrumundi and the great white shark.
Sydney harbour bridge and the Opera House
Daintree rain forest and the kangaroo mouse.
Sheep wool farming and old shearing sheds
Melbourne Cup horse race for thoroughbreds.
Riverboat cruising up and down the Murray
passing border country towns not in a hurry.
Cradle mountain and the Tasmanian Devil
saying ‘fair dinkum’ means it’s on the level.
AFL rules football and big crowds at the MCG
playing one day cricket there is exciting to see.
The Fitzroy Gardens and Captain Cook’s cottage
are there for all to see as symbols of our heritage.
The Twelve Apostles standing along a rugged stretch of coast
a Ninety-Mile beach is something about which we can also boast.
The Glass House mountains are a sight to see and even to climb
by those who consider themselves fit enough and in their prime.
The great Australian Bight and the road on the Nullarbor plain
is a great feat to drive across and be able to come back again.
The local native wild dog known by name as the Dingo
has nothing to do with a game people play called Bingo.
There’s also a game called two-up that some people play
by which they gamble most of their weeks wages away.
Luna Park in St.Kilda and the annual Royal Melbourne Show
are places where you can take the kids to have fun people know.
There’s the local pub where you can go and have a drink with your mates
and is what many do all day long having a few too many in all the States.
This great southern land of Australia has so much to see and to offer
it would be a ****** shame if one didn’t give a **** or was a scoffer.
Private Collection - written in 2002
unnamed Dec 2014
Dream of the Melbourne Cup by Banjo Paterson
Bring me a quart of colonial beer
And some doughy damper to make good cheer,
Dream of the Melbourne Cup by Banjo Paterson
Bring me a quart of colonial beer
And some doughy damper to make good cheer,
Florelie Aug 2014
My neighbourhood

Sun shines but it’s quiet in here
These mansions don’t seem to be occupied
Where is everybody?

We don’t see children playing on the street
We don’t know our neighbours
We all tend to mind our own chores

Audible tunes heard out of my small flat a few times
But I got told off for it more than once
This side of the world has no soul

I want to leave this high and mighty place
When I leave I’m never coming back
So long boring old Toorak!

— The End —