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Diksha Prashar Jan 2020
Physically you heal
Emotionally it takes
Time to be
Taylor Jan 2020
I’m spending tonight like I always do. (missing you)
A raindrop rolls down my window and I can’t help but link it to you.
(like I do everything else)
It takes everything in me not to just wipe it away. To kiss it away. To lick every single rain drop until the sky heaves in numbness. To just call you.
Going between devices
moving back and forth
to get this done,
shifting device to device,
to draw you digitally
and paint you physically.

Now leading to a
to make it flow
from one device to next.
to make our extended
product risk scoring.

© Feelings Coated
How Mr Siri is trying to convince Ms Alexa to flow with him to make the product out of them scoring.
Sabila Siddiqui Jul 2019
There is something wrong
about the place, I belong.
Ever since you came along
everything has changed
but has it really changed?
or have I just changed?

The friends with whom I ranged
through their thickets are estranged.
They are the same
but their masks seem to be coming off.
Was it all fake and just a part of a game?

Now I am afraid to relapse to when I was seventeen,
the time I had no ear to tell my thoughts to,
for they would leave, judge, not understand and rumor me away.

All alone and bottled up;
I had only a paper to listen to me.
My innocence and guilt is withering
no one's heart is there to grasp
no one's hand is there to to hold.
Many may offer, but it no longer seems real no more.
Trust has been dissolved by the words that held no meaning.

My emotions are no longer the same.
My love is no longer pure.
My attachments are no longer etched to hearts no more.

The year is coming to an end
and everyone is leaving,
Even the ones I thought would never leave.
Although, they are still there physically
none seem to be left in my heart anymore

You may have changed everything,
the way I see people closest to me
But if I held on to you,
and let go of everyone around me;
the day you leave,
will leave me with no one by my side.

So I'll let everyone stay physically,
even when they've deserted me in internally.
I am going to try grasp myself,
The ever-changing soul within me
For I myself should be enough to keep on going.
B Nov 2018
I want to disappear.
not physically, but mentally.
I don't want anyone to know me.
it would be so easy.
Lyn-Purcell May 2018
I rest but don't sleep.
I eat but don't taste.
I hear but not listen.
I linger but not dream.
I rise but don't wake.
I look but don't see.
I touch but don't feel.
I'm feeling rather off waking up this morning...
Salmabanu Hatim May 2018
In a hurry,
Driving down the road,
To meet an important client,
Seal a major deal.
The car in front me moved at a snail's pace,
I fumed with anger,
I writhed with impatience,
I continued to honk,
No change.
I  inched closer,
Saw a small sticker,
On the car's rear,
"Physically challenged,
Please bear with me."
My anger balloon burst,
I cooled down,
I leaned forward on my steering wheel,
Drove slowly,
I felt protective of the driver.
Patience is a virtue,
I understood now.
I reached  for the appointment late,
The client too was late,
Blocked in the traffic.
Kindness pays.
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