eF 6d
No matter by whom.
I will always be the pawn.
In your next move.
eF Jul 25
Please don’t leave me alone.
Be my shelter from the snow.
Hold me in and pull me close,
Tell me that you won’t let go.
I love you all.
eF Jul 23
Bending over backwards for you,
Only hurt my back and left me
Broken hearted.
chloe fleming Jul 12
i’ve come to realize
i can only blame myself
for the madness i exude
there are creatures behind this face
and everyday,
they look a little more like
i’m so sorry
eF Jul 5
I wish you knew how hard I’m trying.
How hard it is to get out of bed.
How hard it is to be around people.
How hard it is to crack a smile and pretend.
I wish you knew how much I loved you.
I wish you knew it’s not your fault.
I wish
i wonder what it feels like to touch the insides of your body,
are you as fragile as you seem?
or do your organs turn to stone at the touch of another?
Caitlin Jun 30
In the in-between stage where there is just enough alcohol in my veins to try and convince me that what we had was good.
The sweet spot.
Too little or too much and all I see is the problems and why it ended in goodbye,
but here-
here I see “hey princess”-
all the “I love yous”
“I’d do anything for you”
“You’re worth it, no matter the cost”
and I know in an hour or two I’ll be thinking clearly again-
but damn right now-
I know why I stayed for so long.
I’m tipsy and we’re flirting again and I’m sorry.
bs Jun 15
you called us the perfect match that one birthday, i felt my bag of seeds fall onto the open sidewalk, the twines ravel into discoid around my feet and make me think your words are water to be sipped from your open mouth, your hand snaked my waist as the roots pulled me farther away from the night you told me you don’t want to bend over backwards for my knees anymore, my Puma’s always gave you cold feet but my inner thighs were still Ghadames enough for you to set up a tent, or perhaps, steal one I thought I had saved for someone special.

you called us the perfect match that one day. i saw you leave that sentence in the fridge and sip them five days later, face wedged somewhere in between the biting humour of my psyche like a power station without a generator and the never ending exploitation of the little blonde girl named weakness who found a place in my fingertips so close to your face, in my wallet, in the place I once used to be able to rest, but these shoulders, opened orifices for black holes, like Falstaffian stars that caved in, that were anything but the empty space we occupied on the benches of basketball courts.

Three days after I started writing this and the urge to your clouds hover over me once again glistens like a poison apple I don’t want to confess to biting, because this pain is biting, and there is only space for one. I don’t want to eat the cake at three am and hope no one notices it again, because they will, they will see it from the icing on my lips and the grime on my fingertips. I miss your smell already thought it sells for 10 dollars at the corner shop. But its you, its you, its just you. Your kisses on my cheek after we fight. It is wrong that I consider this a sweet moment. It stems at you pouring my blood into a kettle and leaving it to cook. But this liquid will not evaporate.
But I know these tears will.
Though our sheets remain stained, my cheeks won't.
eF Jun 12
I ran out of breath,
Trying to chase
I hate trying to consider myself a poet/writer.
Caitlin Jun 3
I used to convince myself you only crossed my mind when it was swimming in liquor-
and that-
well that’d be okay,
‘cause even I can’t control where my mind wanders when my body is made up of more vodka than water,
but if I’m being honest you’re on my mind, even in the middle of a dry county.
But, just so you know when I shoot a text out of the blue in the middle of the night-
I’m not expecting you to reply,
it’s just me, letting you know, you’re still on my mind.
I’d say right person at the wrong time, but you don’t believe in soulmates
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