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Neo Dore Oct 11
Hidden glare of strangers
Maybe all over now
even if you forgive me not
I'll always be here with you

Wake me when it's over
Wake me to a place I know
Hidden glare of strangers
Will never go.

You don't seem to understand
Shame on all the fears we hold so dear
You know what they say might hurt you
Even if they'll never go.
Gave you love.
Gave you more than I ever thought possible.
Thought you were the one.
The one I could tell others I truly loved.

Then he came along.
And impressed you more.
Woke up one morning and read a note stating you were gone.

Weeks and months went by.
And I kept going on.
Truly hating any type of sad mood songs.

Then one day you returned just looking sad.
Explain that your new love wasn't a good man.
And like a fool, I listen almost into the night.

Knowing you finally woke up and realized?
We didn't have a bad life.
Maybe it wasn't as fancy as you would have liked.

And it is amazing to friends and family too.
That I welcome you back into my life.
Yes, I am a fool for loving you this deep.

But they never truly saw the way you do love me.
Based off  Running Scared by Roy Orbison song.
Carl D'Souza Aug 1
When we ask questions
about how to be
optimally joyful and happy,
we have a chance
of discovering
some answers.
Carl D'Souza Aug 1
I search for happy people
and when I recognise
a joyful and happy person
I take clues
from how they are feeling, thinking and acting
to discover
how I can feel, think and act
to be optimally joyful and happy.
The voids around me.
It's filled with care, kind and soft.
With joyful, silence and calmness. With wisdom, acceptance and love.
Aidan Jun 20
Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.
That's the saying isn't it?
To not let the words of someone else get the better of you?
But how can you not let them get the best of you when they haunt you daily?
How can you ignore them when they are lurking right around the corner?

We want to believe that the cushion to our wound will always be there for us no matter what.
We want to believe that there will be someone by our side through it all.
But it's the words that we use that can do the exact opposite of what we want.
Words make people leave
Words can make people stay
Words define how we live and who is involved in it.

Nothing is said without an intention,
It may not be direct but it will do damage.
Damage that could either be fix with more words or damage that will stay forever wounded.
Words cause the hurt that surrounds us today
Words cause the joy that we are all addicted to

So the next time you use the words you have been blessed with,
Just think long and hard
And then, just then may you say what could very well dictate your future.
This poem is about the words that are used in everyday life and how they hold much more power than people like to think. Words are the key to the set backs and the advantages in life, it is just a matter of how you put them together.
Donna Jun 11
On a path of joy
Squirrel walked along a fence
Magpies perched in a tree
I love nature it as so many beautiful meanings and being appreciative of  happiness and joyfulness is two of its bests meanings xxxxxxxx ❤️❤️❤️
Donna May 6
Behind a cloudy
sky sits a warm cozy sun
in bed drinking tea

:-) ❤️ Inspired by cloudy day today x
Beautiful, is the sight of depths within one’s eyes.
Like Celestial bodies magnified in the confines of the ocular speck.
As if Nebuli birthing Stars, revolving around a Blackhole,
or that of a storm circling the pockets of Gravity.

Who can escape the entrapment of wonder, as they look within?
Curiosity like the peaks of the great Pyramid,
staring afar the belt of Orion - a child-like pondering.
All who see it, imparted with a glisten of glee - the ecstasy of hope within.
I was inspired to write this, as I stared into the eyes of a peer - as I stared therein, I saw a nebula of sorts.
William Lewis Apr 21
I'm writing to the
1,000 and 33
who don't have a voice anymore
who don't walk anymore
To those who will never celebrate
there 16th birthday
or take their exams
To those born on the same day
as me
who could have been me
who I could have been
I'm writing to the
1,000 and 33
families who cry
while I celebrate
1,000 and 33
Mothers who grieve there child
or the fathers who cry into there pillow at night
I'm writing to say thank you
for being alive
I'm writing to say sorry
that your not
I'm writing because
1,000 and 33
could have been me.
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