I knitted a scarf
It took me many years but
it was for a Giraffe
Fun one :)
if only the tide didn't draw back so quickly
so i could play in the waves longer

the bubbly, splishy, splashy waves,
with fluffy clouds atop them

but there's a lot of scary things, i know,
that i see beneath the waves

so if it draws back, please take them with
the tingly wingly waves
can you find the real meaning?
Cyndi Marie Mar 19
I've never known this kind of love before
Hand holding in the grocery store
Smiles across the way while you're working
Not getting angry at your snores
Laughing during sex
No pressure
Dreaming of seeing sunrises with you
Staying up to see the sunsets
Not caring about punctuality
(Okay maybe a little)
Wanting to be with you at 3:00 in the afternoon
Drinking coffee staring at the ocean
Thinking any date was the best date
Truly being happy
I've never known this kind of love before
I'm writing a lot about love... I've got good inspiration
Lesoko Mar 17
I see myself being who I am
And still reaching for what I can be

I see myself  ready
Ready for obstacles,challenges and mountains that will be moved by faith.

I see myself..
Alister Benn Mar 11
I see you now
Unraveling the past in my future

On days when my mind is like a bramble brier
I’ll find sanctuary in a single bloom on your jagged stem

Patterns of attention
Fractals of thought

In the storm, Each wave greater than the last
Until calm and the terror of the doldrums

Turn off the world
Retreat into the sanctuary of bliss

What a perilous gift this is
The power to write and to speak
But what choice we have
These precious days

To snarl and bicker like fractious dogs
Or to make such sweet harmony
That life itself seems too good to waste

The depths of fear and pain and terror
Are as real as the tombs of living souls
Yet one smile on the face of innocence
Is all it takes to enter heavens door

My path is clear
Each day to be lived
Black or white, light or dark, each day presents a choice
I opened a tub of butter
And saw a sunlit ray
I spread it on a slice of bread
And made a summers day
Inspired by buttering toast :)
L M Biese Feb 6
I love your smile
all quiet, and cute
but flirty, [sexy?]

I'm not good with words, I guess
but you know, you make me smile
and that's just one reason that

I love you
and all of your fragile pieces
it doesn't count, by the way
Kirby Walton Feb 6
Calm is the sights and sounds of twilight and sunrise
Peaceful is the soaring eagle in flight above
Grateful is the blossoming flower receiving the morning dew
Joyful is the sound of children's laughter as they discover their world
Disappointment is when I turn on my television and all hope is lost
mjad Jan 12
things happen
words slip
lips collide
tears drip
but sometimes
those things
are good
loving words
tender kisses
joyful tears
not bad
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