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De tu cuerpo, pegado
A mi, tu esencia de mujer
Ese perfume secreto, biologico
Que alcanzas al estallar

Y mis labios y mis ojos,
Te adoran, pero mi nariz
te siente, todos los días,
en cada momento

Tu llegada al cielo, esta
En mis sentidos, como una
Marca invisible, sin ataduras
Mi nariz y mis sentidos

Mi cuerpo te pertenece,
mi olfato, te ama cada dia,
En cada momento, entre los
Recovecos de la vida diaria

Esta tu esencia, y tus ojos,
Miel dulce y verdad, y la
Falta de amarras no hace
que te sienta menos, al reves

Te siento en mi pecho, latiendo
Como tu me sientes a mi, en tu
pecho, en ese pecho color rosa,
Amado besado y adorado.

Ahí habito en silencio, entre
tus pechos, eres una y son todas,
Eres la verdad, mi conexión con
La Fuente, con el universo

Que es testigo Y el cupido
de nuestro idilio, y los ojos
Cerrados con amor, para que
solo te vea mi alma

Y entre tus ojos de mujer,
Entre tus ojos de leona,
la verdad, que amas y que
eres amada.

Y el tiempo y la distancia
Son nada, si te llevo en mi
Pecho, y descanso yo entre
tus pecho adorados.

Y tu llegada al cielo, es
Mi deber, mi deseo mas
Grande, el verte llegar, al cielo
Volando junto a mi

Como una bandada, de
leones alados, en camino
Hacia las vacaciones, en la
Energía, su ENERGIA

Eso que nos hizo amarnos,
Eso que te hizo esperarme en
Silencio tantos años, sabiendo
Paciente que tu día llegaria

Y que serias mía, y que tus brazos
De alabastro, que amo, serían
El cielo que son hoy, eres


Ojalá que entiendas, que tu
espera no fue en vano, que
Soy solo un hombre a vuestros
Pies, pues cerca de ti siento paz

Y entre miradas cómplices
Y nuestras almas en sintoniza, como el cielo, se sienten tu brazos.

algún día volaremos
a descansar en su

Y como una banda de leones,
Alados y fieros, llegaremos
Donde ya pertenecemos, eso
James debe olvidarse

Que nadie puede quitarte
tu boleto, eres mía, sin ataduras,
Y tienen un león que les pertenece
Las adora, y ustedes su cielo.

Mi espada lleva vuestro
nombre, en letra secretas
Que brillan cuando estais
A las musas.
RedD Sep 7
The hardest part is letting you walk out the door
Back to your life
That I know hurts you
That I know exhausts you
That consumes you

I want to be there for you
To take away the hurt
I want you to be yourself again
To be happy
To be free
To say and do what makes you content
Without regret

I adore touching you
Kissing you
Loving you
The taste of your lips on mine
The touch of your tongue on mine
Every caress carves with such intensity
Sometimes too unbearable
Because I want this so much
With you
Your touches
Your closeness
Your warmth
Makes me whole again

I will wait for you
My door remains open
I will let you in
YexMarie Sep 7
She found a place where flowers bloom,
Birds chirping
And an atmosphere that brings serene to her
A place where joy and peace are fused

All she wanted was a warm welcome from that place,
A delightful and friendly greeting,
Nothing else
Not even a permission to conquer it all

Little did she know,
She is nowhere close to be desired by that place
But to her, this place will forever remain a place of entrancing beauty in her kind heart
And now she is more than ready to go elsewhere
Admiration for a place or someone but that place or that someone doesn't appreciate you
Bryce Aug 31
Sweetlove let me chase your hair like fairies through the mist

Let me kiss the lip of honey

and lick the sweet bliss

I have never wanted to be consumed more than anything

than by you

Your mind, your soul

I see the verdant glow in your eyes

the answers that lie inside the sleepy meadow

the endlessly surreal nights

getting to feel you.

Because when we're together

the steel spires decline

the roads emerge with floral hues

the city bows her youth to you

you are the old soul

the honest truth

the searchlight casting a deep rose

through the fog to land on

those blackrock shores

Let me chase you through the days

let me have you in every way

I have been a man of possessions few

I'll give away each day with you.
Why is it so hard to speak?
The words that I want
Whenever you are around
I wish I could speak
But suddenly I'm lost for words
It won't come out of my mouth
So all I could to was adore you
Every single day in total silence
I can't find the words whenever you're around but I scream at them all night just so that I could have my tongue tied when I see you
File One...
(The beginning of the end)

You formed a union from naivety and misguided love
Which bore fruit, but had shallow roots at its core
Though youthful exuberance and a lust for devotion
Kept you continuously searching for something more

File Two...
(Too young to know better)

Starting a family with one child, while not planned, was
Enough to halt the search
Leaving room for number two, and before long there were three
Bundles of joy intrinsically bound to your side
Seeking nothing more than loving arms and serenity

File Three...
(Inception without conditions)

Instantaneously, a love was present
Even before my eyes gave sight
Inherent feelings of contentment
Sealed with a silent vow to always make things right

File Four...
(Incidental letdowns)

Promises are great, as long as you keep them
However, all too often, they became lies
Whether soaring aspirations or overwhelmed be the cause,
You cannot hide the defeatedness within adolescent eyes

File Five...
(Cloak of invisibility)

With the passing of life and time, your best of intentions
Always were lost in the fray
Leaving this child alone in the dark
Forever wondering if I got in the way
To the ones who never needed to be overtly attended to...To the self-sufficient, yet self-secluded ones who strive to do everything right...To the non-wave makers who are peaceful caretakers at heart...To those who love fully and unconditionally...I SEE YOU!

Being loved and feeling loved are two very different things. Never be afraid to speak with and show those closest to your heart, that they are adored! If someone matters to you, please tell them because you may not get a second chance.
Karijinbba Aug 6
I surrender to you
do with me as you please
I rather share you than lose you
Love of my life
Sing and dance with me
with the violins
loving you, loving me
the whole night through
The mornings long
The evenings long
Lover of life, my true love
Your way is better than mine
I come to reciprocate.
Call me wife best lover
best mother, best friend
Giver of life love of my life
Call you husband best lover
best father best friend
loving you the nights long
the mornings long
the evenings long
sing and dance with meee
with the violins, lover of life
my first love, my last love
Take us on a boat ride,
To a place that only you know.
Wbere the waves, can wrack
our boat, while
we wrack away, our love.
Loving you, loving me,
  the whole night through.
The mornings long,
the evenings long, love of my life

Camp with me underneath
the starry night sky.
Two hearts, beating as one.
Two minds,
and one single thought,
I love you, I adore you
I am worshiping you
Sing and dance with me,
my Lancelott, you're my Knight
Lover of life, my true love.
your star seed I am
galactic seed,
Yellow Self, Existing Star.
Always flowering enter me
Heaven vibrates in me
 Only with a guru sage
Twin flame like you
you are the bridge.
I give my life to save yours
If only you should ask.
Change my name
aline my life
Let's change the world.
as you smile I will purr
April's daisy is me
Aries me, diamond yours
scintillating to sparkle you
can't you see me
then polish me, some more
sing and dance with me
my King drone mate with me
your queen bee
in mid air fourty times
Lovin' you lovin' me
Giver of life my true love
I love you.
All rights reserved.
Revised: 8./27/18
All R reserved
In memory of~Rdd/bba.~
My wedding theme song written for me by my first true love recaptured
from my hidden
photographic memory bank..
Sara Kellie Jul 24
So humble
and so demure.
Yet . . . . . . .
. . . . you still freak me the fuck
out with everything you do.

You amaze me just so
you'll absorb me, I know.
Then we'll both become one.

I've been erased,
now (I'm) no-one.

Poetry by Kaydee.
By giving too much of yourself to
another you become a non-entity,
drifting without a name or an aim.
Isaac Ward Jul 15
She doesn't like it-
When I buy her meals,
She wants to pay for me instead.

And she doesn't know-
That my every thought,
Is her running through my head.

She makes me weak-
When she hugs me tight,
Hannah, baby, I'll always love you,
Every day, every night.

She is my princess,
My darling love-
The blood in my veins,

She is my mirror,
My armor, shield,
She keeps away the pain.

She makes me strong,
When she stands beside,
Hannah, baby, I'll hold you up,  too,
Against the coming tide.
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