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Danny Oct 7
Could be called a beautifully made mess

A torn new dress shot through with silver threads

Decorated coffin rotten inside

Well, the lid is as free as a lame leg

Unsheathe your sword and cut my humble skin

Pain I may feel which make us feel alive

But will you be able to stand the sight?

A gentle pool that will have been set wild

Looking at me with eyes that give me chills

Like I'm a god on the throne, that's so sick

I am flesh and blood just like the next man

Walking on a slippery floor, cursed to fall

When the ice starts to crack under my feet

All I shall give to stay above water
I know I have flaws but that simply makes me human, I think
Erian Sep 6
Your poison seeps into my veins
Crashing in like hurricanes

Every bone numbs and shakes
By the sound of your name

When you see my face in scattered rains
You end those hurricanes
A bone meets another bone
And you have a joint !
Joints are allright !
Cartilage !
Without them you couldn't possibly dance !
Imagine only your sacrum and your ilium
and no sacro-iliac joint
And no innominate bones
Imagine just a second a pelvis without coccyx
And your seven cervical
Your twelve thoracic
And your five lumbar vertebrae
Hanging loose !
How could you possibly swing your pelvis
From one side to the other
Without your pelvic floor ?
No more grand plié
No more passé développé à la seconde
No more attitude en avant on pointe
Farewell penché
Farewell attitude derrière !
See what I mean !
That's why I always say
I'd rather be with no bone
No skull no heart
Ï 'd rather be a hurricane
Wind has no skeleton
Wind needs no joint
Wind goes naked
No shoes, no underwear
And despite of all that
Wind is a ballet dancer, a danseur étoile
With no dimples in the back.
Wind can lie supine and stand upright
Feet parallel, legs stretched
Wind has no greater nor lesser trochanter
Wind has no right gluteus maximus muscle
No feet flexed, no ****** femoris muscle
Wind never gets pinched, stuck nor jammed
Wind is constant ricochet, yo-yo, meanders
Gulf Stream !
Wind is a catwalk model
Dancing its swinging walk
A red moon cast on a folly filled night
Humans hid away in fright
A haunting melody was in the air tonight
For the Bone King had arisen from his lair

A lone maiden of silky woven red dared
For she ventured into lands mortals bewared
Slowly following the music of the dead
Not knowing where it led

She encountered the King amongst the tombs of the undead
The land around him had already dwindled
Not even a single flower had remained
But she did not dare fleed

Slowly she took his bony hand
As they danced amongst his land
The Bone King was in disbelief
Why was this fair maiden not scared?

“Maiden, wherefore art thou not afraid? I dareth not guaranteeth thou art safe, f'r I am but a monst'r.”
“Why should I be afraid of the most magnificent being ever made? My king, you fail to understand, for our souls are a reflection of one another.”
"I am a monst'r, am I not? F'r all apart from thee did withdraw, leaving me withthe sc'rn undead."
"You are for them, my King. But what value do the words they utter hold? Beauty rests in the eye of the beholder."

"And f'r me, thou art the most wondrous."
This is my personal edit on a short poem under the video "Waltz of the Bone King". Credits for half of the poem and for the idea that sparked my interest go to "Infinite Daydreams"
a stranger of my own house

coming home feels like another never ending torture

another heavy breath

telling myself, it will be okay

telling myself, don’t be tired

Please tell those with broken bone

i am jealous

Please tell those that bleed

i am jealous

Because i feel like every bone in my body has broken

But my body wont be bleeding

I cant cry

I cant scream in pain

Please tell those with broken bone

I am jealous

Please tell those that bleed

I am jealous

Because people will rush to help them

Because people can see their pain

A smiling face with big appetite

No one can tell i almost **** myself last night
Trigger warning
Crawling. I've been crawling. Down in the dirt on my abdomen. Searching for a tree to cling to. To hang from upside down. To take a step into the chrysalis. To be born a new.
This skin I wear, encases me. When I've moulted I will be free. I will escape the confounds of bone and flesh. Of time and space. Of birth and death.
When I pass. When I pass through this knot. The knot in the infinite line of things. I will pass through biology, enter into a state beyond. Beyond our senses. Beyond our limitations. With nothing to gravitate towards.
The butterfly, it calls to me. My day is coming, it will be free.
It's been inside of me. Been here all along. Waiting to come out.
I am not the skin I wear. I am not the title I bear. I am, I am!
We're all larva. We all got butterflies inside of us. Come and crawl with me. Get down on your abdomen. We're gonna find a tree. To hang from, and set the butterfly free.
Dominique Apr 19
Flesh hooked on lampposts (ribbon-like)
Railings, bus stops, fences too
Unlooping miles and miles of eager skin
Colouring the pavement with vivid

Bone strung like windchimes (hoisted high)
In all the brightest places
Mainly on rooftops, we have an affinity
The sun splatters them pastel each day

Muscle- candyfloss on benches
Warm, thick (seeps into their mouths)
Chunks of wriggling bliss in the tighest corners
Embossed with sweet disaster sprinkles

Me me me; the essence of Me
My pulse spread out across the city
My veins in the underground
My heart cut up onto various plates
The pieces will take years to be found
And they're not all mine anymore.

But under the ivory moon
When I'm sighing, "I'm lost" to each night
My city rocks me straight to sleep
And walks me through the dying light
So while I'm here, my soul's all right.
free verse literally gives me anxiety ****
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