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Traci Sims May 2017
Green grass, silver chain,
a low, slate sky waiting to rain.
My Golden Retriever finishes her yawn,
sits up, and takes off like a shot
towards the far end of the lawn.
In one, long wave the fine mesh links
are played out until the line yanks taut.
The dog never learns. My heart sinks.

From "Bird's Nest In Your Hair" by Brian Jobe
A wonderful writer and good friend of mine. Hope you like it!
What joy:

To hold
The world
In your arms -

Alive and warm
And soft
And breathing

Chest rising
And falling
Yet rising again

Always rising,
Like the golden
Dawn, consistent,

Always bright.
Always beautiful.

In my arms
Against the odds
I'm holding light.
To my golden retriever, Apollo, who somehow manages to love me unconditionally
Dog not a human
Didn't go
Veterinary College
Yet know it
Great depth of knowledge
Dog not a human
More than a human
Humans turn rogues
A dog doesn't
Dog not a human
More than a human
Dogs are most intelligent, innocent and loyal species in the world. The sense of smell of a dog is extraordinarily brilliant. A dog can distinguish around thirty thousand scents.
Water whispers, froths and bubbles.
Tiny bodies swim in doubles,
Schooling along the edge of their world
Where the fish tank ends.

A panting tongue creates a mist;
Soft golden fur, tail in a twist,
Barking at the outside world
Where the window ends.

Poised and tense, smooth muscles coil
Whiskers twitch with internal turmoil
To track a leaf beyond her world
Where the sliding door ends.

Dreary shivers, dark and damp,
God's distant voice my only lamp.
I can only gape at the mad, mad world
Where my glass cage ends.
I'm supposed to be doing French but I felt contemplative.
A silly girl naps by her flowers
Alone, with only a dog.

In life the island is verdant and lonesome,
In dreams the city is golden and lively.

Clouds float across a dark sky,
Filled with visions of children just like her.

A young man standing in his bedroom.
A young lady standing in her bedroom.

A really cool dude standing around being all chill.
And a silly girl napping by her flowers.

And in the distant future, a silly witch
With fluffy white ears and a long wagging tail.

A witch of space naps by her flowers
In a land of frost and frogs.

In life the island is snowy and lively,
In dreams the city is golden and lonesome.

Clouds float across a dark sky,
Filled with visions of an easier time.

When children stood in their bedrooms,
Or took a nap by their flowers.

When nobody had to die,
And she knew all her friends were safe.
A poem about Jade Harley from Homestuck.

This was originally going to be more about Bec but I guess he’s gonna have to wait for another poem. Or I guess god-tier Jade kinda counts since they merged?

Word count: 160
Norman Crane Oct 10
i'm but a stray dog
stealing scraps of life
from a bowl
that is your soul
R Oct 2
His hugs,
Firm hands,
And drunk thoughts,
Her crooked teeth,
And non stop talks.
His shirts,
Her dresses,  
From the street side shops.
He walked,
She hopped,
To reach home
And cuddle their one eyed dog.
The joy of existing, accepting who you are and what is rather than wondering what could have been. Even everyday mundane activity can bring joy when you appreciate them. The first step towards appreciating others is by appreciating and accepting yourself after that even the quirky little things will bring great satisfaction to your existence. Like it does to him and her.
Kelsey Sep 27
You are
My first [puppy].
My first [dog].

I never thought
I could look at someone like you
And know,
Truly know,
That nothing else matters
But you.

That time will keep moving,
And problems will keep growing.
But what's important
Is the
And Now
With you.

Thank you
For reminding me
That love
Is all I need
To be happy.
Disnt know i could love a dog as much as i do.
A day
Licks and panting

Promised to care
Loving devotion
Long walks

Psychodrama personified

Fear and abuse
Past never ending
Calling from deathly voids

Keeping you was

Gone along thoughts
False ideals
Idiotic passions

To end the past
Safeguard the future
You ended

With a bang

What have I done?
Wrote this after I had to put down my newly adopted dog. He had too many psychological issues that included abuse from his previous owners. His misery became mine after I had to do what I did. This has killed me inside.
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