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Abeer Apr 18
Ticking away, the time that owes us blood

A distinct galaxy must have

Lipsticks for men and women to kiss where they didn't **** little children and destroy cities

Now again

It's good to hear yourself far away across the street

The softly spoken death sentence

Then screams of abstinence, reoccurring tones of vocal chords tearing up to merciless stretch.

It's a huge shape to draw by a poor weary man

So he decides to join the twisted fate of craze

And then he is forced to the back
The demon whispers "sorry we are full of ordinary man, we don't need more murderers"

Put that thought next to problem 8, a bunch of scribbled lines
Felix Andlar Dec 2022
You life, sinusoidal,
with it's ups and downs,
Touches with cosine mine:
once when it's up,
once when it's not.
And I long for that eternal range,
for you to stay in my domain.
Trigonometric love
Melody Mann Dec 2022
Arbitrary numbers scatter her mind's surface,
Operationally stunted she scurried,
For no deviation could solve the turmoil vested within,
It was hope vested in the cosmos,
An escape adorned in constellations,
The unwinding of a student.
A M Ryder Sep 2022
What is beautiful
About reality
Is what is beautiful
About math
There are
Many things
That have happened
The things that have
Produced this moment
Are at most times
Meaning so big
It renders itself
Yet.. it happened

Even if the
Numbers against
Stand taller than
The daisy itself
Ever could
It still remains
In the meadow
For you and I
To see
Greater than all created things summed up
And multiplied by immortality,
The LORD attends to every buttercup
And blade of grass and bird and bumblebee.
The greatest knows the least; and every man
His every hair has been accounted for;
And all of him is fitted to God's plan
The earth and chosen people to restore.  
Everything's His to give or take or loan,
And nothing lies beyond His lone control.  
Everything's His, and every thing is known
By Him who sees all parts and every whole.
He understands, both root and all, and all
In all, the flower in the crannied wall.
Robert Ronnow Mar 2022
Should I become a middle school math or English teacher?
Leave my bed early in the morning and return with test papers to grade.
With what authority will I persuade those kids to sit still and perform
      calculations and interpretations.
I won’t be allowed to teach A Good Man Is Hard To Find. Nope, it’ll be
      Catcher in the Rye, Lord of the Flies and Slaughterhouse Five. Novels
      that annoy.
Poems and math are magic. Words and numbers are things no one has
      ever seen or heard or touched.
But the administration keeps them separate. The curriculum’s
The kids are beautiful but combustible. When middle school lets out at
      the periapsis of Earth’s orbit, that’s the face of joy.

The purpose of school is to introduce us to the world’s innumerable
      wonders. The periodic table, World Wars I and II, Huckleberry Finn
      and Jim.
Once a gaggle of teenage girls bet whether I wore boxers or jockeys. I felt
      ambushed and unlucky. Also a bit afraid.
There’s little love lost between the students and the teachers. Expect to
      forget and be forgotten. Information.
I remember Mr. Killian my chemistry teacher. So boring about something
      I now find so interesting and important. He wasn’t boring; I was
I remember Mr. Christensen my history teacher. He was fat and funny but
      taught as little as possible. I was known to laugh so hard I cried.
I remember Mr. T my calculus teacher. He dressed everyday exactly like
      Gene Kranz in mission control. I was confused past help so he didn’t
I remember Tone Kwas my music teacher. He said I was the worst
      trumpet player he’d ever tried to teach and switched me to
      sousaphone. He was right but so what! Playing badly is the best
Jean Feb 2022
bored out of my mind
i already get this
please get me out of here
i want to talk to you
This world...our world , got it's differences..
It held a beautiful statistics..a brilliant geometry of lives..

People sketched, the unnecessary graphs..
in the name of castes , colour , gender , nationality and what not!!
Hence created the ugliest line of division..
about ,who can be the numerator and be above the community line..
and who can be the denominator and live under the poverty line..

Some crafted wealthiest names..while others had to hide their tears under unfinished roofs..
Some  chased for their own rise...while others have to eat the only rotten rice..

Multiplied the division deliberately..
Added up the differences wanting-ly..

We should evaporate the boundaries ,  we drew in our life's charts....
should redefine our lives ,  to decrease the death rates...

Let's choose humanity over cruelty..
Helping over hindering..
Love over hate..

Remember ,we all are alike..
'cause every being has to make their first cry after birth..
'cause every being has it's last breath..
every being has to breathe till death..
every being have to bleed when cut..
Math's creating the difference!!
Science finding the solution..
Humanity is being jailed behind the bars of human's hearts!!!
Dave Robertson Dec 2021
Winter nights, long
like the light is lost in thought
I sometimes think of you
and the equation of our loss/gains

even though I’m **** at maths
and numbers are for squares
the outcome on the page
is positive
GaryFairy Oct 2021
Your way works sometimes
My way works sometimes
Their way works sometimes
Without all ways, there would be no way, always
Hey grey, you took the blue away
Is it really going to rain all day?
If the sky were only grey, it would rain all days
Tomorrow is the big day, don't take it away
To get to the big day, I lived through small days

Get it Egbert?


It's something that we were born with, but for some odd reason, a mad scientist got credit for it. Happy scientists, like Benjamin Franklin just used it for science.

All is Relative was said at a family reunion by a grandpa in West Virginia. Then he called the missing family members inbreds. Sinister
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