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Dreamer 3d
"Thank you for your Confession
But i am too busy in poetry"
Like this he rejected a false Confession with true feelings
Too much into poetry
Out of this wonderful emotion,
I have a typical notion,
That there could be a succession,
To remove my inability towards a wonderful ambition,
I'm gonna give effective vision to my cohesion,
After the sunset,
Waiting for you oh! Dear sunrise.
I end it as....
This is my reflection.
Polaris May 19
Feelings flooding every corner of my mind
It’s impossible to explain, they are one of a kind
Here I am, powerless against the turbulent tide
Stripping me bare with just darkness to guide
No ease to this pain but never-ending numbness
Filled with secrets so sinister I can never confess
Doomed to search for that sweet substance
In a mad mind that voted no confidence
So many important things left unsaid
And countless feelings never expressed
Craving clarity that is beyond my reach
A code of conduct I could never breach
There you were
With your heart and mind in confussion
There I was
With a bunch of red rose
Pretending each petal describes my Passion that I couldn't compose
Staying up all night long
Writing epigrams and haikus
Maybe we're far apart
But not at heart
It's too dreamy
Not to think once about it
Looking at the river
Can't stand the vibration
I'm incapable to express it
I feel like I'm a foreigner in Love Land!
muteD May 2
I wish you loved me as much as you hate my depression
and if we’re confessing
I wish for your words
to caress me.
Touch me,
I wish for your actions to translate into symbols
my half blind eyes will see coming from miles away.
even when
I leave my glasses at home.
I wish wishes equaled more than just a wish.
I wish a wish would wish for me.
Written Feb. 21st
rk Apr 30
all i know for certain
is that there is a raging sea
inside me,
one which storms and swells
with an overwhelming
current of loneliness
no matter how calm
the waters may be,
leaving an ever present aching
within my soul
and a hunger in my heart
which i cannot begin
to understand.
- journal confession in smudged ink.
So serene but,broken too.

So brave

Yet scared in a way.

Simple but, eccentric

at the same time.

So, what will be 

the quotation of you

being mine.
Passion Apr 26
I’m an actor on a stage
Listen close and I will tell you my ways
I’m am often offended
But I gloss over the wrongs
I am often right but to please
I say sorry
Read me you may try
But you know not I am about to cry
In life I try and give no care
For it shall all pass away
I fake reconciliation
Submit to humiliation
In all this why?
To please those close by
It is a mask that I took off for you
Though you thought you knew
You saw a person on a street
But you failed to see the curtains
You failed to see the stage
You failed to see the audience  
The point is you failed to see
But truth is you never saw the real me
But now I am open
Now so exposed
So vulnerable
You asked to see
Now you ask why
Did I put on this thing?
To hide my true being?
No twas to please
And to put at ease
Those around
So I pretend to be on lower ground
And in truth I am
And it has now become natural
To wear a mask so casual
To fool those who think their close
And that leads to another reason
I hide because I’ve been burned
And so the lesson I learned
Was to not trust
For those I did turned my dreams to dust
So now you see
A glimpse of me
But I shall put my mask on again
Do not worry then
For I’ll be fine
The troubles are mine
No one shall bare them for me
So why should I let some one see
Just let me do what I must
With this life we all must adjust
But don’t tell another
Not even my mother
It is a secret fur us
Please do not discuss
Let it lye where it has fallen
I have gone all in
So please do not say a word
Let me fly as the bird
For reality holds me fast
But in this I am free at last
Marri Apr 23
Today I told you I loved you.
I tried to be cool with it
And ease it into the conversation.

But those three words stuck out like a sore thumb:
I love you.

I wish I could say it again,
But I don’t want to overwhelm you.
I love you.

I can only hear those three words on repeat:
I love you.
Over and over.

I don’t really know what it means to love you,
But I know this.

I know that I think about you with every passing second,
I know that I always feel complete with you,
And I know that my day is never enough without you.

I love you.

I love you,
Every single piece,
I love you.

I love all your flaws,
In my eyes they create perfection.

I love your smile,
In my eyes they put heaven to shame.

I love your voice,
In my eyes symphonies could never compare.

I love you,
Every single part of you.

Can’t you see?
I care about you deeply,
I love you inevitably,
Is that wrong?

I confess that I love you,
And I don’t think I’ll ever stop.
I continue to sin
Because I don't
Want to face my
Guilt and
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