LLillis 1d

A thrown dead stick stuck
In the tree. While I ponder,
The dog is dismayed.

My dog is called Brexit
he makes a lot of mess,
he barks when he sees strangers
and jumps over the fence.

He feels bad in a company
of other - different - dogs,
he thinks he's better than them,
apparently, he's not.

He'd rather be on his own
and do things his own way.
A dog with a character,
an egoist - some might say.

He acts like a bragging royal,
but a mongrel he is, a mixed-breed,
born and raised abroad,
but sausagely spoiled in here.

Other dogs hate him so much -
but Oh well, he doesn't care,
he knows that in an unfair world,
it is damn hard to be fair.

Coventore Jan 13

I am a lonely dog, so aged and worn,
Barks long gone and an ear torn.
Chained to a post, I have always been here,
to face all alone my sorrow and fear.

Respite from the loneliness may come by,
When strangers from near and far come and say hi.
They may notice this old pooch and say,
"Poor dog. I'll give some company and stay."

They would pat my head and rub my side,
And give me some treats when I open my mouth wide.
But alas, they must eventually bid farewell,
And leave me to return to my lonely hell.

Though worn and old, this old dog dreams,
That one day my chains will be broken at the seams;
By strangers who would not just leave me like a gnome,
By strangers, so kind and warm, to take me home.

To take me away from the post and the chain,
Into a house that can shelter me from the rain.
To comfort and play with me as times fly,
To miss and mourn me in the day that I die.

Alas, such dreams may never be,
But hope always stays with me.
Hope that I will be free from here,
That I will no longer have sorrow and fear...

This is a poem that came to me during a moment of emotional upset. I confessed to a group of friends how much I love them. I told them that I didn't want them to leave me just like so many others have in my past.
Madolyn Jan 10

This is a horror
I thought dogs don't shed right now
God, there's so much hair

Aren't dogs supposed to stop shedding during winter?? This is ridiculous
all for you Jan 9

You look like home
Like my dad’s hugs
And my mom’s kisses
And family cuddles

You look like home
Like the beaten down couch
And my brother’s music
And my sister’s paintings

You look like home
Like dark orange walls
And just a little too cold
And with some hard edges

You look like home
Like the torn up garden
And my dog’s face when we leave
And winds whistling around the corners

You look like home
And I don’t want to go home

Why couldn't you have made me a new home? // love always
Star BG Jan 8

A dog sat in a bag today,
and rode in subway car.
Everyone did look at him.
He was a cutie star.

Young and old looked at the dog.
All eyes yes they did stare,
at the friendly little one.
The doggie did not care.

The dog was carried with great care
His handler knew just how.
To carry him with great ease.
Not once did he yes howl.

His owner did not have to pay,
an extra fare that day.
He was grateful for his friend,
in every single way.

Saw a face book clip on the fact that one cannot travel on subway with a dog unless it was in a bag. The video showed different dogs in bags with their heads sticking out. So the poem was born

Are of three types.

Who wag their tail.
By their habit
By their breed.

who wag their tail
Neither lick  boot
Nor do they bite
And do not assail.

Second one
Who lick the boot
Out of affection
Love indeed.

Who lick the boot
Neither wag tail
Nor do they bite
And do not assail.

Another one
Who do attack
And often Assail
Such is their manner
Such is their deed.

Who do attack
Who do assail
Neither lick boot
Nor wag their tail.

And Man

Also wag tail
Also lick boot
Also do bite
And also assail.

Out of their Choice
Out of need.

Ajay Amitabh Suman

All Rights Reserved
Star BG Jan 1

Its the year of the dog.
“Woof! Woof!
Happy New Year.”
The canine echoed.

“Woof! Woof!
my Chinese friends
know my essence.
Awake to its truth.”

“Woof! Woof!
It typifies a year of abundance.
of being faithful to the hearts guidance.

“Woof! Woof!”
let the celebration begin.

I silly poem.

Obey no one
but the call of
your inner most self
and walk barefoot
upon the Earth

like you were meant to

before modern man
became portfolios
diversifying arrogance
instead of his head

No one looks you
in the eye anymore

connoisseurs of rude

Walk forward now
and don't look back

Dodge bullets
with a smile as your
secret weapon

And laugh with
the best them

Making good as pretty
as you go...

Happy New Year in 2018! Remember integrity will be rewarded in this year the year of the Dog according to the Chinese Zodiac.
Ari Jan 1

I spent my first Christmas without you
Gently rocking in my lazy boy.
My childhood pup
Resting his weary body at my feet.

Not one mean word was said to me.
I never had the urge to cry.
It was just me and my old pal;
Best Christmas I’ve had in years.

You were but a passing thought
Like a lost wanderer
Passing through the Forrest’s
Of my ever growing mind.

Dear Ex-Husband..
Today is a whole new year.
I  am finally happy now.
I hope you are too.


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