mjad Jan 12

things happen
words slip
lips collide
tears drip
but sometimes
those things
are good
loving words
tender kisses
joyful tears
not bad

Kate Eddy Jan 7

When I was young so long ago,
Threatened I was; though I didn't know,
My parents feared as to my fate-
Afraid that the doctors would be too late.

And the doctors did all that they could,
For the fear of my parents they understood,
They opened my skull and saw the mass-
Knowing that they had to move fast.

Many at the time thought those efforts to be in vain,
For my life this tumor continued to drain,
But those doctor's efforts weren't destined to be lost-
For God had not let my death be the cost.

To show I understand what it is you're going through,
My choir is here to carol for you,
For Christmas is the time of giving: as God's done-
And I do hope this will bring joy to everyone.

This is not just a story- When I was young I had a brain tumor the size of a grapefruit.....I barely survived.....and now several yrs later I went on December 23 with my church choir to carol for both the doctors and child/ families etc...who were going through the same thing as me or just as bad....children's hospital was like unfortunately a home for me when I was young.....so / those I saw in the hospital I did understand.
Svode Nov 2017

Yelling urges in my mind,
try to tell me that everything's fine.
Yet your hatred for me grows and grows,
for a reason only God knows.

My life was joyful with you on my way,
now it has gone wildly astray.
My hope was plentiful when you were here,
now the future fills me with fear.
My mind was eased when you came by,
now you've left me to simply cry.

Calming voices in my brain,
worn out from the past's strain.
Your hatred for me grew with time,
and now I have to leave you behind.

m i a Jul 2017

she made me speechless,
everyday words could
never describe her,
so i found beautiful
words that described
the beautiful her.

she is inexpressible.
   [coming soon.]
Paul Jones Jun 2017

The lightness of your     spirit bounces by,
like a binding ether      joining all the dots.

11:50 - 10/06/17
State of mind: joy.

Thoughts: from thinking - about the free spirit, the joyful weightlessness and emptiness, the space inbetween, holding all matter together.

Questions: none.
alan Jun 2017

Joyful dancing around the same abyss,
let one play to be that careless.
Always continue to tease,
ignoring all the people's pleas.
Slip and fall onto our knees,
but I can still spring up.

dreaming boop Feb 2017

I cannot even
Begin to tell you how much
I've missed our friendship.

February 19, 2017.
I recently contacted a friend I haven't spoken to in a long time, and we ended up talking until 2am last night. I've missed him and his friendship so much, and I honestly hope I don't lose him again.

She raises her hand in victory
For being an outstanding student
Always exercising her mind
And making valuable usage of her time
Willing to learn everything
As she embarks on her journey
With every new page
She continued to become more sage

FA12AMstorm Nov 2016

I write songs about negative things. I write about it because I need to take those things and put them on paper. I have to do that because I'm taking it out of myself and putting it away. Not away in the back of my mind, but away as in away from me for good. It's the way I deal with things. I don't really write songs about happiness or joy. I don't have to deal with those things, it's there. I don't have to get them out of me, I want them here. I'm not focusing on negative things, I'm focusing on being happy and joyful all the time that I can. Don't get me wrong, I'll probably write songs about positive things in the future. Although, right now, somehow, negative is rhyming better than positive.

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