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Aug 2019 · 285
i choose to chase you.
m i a Aug 2019
and i know we’re not supposed to chase love, trust me i know
but darling why do i want to chase you
even though
i know it’s wrong?

they say you should let love find you, but what if i already found you, and i just have to wait for you to find me? that’s not wrong right?

i will choose to chase you—
not to make you love me,
but so that you can find me
on your own time, i’ll  always
wait for you to find me. always.
im in a quarrel with myself because im chasing someone who is so hard to catch, but im willing to risk it all for him. i really really am.
m i a Aug 2019
i poured my heart out to you
through a blue rectangle box
h o p i n g your eyes would
light up just like your phone
screen did when my confession
got to you.

but, even though my thoughts
were obviously delivered—
my emotions were not conveyed
and all i received in return was
a simple but haunting, “okay.”
i recently have learned that it is so much better to confess to someone he old fashion way, instead of through text or dms. trust me guys.
Aug 2019 · 413
m i a Aug 2019
i have begged the earth
to orbit faster so that our days may
be shorter and i can finally have
you in my
arms again.
for my love, who is yet to know that my heart belongs to him.
Jul 2017 · 697
m i a Jul 2017
she made me speechless,
everyday words could
never describe her,
so i found beautiful
words that described
the beautiful her.
she is inexpressible.
   [coming soon.]
Mar 2017 · 1.9k
m i a Mar 2017
hearts and minds have become televised
we give every part of us for the world to
see and judge, because we crave attention
and criticism more than ever, just so we
can hold a grudge, like fudge
when have we ever
seen a society more damaged
than our own?
Feb 2017 · 653
m i a Feb 2017
i feel drunk when i think
about you
you were a past memory
a dream
as if you were never real
please help me erase you from my memories.
m i a Feb 2017
you search deeply in her eyes for pieces of me

you seem to fail everytime
and give her up easily
just like one. two. three.

you fall asleep
hoping and dreaming
to erase memories of me

but you're too blind to
be able to search & see
for the special key
that'll help you
forget me

for i am your biggest regret
your most stressing debt
your worst threat
but don't fret or

i'm sure you'll
forget our little
duet someday
to my love, my babe.
Jan 2017 · 544
poetry for me
m i a Jan 2017
poetry for me is not the emotions i'm feeling,
but the emotions i felt
for they have been transformed into words and onto paper,
and are no longer apart of me,
but instead are now apart of something bigger, and far beyond me
this is poetry for me.
Jan 2017 · 369
m i a Jan 2017
she has learned to breathe,
and learned to survive ,
but her good days
are yet to arrive.
she is me.
Jan 2017 · 855
two thousand and seventeen
m i a Jan 2017
we're going to experience new sadness
new happiness
new pieces of you
you've never seen before
we're going to explore ourselves more
express ourselves more
allow people to hurt us of course
b u t
at the end of the day, we'll be okay and appreciate that we're breathing and surviving. happy new year.
Dec 2016 · 417
c l o s u r e
m i a Dec 2016
why do i have to be the one suffering?

my thoughts are intereupted daily
and buffering

because i'm thinking about you,

why must i express my pride

and continue to hide

my true feelings for you,

i miss(ed) you,
come back to me,
tell me what i did wrong

give me
the key
to c l o s u r e.
i wrote this at three am elijah, because for some reason you're all i think about. I jist want it to stop. i just want closure.
Dec 2016 · 321
. . .
m i a Dec 2016
we dye our hair to show how much we don't give a ******* care

about the rules,

we bang our heads to the music, and wave our hands in the air

looking like fools,

we drown ourselves in red bulls,

as we try our best to recieve an A+

at being cool,

ignoring everything we learned in school,

because there's no time to learn,
the world's going to end soon.
m i a Dec 2016
blue reminds me of you.
the way you held your lighter,
and waited a few
seconds to see it turn from red fire,
to the colour of your desire,
b l u e.
blue collection.
i miss you.
Dec 2016 · 523
. .
m i a Dec 2016
. .
life is currently kicking me in the back,
as my parents, teachers, and peers continue to tell me what i lack,
i silently listen and undertand that the words they tell me, are actually facts,
i really do need to get better at this and that,
but instead i walk outside the door of disbelief,
and on to a mat
that reads,
welcome to pursuing dreams and possibilities,*
which leads
to paths of you becoming who you want to be. not your family or anyone choosing for you. only you. if you believe in yourself, there's no one that can stop you.
Dec 2016 · 335
m i a Dec 2016
your eyes were powerful.
they held lightning bolts
and stories that were hidden,
as if they were forbidden
to be told.
your eyes were filled with
and oh how they striked me everytime.
your eyes weren't at all inviting, but somehow they were beyond striking.
Dec 2016 · 514
my blue muse //
m i a Dec 2016

to him;;

you used to be my muse,
who made me feel many different blues,
but now you're gone,
and I miss you,
i miss when it used to be blue,
I guess I'll just look for someone new,
a different muse
[inspired my samuel seo]
i'm currently working on a new series of online books, and i really need help with graphic design for my covers, if you can help please let me know!
Dec 2016 · 763
empty without you
m i a Dec 2016
even if you were to fill my heart
with every star
that shines across the universe,
even if you were to fill my heart
with endless amount of tears, and scars,
even you were to fill my heart
with oceans and oceans colored in blue
none of these things would ever replace you my love. for i will still be empty without you.
Dec 2016 · 334
[ temporary feel ]
m i a Dec 2016
my parents have showed me that love isn't a life long seal,

it's more of just a temporary feel,

it's kind of like a movie reel,

you think as if though it'll last forever,

until it ends

and you realise it isn't real,

just a s m a l l temporary feel
sorry if this may ave offended anyone, its just the way i feel.
m i a Nov 2016
i hate you
i hate you
i hate you
i hate you
i hate you
i hate you
i hate you
i hate you
i hate you
i hate you
i hate you
i hate you
i hate you
i hate you
i hate you
i hate y o u
if you read a bit harder darling, you can hear my countless tears, see my never ending thoughts of you, feel my thumping heart stop as i think of you, just read a bit harder and you'll notice my true feelings towards you.
Nov 2016 · 2.7k
akkinda (adore you!)
m i a Nov 2016
not only had i loved you

i adored you,




but even as i adored you,

you still came toward me,

with a glistening sword,

inbetween, what i thought

to be your precious fingers,

and stabbed my heart, as if

as if it were a piece of cardboard,

you ripped it apart, you ripped me

apart and yet,





darling, how i adored you.
this can be taken any way, whether it be of friendship, love, or a parent-child relationship. i hope this was somwhow enjoyable. *akkinda is korean for 'adore.'
Oct 2016 · 622
i wonder
m i a Oct 2016
i wonder if you're thoughts are flooding with memories of me,

i wonder if you wake up in the middle of the night and sigh, because you hurt me even in your dreams,

i wonder if you laugh and think of me,

i wonder if i flow through your mind like streams of water,

i wonder if you know what you did to my heart was basically slaughter,

you didn't even care that you killed every part of me,
but that's okay, im learning how to breathe without you.
Oct 2016 · 981
m i a Oct 2016
we're so engulfed in love, society, work, and other things, that sometimes we forget to stop

and b r e a t h e
just breathe. don't suffocate, okay?
Oct 2016 · 1.4k
[ to my heart, my compass ]
m i a Oct 2016
lead me, lead me

show me the way

tell what to do

tell me what to say

lead me, lead me

let me know

which road to follow

tell me if i should go
or west

tell me which path
will fit me best,

lead me, lead me

my heart, my compass.
a letter to my heart.
Sep 2016 · 379
[ d e a t h ]
m i a Sep 2016
i have become obsessed with the idea or theory,

that death may be the only way i'll finally be able to breathe,

that death will be the only way i'll be happy and filled with glee,

that death will be the only way i'll be able to understand peace,

that death will be the only way, i can actually be f r e e.

please come and rescue me.
i dont want to die, but at the same time i do.
Sep 2016 · 769
metamorphic/shining diamond
m i a Sep 2016
i remember
being pure and free
but it all stopped eventually
and slowly
and more things begin to pressure me
but i guess
i should be thankful
for these things have
greatly changed me,
to the beautiful diamond i've
come to be.
i still don't know if they changed me in a good way or a bad way.
Aug 2016 · 656
to: him
m i a Aug 2016
you don't visit me in my dreams anymore, and i miss you now
more than i ever have before.
part of me wants you back, and the other wants you gone. i miss you.
Aug 2016 · 419
[ autumn/dead leaves ]
m i a Aug 2016
she was once filled with
like a summer leaf.


then autumn came, and storms began to come and form into her mind,
the nights became colder,
just like her heart.
and just like that,
she lost everything,
and slowly fell unto the ground
to join the rest of the dead.
"she used to be unique and happy, until reality came along; ruining everything."
Aug 2016 · 438
i can't go on.
m i a Aug 2016
i feel as if though i've been in the dark for awhile now,

and it's taking forever for the sun to rise,

i'm fighting all of these nightmares, fears, stress, and etc.

mr. sun, where are you?

i need to see you rise so i can too.
this is not a poem but i hope you enjoy/relate to this somehow.
Aug 2016 · 929
m i a Aug 2016
i know you may feel a little blue sometimes,
but just remember that the sun will rise and so will you.
things are going to get better. you're going to get better. eventually. <3
Aug 2016 · 1.3k
i'm tired ;
m i a Aug 2016
i'm tired of lying,
i'm tired of sighing,
i'm tired of trying,
i give up
and i feel like i'm dying
i have to come to the realization that you never really cared. and meeting you was a mistake.
Aug 2016 · 1.8k
it's been awhile.
m i a Aug 2016
so, hey.
it's me.
remember? the girl you left without saying goodbye or anything. i'm pretty sure you've forgotten me by now, but that's okay.
i just wanted to ask you a favour.
its not big. i promise.
but please, i'm begging.
all i ask, is that you leave my thoughts. my heart. just leave me.
please. so i can be free.
i'll love you always babe, always. but please, do this one thing for me.
Jul 2016 · 635
i [loved] you?
m i a Jul 2016
everytime i finally get over you
you always seem to crawl back
kind of like an anxiety attack
and of course
there's always this undeniable force
that draws me back to you
you then promise you'd never leave
but you know what they say
don't make promises you can't keep
i don't know why i always seem to stay
maybe it's the stars in your eyes, that i wish upon
to believe
what you
say is
but it never is.
all i want to do is get over you.
please, you've broken me enough. don't come back to me.
Jul 2016 · 570
i'm a f r a i d
m i a Jul 2016
the dogs are barking even louder than before,
it seems as if though america is waging war,
everyone is locking their doors,
no one knows who to trust anymore,
i'm sitting here looking left and right,
not knowing why there are all of these fights,
it's getting harder for me to sleep at night,
my nightmares are getting worse,
this life is a curse.
i'm afraid for this generation. i'm afraid for the world. humans ruin everything.
Jul 2016 · 625
before you go
m i a Jul 2016
kiss me hard
before you go,
let me know
that you'll
be back
when the
sun goes and
the moon
begins to
kiss me
i miss you.
Jun 2016 · 468
[ yellow to blue ]
m i a Jun 2016
you let the drink consume you whole,
and slowly you became emotionless
like a ghoul,
i stand tiredly in front of you,
as i watch your mind
go from yellow to blue
sometimes i wonder
if you're trying
to find
i liked you better when you were sober.
m i a Jun 2016
i don't mean to push you away.
i really don't.
i just need to know that
when i do,
you'll pull me
and ask
me to
s t a y
just pull me out of my negative thoughts/anxiety and i promise you i'll stay.
m i a Jun 2016
i didn't want you to leave,
it's just that my thoughts and anxiety,
got the best of me,
i begged you to stay in my mind,
but my mouth was saying otherwise,
i was yelling at you,
screaming lies,
but if you listened a bit harder,
you would have heard my heart's cries,
i really didn't want to let you go,
i guess
i just wanted you to know
i'm sorry, i love and miss you all very much. ♡
Jun 2016 · 5.8k
( s a v e m e )
m i a Jun 2016
save me
i need
your love
before i
save me - bts
Jun 2016 · 540
( a g a i n )
m i a Jun 2016
wouldn't it be amazing to
place a blade upon my skin
just so i can feel something
a g a i n
i've been so numb lately. i just want to feel again.
Jun 2016 · 451
m i a Jun 2016
she inhaled his toxic words,
and let them travel down to
her lungs,
which caused them to ,
poison her heart,
but within
that poisoned heart,
birthed beautiful art,
which lead to a new start
"it's sad how artistic we get when we're broken."
Jun 2016 · 560
( my love )
m i a Jun 2016
i don't think i like you.
nor do i think i'm in love with you.
it's something much more than this thing people would portray as a crush.
you are so much more.
i can't even find the words to explain it.
and that, my love, scares me very much.
i like him a lot, to the point where it's beginning to worry me. ah.
Jun 2016 · 562
( h e l l o )
m i a Jun 2016
was say hello
and within that word
i could alrealdy feel the flowers
within my lungs
beginning to grow.
the flowers are suffocating me now, but i don't care, because i've been loving every dying second with you.
Jun 2016 · 573
( s t r o n g )
m i a Jun 2016
these scars upon my wrists will fade, but my strength will not.
stay strong.
Jun 2016 · 639
m i a Jun 2016
i will forever be a prisoner,
in this cage,
for my cry for help is nothing but a whisper,
it's as if,
it's as if,
everytime i need someone,
they all disappear,
but yet when my smile,
and postivity comes back,
everyone reappears
but that's okay, i can survive.
Jun 2016 · 477
( o n e d a y )
m i a Jun 2016
you told me I was nothing
compared to her,
I told you she would hurt you,
but you were too blind to understand,
and now you're crying & slowly dying,
reaching for my hand,
begging for me to give you a second chance.
sorry love.
you lost me, when those painful words spilled from your mouth, flowed through my ears,
and settled in my mind,
causing fears to reappear.
that hurt me so much,
but that's okay.
because I told you she would hurt you one day.
in which a girl, overcomes pain and learns to love herself again.
Jun 2016 · 417
[ s p a c e & h i m ]
m i a Jun 2016
he was a universe wrapped in skin,
and within
every limb
there were
galaxies flowing
in him
this is bad, but i somehow enjoy this piece.
Jun 2016 · 14.4k
[ math boy ]
m i a Jun 2016
don't add me into your life,
just to subtract me out, alright?
please don't divide my heart in half,
just to walk away and laugh,
don't try to solve me like an algebraic equation,
unless you're patient,
if not,
you might as well give up and go on vacation,
i'm too complicated,
you can go and ask all the past guys i've dated,
you may be smart math boy,
but trust me,
i'm smarter than all of your other toys.
this was fun to write, i was supposed to be studying for math but came up with this instead.
Jun 2016 · 1.1k
( s t a y )
m i a Jun 2016
bruises, cuts, and scars can go away,
but words, but words, but words,
will always stick and s t a y.
physical things hurt less then words for me.
Jun 2016 · 621
( r e f l e c t i o n )
m i a Jun 2016
she strives for perfection,
because she doesn't like her complexion,
she fears,
that she'll be the exact reflection
of her mother
in a couple of years,
oh how,
she'll suffer
she strives for perfection,
because she doesn't like her
her mind is a collection
negative thoughts,
wars lost and fought,
dreams beginning to rot,
hope being sought,
she strives for perfection,
because she doesn't like her complexion,
she strives for perfection,
because she fears no one will like her complexion.
please, don't listen to those negative thoughts and what people think. youre beautiful, darling.
m i a May 2016
she could feel the anger,
building up in her ever forest veins,
she knew she was in danger,
it's bringing too much pain,
she could feel the hatred,
flow like rivers,
in her cold blue eyes,
she could feel the firey magma,
resting in her core,
it was burning hotter than it ever has before,
her mouth flew open like a door,
erupting words filled with
as people's
faces held
my perspective of anger, in a type of nature form//
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