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Raven Feels Apr 29
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, things called faded never were:3

losing hope on the the line
a beak of joy once in my lifetime

miracle from the ending
never want to manipulate a bending

the polar of the polar was at that stake
a back to back felt like a heart break

favourite on the eyes
no need for excuses or pathetic lies

goddesses of killers
breathed into a caterpillar

but the butterfly not to live ought to die
on a yellow leaf to rot and cry

a shoulder to hang on not written on that destiny
today of all days the dangerous whispers to bethany

how much of months are upcome to bare the yin
battle of love in a spiced up of a resentment called yang in

melody to fear
connected to the neck right there to the ear

to no one but me

Crummy Apr 27
Don’t you try to hide that smile from me
I’d like to be among the lucky who provide you glee
Let me in on all the places that you’d like to see, cause baby girl I’d take you anywhere you’d like to be
Express yourself, tell me girl what’s on your mind
I find it difficult to read you cause you’re one of a kind
Even if it’s just a peek I’d like to see your design
Everytime I search for love it’s always you that I find
And that’s okay with me; especially; when you’re all that I want to see, honestly; everytime you smile it’s like my remedy
Pouring all my heart to you in rhythm with this melody
Wanna wake beside you living all my days in ecstasy
This simply felt good to write
Raven Feels Apr 20
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, somethings I just couldn't stop writing about:)

steps echoed down the stairs bringing a wild relief to his blare

approach of silence to regret the resilience

of an unspoken battle of illicit stares in defiance

embrace of warmth heartens the overdosing serenity

hold of love for the first time in months

bringing safe havens to my desperate soul magnificently

Raven Feels Apr 20
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, just a magical night in October that I ache for:}

when the telephone rang and his pleas sang

when the station blurred and the tables turned and the light burst

when he ran for the chase never minding the haze of desperate achieve

when he begged for the day for my beloved stay in the seconds before leave

when he refused to leave in the fight of disbelief in the fear of a disappear

when the stairs he walks to embrace the lots that we missed along the nighty watch

when he saves the gush in a surrender to his touch and an affection to my feels

Please notice what I've done
My pride is hurting from the things that
I spent hours on
Instead the ones I barely think of
are liked more above the rest
In fact the ones I barely think on
to me are just grotesque
See what I can really do
'A river is a thought of defiance
A flower the hated love between the two'
See what I can say, draw, and write
What I hear and know
Please tell me that you love them and me
Please do not let me go
Raven Feels Apr 2
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, trust is not always there for us:|

paint my portrait

with a finemet a doll

never in the heart

nor in the soul

always tainted in a jack

of a framed pretentious

unexplained miserable morg

Raven Feels Apr 2
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, sometimes what we want is not what we're granted;>

brought to you

no you came brought to me

painted with lines on the finements of my destiny

not on the deads

in the lives you float

rent free on a mind I own

called boat

a ship a rocket you name

there is no bound no limit no aim

in the terror of my cave

you bring the symphonies you carve and pave

pave the way to my hands

to board their journeys

to make their plans

feel the world upon tips

like the steps of sand

the breath of land

the sight of dear

the sense of mere

the drip of downs

the realize of nows

the dive of sea

in blues of surreal

up taken by the fingers to a deal

of a fluent flow a pleasant kneel

not to the gods but to the clear

no more on the behinds of blood and set and Neptune

to a slender of a violin a shiver soon

you know your lights and shades on my moon

not aware of my nights anytime for you

although my gates are open to infinite

no stops to the intimate

you color you steep

on the curves of my leap

Raven Feels Apr 2
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, just random stuff to share from my notes:>

                            twinkle twinkle in my head

                           a fairy tumbling into my bed

                      on a quest to the escape trips the feet

                     laughter spread wide on the concrete

                                hidden from the unseen

                              yet for the magic to appear

                             a glisten from afar not near

                                  holds before the gone

                        before the adventure or the run

                         silenced on trickles of embraces

              tattooed to the lips in drips from those chases

           unfunded to the dimples of the backs of the faces

                             to a welcoming of a nation

                            a whole new legacy a creation

            symphonies to my ears an incredulous fascination

                I rather the harmonious dancing pleasantries

                  that bring the chaos and back the pastries

                                  not of cakes not of candy

                                           of memories

                                     in a twist in a frown

                       the enchantment betrays and drowns

                      the lover into a fictional immortality

                           the kind that sweeps from reality

   to the hands of seconds on the visual symbols of conspiracy

                                      flustered by snow

                     into margins drunk on the laws of penalty

                       and the encounters of past familiarity

                      hums into the heights smoothed frights

                                     bet you a comeback

                                      in the final scene

                        the again everlasting so called calamity

                        not even knowing the costs or the price

                               hence on the steps they wise

                               an adornment so pure so nice

                                       simple for a ball

                                       unique for a fall

                                       on the toilet wall

                                    and the myth in the hall


                                                               ­                   -----ravenfeels
To whom it may concern
Kiss heals
Genre: Romantic
Theme: Don't give up on happiness
Samantha Dietz Nov 2020
Aerosmith on vinyl
Your hand on my throat
Listen to Toys In The Attic
I'll be your toy, Make me choke
Kiss me ever so softly
While your lips tell me jokes
Send chills down my spine
When I smell your cologne

Show me your favorite songs
Tell me your crazy stories
I want to know who you are
I just want you to do adore me
Look through my eyes to my soul
Hands all over my body
Steal the air from my lungs
I swear you're killing me softly
Monday, November 23rd, 2020
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