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Brianne Feb 2022
It wraps me up tightly and never lets me go
Words meaningless to others, mean everything to us
A touch on the back for guidance, comforting
A smile that was once given to others, now mine to adore
Melony Martinez Feb 2021
You are easy to love
You make time for me
You are generous with your affection
You communicate your feelings for me without hesitation
You openly and honestly share your thoughts with me
You are curious about me
You want to know who I am and you want to know why

I can’t express how much this makes me feel loved and adored
The way you love me makes me want to be better for you
You have reached into my soul and pulled out emotions I have never felt
You spark my imagination and challenge me to explore new adventures
I hope I never have to wake from the dream you have given me
I want all of you – your laughter, your pain, your passion, and your heart
I promise to never take for granted this easy connection – intimate, honest, and rare
IC Mar 2020
Kiss me like its the last
Rather slow than fast

Dont threat me like you do
More like something new

Love me like you love me

Touch me like you want me

Hug me like you miss me

I want to feel adored
And be 'the wife of your life'
Mark Toney Nov 2019
~ Can anyone solve my riddle poem? ~

An infinite schriek
Passing through nature,
Featureless, ungendered,
Not an individual creature
Frozen in time
Overlooking a fjord
More than a century later
Is still highly adored
11/22/2019 - Poetry form: Riddle - Copyright © Mark Toney | Year Posted 2019
faith Dec 2018
i feel my cheeks begin to flush again,
as he whispers sweet nothings to me,
feeling so adored and loved,
i can't help but smile,
and close my eyes for a while.
Sometimes you just need to be adored for a little while...
Blade Maiden Aug 2018
You crave interaction
Not just a mere distraction
Lonely from the bottom
of your soul that is rotten
You are adored by a person
you love this version
Then it all goes wrong
And you crave another one
who's not there
you look but don't know where
Lonely from the bottom
of my soul that is rotten
How to keep a heart
How to be a part
of a me & you
and who?
FreeMind Mar 2018
Running thoughts,
Embraced warmly in my arms.
I am flying high above the ground,
Out of their arms reach, they won't ever pull me down.
Visible, and yet I will never be found.

Letting go might seem hard,
But I must move on, can't give up now.
The destination is far ahead,
But I am a martlet now,
Sailing the self-built ship called Life.

And for some silly reason,
it seems important to me,
to know what will happen next...

I can't control Life,
Life controls me...

rachel huberty Dec 2017
i don't want to be a flower
something to be plucked and looked at
i want to be a groundswell, a mighty wave
or a ravenous forest fire
i don't want to be adored
i want to be feared
this poem is loosely based off of the fictional character nina zenik from the six of crows duology by leigh bardugo. heavy emphasis on loosely.
m i a Nov 2016
not only had i loved you

i adored you,




but even as i adored you,

you still came toward me,

with a glistening sword,

inbetween, what i thought

to be your precious fingers,

and stabbed my heart, as if

as if it were a piece of cardboard,

you ripped it apart, you ripped me

apart and yet,





darling, how i adored you.
this can be taken any way, whether it be of friendship, love, or a parent-child relationship. i hope this was somwhow enjoyable. *akkinda is korean for 'adore.'
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