i sat in my mother's truck for the first time in a week
his hair covered the cab seats
and stuck to my pants
i noticed his collar on the dash
all dogs die
but maybe they go to heaven
my dog passed away a week ago from yesterday. i feel so much grief, and i feel so guilty even though i didnt do anything. so heres an emo poem.
Willow 2d
Inka, I want to thank you for being my support dog in a way. Sure you were never trained but you have always been there when no one else was. You were the reason I'm still here today.
You have seen me happy, angry, sad. You have seen my break downs, my purging moments and my cutting sessions. You have seen it all. You are now 6, I can't believe it. You have grown so much. I sound like a mother, but it would be like I am losing my baby, my everything. I am laying here with you, my big chocolate covered marshmallow telling you I love you. I wish that you could stay longer on earth, but humans don't deserve dogs.
You are an angel and angels are too pure to live on this cruel world for too long. I hope you stay with me after though, I hope you will always be my little couch potato with me. Sure you could be in dog heaven too, but I will always have popcorn for you so win win, right? I don't know what I would do without you. I know I would be the biggest cry baby ever, and you won't be there to lick my tears away. I don't know why people say Pitbulls are the worst dogs because I think you are one of the best. I hope when I die, I will be with you. I remember when we first got you, you would fart so much I had a clip with me all the time to clip my nose. Oh, and you pooped on my brother's shoes, I knew I was going to love you when you did that. Thank you for being my thing to hug because I always felt I was going to break down in front of someone if I hugged them, but with you I didn't care. Thank you for being my warmth and pillow at night. Thank you for licking my tears away. Thank you for keeping a smile on my face. Thank you for being my little bit of happiness. Thank you for being my dog. You will always be on my mind and in my heart. My big chocolate covered marshmallow, Inka.
You held the small dog
in your arms like a baby,
kissed its head and nose.

I watched you
outside the shop;
people passed
and some stopped
and talked about it
or wanted to admire
or pat its head.

You put the dog down
and it sniffed the pavement.

You spoke to it
as to a child
as it sniffed
about your feet.

A small dog,
some special breed,
known to be vicious,
but this one was tame,
and childlike,
as you patted its head
and back.

You lifted it up again,
kissed its head and nose,
and when your husband
came out of the shop
with your daughter,
you walked away,
carrying the dog
in your arms,
and out of sight
in the crowd.

I wondered if the dog
ever walked like a dog should,
ever chased rabbits
in a field or wood.
While we stand in this dog park
And I look off into the sunset
With you right in front of me

I realize that I am happy with this being my life
I would love for your brother to be our son
For your dog to be ours that we have raised for years

I want to hear your voice echo as you call the dog
And for your voice to be so deep that the minute you talk everyone gets scared
Except for me

They expect for you to be this big old grumpy man
Who used to belong to the Mafia
Not the cuddly cute man you actually are

I’m excited for the day to drive I off into that sunset with you
Go some where and find a house
And call it ours

A house like the ones right in front of me
Tall and wide with 4 rooms and a finished basement
I want us to find our home

I want to call some town ours
I want to know the city like the back of my hand
As we grow old there

I want to create memories with you everywhere
And to recreate old one but this time with our kids
But those memories will always be ours

These memories I have right now are ours
There the memories we have made together
That have helped shaped the way I view you

As a man who’s tall and buff
Owns the place around
And is never scared

These memories are memories I want to never forget
I want to never forget looking at you and the sunset
I want to never forget us
a domesticated dog you are
clutching your presumed territory
the yard of a house, the fence you are leashed to
you can bark but you cannot speak
no justifications, never
so you bark
and you howl until someone
understands your menacing threats
what for?
not hunger, but
defense of your territory
your fence and your leash
Like a fly without his/her buzz
even popping a guarana (caffeine) does
not shake the feeling
     like brain covered with fuzz

no matter how hard I try eyelids claps
shut nor how many hours of sleep elapse
offers nary reprieve folds
     welded tightly shut

     feel like they weigh
     much as a ton mud covered flaps,
thus thought to summon
     meager energy reserves perhaps

generating poetic lines
     interrupted by taking constant naps
but no matter eyelids
     weigh heavy as a ton steel traps

narcolepsy not ruled out since
     tired body struggles as if grasping for air,
yet such fatigued state uncommon for me,
     though bothersome to grin and bear

this bout of sleepiness, where this
     white knight chess sleeps
     trouble free aye declare
quality deep rapid eye

     movement marked noticed
     since medication taken
     to treat debilitating anxiety e'er
concomitant panic attacks, where psyche

     got rent asunder send
     ding this atheist to hell
     episodes pained me
     forked flaming tongues flare

ling, immobilizing, paralyzing
     and stinging entire body,
     hence methinks primary cerebral gear
and cog glommed
     like a drain clogged with hair

nonetheless, no alarmist worry,
     nor "worst case scenarios" betray
my ordinarily mellow emotional state,
     thus any task I must delay

thoughts unstoppably captivated
     by snoozing upon
     a bed of freshly mown hay,
and then hours later

     diminishing fatigue in catchy rye
ming verse aye re: lay
relishing being awake,
     the mine true valued self I kin portray.
Taking the dog to the dog park
where he can run, and bark
Taking the dog to the dog park
just for fun, on a lark

Sniffing every canine butt
whiffing purebreds and mutts
Sniffing and pissing an awful lot
a social event what's we've got

The dog park is his dream
he runs and plays, extreme
The dog park in his ecstasy
that's where he and I
will be
Yup, off to the dog park, he's been a good dog ;D
I thought I am alone but I'm not,
He sat beside me lay down his body,
Stealing your own bed at night,
He is so cute and fluffy and still noisy again,

Waggling his tail barking at night,
Wanting to go outside at five am,
He is all that I get when everyone else did leave me,
Maybe he is so Naughty but I know he is a good one,

He's have a own list of favorites,
He didn't eat if he didn't like it,
Even though he pee on every corner,
He still the best good companion you get,

From school to home,
He is waiting outside the door for me,
Wanting cuddles to say hello,
Still dogs is a good companion you will get...
japheth Jul 4
i’m like an old dog
sleeping in your couch
alone inside your apartment
only lit by the rays of light
glowing in the afternoon
that slowly fades
as the night falls down.

i wait for your return
— as always.

i casually hear the sound of footsteps
outside the door
and my tail wags,
my ears bolt up,
hoping it’s you
jostling around
holding your groceries
(with occasional dog food in it)
fumbling for your keys.

but as usual,
it’s not you:
it’s probably the postman
or the neighbor.

i plop my head back
on the pillow you gave me
back when you just had me
which i totally outgrew myself in.

i’ll wait again in the evening
— as usual.
i’m reading a book called “the subtle art of not giving a f*ck” and it has been an eye opener and a gentle reminder of how i value things in my life.

anyway, here’s a lazy poetry i made. i missed my dog at home and i got inspired by the way she wags her tail whenever im back
it began with the two cats

then the dog trotted in

then enough time past
and unfortunately, so did
one of the cats

then we rescued a bearded dragon

and for a while there
it was just a trifecta
of various species

until the new kitten had arrived

and now the bird is on its way

as the animals keep rolling
into this sanctuary
we call HOME

I spend my afternoons
taking care of our pets
feeding them
watering them
picking up their shit
maintaining their
living spaces
making sure they each
get attention

along with working all morning
and taking care of the kids
cooking dinner
tending to the ignored laundry
mowing the lawn
washing dirty dishes

my wife thinks I’m masturbating
on my leisurely hours
but not taking into consideration
that sex is no longer
an aching mystery

and as I’m bitching about
common domestic work

those pets bring such
rapturous enlightenment
to my spinning brain

but they don’t pull out
my inane thoughts and
put it down on paper

except for maybe
this poem
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