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ChinHooi Ng Jun 16
The girl i liked

she's the one with eyes starry

like the night sky

a mouth red and cherry-like

her smile

is the spring rain

that gently awakens hundreds

of flowers

i don't know when exactly

i fell in love with her

the love germinated

perhaps concealed in the bashfulness

during high school

i knew it's love

when her head's on her desk

glasses on one side and sleepy-eyed

i couldn't help but take one more glance

my love for her

was hidden in a piece of eraser

in her little piece of bread

the feeling of liking her

is when i remember her smile

either with friends or alone

it is also after we parted ways

the feeling of missing her

couldn't forget and couldn't let go

she appears in my dream

running to me

the girl i liked

her name is so special

i still hope i can meet her

even if it's just one time

i will no longer hide

my love

i hope the thread of fate

pulls us together

love essentially

is the miracle of destiny

the girl i liked so much

her name contains neon and beverage

it's been inscribed here

since forever.
Ritz Writes Jun 7
Forgive me Father for we were too blind to lead our hearts, misled by our fragile thoughts and irreconcilable differences.
Forgive me Father for the misinterpretation created in in my head by dilemma and submerged in trauma;
I was blind to trust and numb to disregard  our own fresh wounds rubbed in salts in guise of words.
W o r d s
Cuts like a knife, straight to the heart and insidious
Like an uninvited guest, it stays till you're completely exhausted.
Drowned myself in vulnerability to trust the stranger
Unsure of the grave repercussion and danger.
Forgive us Father for losing ourselves in pain and game
For we were too naive to comprehend
Until we embarked on suffering till the end.
Yemaya May 9
cigarette smoke couch
in an alley
street light flickering
pouring your heart out
but I can't love someone
who makes the world seem small
like you do
Differing sins bicker amongst
Each other as to who shalt
Permanently shape me
After their ways and until
The end of my days.
Let thy ways oh Yahweh
Become my second nature
That I may breeze through
tempation with ease.
I have found the eyes
Those eyes, that see me
And nothing else matters

Said the wise man
Genre: Inspirational
Author's Note:
What is right now
Will become

What was
Rickey Spence Mar 12

You flipped on me like a coin
But to compare you to a currency
Would be to suggest that you actually
Could spend your time like it were money
Or that you would place value on our friendship

I held onto you like a rung on a ladder
But to compare you to such a useful tool
Would be to pose that I might have actually
Used you as if you were a piece of equipment
Or that I thought I could climb you to reach new heights

You left me like a turn signal
But to compare you to a direction
Would be to suggest that you actually
Had some purpose or mission or goal
Or that you had an inkling of the destination of your journey
हृदय प्रभु ने सरल दिया था,
प्रीति युक्त चित्त तरल दिया था,
स्नेह सुधा से भरल दिया था ,
पर जब जग ने गरल दिया था,
द्वेष ओत-प्रोत करल दिया था ,
तब मैंने भी प्रति उत्तर में ,
इस जग को विष खरल दिया था,
प्रेम मार्ग का पथिक किंतु मैं ,
अगर जरुरत निज रक्षण को,
कालकूट भी मैं रचता हूँ,
हौले कविता मैं गढ़ता हूँ,
हौले कविता मैं गढ़ता हूँ।

अजय अमिताभ सुमन
सर्वाधिकार सुरक्षित
Mystic Ink Plus Apr 2021
If the poet
Tell you
You are
His greatest poetry

It's love
Ahmad Attr Feb 10
The waves of life came crashing in
Didn’t know I was going to survive another day
So I just wanted you to heed
Everything that I had been holding in for two years
Honestly I was being selfish
I wanted to burden you with my pain
I wanted you to hurt
Just a fraction of what I’d gone through
I wanted you to know how heartless you were
So I stumbled upon my words
And got you in your room, alone, finally
I bounced from one place to another
Mustering up the courage
Seeing your amused face, silent
So I started from nowhere
And ended nowhere
You took it like a man
Because you couldn’t care about it
Didn’t care then, you don’t care now

You are always so above me
Even my breaths can’t touch you
You are always so ahead of me
I can only remember chasing you
So I confessed nothing
Back to square zero I guess
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