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Danica 6d
As bitter brew meets parted lips, do tears accompany my sips?
In shadows cast by memories, do cries echo through the eclipse?

With every whispered plea for closure, does anguish tighten its grip?
Why did you choose her over us, leaving love's vessel to slowly rip?

In this café of shattered dreams, do my heart's cries reach your ears?
Or are they lost in the cacophony of our unspoken fears?

As bitter brew meets parted lips, do you taste the salt of my tears?
Or have you moved on, leaving me to drown in love's endless spheres?
yet they still carry the echoes of their love, forever intertwined with the bittersweet memories of what once was
Somewhere drifting off my
Dreams it seems of mind
A sense of reality out of touch
To touch I find mind
A sense of love of gay
For which I always lived
A for and loved much
A chance of time I lost
What known now not have
I lift out of knowing what luck
Upon such shucks as
To know this to past
I love found after all
To know life last.
Ryan Long Mar 14
I want to rap it out
 but I don't know where to start
 it's just so hard


I talk about things from my heart

 and I don't know how to say this to you
 And be true to myself 
 But I'm not sure I'm ready
 to just put it on a shelf 

 Cause things they keep coming 
 they keep attacking me 
from every angle 
 up down left and right it's all on top of me 

 it's just so hard going through life 

with all these memories 

 Sitting here thinking 'bout old friends
Promised we'd be there till the end
Up late trying to keep my composure
But all I want is a little bit of closure

It always comes at the worst times
I'll see something while standing in line
And the memories come rushing back
And there's nothing i can do 
Nothing left now but to think about you

Bout the good times we used to have
All the crazy stuff we did and we'd laugh

All the plans we laid out together
Turns out none of it came true
 but it eventually did get better

Man the parties we threw that was fun
And don't forget when we both bought our first gun
Loads of alcohol and bullets plus a suit or two
Life was pretty good hanging with you

Sitting here thinking 'bout old friends
Promised we'd be there till the end
Up late trying to keep my composure
I'm just trying to get a little bit of closure

You were my best man and i was yours
Life started getting busy and of course
It got harder to keep in touch 
And get together
But we never lost that vibe we survived
Cause we promised i got your back forever

But then the worst happened
You took a nose dive with some bad people
Got hooked on drugs and alcohol 
And they became your steeple 
Started to lose touch and you turned your back on family

It's so ******* up but we been through worse haven't we?!

Today i don't know where you are
I don't know if you're fine 
or if you're living in a car
A dead beat or just dead ashes in a jar

But Man i wish you would hear this
I still got your back you're not friendless 

Sitting here dreaming 'bout old friends
Promised we'd be there till the end
Up late trying to keep my composure
I think I'm too late to have any closure
Jade Nov 2023
My nightmares are filled
with all the words I should have said.
anita Nov 2023
i stand there
watching you walk by
i can’t speak
you’ve got me tongue tied
what will it take
to erase you
you haunt my
withering mind
you came back. they said you would
Joshua Phelps Oct 2023
The cold air
sends shivers
down my spine

The ghost of

Haunting me

Every day passing,
feels like torture,

And I don’t know
what to do.

Moving on should
be easy, but

It’s hard to see
My life without you.

I know
Nothing last forever,

And it’s hard to sever
the ties of the past,

When I’m still not
over you.
Joshua Phelps Sep 2023
Didn’t use to
hesitate for
a single second,

Jumping to

And headfirst
into all the

I never doubted
a word you said,

Even if the words
I said weren’t so

I never
learned to put


Lived my
life, hiding
in fear of

It’s not an
easy thing to

I know all
the things
I’ve done.

Saying sorry won’t
make it all come undone.
Sometimes apologizing isn't enough. I'm still learning to let go, and realize that not everything can be mended. Sometimes you have to leave it broken, so you can pick up your own pieces.
SpiritHeart67 Aug 2023
So glad I'm free
And you no longer
affect me...
Man Jun 2023
Love is a boulevard,
Sometimes we're in different lanes.
If all's going well, then I guess it's the same.
But what of the self-imposed roadblocks,
Or closures for repairs?
Things never gotten round to, and now
Some roads lead nowhere
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