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AIA 3h
You love me even when you're hungry and thirsty.
I love you when you're full.
You love me even when the days I couldn't get you bathed, I love you after your bath.
You love me in my darkest days.
I love you on my brightest days.
You love me with all your heart, I loved you the rest of your life.
and I will miss you the rest of mine.
Dedicated to my dog named Paichu. She died yesterday.
Mark Wanless Jun 21
the dog barked loud twice
the cat cried out in death
i went back to sleep
Mark Wanless Jun 4
i saw a dog in
the mind of me again yes
oh he hurts me so
Mark Wanless Jun 1
i saw the dog on
the road with
extreme mange
shiloh May 30
Hope is the thing with feathers
In its teeth. It dogs you in the doorway
Sarcoptic, fleas, starving soul
bared to each stranger he meets, a stranger
to your heart but not the streets
The pant starts soft, slow
Starts in the kitchen, the spoon
Swirling in your coffee, cream
Gets louder as you try to read
Low and heavy, the pant, a chant
In your bed, your head, you rage, rant
Eyes open, nothing to see, it's closer
Sour puffs against your face, each breath
A sickly sweet, like tea, like hope
Like abscessed teeth. Your lungs
your chest, the taste of sweat
Dry mouth, heavy tongue
It's a death sentence, it's a song
In your ears, in the squeeze
Your heart makes when it dawns
So close, you see
It's been inside you all along
A response to Emily Dickinson, you know the one. This one's a bit of a mess, but why put up a front?
Coralie Marie May 26
I remember afternoons with you,
we spent days lounging in the old armchair,
rays of sunlight shined through the blinds and my favourite color is still the amber of your eyes.

Do you want to go for a walk?

Shared adventures, we travel on foot. The world had so much to offer to us, let’s run for hours.
Gone wild together. Rain and storm couldn’t harm us, later we’d warm up in the armchair.

I had to grow up quickly while you remained a puppy. Couldn’t take you with me because cars freaked you out. I had left for the city and my life was too hasty to spend a thought on an armchair.

You were with mom, I knew you were save there.

Every time i visited your fur turned grayer and your bowl stayed a little fuller until the end of day. You walked comfortably, we just made it to the hill behind the house, your tail still wagging.

I wish I could turn back to the old days.
I wish i took time when you wanted to play.
I wish I never had to sit alone in this armchair.

I regret.
i’m not afraid to say it,
i need it out there so the world knows
how much i love you and how much i treasure you,
and how i’m not ready for you to go
but you deserve to be free of pain
even if life won’t be the same

i’m so thankful you kept your daddy happy
long enough for me to meet him
and that you two shared so many memories
so many journeys, so many stories
and i’m so thankful you became my baby girl too,
that the memories you two had together
are memories you let me see,
and so thankful i have my own memories of him and you and me

i’ve loved you dearly, even when you were naughty
and i’ve loved you as you were happy, playing with the hose
i’ve loved you as you sun bathed
and as you’ve cuddled with me in the cold,
and i’ve loved you as you ate treats
and got excited for fresh meat,
i’ve loved you jealous of the new puppy
and i’ve loved you bright and smart and sneaky

and i love you now as you tell me you’re ready to go
and i’ll always, always love you, more than you’ll ever know.
Kassan Jahmal Apr 15
i seen a dog bite it's tail today;
a silent reminder of chasing things left
behind, is the cause of you being stuck in

stop chasing a past more than looking
ahead to the

Andy Chunn Apr 11
We got him just a few weeks old
With energy to burn
But he was very brave and bold
For lessons he would learn

Named him Louie from the start
And every day was new
He ran and each day played his part
His love was deep and true.

We played and learned to chase the birds
As much as he would try
He never understood my words
That dogs can never fly

He was quick and he was smart
He understood commands
He had such a loving heart
Your love he would demand

Then one day out of the blue
Louie was not well
He was tired and troubled too
Anyone could tell

With my partner Louie went
Two hundred miles away
And I was checking, text were sent
On Louie every day.

I had to practice with the band
So early I had been
I sat there on the bench at hand
And wondered about him

And as I sat I saw a streak
A feather in the air
It flew and seemed to hunt and seek
Searching for me there

It swirled around and down the wall
The corner it did turn
And then like it had heard my call
It echoed my concern

The wisp was Louie I was sure
Sent to give me hope
It was a message to endure
Helping me to cope

It came at me so hard and fast
Flew beneath my seat
I hoped that it would stay at last
And make my day complete

The feather now I could not see
I smiled so deep inside
Louie had come back to me
Bliss I could not hide

But as I felt some comfort there
I saw the feather leave
It waved goodbye without a care
And I began to grieve

The next day when I got the call
The sun breaking the dawn
I knew before the words could fall  
That Louie now was gone

And now I know the wisp to be
The feather that would fly
Was Louie coming back to me
To say his last goodbye

A foolish poem I guess you think
It’s silly til the end
If so, you’ve not felt your heart sink
On losing man’s best friend
(Louie - RIP  November 9, 2021)
Sophie Mar 24
I just wanted comfort
somewhere to lay my cold
before I leave this plane.

She ran so fast up those stairs
He was there at the top
to stop her and
make her wait
for me.

So we could go together
about a dream i had of my dog just before she passed away. i was on a trip and she started getting bad, on the day i got home we had to take her to the vet, she couldnt walk or eat or drink. i know she waited for me to get home and say goodbye
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