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My life has a reaction entropy of positive infinity
Star BG Oct 6
Human Journey
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Joy, Peace, Harmony
just a thought in this wandering mind
Amanda Noel Sep 28
And then she told the rose,
The only reason anyone
would stop to appreciate the aroma
Is motivated by a desire
to tear your petals apart.

Alternating between disbelief
and questioning the possibility,
the rose sharpened her armor.
Thorned by a prickled heart.
Polar Equations.
Glacial Contradiction
SmallKid Sep 21
What is MATH?

M e n t a l
A b u s e
T o
H u m a n
Quinn Adaire Sep 15
The weird thing with boredom
Is that it always only occurs
When one has quite a lot
Of actual things things to do.

Like right now,
I am writing
Maybe getting a couple of likes
When I should be studying
So I don’t get a grade
That makes me go “Yikes!”

Like right now I feel deprived
Of things to do,
I think it’s cause one gets easily bored
With what’s right in front of you.
Because why not.
The Dybbuk Sep 8
In mathematics,
A set of vectors are linearly independent if and only if their null space
is comprised exclusively
by the origin.
The only solution, is 0. Nothing.
There is no real way to describe them, other than, "because,"
And that's as good of anything I suppose.
Because to be linearly independent is a Godhood in of itself;
You cannot be defined in terms of the other vectors in your set,
Bystanders to your mathematically perfect
Bruce Demos Aug 28
((view horizontally on the phone))

I                        graph,                        s­ighs
    was      cosine          up         down,        and
             a                              and                            lau­ghs.

Intervals                              and
              s­lowing        peaks       troughs
                             fast,                              past
                         ­                                                  the
                                                             ­                     floor,
                                     ­                                               couldn't
         ­                                                                 ­               take
                                                            ­                             any
                                                             ­                            more
                                                            ­                                 !

falling                                up
       through                swings
             infinity,     curve
keneth Aug 16
one plus one                  will always be two
one plus two,                you hate me do you?
two plus three,              has it always been me?
three plus five,              i want to see what you hide.
five plus eight,              we fulfilled our fate
then there's eight plus thirteen.
if you stop, how do i begin?
for one plus no-one will never be two.
one plus no-one will never be two.
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