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DAF 8h
thought i'd be famous by now
     though i never was exceptional
          thought i'd be better by now
they ask i say i am
Rachel Mar 13
You are acid laced gumdrops
You are a lie behind every smile
A caveat without caution
The ephemeralness of a dream

I am the fading of ventricles
Scrawling on chamber walls
A conspiracy of cohesive illusion
A dementia of endless reveries

We are the crossing of golden twilight
Apropos to tangents and parallels
A prism of algorithms and extrapolated differences
What abstract sequence of patterns could decipher the correlation of our two functions
M-E Mar 8
I know
You didn't know
That I need those
Crumpled, half ripped papers
On the floor
Mother, These are my poems
I didn't told you a thing
To not get upset
I know these are my poems
You scribbled on
Go ahead
Write on them
Anything, everything
But Mother, Math!!
My mother scribbled math on one of my poems. I hate math.

La Civilisation, ma Mère by Driss Chraïbi. (I just felt the need to mention this book.)
Jewels Mar 7
Breathing on my neck like an asymptote
Math talk
Ken Pepiton Mar 6
A transfer of energy
ye know, in the higgs,
do we still honor the guy
that idea had? Capital letters confer honor,
in my literary culture.
Honor is not always due.
Higgs did the math, so H is honoring
his attention to detail, there for duty to honor
knowns predicted by men augmented
with reason, conlogique, mit prehensile
minds capable of accounting for believable unseeables.

Despise not the day of small things,
the boson thinglet, math says those ef
fect, in fact, make
mass, any thing that ever matters
at all.

( A syllable at a time saves stitches,
don't run with scissors. Nonsense...)

Ping, inside, outside, one side, one edge,
crissing and crossing at every vector in time from this
particularity, a dimensional dialectic duality,

that's the field at work, maybe,

may be not.
Real quick decicisions happen
in that field idea.

Only Doctors, Master Professors of
Sophia's Sacred Secreted Truths may enact the
Matriculate's escape from dominion of higgsian rules
by endowing
hidden treasure, for baksheesh,  in power spells
and chants and cheers and degrees of
blood sworn oathz.

E pluribus unem is one of 'em, I learned.
Too spiritual a' idea to be allowed
but to them whose cogitatin'
warn't troubled, them
secret keepers,
the civilizeers'ad vizeers in Teflon tenured towers
overlooked some honorable ideas,
Higgs, so what? We all know
Things be that we can only imagine seeing.

Which reminded me, not all bubbles are spherical.

You know. You have seen big long stretchy
silicon re-enforced detergent
bubbles, on TV.

The higgs field of reality is such a bubble,

to my mind. Can you imagine that?
to my mind away

we went as if we were wind, whispers
in the storm.

Settle down. All that can be de
constructed can be de
solved, dis
cerned, de
As re-al ways made where no way was.
Riddle or rhyme, which is easier to remember?
Riddle locks to keywords
Ryhme locks to a sound and sound locks to
Keywords unlock the channel
where living and life are wave and particle,
medium and message sent.
If there were shame on your nation,
was that shame on you, like an extension,
or like a pro jected ob jection...

juxt aposit just a point in the field upon which

the story you know is no lie,
may rise,

knave to wizard,

tell it funny.
funny only hurts when evil people do it.

Gotdim, gotdimimim, fuggafuggagubbledy boo

Magi fool, he lies about the futil-if-ity of sisting,
in the world, he will eat you alive, lest you know
the word.

Inspire, expire, that sort of thing, but
spiritual. A trans fer of con
served en
ergy, via demiurge, per
hapmayhap and
magi transisters

regularizing the flow
through the locks, in
for ward
flow, that's all they know.
Our servants who motivate us,
all they do is use our breath and our blood
to charge up the ATP batteries by the billions,
until we cannot withstand the pressure.

A fugettin' consarnation story teller,
who then lies, and sows discord among bretheren,
by adding to and taking from the story,
pre suming knowns unknown are
mere myth the magi invented
mit wit and subtle twisting.

Novices, apprentices,
those ain't allowed to eat pearls 'til they wisdom
teeth come in,
that penultimate major marker, of maturation,
in the gut
brain input-putout exchange system,

once those have changed the way
vortices of taste
swirl words down the eustacion
spiral, then

The frontal cortex kicks in and God only knows
the tune we sing in ryth'm
with the snow flake rhymes framing my window pane.
Juan Bot Feb 28
They say 2+2 = 4.

But 2 +2 = 5 is also right.


What is 2?
Is two two? Or is it two?
Does two two have to equal 4?
or does two two can be two three?

Albert Einstien said otherwise.
Thats why he died.

****** said yes.
Thats why everyone hates him.
For Dr. J. J. Manukal IXVIX, my calculus professor At Brown's Plumbing School. He always inspired me to think and live beyond life's boundaries.
and the traffic in your life is terrible,
drive forth.

When the sleepless nights come,
and whiskey cannot inebriate the feels,
nor Tom Waits lull you home,
and your mind goes dark and deep.

When you find yourself feeling sad
and can't locate the epicenter of life,
when all is gone,
take a minute,
2 minutes,
6+(n-1) minutes when n > 10,
and vent your feelings.

Let the real you out to play
and find meaning in the insomnia.
I too got lost in a maze -
drive forth - not sure where I'm headed
but I can see the sunrise.
For a friend. Or anyone who needs some time to think
Juan Bot Feb 26
On the twelfth day of christmas
my true love gave to me

12 books
11 pens
9 USB drives
8 water bottles
7 toothbrush
6 pencils
5 golden McGraw-Hill Ryerson PreCalculus 12 Textbooks
4 TI-84 Plus CE without batteries
3 Printers
2 Laptops
and a will to live

I love Christmas. Merry Christmas, or happy holidays for all you athiests
M ental
A buse
T o
H umans
As you can see, I'm not a very big math fan...
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