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I woke up one day.
One cold, dreery, lonely day.
What happened that day?
I'd rather not say.
What day? That day!
I could probably tell you
But you might have to pay.

Ok, so I woke up one day.
That cold, dreery lonely day?
Yes that day!
Now someone I knew
They just had to pay
Now just who they are,
I don't wanna say.

This person -
They just had to pay
What person? I told you!
I don't want to say!
But this person I've mentioned
They just had to pay.

On this cold, dreery, lonely day
I woke up and decided
they just had to pay
Pay for what? I'd rather not say
Let me get along with the story
I don't wanna delay

So you decided this person
just had to pay?
Exactly! I decided at last
That today was the day.
I needed my vengeance.
I had no time to play.

So what did you do?
I'm not ready to say
But I'm willing to tell you
That this man was Jay
Jay was his name and
Today was his day. Today
Was his day and he
Just had to pay

Pay for what?
I'm getting ready to say
I was on my way home
Right at the doorway
When I suddenly saw him
It was none other than Jay

He thought he was sneaky
Thought that he'd get away
Little did he know
That I saw him that day.
What did he do? Put two
and two together - I think
its needless to say

So did he pay?
Yes, I'm getting ready to say
2 days later on that
Cold dreary day
I found out where he worked
So I was following Jay
I followed him til we met
In a remote alley way

What did you do? Im getting
Ready to say
On this cold, lonely, dreery day
I've cornered you Jay
And you just have to pay
You're losing your life
Over one lousy lay
That's right! I've caught you
And today is your day

Did you **** him? Its time
To say. I pulled out my pistol
And aimed it at Jay
Its time for my vengeance
Today is your day
I woke up this morning
On this cold, dreery lonely
Day. And now is my time
It is my time to slay

And that is the last time
We ever heard from Jay
On the cold, dreery, lonely day
This one was fun! My sister talked to me about my writing and said I should think about other subjects and explore different ideas. So I used that advice and decided to think outside the box and not use my own experiences. I decided to use an idea and story that had no tie to any experience I've ever had. With that frame of mind I came up with this idea. I only formed the back and forth conversation idea for the first few lines. After that I just had to keep adding to it and brain storming more and more to add. All in all, I'm happy with how it ended up. Hope you all enjoy!
Randy Johnson Oct 12
When repo men come to my house, I order my Dobermans to attack.
They take chunks out of their butts and those repo men don't come back.
The finance company wants to repossess their stuff and other repo men are sent.
They're not going to get their stuff back, they should be able to take a hint.
They continue to send other repo men again and again.
They're going to have to stop, they're running out of men.
They want to repossess my car and my furniture as well.
But when my dogs attack the repo men, it hurts like hell.
One of my dogs bit a repo man in the ***** and gave him an instant vasectomy.
I saved him the money to have it done by a doctor and he is grateful to me.
Other repo men will be sent and I'll continue to order my dogs to attack.
Those people should learn that they're not going to get their stuff back.
s y kalindara Oct 10
My heart is an addict of fiction.

Awakening your pages with every drum,
it beats to remind me
that you're my very own
evergreen paramour
and I'm so sick of its pounding propaganda.

Copyright © 2020 by S. Y. Kalindara. All rights reserved.
Why does my heart keep insisting that you're the love of my life?
Nylee Oct 4
Everyone is writing their fiction
that is the actual perception
different versions of the very same
and what it incidentally became.
Michael Oct 1
I got lost, confused, forgotten my Left from my right
I’ve seen her before, or It, in my Dreams, a Light
So warm, reassuring, this Light held me more than tight
Ultimately, I awoke, darkness, I lost that sight

They say, true Love waits
At times it’s difficult, a world fueled by Hate
But I know, deep down, it’s never too late
I’ll find it, that light, my soulmate

Let me tell you, I found, that light is a true beauty
Made for each other, I know, truly
I’ll do my best, I will, Her happiness is my duty
She’s just what I want, I crave, my she’s such a cutie

Even in true Love nothing goes as planned
We must fight for our Love for there are many demands
At times it may be shaky, unstable, knowing not where we’ll land
But we’ll get through it together, we’ll learn Love together, firsthand

No need to rush, we have our whole lives together
Together we’ll experience it, no matter the weather
We’ll fly together, our Love as light as a feather
Our connection deeper than blood, our Love will never tether

Worry not my Love, no need to feel insecure
I’ll mend your heart through sheer Will
Stay by my side, you’ll see there is nothing to fear
I’ll adore you for always and always, Dear.

I’ll fight for you, even if you don’t want me
I’ll guide you, even when you can’t see
I’ll care for you, even when you don’t agree
I’ll wait for you, even if you leave
I’ll pick you up, even when you’re clumsy
I’ll be your foundation, your stone, your tree
Can you see now? You and I are meant to be...
Will Sep 24
Blazing down the midnight streets, driving faster with every beat.
The higher the mile, the bigger the smile.
At this great speed, they felt at peace.
Hoping that it would finally allow them to outrun their life of greif.
Lights flicker, fingers numb.
It hurts so much.
Knives claw through the memories.
"Please!", they cry out.
Fingers release, speeds increase.
There it was.
"Amy is right, Chad ***** major ***!"
She drove her pink Hummer to the sorority house.
"Yaaaaas, Queeeeeeen!"
They yelled.
"Chadsworth is gone!"
Cheers went round and their souls rebound.
But Chad was near, he always was, because Chad was an interdimensional demon.
1063629 was it's /name/
Sorority in flames, ladies Instagraming the pain.
1063629 sees this and claims
"/names not found/ feel pain! Emote!"
Empty space.
1063629 cries.
It is alone again.
Soul shattered in the war of JPSL20.
Alone in shame of loss.
Tears of an interdimensional demon.
Like glue.
I love you too.
Glue cracked the sky.
Crazy glue.
Stuck on you.
Glue cracked the earth.
Hades ruptures beneath.
Hellspawn rise up from the shattered surface realm.
The new savior lost, in a battle with the demon 1063629.
In 46-70 the Lord of Demetrius defeated the beast once known as; 1063629.
Glue was the cure.
Earth sealed with glue.
I was maybe a little high. But it was fun to write!
Randy Johnson Sep 21
I tied a sausage to my leg and for a short time my ex-girlfriend was fooled.
But she dumped me flat on my *** when she learned her leg was being pulled.
Because she didn't like the deception,
I didn't receive a friendly reception.
She thought that I was well-endowed, that is what she believed.
When she learned the truth, a broken nose was what I received.
She also crammed a lit pack of firecrackers up my *** and it sure did make me jump.
Now it hurts like hell every time I take a dump.
She dumped me even though I decided to get down on my knees and beg.
If you're a man and if you want a girlfriend, don't tie a sausage to your leg.
Carlo C Gomez Sep 13
Broke through the dark
by wounding one of its own

La luna lone

Made a hole in the heart
of my midnight

Bleeding out acetylene light

Grief is the haze

A mist shrouding reality
within these closing days
ju Oct 2011
The mums at nursery like me.
They are reassured by dark rings beneath my eyes,
blue jeans, clean-scrubbed smile, pulled back hair.
A soul more boring and more tired-
Just knowing I exist makes them feel better.

Not today:

Today I’m wearing make-up.
And my shorts are, well, short
which I think is against the rules.
My hair shines like a barley sugar sweet
and my finger nails sparkle
like long forgotten jewels.

Today I dodge dressing-up hats, snotty noses, spilt milk,
play-dough, paint and mud-puddle splats
with practiced precision.

Today, just this once, when I give mums their children back,
I look more together and more stylish than them.

I run home, cross busy roads in record time,
wave to total strangers who want to say hello.

I get the polish off my nails,
scrub my face under the shower,
dry my hair,  pull it back,
grab yesterday’s jeans and baggy sweater.

He returns from work and asks:

Did you have a good day?

I think:

Yes. Yes **** it. Yes  I did.
Do you know-
my eyes are pretty, and I can get into shorts
I wore ten years ago?
Stop traffic - check.
Turn heads - hell yeah!
The roofer down the road nearly fell and broke his neck.
Your wife is, without a doubt,  a ******* **** thing.

So many words, like popping candy on my tongue.

I imagine his reaction.
I shut my mouth.
Danger passes.

But lies won’t come. Mouth’s gone dry.
I swallow back the truth then feel like I’m gonna gag.
Panic rising in my chest on top of bile.


My day was fine

I say. Just that.

My day was fine

And I am saved.
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