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Nimrod kiptoo May 12
What did you do to me.
You are like a drug to me.
I crave you so hard when you are not around.
I want more when I have enough.
Tell me what you did.
Joy Apr 12
As his limbs stroked along the bottom
with all the power he held, in slow motion,
there was a case to be made
for the existence of the magical and the occult.
Kaleidoscope webs covered his back
in what looked like infinite rainbow nets
each brushing against a bone or muscle
unseen in the plain light before.
His hair was softened by the absence of air,
each strand fainting at a different angle
begging to be touched
right before being pulled in one direction
of precise yet strenuous motion.
All neglected now was illuminated.
Rarely things burn their way into memory
the way a face can be filtered through transparency,
distorted by liquid out of proportion
yet still so charmingly calm and surreal
all you can do is look away
and then stare again.
And what bottomless greed it is indeed
to wish to posses a moment like this for eternity.
Escapril 2020
The Moon
Is merely a moon

For a second
If you
Relate that

Then it's
With that gaze
Genre: Almost Romantic
Theme: Zen Element
The life
Was so lazy
The night covers the day
The sun surely delays

The fear was gotten
The trouble is bigger
The heart is annoyer

As it does not smell
The scent spreads and gains
Good kind of soul

The blossom which opens
When it sees and shows
By my eyes which adore

To look after every rose
That will belongs to you sure
sure and sure we face bad experiments and we must catch every chance
Serendipity Mar 31
I love you,
so much.
Every day goes by and I miss you.
As a poet I try to find multitudes of beauties to write about
and you have managed to be every one of them.
To be graced by your presence
once a millenia
is honor enough to last a lifetime.

I feel like the stars sent you here,
a comet zooming through space
that landed in the forest
where you grew ethereal
and beautiful.

I adore you.
I wish you loved me as much as you loved the rain and stars,
From the unfathomable depths of the sea, I could still see your twin suns,
so unreachable,


Till the day the proud celestials descend from their lonely thrones,
Till the day I drown on tides of breath and speckled sky,
Till the day when crowns of sea spray bow and set ablaze.

You will always be so, like rain through a sieve of starlight;

You’re always there
in the darkest part of my eye
Giving meaning to all I behold
On the earth and in the sky

All light and colour pours in
on to the shape of you, through you
Before the minds eye
Can form an image that’s true

What sense can be made of life
Without you dwelling there
I keep you and cherish you
And so find you everywhere

There you live in my eye
I wonder at how you magnify what might be so small
How you atomise what might have made me fall
All things at once- intensified and simplified
Whilst there you live
Whilst there you abide
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