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You get the shovel
I’ll dig the hole
we’ll bury her together
off to heaven I suppose
or wherever dogs go
you go and grieve
I’ll let the little one know
in a little bit
just expect company
RIP June 9/19/2018
People are so scared
To be themselves
It makes me sad
As I shuffle from side to side
On the concrete walk
Dreaming of pussy
That tastes like pears
And kisses
Listening to psychedelic ramblings
Through inner workings
Of gears we all have
But fail to use....

I see buildings that look the same
Full of goobers doing groupthink things
And the thought comes back that
I am a square peg in a round hole
Never dying to get in
But trying to look like
I'm not up to know good....

It's OK to cry if yer a guy
I do it all the time
And I am not mushed up yet
I still get hard
And can chop wood
Though I don't drink that beer
Because I'm smoking that

Sitting on the grass in City Park
Watching the ducks go by
I know that it doesn't really matter
But I miss her
And if I could
I would tell her
I was sorry.
I live in fantasies that always reveal elaborate truths:

Ghostea 3d
They comfort you in the hardest of times
they don't understand our language, but yet they are loyal to us
but the language we both speak is love
i love my dogs
The old man got a doggy
He should have got a froggy
The doggy chews
The old man shoes
When it rain his feet get soggy
the grass is green
so are avocados
my school uniform is green
so are avocados
the tree is green
so are avocados
kitty cats climb the kitchen
so are avocados
dog barks
Diane runs
bird tweets
Diane dies
are avocados
Amanda Sep 12
You have been my closest friend from the day you were born
Back when you were just a tiny puppy
I promise to always protect and provide
As much love as you have given me
For my dog Mocha
Anya Sep 12
A dog
For it’s owner
In my case
For more likes
We all look to society, often in the form of social media, for verification. Even Hellopoetry for some.
Freddie Ruiz Sep 12
I remember so clear the day I found you wandering on the street.
I pulled over to see if you were ok and you were the cutest little thing.
I just opened my car door and you immediately got on the seat
and from that day on, you became my little queen.
Yesterday, saying goodbye to you wasn’t easy,
but in my heart you hold a place that will be yours only,
and although I won’t ever get to see you again,
my love for my Chiquita will always be the same.
Written on December 25, 2005
Composition number: 227
Jack L Martin Sep 11
I once had a dog named Sears,
Who was trained how to fetch me some beers.
He'd run to the cooler,
No later than sooner,
So fast it would bring me to tears!
Mandarin Sep 10
he doesn't know you don't love him

he doesn't know you don't care

he'll never know what you think of him

all he sees is you

you're his everything
     his master
          his person
               his heart
                    his soul

but all he is to you is that stupid dog
A dog loves without question, without boundaries, and without limitations. We, as humans, are undeserving of this gift, but these wonderful creatures give it to us anyway
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