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Kivanc 5d
I'm waiting for you still,
You can't understand me
Maybe for now, but you will.

I depicted you and bee.
I've found sounds of sorrow,
On that admiring scenery!

I saw the pictures you throw,
Didn't say anything but your eyes...
I know what they said me now.

Here reluctantly my body dies
For it can't resist to be alone
Please everyone give me advise.

I've been broken as my bone,
I try to figure out what is stress.
Anymore, I cannot be in that zone,
I'm going to make a progress.
Camouflaged in the ****
Nickname invisible sightings
That no one sees

Undetectable smiles
Young premonition
A hidden prediction
waiting to be born

You are shared
blood and bone
Still marinating in
An Immature vision
Never seen, just dreamt of
i'm a porcelain doll
     brimming with sand
rough and course
scraping my bones
stuffing my lungs
anchoring me down
i ache to speak
     yet nothing croaks out

- katrina ******
instagram: @wordsbykatrina
twitter: @_wordsbykatrina
Alyssa Jan 7
every day the same
getting so accustomed to the mundane
engaged to the repetition

starting each day optimistic
and slowly remembering the sandpaper numbness
everything is the ******* same

reoccurrence- this deja vu
i feel like this has happened before
the past feeling like a foggy memory
i cant remember

ending the day exhausted
run out of steam
cant even pick up my head
my structure cracking from the weight
feels like my body might just give out
fold into a million pieces
and land on the ground
a perfect pile of skin and bone
If I will have wrinkles,
let them be from too much smiling.

If I will have bad vision,
let it be from looking at good for too much.

If I will be starved,
let if be from me feeding you all the good I've had.

If I will have broken bones,
let them be broken because I
have taken the pain that would've gone to you.

If I will be weak,
let me be weak from being too strong.

When I will die,
let me die because I have done enough good here.
Kit Scott Dec 2018
Fill me up with broken glass
Force it past my lips and
Let me swallow it down
With a


Like bone

like dreams and wishes and heartache
like futures and loves and lives

Fill me with it
Cover me in glass thorns
Melt it into my water
And pour it on my tongue

Sometimes i am a broken glass, wind whistling through my cracks

Other times, i am full of it, and shards fall from my metaphorical lips
Diana Morales Dec 2018
eleven months and this is what you taught me
I am incapable
of relieving your loneliness even though I tried with every bone in my body

I am replaceable
even saw it with my own eyes that friday night

Time flies
even faster when you’re distracted by an a**hole

And love dies
when you’re treated like a nobody
kept hidden from your world
with nobody to hear me breathe

But I also learned that I am Amazing
And to never believe a word you say

Love, D
K Balachandran Dec 2018
Stardust in my bones,
Bonds with starlight in your eyes;
We are the universe!
Mackenzie Nov 2018
Here I go
I will give you everything that I am
Here I stand
Hoping I would be enough to
Give you warmth
My heart in my hand
You accepted what I had to give but
My body felt the cold front move in
I knew because I felt it before
As if my heart had dropped on the floor
Here I am
Chilled to the bone
My chest is empty
I never knew you could be so cold
Your last kiss left me froze
I wasn't the one that you chose but
There you go
You took my heart w you because
You knew it was made of pure gold
Salmabanu Hatim Nov 2018
God fashioned us with love and care,
HIS masterpiece.
HE chose a  special bone that protects man's life,
The ribcage that protects the heart and lungs,
Man's heart, the centre of His being,
Man's lungs that hold the breadth of his life.
From the rib, HE lovingly and patiently shaped and modelled us.
Created us perfectly and beautifully,
Gave us the characteristics of the rib,
Strong, yet delicate and fragile.
HE chose well,
Not the bone from man's feet,
To be under him
Not the bone from the head,
To be above him,
But, from the bone beside him,
To be held close by his side,
And like the ribcage to protect and support him.
You are HIS perfect form,
HIS beloved Angel.
You are what Adam and man experience of HIM,
HIS holiness, strength,purity and love.
Man is HIS image,
You are HIS emotions,
Together man and woman are totality of HIM.
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