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Seanathon Jan 30
I could fly
Though I can't

I could sing
Without sound

I embrace
The dancer named exuberance

And follow her here
Amidst the internal

Spinning like the clouds
Round and round
How it feels to stamp
Eleanor Sinclair Dec 2018
The way you wash your hands makes me wish I was between them
I don’t profess to know the future but for it you’re my stem
My bed seems empty unless it contains your light
And when I sleep with you I’m sure I will forget the night
The words you speak are unlike others and I know they’re always true
In the end no matter what it will always be me and you
I only feel alive when I see you in my view
But when you’re not around then my thoughts will have to do
Donna Dec 2018
Have an easy day
Relax and eat some junk food
Be big and happy

Some days u just got to go with the flow
and indulge :-) xxxx
aury Nov 2018
I've waited 84 days
to feel a joy like I feel today.
It was always you, you ,you
never once leaving my thoughts.
Even on days where things felt okay,
it wasn't real happiness,
just going through the motions.
But today?
I think I really do,
I feel happy without you.
written: 11/8/18
It might rain
on your happiest day

There will darkness
on your light

There will be monsters
inside the kindest people

In every war
there are battles you will

when you are pushed
there will bruises
when your up

Your cuts will eventually
be scars

There is sadness
behind those smiles
be kind to people we dont what they are going through right now they might be smiling or extremely irritated just understand that we cant be all light and happy everytime!
Blake Jul 2018
The way you touch me
I want to cry
a gentle, comforting hug
as we whisper our goodbyes

and the way you look at me
its as if
we are your favourite song
and I'm the melody

when I'm around you I feel okay
like happy isn't a part
I need to play
but a part of me and I have to say,
I love it.

every time we hug
I swear I can feel every broken piece of me
being put back all snug
and in that moment I know
that I can love.
This is no longer applicable to the person it’s about but I will not remove it or be ashamed of it or regret it. I did feel this at one time. And I’m proud that I got to feel it.
Gemma Davies Sep 2018
I wish it would rain in flowers just once,
I'm not a fool, silly or dunce.
But just imagine the joyful outcry,
If beautiful flowers fell from the sky.
Blooms and petals floating in the air,
Falling all around, landing everywhere.
Like bright scented confetti falling down,
Covering every city and town.
Not all the time or every day,
Nor when the sky is dull or grey.
But when it's blue and bright outside,
Think of the smiles that would provide.
My poem was lovingly made into a 'Me to You Bear' video:
vera Jul 2018
i dream of you when the sun falls to her knees
i watch as she sinks,
to raise your eyes into view
how lovely
how brown
filling the open sky with fond stars
that watch as your brown glimmers in their place

i dream of you when the clouds join forces
i watch as thunder roars and lightning blares
your smile into focus
how lovely
how bright
filling my mind with wonderous thoughts
and my heart with shock waves of joy

i dream of you when i close my eyes
to reveal your hand searching for mine
how lovely
how kind
filling the air wth hot bursts of laughter
that find their place in my affection
and settle in

i dream of you
all of the time
how lovely you are
how blessed am i
- thank you
ChildofGodyay Jun 2018
This day you have made! I will rejoice and be glad in it!
Yet again, you gave me a chance. I will rejoice and be grateful of it!
Another day to feel your presence! I look forward to the day ahead!
to God
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