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Kamila Oct 2021
Solitude is when I honestly enjoy
My company, and feel the joy.
Those are the times
When I realize
How beautiful my life is
Cause I can do so many things.

It's when my heart begins to sing,
My hand - to draw, my mind - to think.
It's when I stay away from drama
As if I'm on vacation, on Bahamas
RQ Jul 2021
i see you in my dreams
i see you in my visions
although you are not mine
i think about you all the time
no one compares to you
you make me happy
you bring me joy
you may not know it yet
i pray someday you will
time will come to pass
because i like you a lot
i really do
all i ever think about is you
i like you a lot
Marilyn O Dec 2020
You came along with your bags,
All arranged and looking neat.
To find a place for a vacation,
To spend quality time within.

To your surprise, the door was shut.
No one welcomed you like before.
You questioned yourself countlessly
And tried knocking even harder.

All your efforts left no reward.
The ****** deal had finally ended.
There's no more room for you in there,
Embrace your shame and take your leave.

The damage you caused was terrific.
Never again will you get that chance
So carry your bags and cease knocking.
You're not welcome here, never again.
There's nothing as dangerous as an angry man. It's time to throw this vice away
Markie Waters Nov 2020
A second endeavor, an experiment I was not willing to finish,
But the quickness to change, my life as a witness.
Afraid to share my voice, nobody to press burden
As others emphasize the choice not to close my red curtains.
The performance continues with each enduring breath
Taking a look in hindsight, good memories that I've left
With those positive notions, all chuckles & taunts
Nor to ignore my gifts, too far to be lost.
Still a preference for me to move. My hand, show the cards I've got.
TO keep the steam from surging, I write these words which I sought
to walk through the wardrobe of my reflections.
A failure I am happy to rest in~

Markie Waters
Sungmoo Bae Aug 2020
The pleasure is all mine

when I see a nickel on the sidewalk
while on my way to the bus-stop

and when I,
the fast traveller,
see a piece of weathered poster
whirled up in the wind

and then laid there
on the roadside forgotten,
yet still retaining
its hue vivid

—the colors are still lively at the least,
    My heart grows into full vivacity
    when I see such serendipity so small,

glowing in brilliance yet so lucid,
in a manner ever graceful
—no matter how tiny that is—    
from the bottom of my heart
    —I'm being accepted
    into thy blissfulness, which may hold
    the wonders of the world
    ever imaginable.
(C) Copyright: Saul Bae (Sungmoo Bae)
Ashlyn Rimsky Aug 2020
I am content
here, on the concrete step
carved out for the homeless man.

I am content
with the 30 minute wait
for a bowl of hot eggs.

I am content
wandering the streets
not knowing where to go.

I am content.

When fate comes,
he will beckon.

Home is in the walls of this body,
old creaky bones and toothy smiles.
Soft footsteps fueled by inner hearth.
These arms can hug themselves.

I need not worry.

I am content.
I am content.
Jammit Janet Aug 2020
Sweet like candy,
But not brittle,
I was born resilient,
Emotional intelligence brilliant,

My DNA is exotic,
I’m no ordinary plant,
I’m of the nuclear variety,

I’ll break out the beats,
And shift your plates,
As I burst into tecktoniks,
And make your earth quake,

With my deviant thoughts,
And perspective that’s radical,
To uproot the past,
And fill it with something magical.
Nidhi Jaiswal Aug 2020
Raksha Bandhan..."Sweet relation"
"Happy Raksha Bandhan to all"
Brother sister has relationship with nectar and poison.
Both fight each other always,
But mutual love also reflects in those quarrels.
My dear brother,
The precious gift sending by god,
When i 'm so short,
In kidding way,
Everyone says to my brother,
You give your short sister to me,
I will give you toys,chocolates,ice creams...
But he was not ready to give anyone.
He loves me,
In childhood a lot.
"perfect sweet relation''
Every thing he share with me like toys,chocolates etc.
And always give the biggest part.
He is my hero,
But i fear him a lot
On the occasion" Raksha Bandhan"
I prayed to god...
He always with me...
My dear brother,your everloving sis.
''Happy Raksha Bandhan to all"

Happy" Raksha bandhan"to all
"perfect sweet relation"
Thanks for reading.
SA Szumloz Apr 2020
I don't know what I am looking for
In these stanzas, these deep words
That make my mind and eyes so sore
Am I trying to make peace with myself?
Or am I just trying to erase the bore
Consuming my mind like rodents
I've never felt this way before
About any type of writing
As the black words soar
Onto the paper like birds
I feel joyful to my very core
Free to express every thought
That washes ashore
In my long-gone mind

Poetry is my bride!
Elijah Aaron Apr 2020
Hard to come by and hard to keep
Fleeting away as you fall asleep
Always sought for but rarely found
Never feeling safe and sound
Only fills for just a while
Then a frown fades your smile
Like a drug you long for dearly
Never helping you think clearly
Happiness is temporary, it never lasts
Joy is what you seek, let joy come to pass
Joy over happiness
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