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Thomas Steyer Jul 2021
It is so bright outside,
I have to squint my eyes.
Has it snowed again?
What a great surprise.

'Cos Winter has long gone.

Yesterday there were blossoms
colouring the landscape white.
Temperature must have dropped
quite drastic in the night.

April's weird and getting weirder.

Changed my plans for today
and bear it with a grin,
just like the bumblebee
I've decided to stay in.
Heike Borgard Jan 2021
The Bumble-Bees so happily
from flower to flower they bumble

A scientist insists:
              "this cannot be
                it's an areodynamic  scandal!"

with a formular:  Y somewhat x Phi
he proofes why Bumble-Bees can't fly at all:      
      their bodies are too heavy to fly
      as their wings are much to small

I humbly admit: physic is all greek to me
I enjoy Bumble-Bees and their humming

and the Bumble- Bees seem to agree with me
and continue to fly...

                                   ...isn't that stunning?

©Heike Borgard 01/21
last year was not too happy for all of us and the new year also did not start too happy.
So I would like to start with a poem that hopefully brings a little smile to your faces.
Mark Toney Nov 2020
wild thrill of the chase
hummingbird and bumblebee
~getting a buzz on

Mark Toney © 2020
11/16/2020 - Poetry form: Haiku - I saw a photo of a hummingbird in flight with a bumblebee right behind it. Awesome! - Mark Toney © 2020 -
Liz Jan 2020
My mind is racing
My thoughts are pacing
Drowning in the things unknown

My best friend no longer exists
And the rest aren't seen through the mist
But I'm continuing to move on

The lack of sunshine that I see
It makes him sad, the bumblebee
But he continued to fly on

Where is the happiness I once felt
There it is continuing to melt
But the candle still smells pretty
The Vault Sep 2019
You have stole my heart
The poetry you write
Seeps into my soul
A beautiful cup of tea
Hot and ready
And I will drink deeply
And give my tea
Back to thy
My perfect
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