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Domino Black Apr 23
There are reasons why
I think the sky
Reminds me of myself,
And reasons why,
At night I cry,
I feel too dark
For someone else
Though, stars shine,
Just mild lights,
The reasons why
I don't own knives
Has less to do
With novelty
And more to do
with clouded judgment
Shane Leigh Mar 26
There was a thought,
but it is lost.
It had been pure in the
impurest of ways.
It sought to defile the innocence,
prolong the sin that is writing.

It is too late.
The thought that wants,
that needs,
but will not.
It will vanish and leave nothing

It is there
without words to describe it;
without the moment it lives in;
without a slivering snakes sssslush
        sac full of venom.
Venom, that it is.
Injecting itself
without the mind knowing.
Killing, callous,
couth - as one might imagine.

It exists
but not in context,
separately from its source.
erratic despite it's sharpness,
it's potency.

A thought that if thought about
you cannot elaborate enough.
It is sophisticated,
in the ways that writing is.
It will come and it will go
but it will always fester.
Decaying the process of thought.
© Shane Leigh
A proper BLAH that it is lol Working on my NOT Poetry series lol
Dark Dream May 2021
Yeah yeah I see it now
Your cold embrace
And sweat on the brow

Sure sure it might have been
The sleepless night
Full of wicked sin

Blah blah was your last line
Into a wasteland
And here’s my sign
eF Feb 2021
I hate myself for what I did to you.
I never wanted to leave.
I’m sorry that I couldn’t make you happy.
I’m sorry that I wasn’t enough.
You brighten up the room more than a camera flash at the Cheesecake Factory.
You brighten up my soul more than that.
I question how I’ve made it this far without you by my side.
I was trying to change.
Nothing I say will fix anything.
I just hope you’re happy now.
I don’t think I’ll ever be.
I love you more than life itself,
And I’d give it up to relive the past.
I think about if often.
I’m hurting.
Since 13 life has been a dream.
eF Feb 2021
I miss your laugh,
I miss your touch,
I miss your face,
I miss your embrace.
I broke a part of you
I never can replace.
Wounds once where
Scars have taken place.
You have my soul
All control.
Send me to hell
My forever home.
eF Sep 2020
The tears make it hard to see
Like driving in the rain with no wipers.
I don’t know where this message will go
Like my hands are off the wheel.
I’m swerving out of control
And I’m almost happy you’re not here.
I miss you so much.
You mean more to me than a nice paintjob and that’s saying a lot.
I wish tears could clean a car.
I hope you know you mean the absolute world to me forever.
You are so perfect.
CMXIClement Jun 2020
A cold, cold winter.
City sleeps and I'm awake,
During that summer.
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