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Pedro May 5
Loud echoes in my mind
too much bed at my side
a world so great, a sky so high
but ain't nothing worthy
if you ain't mine
Ahmad Attr Apr 29
If only I could tell you
How much I love you
But you are never alone, never lonely
Always in your company
‘cause you are so famous now
And you only call me when you are lonely
Then you take my name, and I break into pieces
And everything I say is meticulously calculated
So I don’t sound lame

Only I could tell you
How small you are
Compared to my poetry,
You are a mere speck
A mere mud creature in reality
In my mind, you are the ocean
The sky, the sun
The universe, the one and only

If I could tell you
How much I hate you
It’s not that You haven’t done anything good
Not that you haven’t done anything bad either
It’s just that you haven’t done anything at all
You just had one promise to keep
That you will never forget me
I’m afraid you already did
I hate and I love, I feel lost
Alena Apr 28
Might think I'm ******* crazy,
'Cause I'm only circling in my little room,
I said "**** the exams", but truly say I'm scared.
I don't have any plan in life, I'm only baby,
But my mind is ready to war, and it's gonna boom,
I only want to break free and move to New York, but that's feard...

My sister says that she believes in me,
But I know that I'll make her blue,
Because I'm stupid little lost bee,
So I answer only "I believe in me too".
I know that this is hilarious to see,
But I really don't have a clue.
It seems like I had a glue,
But I lost someone who I even don't knew,
I wish I could say to her some things, just a few,
'Cause even my angel-protector left me, that's a blue.

My dearest friend once said "Your poetry is really awesome",
She didn't know that I'm only clown, but she's flawsome,
I really appreciate her words, but I can't make myself believe in it,
Because I think that I bring someone down and for that I need a hit.

Today I thought I was well done,
But when the sun goes down,
I think again about being gone,
Like I want to take a gun,
And take me brains out.

Outside I'm so cold skin,
But inside of me is an emotional bin,
You don't want to feel and see the things i've seen,
You don't want to know through what I've been,
It wasn't really a high quality scene,
'Cause now I want to feel
Anything else exept the fear.

I find my solace in my lyrics,
So that's how I talk to my friends,
But they don't give a **** about me,
And it makes me want to concentrate on the cheap beer,
Maybe that's how people will hear,
Because I'm tired of feeling ******* crazy,
I was born in the wrong time and place, I want ready,
So I'm just waiting to go to Father on the up,
Just to tell him about all the things that bring me on the top
To him.

And I can't stop writing this,
'Cause I want to cry, but I keep resist,
Feel like I'm in the cell, I'm beast,
Everybody watchs me, that's a ****.
Ahmad Attr Apr 27
I’m sorry If you are repulsed
By my filthy little desire
Of watching you slowly breathe
The next morning’s fresh air
And put my fingers on your temples
And pluck you hairs like strings of a harp
The music of which dissolves the tick-tock
Of the clock, watching us two from the hind wall
Sorry if you are repulsed
By my filthy little desire
Of prancing in the sea foam that comes with the waves
With my hands behind my back
Holding my sandals
And you in your sundress watch me, smiling
watching the sun slowly dipping in the sea
Sorry if you are repulsed
By my filthy little desire
To run my hand on your skin
To feel the every single imperfection
Write poetry about you
To show you my affection

Sorry if I can’t fulfil your noble desires
Of being in your harem
Digest your lies
And hypocritical ******* you spew
Sorry if you are repulsed by me
Because after all, I’m too honest to be made for you
Akta Agarwal Apr 21
Your smile became my life
Its hard to live without your vibe
I feel all complete when you are near
And I do feel loss when you are gone
I don't know if am going mad
But am not sad
I guess you are my strength
If you are with me
I have nothing to fear
You have became my life line dear
So I guess it's the time to finally confession my love for
I love you my darling
Love confession
selina Apr 9
my hands reach for the strings
but i have butterfingers, and i hesitate too much
another missed chance, another lost opportunity

i wanted to tell you first
the confession was sitting on my tongue
but it burned down my cowardly throat instead

every time, the acceptance settles in my heart
heavy, like a small weight on my chest
at least i can carry my regrets without anyone seeing

go ahead, keep the lights shining on me
as i dance with someone who deserves better
who should have received a whole world

but if you look closely, all i had to offer was an arm to hold
and a smile for the pictures when we needed to pose
for my whole world was already in someone else's arms
daphne Apr 6
you call me a coward
for confessing my heart
through a piece of paper
rather than with my lips
perhaps because
ink dries much faster
than these tears do
acetone can disguise the truth
at the tip of my ballpoint pen
and paper may be shredded
for these feelings to cease
Xaela San Apr 5

I saw you
I began to stare for a while
In your book, black hair
Sitting in your favorite spot

My heart skips a beat
Nervousness hidden in a smile
Sweating, hands are shivering
I am unable to speak

But I wonder, what you're reading
I wonder what page you're now
I took a deep breath
We finally said Hi

I don't mean to stay distant
I am unable to move
I fear you'll see through me
I might melt in this space
When I hear your voice


I saw you
I began to stare for a while
In your black shirt, black jeans
Walking through the door

My heart skips a beat
Face hidden behind a book
Redness, enveloping my cheeks
I am unable to speak

But I wonder, what face you're making
I wonder how's your day been
I took a deep breath
We finally said Hi

I don't mean to stay hidden
I am unable to look
I fear you'll see through me
I might melt in this spot
When our eyes meet


I might not be able to say it
I might be someone, who'll not know
How our hands feel, intertwined
But I would like to try

I might not be able to say it
My eyes might say otherwise
I am someone who likes you
I wish I could be someone you like.
Another story in the boy's and the girl's perspective.

I wish I can sing....
Forgive me. I’m at it again.
Addiction? Attraction? Confession.
Was looking so deep into it then,
I almost could see your reflection.

My heart is unshaken, it’s certain.
It’s yours that will beat by its side.
Until then all it has is to do with the hoping.
You are close. I can feel it inside.
Ahmad Attr Apr 2
Dear Whisperer,
Your soft breath tenderly breezed my ear
In a gracious night of December
What happened next, what happened before
I fail to remember
And I began to sleep with thoughts
of how peculiar your name sounds,
and woke up with your voice still bouncing in the chambers
of my mind; your voice like a sweet nectar
And I spent hours and hours
in perfecting the curl of my hair,
flailing in front of my eye
hours and hours
Perfecting everything for you, my perfect being
And I saw you, in fact that’s all I could see
Every muscle, every twitch of your eye,
Every word out of your mouth
vibrating the air surrounding me
Did you see me adorning your world?
Do you even see?

Dear Sagittarius,
Did you never see me , In January
when I left everything to come after you?
When I got stranded in the middle of the glimmering ocean?
When I lost myself, and everything that was left
was made from pieces of you?
Did you never believe me when I said I loved you?
When you held my hand and I latched onto it
Did you not feel my pulsating fingers in your hands
Do you even feel?

Dear Narcissus,
I laid myself in front of the golden sunlight, In February
Right before when you walked in to my room
So you could find me desirable
Remember when you reclined your head on my body
and I soothed you, I caressed you
Did you ever wanted more of it?
Remember when I told you my secrets and you comforted me
Do you even Remember?
The three months I spent with you

Times and times again
I want to go back to where we were
Back to those 3 months
When I found my new love
A new purpose
So magical
But it hurt
So much
It still does
I want to go back but will it be worth it?
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