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Erica Girone May 15
Nothing is alright
But everything is okay
The ocean is crashing in on me
But I’m embracing each wave
v Feb 10
Does the line of comfortability change due to culture? Can you handle less because maybe you did not handle more? Are you over sensitizing because I overheard? Telling me to watch the words I learned at a young age because Susies mom taught her kids those terms?

Do you only laugh at the people you enjoy? Respect the same of your own? Can you respect me even if you don't agree, I don't want to come at you, I don't think Im right but I don't think Im wrong. Agree to disagree simple to say it .

You tell me.... "I AM" part of the queer community as if I don't love a good ***** in the face.
You tell me WHO you are and assume who I am not.
I don't want to take away your voice, I don't disagree, I just wanna say mine too and how I feel....
Butterfly Nov 2019
I'm tired but let's do another day to see if things change.
I said I was coming back but sike, you felt for it.
Keiri Aug 2019
Goodmorning, sings the happy delivery guy.
In such a cheerful and jolly glee.
How was your day. He asks, I don't know why.
I do not answer, it was horrible you see.

Goodafternoon, says the friendly neighbour.
In such a happy and soft content tone.
I quickly close my creaking door.
I don't get why people enter my comfort zone.

Good evening, a colleague at work had to say.
She smiled in an inviting kind matter.
Oh how would she know what's good anyway.
They're on my tongue by every letter.

Goodnight says the volunteer on the phone.
For I called the lifeline again tonight.
Good for you, finally you leave me alone!
I forgot I was the one who dialed out of fright.

What would they know what's good.
Rather push them away.
They never even understood.
And they don't listen to what I have to say.

I feel lonely, abandoned and forgotten.
In this barren, cold dark world which is rotten.

With my mind I will always be alone.
Shifted away in my bubbly comfort zone.

I will never have a delivery guy, a neighbour or a friend.
I will rather accept a most lonely, and sad end
This is how I feel every single day. I feel too emorionally unstable to lay out contacts, make and keep friends. And by the end of the day, I complain of feeling lonely. Anz being aware of this cycle, I feel foolish and little.
Hunter Jan 2019
Secrets in my mind
Some you cannot seem to find
Looking for my pain?
For these you cannot obtain
stopdoopy Mar 2019
of the    dark
further,          further
pushing                on still
through         the street
in a       patch
just to  see you
and meet
the glorious sun
soak in the warmth
as the first light of day
drifts over us and I start to think
maybe this is home, here with you
in those shining pale rays, just us
and the problems of the world
seem so distant when we
can just sit here, looking
up at the sky, alone,
together, enjoying
ourselves and so
utterly at peace
and that    is a life
that I          think I
could get                 used to
Mane Omsy Sep 2018
She works all day and night
Even if it is wrong or right
She races to the sky,
Until her child can fly

All of the pain nailed to her head
Just so she would collapse down
On her knees, for some bread
Trying hard, not to drown
Senlo Jul 2018
I hope you know that you are loved
And when you feel low
you are still above
the darkness and your demons
Promise me you won't give up
you are needed
This goes out to my aunt that took her life
To the ones contemplating death day and night
questioning your existence
the thoughts are now consistent
i hope you know that the world would notice if you went missing
You are the only you on this earth
Yes there are stronger boys and there are prettier girls
There are people wealthy and unhappy
And there are people poor that smile with no teeth
You can make it out of this ditch
i mean if you wish
Because who am i to tell you to stay alive
To tell you that you need to exist
To tell you that you have a purose
Your life with flourish
love yourself from within
and soon people will see this bright light in you that was once dim
I hope you stay alive
not for her, not for them, not for that, not for him, not for this but for you.
Please love yourself & and If you can't, then I will.
Raegan Meyer Apr 2018
i want to know why
love means pushing away hate.
why can't i do both?
i don't want to hate lol, i just like the way the haiku turned out
Olivia Nery Mar 2018
some people say that life is a blessing,
but i'm not feeling quite the same way

they constantly thank and pray to their lord,
but i'm just pushing through every day

their lives are a dream, a blessing, a gift
while mine feels like i'm dragged by a noose

"My life was hard too, just try harder" they say

"i'll try...
to cut myself loose."
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