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bring me one step closer,
brimming loss of composure.
binge and hope I make it out,
i may be alive but not myself,
I'll die before I get closure.

swallow nothing but my pride,
feel like im passing out tonight.
is it anxiety? **** please help me.
feels like no one will ever find me,
just remember I really tried.
lol idk how good this is. I pretty much know it *****. but I tried.
I'm sorry
inthewater Sep 10
is what you left me
not important enough to be named
no reason, no plot
no closure
Zane Smith Sep 6
you tell me things
I don't need to know,
sure yeah I'm over him
but I don't care about
knowing him anymore.
I've finally let go
I moved on
I know you guys are like family,
but him and I aren't.
after so long he's out
of my head.
Please don't bring him back,
my energy won't
be taken by him
I made peace with our goodbye,
but that doesn't mean
I've fully healed
EzraZebra Aug 15
Whispers from a voice

A voice from a distant time
Time filled with only noise
Noise that always made me blind

Whispers creeping slow

Slowly crawling in my mind
My mind's begun to flow
Flow like the deserted night

Whispers feeling cold

Cold unlike the blazing fire
Fire glowing bright and bold
Bold as we begin to climb
Sally J Aug 13
Walking away was very easy
It never felt like i was slipping away
My gut felt like something was wrong
When i made the decision to walk with you
I forgot the consequences of love
To appreciate love we need to accept the sweet and bitter...
In this moment, i feel alive and present
There was nothing that could have been done differently
More than a question, an answer
What else can i do?
Today, i accept my loss

Sally al
Emily Jo Jul 18
I’m not





With brown locks

and a pouty allure

Sorry I couldn’t

Worth a mention

To your inner world
I thought maybe
I’d feel better
by pouring myself
into the ink of this letter.

I wrote paragraphs about how
much I loved you and hated you,
each word teeming with resentment
from everything you put me through.

I poured my heart into the pages
apologizing for the mistakes I made
and questioning whether or not
things would be different if I’d stayed.

After hours of writing and
staining each page with drops of tears,
I put the letter in a crowded drawer,
wiped my face, and whispered, “Cheers.”
M e l l o Jul 13
and there are these
silent moments
that no one
seems to notice
but here I am
with my knees
and my heart
as I waiting for
with so much
forcing myself
not to stutter
should I say 'Hi'?
or should I say 'Good bye'?
my inner demons
tells me to run
but my mind says
'Let it be done'
Poem of the day.
In my hands lies the answers you sought but never found
The pleas you let out but were never heard
The love you gave but never received
Promises that were made but never fulfilled.
I decided to write back to you so that you may find peace in knowing the reasons why.
So in my hands I hold the letters you never received.
Imagine what it would feel like if all the questions you had about life answered, the reasons behind everything that has happened to you til this day. I ask myself if it will ever bring closure, to question life or what will change after that.
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