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Emily R 39m
Like a dog on a cold winters night,
I just wish you would let me in.
Hold me tight.
Kiss my pain away.
I think I'm pinning for
Helen, like whimpering
a dog that's lost the
master, laid there with
soulful eye's that has
shed so many tears

A whimpering dog that's
lost Its purpose In life
that of looking out and
Guarding Its master
now alone and afraid
Of facing this world
without you

My Dearest Darling hope
and say a prayer did you
make It to the place you
were heading the last
the time I saw you that place
of Heaven

All that's left here now Is
a whimpering dog that's
lost Its mate It's only
friend In life now has
walk the lonely streets to
fend for Its self without
It's soulmate to whom
shared so much In life
I say a prayer did you make to the place
you heading the last time I saw you
that place of Heaven
This morning, I experienced some good luck.
I bought a Chihuahua for one hundred bucks.
My new dog is brown and his name is Red.
He will be my dog for many years ahead.
Like other dogs, he probably loves to gnaw on bones.
Red makes the third Chihuahua dog that I own.
I have a dog who calls me.
My door is all alone.
Write a message on the door.
I do not have a phone.

I have a barking telephone
and I cannot turn it down.
If you call me, you may speak,
but I won’t make a sound.

I have cruel little hands
but I can still get high.
I am intense, so intense,
so intense, I cannot die
Mr Uku Oct 31
When Jenny Hodges killed her dog and took its insides out
Nobody tried to stop her, nobody gave a shout.
She’s just a little girl they said, and not an awful brat
She’s curious, inquisitive, no harm can come of that.

So Jenny took the puppy’s eyes and laid them on the floor
Its kidneys, heart and little tongue, He won’t need them no more.
She carefully removed its guts and then pulled out its spleen
Finally she took its lungs to complete the horrid scene

Jenny stood to view her work and felt quite satisfied
And was happy with the gore and blood and how the pup had died
Then Jenny Hodges wiped her knife and gave a little smirk
And wondered what it was that made her baby brother work
A creepy poem for Halloween. If you'd like to hear the recorded version and see the picture I drew to go with it, you can do so on my website: https://willwriteforcake.com/jenny-hodges/
Scott Graves Oct 30
Tiny little thing, so small
Furry little endless well of love
I stepped on you accidentally
but you love me anyway

Small and silly
You comfort me
Home from a wicked world
You're waiting with tail wagging

Bite, bite, bite
It’s time to play
Furry fluffy, uplift my spirit
So happy and ***

You watered my floor
Yet I love you still
You tried to fertilize the tile
I just grabbed you with a smile

Outside with you
And, of course, with me
You’re too tiny to be alone!
At a whopping 1.3

Tiny but big
Not like Churchill's black dog
Not a nagging dark dog
But a little love hog

You are hard to resist
As you reach for that itch
You pounce me fiercely, I laugh
Lots of guts that a terrier has

I'll scratch your ear
You come to me near
The world is a bit brighter
Because of my little biter
Sean Devlin Oct 26
The dog ran down with a bird in it's mouth saying "temp me to bite"

You’re the odd
I’m the lost one
And I’ve been tryin hard to believe
That everything I love won’t leave
But I know thats just a
Mirage in a sand soaked brain
Trying my best to keep you from feeling
This same kind of pain

She’s been spinning circles around me for days

I’ve been sitting by the water
Watching as it pulled away
The sound of a leaky faucet,
What, one may find annoying,
I find calming,
The pitter patter of rain on the roof,
The smell of oatmeal stuff,
The scratching of nails on the floor,
The sound of a sweet old dog snoring,
The sound of a pencil scratching on paper,
When the wind hits the house just right   to make a calm wheezing whistle sound,
The creaking of old stairs,
Soft music echoing down the hall,
Of a leaky faucet...
memory of my childhood.
You've heard all of my stories.
You're versed in what I do,
but when I ask it of you,
you won't try anything new.

Tell me,
how should we progress, then?
Or would you like to stay
within the shade forever,
never knowing, never knowing

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