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Ak 5d
When Sun hides in the ocean,
I seek him.
My heart wanders around
Craving his presence
My confession diary.

Sealed with untold memories,
Deep inside my consciousness
I smiled childishly, while he grinned
Dyeing his blank pages
Refreshing them like a mountain spring
Words flow from dusk to dawn
End with yawns.

Moon reminded me, like a pendulum
My fingers reluctantly waved departure
My droopy eyes gently closed
Desiring to trace my life once again
On his dark leaflets.
Confession or discussion?
All I ever chose was confession
For the fact that I lied
That alone was a sin
And when I said ''I love you''
The greatess lie I ever told
But you said ''You can't live without me''
Then why accept his wedding ring?

I think we're all good liars in love
Most people lie a lot just in the name of love
a soul is a bargaining agreement
mind,body, and soul is a bargain
bargaining a soul is bargaining,
the mind,body, and soul
to bargain a soul is to bargain the mind and body
agreement of the soul is agreement of a bargaining
agreement of the soul is the bargaining of the mind,body, and soul

a soul is a agreement of a soul
a soul is a agreement of a mind,body, and soul
the soul is the mind,body, and bargain of the soul
confusing the soul is confusing the mind,body, and soul
the soul confuses the mind,body, and soul
confusing of the soul is the confession of the soul
confusing of the soul is confusing of a confession

confession is confusing of a soul
confession is confession of a soul
confession is confession of the mind,body, and soul
confession is confession of an agreement
the mind,body, and soul is the confession of the mind,body, and soul
a bargaining agreement is a confession of the mind,body, and soul
a bargaining agreement is a confession of a bargaining agreement
my writing is called philosophical writing. i only uses middle ages words,words liked gracious,extravaganza,etc… this poem is about the confession of a confusing mind,body, and soul. i don’t add capitalization’s on my writing.
Bede Sep 25
What must I do?
Here is my list:
Make sure your attention
Is focused on her.
Love her fully, but show it this time
And don't let her hide her feelings.
Do not hide yours,
No matter if you end up hurt,
It's already happened once,
I know you'll love. I know you'll live.

Talk daily, call her, treat her just as she is viewed in your heart.
In the end, you'll still make her feel like the most important person in the world.

That is what matters the most right now
Yes, feelings ****. Not that I have a lot of them, but the ones I have **** me up, and mess with my brain, body and mental health. The only place I still feel genuine hapiness is with you. I'm happy in a lot of other places, with a lot of other people. And I wouldn't wanna change those moments. But I'm never the same happy I am with you. I've never felt something quite like that hapiness. I used to see you pass by in the hallway, and still, if I pass you by, my eyes light up a little. It used to be hard to find you in a crowded place, now your face is the only face I seem to find. You don't wear colorful clothes, but you always catch my eye. You light up those really dark places, just by being there. You don't even need to smile. I don't think a lot of people see that. I don't think you see that. But I do. And I don't think I would still be able to see in the dark without that light. I'd stumble and fall, over and over again. And it's okay if I have to walk there, alone in the dark, for a little while, because I know that if I'd fall again, you'd be there to catch me. Maybe not now, Maybe not everytime, but someday, in the future, It may be.
M sorry
Lily Sep 19
My words stick to the
Roof of my mouth like peanut butter,
Like white bread,
And no matter how hard they try,
They can’t escape.
Lucky to make it past my brain’s thick fortress,
Now they sit useless at the tip of my tongue,
Wishing to come forth but my mouth
Not forming the words.
My vowels languish in my throat and
My consonants sit listless,
All my verb phrases and direct objects
Lie in a jumbled mess,
Too disheartened to make a move.
They know that if they leave my lips,
Others will take them and cut them up,
Mince them like onions,
But the only person who will cry over them is
Eventually, too many letters will clamor at my
Lips for attention, and my throat will
Close entirely,
Never fessing,
The things I feel.
"I don't want to admit to something, if all it's gonna cause is pain" ~ Eminem, 'River'

I was inspired while listening to music today :)
Violet emotion,
Dark and sensual.
These secrets kept,
I confess,
Are protected by a
Soft guilt.

Seemingly rude,
Peer through your
Rose colored glasses;
I confess,
It honors me to wear
Your fingers like a necklace.
andi Sep 19
it follows me like a shadow,
each day clinging onto my body for dear life;
i wish my memories would die before i do.

it has gotten smaller,
but it still hurts the same, as if it had just happened yesterday;
at night, the memories still creep into my mind.

i am going insane,
or maybe i've just stayed the same;
**** truly never goes away.
make the past go away.

Somehow I had it figured out that
If I made it as miserable for you
As it was for me
That then I would have happiness

I stepped into the scene
Chaos in the air as
I prepared to do the deed
Metaphorically raising the axe

But then I looked into your eyes
And saw a piece of myself
How could I let that happen
To another scared soul like me?

Jealousy runs love away from me
It’s hard to want the best for others
But if I knew what I wanted
Isn’t it also what they need?

Do unto others as you
Would have them do unto you
Why does that sound so easy?
Because all I want is a friend

Truth is, I’ve learned so much
But I learned the hardest way possible
I’d rather keep it all to myself
And watch you struggle like I did

Though it makes me feel better
It can only last so long
And it always ends with everyone
Hating me as if I had swung that axe.

God, you put me through a refining fire,
Where I stood, you desired to enquire.
After burning away the junk and ****,
One ***** drop was all I could brag.

Oh God, it’s easier to trust you when
You pour out blessings again and again!
But what about the times I wish to forget?
How can I trust you when I’d rather reset?

When everything is out of my hands,
When I’m caving under the demands,
That’s when I need you most, Lord.
I guess I call out only when I’m floored…

Yet even when I don’t trust like I should,
Oh God, You are still forever good!
I’ve felt your Spirit now more than ever,
Prying my thoughts apart like a lever.
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