Ren117 20m
It’s not special where we go,
It’s a bit of a mess.
There isn’t really tons to do
But it’s all right there I guess.

There’s litter in the stream
And old pants in the grass.
Also the highway’s right there
But you can’t here them pass.

Still it’s out in the trees
And down by the lake.
There are benches and geese
And place for a picnic to make.

There are golf balls by that fence
Half set in the ground.
And an abandoned hall
With broken glass all ‘round.

There’s even a pebble bridge
Where I get my paws wet.
And bushes and a squirrel,
I’d get him if I were let.

It’s a special place we go,
It’s a beautiful mess.
There’s tons there to smell.
Our time spent is the best.
Breed for only
         choirs of pain.

Crimson silence pays out.
dog fights, who would want to see this, its barbaric.
A 3d
Biophilia is described as
a love of life and
the living world
the affinity of human beings  
for other life forms.  

I suppose it could mean
loving everything you can
the sunlight on your face  
insects buzzing in the air
the dusks and dawns
of a hundred summer nights.  

It could mean your love
for your pet fish
for your dog
for the cat that you don't own
but comes up to you every day
and lets you pet it

Biophilia could mean  
a wish for better
a longing for more
the want for every
single life form to be happy.  

It could mean  
caring for a flower you planted
in the spring with dew holding down  
a million tiny clovers
dotting the lawn.
The definition is from
please allow arability of friendship
and hoop fully this acquiescence
     can render an accord shared
     via exchanging calumet peace pipe

     initially invoked qua
     piercing, gouging, digging...from hooked aquilinity
upon awareness miss applying the squaw aridity
mine swallowing capacity as pins pricking

     a voodoo likeness doll (of me),
     though this claim could steeped
     in utter contrived artificiality
      fusing flagrant faulty aromaticity
asininity admitting absent attentiveness

     as ska walking a fine line
     betwixt asexuality behooves
rectification allowing solution Wiccan agree

     upon linking assimilability, assignability, assiduity
     implicating with asperity whore err roan
nee huss rubble word choice prompting asperity
     inducing me to cast the first stone

of apology, and self awareness
     totally tubularly offer thyself as human sacrifice
redeeming conceding unalterable venal tone
     role of squawking chief fowl ling at the end zone

     regarding, where associatively properly went
assumability, anonymity of the internet vent
     ting modality adopting immunity,
     viz virtual community tent

revival meeting adumbrating atypicality, attainability
     avoidance of audiological atrocity, sans atonality sent
to ear rate, the autoimmunity authority,
     authenticity, austerity, audacity, co rent

ting availability, automaticity, accessibility
     asper automobility to scale tenement, pent
house, or pre faux ying bing avascularity,
     avidity, avuncularity avers automatically tall lent

aim to amble along xy feigning tubby
     with minimal audibility clark kent
     information superhighway

     axiality grid via galavanting gent
can be activated swimmingly
     with less overt axe said dent.

Dragon is my future cat.  I haven’t got her yet.
She is an idea, a hope and a dream,
But that which is written has now been said,
And I am not one to break my word.
My words are my bond, bound truth, without which I am nothing.
One day, I promise, I will find her.
One day I will no longer be missing.

A dragon with a tortoise shell,
Like her predecessor and her son.
Those which were, have never been forgotten,
But I have lost the son and the mom,
To a former love; once upon a time she was mine.
It is time to walk a different line.

Dragon shall be the beginning of a dynasty in the making;
This is no place for fakers to be faking.
Step 1 is Dragon;
Step 2 is a cat called Dog.
Step 3 is a small dog called Cat,
And with that, the trinity shall be done.
These are my wishes,
They contain no fishes,
I may only keep pieces,
But these are my wishes.
Cats are better than dogs or fishes.

If dragons do exist,
Then place one beside me
And I will be something I have never been.
My dream is simple and I need these three,
To become the person you should see.
My wife will present one,
I shall discover the rest,
And one day our children’s names,
Will be added to the list.

My tale began a long time ago,
Where a pet was lost to sorrow.
Another one disappeared,
For she was no longer in our home.
The third began her family,
As did the first,
And a giant was born,
With thunder paws.

I hope they all know,
I will love them ‘til the end.
I hope they are all still at home,
And only I have been condemned.
I hope she still takes care of her,
Though she no longer cares for me.
I hope they multiply.
I love my animal family.

I will care for Dragon, like I cared for the others.
Mother, daughter, mother, son;
Dragon will need a brother.
A panther was lost,
It’s mother long gone.
A monkey stole my heart,
So now I am impatiently waiting for a dragon to become.

(C)2018 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Jack P Apr 18
Audrey is adopted,
She feels quite out of place,
In a house of strangers,
Affections go to waste.

Audrey cloaked in twilight,
With one foot in the grave,
"We'll send you to another home
If you do not behave."

Audrey wanders offwards,
Into the milky way,
Of cardboard homes and foreign tomes,
To find a place to stay.

Audrey misses long hair,
And so I'm here to fill,
The hole left by her sisters,
Who left against their will.

Audrey has no option,
But sleeping on the ground,
Deep inside our foster house,
While Mother's not around.

Audrey is adopted,
She's feeling all alone,
She's taken herself for a walk;
I hope she comes back home.
this is a poem for my dog
every boy
needs a dog
to be a friend

every dog needs a truck
to ride in

every truck needs a bed
to stretch out in

gazing at the stars
in a dark clear heaven

every starry night
needs lovers
holding hands

every lover needs
a starry night
to muse under

every starry night
needs a dark
clear heaven

every heaven needs
stars to fill it


every grown-up boy
is in his own sweet heaven
when he has a truck
and a dog
to ride in it
Inspired by my husband, our dogs and our truck. Also by Greg's two recent poems "trail dog blues" and "what a view"
Mack Apr 14
I am the sorry dog,
Chasing my own tail- a subject of quiet dialogue.

Like the fleas, I cannot shake away,
I cannot seem to shake her face.

I am her sorry dog with no passage of rite,
A tortured creature, though sad and polite.

Love is not for those who preach it,
But for those instead who burn and weep for it.

I am the sorry dog with no home to follow,
Just a broken heart within me,
Blackened and hollow.
Terry Collett Apr 13
She will take the dog
for a run on the Moors.

She hates being cooped up
in this fine weather indoors.

She walks briskly
past the graveyard
watching the dog
run ahead.

Her father is busy
on his Sunday sermon
as she heard his voice
booming through
his study door.

Her brother lies in bed
sobering up
after last night's binge.

Her sister is in the kitchen
helping with dinner
and her other sister
working in a distant town
as governess
to rich folk's kids.

She walks
eyeing the dog
running ahead
but looking back
with his drooping tongue
and keen eyes.

She breathes in the air
brisk and strong
and brushing her hair.

She imagines
she will meet him here
up on these moors.

She doesn't want one
who hates the fresh air
or stuck in the rut
of commercial dealings.

She wants one who
braves the elements
and has those
romantic feelings.
haylee beckim Apr 10
Imagine if you were truly happy with yourself. How many things you could accomplish just knowing you're capable.
Imagine your own business that is outstandingly successful, and you are pursuing your passion.
Imagine if your home was how you wanted it to be, and imagine if your garden actually began to grow.
Imagine you have the cutest dog, and picture its billions of toys and puppy sweaters.
You can perceive anything you want, but it's about making it a reality.
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