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“You mean everything to me.”
He whispers, earnestly.
How did I even get this lucky?
Why is it so easy to smile when I’m around you?

Why is it so easy to not to be upset when you are near?

Why is it so easy to talk to you?

I hate that about you, you know.

I never believed I could have a friendship like this.

Ugh, I hate that about you, you know.

You can make me smile even when I want to be mad or sad

You can make me smile even when I’m lonely and crying

You can make me smile even when I no longer feel wanted

I hate that you are able to make me smile even when I don’t want.

I hate that you make me smile daily by just your silliness.

I hate that you are only my friend at times.

I think that’s why I hate you so much.
Small things make me love you so much
The Tinkerer Sep 13
She's got an air about her.
Makes butterflies flutter.

She makes my heart stutter,
The world's her oyster.

Always, I'm with her
Rooting, in her corner.
I feel for her, forever.
Even if..
Never again, I'd see her.

Her presence, her might.
Subtle beauty, not withdrawn.
Majestic mind, this benevolent body,
Many a day, she is my Dawn.

An adventure..

Like magic.

Exciting, enticing.
A phenom, a danger.
Many a goal, may she achieve.
Incomparable, may she be.

She's always like magic, to me.
Uncertain of whether we'd be friends. Or we are anymore. I will care for you though. Always.
Aroody Dec 2018
Perhaps when we sang and played in spring,
we never imagined these leaves would start to fall,
or the mountains so majestic and tall,
would be covered with ice and snow,

The sun that shines with all that warmth ,
would only become a source of light,
the pavements then so dry ,
would turn all wet and covered in leaves,

Indeed we never knew in joy
that everything has a bitter end ,
so we could catch memories one by one ,
and later to each other send ,
Carmen Jane Aug 29
Clearing  up the lenses,
I take another look
And I see you,
As beautiful as ever,
Smiling and seductive,
Beckoning me
In the woods
Where owls hoot
I want to follow
Every step you take
I know you'll show me
Castles and magical worlds.
You'll teach me
How to fly the clouds,
How to reach all paths
Of possible turnouts,
How to choose
The right perfume,
That transcends me
Into epiphanies
Oh,how I adore you!
As I travel with you,
You always hold my hand
And to you I always can vent
You'll take my tear
And you'd whip it into a river
Where crocodiles swim,
Slaloming white lilies
You'll take my frown,
And you'd make a hammock
For you and I
And we'd swing
Feeling the summer breeze,
And always if I need to go
You would wait for me...
I’ll wait forever
He said
I’ve never known a love like this.
Daniel K Jul 9
Unknown is your name
You who burns bright
In the vast and plane pasture.
Stand surrounded
By chosen pebbles
That of which completes your solemness.
Your lone stance that wets
The green beds with brilliant rouge
Draws me ever close
To ponder upon the name
I wonder to be
As dazzling as your appeal.
IrieSide Jul 3
Life is equally as beautiful
as it is ****

equally as cold
as it is warm

live and learn
to find the bright side
again I find myself daydreaming
being with you who’s so alluring
can’t bear my self to keep scavenging
every thoughts I hear you yarning

you’re just that amazing,
inside your mind is a galaxy
with cluster of stars
that I don’t mind forever floating within
being starstuck
I would've given anything to watch every sunset with you
and I don't know why two people in love can't do anything but destroy each other
I don't know why every time you're around poison seeps into my bloodstream
just know that in another universe, I am laying next to you
I know what it's like to adore what breaks you
I've always confused my destruction with divine intervention
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