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I'm Pinocchio and when I lie, a certain part of my anatomy grows.
But I'm talking about my wiener, not my nose.
Women constantly beg me to lie.
But I can't do it even though I try.
When I talk to women, I can only tell the truth.
They become so angry that they hit the roof.
I'm a puppet who is made out of wood.
I can't keep a girlfriend and that's no good.
My latest girlfriend is very attractive and she's a stripper.
But I couldn't lie and she just threw me in a wood chipper.
When women dated me, it was always because of ****.
But I told the truth once too often and now I'm sawdust.
Hannah once again with tears streaming from hazel eyes silently praying, "Oh Lord I need you desperately to show me how to make the best of this situation." Using her delicate hands to cover her face and trying to reason with her own heart. "Josh deserves a wife who can return his love, a wife that can be madly in love with him. I want to be that kind of wife. I want those feelings. I would hate to spend a life time in marriage where there is no love."
Hannah looked down at her hand and remembered his words when he'd given her the wedding rings. "I will wait a life time for you to love me if that's what it takes. I love you. There's no need for you to force feelings for me Hannah."
Regret hit her hard at how easily it seemed when she foolishly gave herself to Jake.
He showed her a different kind of attention that she needed. It dawned upon her right then that Jake didn't love her nor him. She confused it for love. She'd found a stand-in for the attention she craved from her father.
She was more naive but Jake was more crafty. There had been a great hole in her that she thought Jake could feel... an emptiness that only *** could fill. Perhaps now she could love Josh as *** intended. Now that she set her selfishness aside and forgiven her earthly father and would be right with her Heavenly Father again. She understood love and all of it's honesty now. Maybe it wasn't too late.
A tinge of fear seized a moment making her wonder how she could ever forgive herself. Then questions filled her mind as if to tell this wonderful, loving husband of hers of her betrayal and sin. And if she did would she lose him forever. Wondering if she could keep it hidden from him but if she did how could she feel good about it?
"Oh dear Heavenly Father," she tried once again to pray but only heart breaking sobs came out.
~Author Ven J. Arnold (rough draft).
This is an excerpt from 1 of my short stories. Just a rough draft. I'm having problems with figuring out how to go about getting published. This is a fiction piece.
k 3d
The silence the snowfall bestowed upon her was like no other,
as she skipped merrily through each flake laid upon the ground.
Slowly, she started twirling 'round and 'round to the tune of only the crunch beneath her tattered feet.
She was joined first by the birds, who were singing their dainty love songs, and soon by the deer, who carried a sleigh of ice behind them.
Time seemed to stop as she ran her fingertips over the carriage, slowly transforming from herself into who she had dreamed to be.
Her once worn out, raggedy ensemble was altered into a magnificent dress of all white, sequined snowflakes running down her sleeves, to her perfectly manicured hands.
She stepped into her carriage and in the silence of winter and raised her arms into the frostbitten air, gesturing for the deer to take her to her palace.
She had known not what would come of her past, or what her new journey had in store; but she, the glorious Snow Fairy found herself immersed in a life she was always waiting to discover.
Luvanna 3d
Musics ringing
Lights dancing
You'll find me on the dancefloor
Probably no
If you're sure you're my fate
And more than just my destiny
Find me in the smoking room
With a glass of orange juice
And 'The Great Gatsby' novel by the other hand
You won't bother to tell the others
Where you met the love of your life
Annie 6d
Afraid of the combat
the little bird fled
wrapped in the blankets
it sat on its bed
waiting in horror
scared stiff to the bone
there came a visitor
found her alone

He threatened her coldly
with fiery demands
offering her safety
with a knife in his hands

She bend under his urging
singing a sad lullaby
she found the cruel man crying
and sleeping by her side
the night still hides what happened
but little bird had found
in heart and mind well hidden
the Unkiss and the Hound
To the matter of  the 'unkiss' called scene from Goerge R. R. Martins Song of Ice and Fire.
Jann Flach Nov 24
open your eyes,
reality kicks in
salty tears running down my face and
I'm about to drown in this beautiful sea

swimming in the tears, i swear i could hear
a whisper in my ears
thats your voice, that keeps me up

i dont wanna drown,
i just wanna be alive
looking in your beautiful brown eyes
to feel your security in my bones

rescue me, im begging you
catch my hand and pull me out
out of this water, made from my own mistakes
pull me out, please, i don't wanna be here anymore
dear reader, its all about your mental strength so keep it in your beautiful mind and be careful.
Randy Johnson Nov 23
I have a sad story that requires music that's played by a fiddle.
I've been wounded and I'm spending Black Friday at the hospital.
Gamestop announced that they were knocking 80 percent off of Playstation 4s.
Less than one hour later, paramedics wheeled me through the hospital doors.
I tried to grab a PS4 from a woman, I thought because she was a woman, she wouldn't put up a fight.
But she stabbed, clawed, poked and she even decided to bite.
I really wanted that Playstation 4 because of how little it cost.
But when that woman was through, a lot of my blood was lost.
I'm at the hospital on Black Friday and it's a real shame.
Why did I want that PS4, I don't even like video games.
Haiku Donna Nov 20
He blew autumn leaves
when the air was still , today
we were his fairies
Lovely moment with nature last week so I made it a magical moment by being magically creative **
Manda Raye Nov 12
Sweetheart, don't be fooled
by my thick veils of lovely
language, this curtain behind which
I can easily disappear. I sing
a song which invites both
fact and fiction to the dance floor
to perform a number they didn't
know they knew. My tongue
wraps their love with a cherry stem--
still tied in a bow--though
they both long for more
than the other
will allow.
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