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my brain’s a big bumblebee
floating and fluttering
wherever its
creased heart desires

its indented lines
- or black and yellow stripes -
wisps of a weary world;

corollaries of
the honey
and the rain
and the earth’s
ambiguous haze
that’s sent so many
flailing flip-flops
at me
- but also -
it’s sent
bundles of exuberance
in the form of
wistful wisteria

purple bundles
and my big bumblebee brain
sharing whispered secrets
so that not even
- the universe -
can listen
- can soil -
our untapped honey
dripping out of our
full bright sprightly

- this -
is an ode
to my big bumblebee brain
bumbling through life
unperturbed and acquiescing,
to the flailing flip-flop
who knows no better
than attempting to
dismantle and drain
our syrupy soporific
honey secrets.

after all,
that flip-flop
does save
the fragile foot
with its wet tissue delicacy
from jagged pebbles
who also
know no better.

don’t you see;
everything is cyclical,
which is why,
my big bumblebee brain
will attempt
to sting
your ignorant skin
into submission

for no other reason
than to reach
the completion
of this sick cycle;

the same reason
the flailing flip-flop
flails for my
bumblebee brain’s
and one day
will splatter it
all over
its hardy, weathered bottom.

how’s the old
vonnegut saying
Carmen Jane Mar 18
Mommy a bee just stung my forehead
Please come kiss it, it hurts really bad,
Mommy, I was brave, because I used my bare hand
And throw it in the wetland!

I always liked you bumblebee,
but now, I am not!
I used to  to point at you with glee,
but now I hope you rot!

I always liked your honey in my milk
In books,your wings were drawn like silk
I really liked the songs ‘ bout you
That hurts so much,your sting, who knew?!

Mommy I want you to  hold me
On my little forehead I've got stung,you see
Please, quickly come and kiss me
And don't call me more ,your little hunny bee!
True story today :(
K Balachandran Dec 2018
Spider weaves a net,
Bumblebee waits till finished;
Karma’s thread decides!
Shofi Ahmed Dec 2018
Above me is the wide blue sky
beneath my feet is a patch
of land sprawling far way.

Oh ask me not which direction
am I going this or that way?

East, west the north or the south?
The little bumblebee before
my eyes is flying every way!
Oh my dear bumble bee
She said as she caressed
her soft honey colored hair.

Stay humble
through your flight so high.
Emerge with a special glee
Of bustling-buzzing excitement.

Let your golden stripped wings
Carry you to scope lands for enchantment.
To collect those dusty pollen
and transfigure them to honey
for you and others.

A honey comb of a heart
Resides in you my dear
So allow the honey to drip from your tongue.

And when science tries to prove
With their theories and mathematical proportions
that you can not fly high
Let them taste the sweetness
Of your hustle
and the sight of your flight.
Joe Momma May 2018
A little bumblebee
Caught in spider's silk
Sings the call of his people.
Umi Mar 2018
Umi the bumblebee flies sometimes against a tree
You might not see but you are great
So keep your head high my mate

Umi the bumblebee buzzes around full of glee,
Don't worry I will not sting
I am just being fluffy
Though this bee might also be very cuddly
And mostly silly

Umi the bumblebee likes to see people happy
Full of light she flies under the sun,
Buzzing a song and having fun
From flower to flower, each a delight,
Forming a beautiful field, a wonderous sight
Please don't sneeze while I pollinate
Such would be very great !

Umi the bumblebee buzzes around and hits a tree
This is it she can't do more
Now she is sleepy and goes to bed
Till the red of the dawn awakens her and she once again lifts up her head!

~ Umi
What did you say to me?
How did you say to be?
Scent of the flowers sweet,
I fell off the path; the beat.
Metamorphoses buzzing creep.

Bumblebee, Bumblebee

Nectar pollen and wiggle-dance,
Tear off the shirt and pants,
Without it I’m incomplete,
Rotting in self-defeat,
Awashed in a wild sea,

Bumblebee, Bumblebee

Buzzin’ so high and flyin’
Honeycomb drunken Mayan,
Falling west, rising east,
The party will not surcease,
While I am the Bumble-beast!

Bumblebee, Bumblebee
I am the Bumblebee,
Bumblebee, Bumblebee
I am the Bumblebee

The flight it takes off and from,
As flowers of life become,
Praying up to the Sun,
What am I imagining?  (image-gen-nun)
August vino de lum

Bumblebee, Bumblebee
Bumblebee, Bumblebee
I am the Bumblebee,
Bumblebee, Bumblebee
I am the Bumblebee
George Krokos Dec 2017
I once had seen a bumble bee
or so I thought it was to me.
In the backyard one sunny day
I saw it flying low and stay
hovering there near a flower
as I walked by like a tower.

It was big and did seem busy
looking at it made me dizzy.
Glowing in an unearthly light
and its colours were also bright.
It almost seemed now I recall
that scene was supernatural.
Because in the blink of an eye
it vanished without telling why.

I looked around hoping to see
where it had gone this bumble bee
But no matter how hard I tried
I never again caught or spied
another glimpse of that creature
with such a radiant feature.
Written in 2017.
Angie Kopshy Oct 2017
You went against their theories, you broke all their rules

By soaring above them, just out of reach.

You laughed as they stared, those arrogant fools

Eager to name your scientific breach.

If you let them catch you it might be fun

Allow one to hold you; small greedy hand.

And just when he thinks the game has been won

You move forward with your martyrs stand.

You sting the ******* who’s trying to steal

The secrets behind your majestic wing.

One venomous *****, with quick pain he’ll reel

Squealing retreat from your dignified sting.

They actually thought you’d let truth be known

Uncivilized man, your secret to own?
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