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smc Feb 11
Text--sent 11.14.14 @ 1:22 pm:
You asked me what I miss. I've debated about whether to tell you this or keep it to myself and try to move forward. I've decided to just be completely honest with you. Here's my answer:
I still love you, [K]. I really, truly fell in love with you. I know we weren't together long--it happened fast, but it was real. I have tried to move on, but you're still in my head. I miss the sound of your voice, your cooking, the horses, the way our hands actually fit together. Most of all, though, I miss the way I felt when I was with you. I found a connection with you that is unlike anything I have ever known. I thought that I had been in love before but nothing comes close to the way I felt, and still feel, about you.
I actually hoped that, after seeing you last week, we could give this another try.  
It's become clear, though, that you have moved on. Sometimes the very thing we want more than anything is just not meant to be. It hurts like **** and if I had one wish, I'd wish that you could love me like I love you.
I wish you nothing but happiness, peace, and love. I hope that someday you find yourself at the ocean again. That is, after all, where you thrive.
Take care of yourself, [K], and please send my love to the dogs and the horses. I miss you all.
this is what love looks like, in the aftermath of one last hope to start again. i never received a response to that text.
it took a long time, but gradually, i let go of him.
i chose to stop ruminating and foolishly hoping. i took My power back.
i crafted a barn wood shadow box, placed him inside, ****** in a jagged breath, and buried him.
Carter Ginter Feb 10
My heart broke 700 times

I'm glad you found your closure
It feels like it opened a cavity in my chest
A billowing hole ******* the air
From out of my lungs and
Away from my brain
Away from the sanity I've created
Where I thought I felt secure
But instead the infrastructure was so weak
That the simple memories you mentioned
Left a mark on me yet again
As my heavy heart weighs me to my bed
And I wish so desperately to be alone
I feel as though I'm dying
I must accept reality as it is
I know that all too well
That's why I agreed to meet
To see you
To see me
To see us
We're different than we once were
And while I understand how and why
My soul mourns the moment
And I know I should just live it fully
Because so soon it'll pass
And once again
We'll be strangers on the street
One heart armored with reinforced steel
The other a sloppy mess of
Broken shards and what ifs
Rotting until it turns to ash
And new flowers bloom from its death
and before its even started again
its over
i cared about you
you didnt find me significant
i loved you
you didnt even care about me
i needed you
you didnt want me
i appreciated you
you used me
i cant get over you
you are already gone
my world depends on you
your world continues to turn
i want closure
youve already moved on
the second time ive been fooled by you
Ash Feb 2
I swore to never let
anyone leave me broken.
But my heart has been hurting
much too often.
Certainly no one’s to blame-
merely the arms of the human emotions heaving at the gears
I told myself to move on from the past
and live in the present.
But I’m still hanging on by the hinges.
I thought I had bolted my door,
only to realise it is connected by twisted cords
tied to your ****.
Each time I open my door, yours slams shut.
Each time you open yours, mine does with a thud.
I believe its more commonly known as the
push and pull effect.
We used to leave our doors open,
and peer into each others lives.
But now I’m hoping you’ll slide me the scissors
from the ***** beneath your door
and provide me the closure
I once sought.
Please give me closure. I need to move on.
I'm still dreaming about you
I never pictured this outcome
You're like a nightmare
That I can't wake up from
So many words wasted
On poems written about you
I never wanted any of this
I hope you're haunted too
Get out of jail free
Should not exist
As partners in crime
You also deserve this
I'm drowning in guilt
There is no remedy
You can leave a person in the past
But you can never erase the memory
Abigail Hobbs Jan 23
A frost had already settled late that night
Into the tenth hour, when most would be sleeping
All was quiet and cold on the front
When the stars presented themselves, you presented yourself to the sky
I imagine as gracefully as sunrise
Quiet and unsuspecting,
it sprang on us like an early spring

When winter turns to spring
and daisies push their way through the dirt
when the transition is done
I'll think of your fight to push through life, yet open yourself up
just as flower petals open to this world
Even though you passed in winter, spring will remind us of you
After a harsh winter, spring will be there to guide us,
whether we've made peace with the season,
whether we're ready and however early
We'll pick daisies to take you with us on this spring's journey

For my dear Aunt, who passed away earlier this month. She was 39, but had a long fight with Cystic Fibrosis. Her favorite flowers were daisies :)
shamori Jan 8
I could have helped build you in my moment of destruction.

But I left you...

   I returned...yet I was the one to inform you that I wasn’t home.

     Now you’re gone and I’m still lost...

What’s worse is I can say I’m honestly at my most comfortable in this space of numbness

I’m sorry and I miss you
This is the cycle we were given to.
Dedicated to a lost friend
tempest Jan 7
may your tears soak through my skin

                                                           ­            as your head lies on my chest
may your fears pour down my throat

                                                         ­           as your head lies on my *******

                           may i steal some of your nights?
                             as you steal some of my light?

                                                        ­        may your pain be shared with me
as your head begins to rest
Tonight, a memory came
I tried to recall
But, suddenly, you start to fade
Has it really been that long?
Your laugh is distant
If I could, would I try to remember in an instant?
The answer is unclear
Where have you gone in my head,
my dear?
Is this what letting go feels like?
I still remember my feelings,
but they're faint
akin to old paint peeling
in the attic of my body
forgotten, rusted and creating a new setting
Taking down the pictures,
setting up new fixtures for someone new to visit
I don't know how to say this
But, tonight, a memory came
I tried to recall
but came only a blurry face
and no will to remember at all.
Reposting this with a few edits, because the words ring truer to how I feel now :)
The words came spewing out of this burdened body of mine
It took much time
and borrowed space
Now I can begin to think of you
as someone faint
A sob overtook my soul
and thanked me for finally letting go
I'm ready for something new
After what I thought had been the best
After thinking, for thousands of minutes, there was only you
It's alright, darling, I don't need to know why  
Just that there's peace
within this funny thing called life
Closure is an amazing thing.
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