Lin 4d
And there is no better felling
Than laying in each others arms
And it feels like everything is perfect
And there is no trouble in the world

When you're asleep
I look at you
Careful not to wake you up
Because I don't want you to think that
I am some sort of creep

I think I never knew what love was
Until I met you
With your
Brown eyes
For you.
Euphie 6d
At night when things are quiet, I think of you...that is all I need.
Rafał 6d
I thought I was in love but it turned out to be ****.
It’s always the same way when I turn to bust a nut.
I felt the butterflies, but I think I drowned them all
In the bath of tea and the sea of alcohol.

How should I keep on loving girls?
All I look for is a bit of a cheap thrill.
I adore your looks and your mimics are so cute
But it goes away when the *** leaves my flute

Now my mind is clear and I no longer starve
I used to be turned on, but now it makes me ****.
Why are conversations always super hard?
Girls barely say anything, I always have to talk.

But I don’t care, got my hand, a box of tissues by the bed
And five minutes later I can finally comprehend
All the subtle needs programmed in my body
That it’s the hormones talking when they tell me to be naughty.
Dear holder of thy heart
Please protect, the priceless
It might need some glue
So fix it for you

Dear holder of thy heart
Please revive, the unending love
I tore it, twice apart

Dear holder of thy soul
Please know I love her
Letting her go
Was worse than trying to forget

Dear lover of my true love
Take care of her
For I love her till this day
Treat her well
Like I should have

Dear husband of my true love
Love her, adore her, and always keep her
Let her strive
Let her live
She's a wild soul, concealed by a broken heart
I hope you still treat her well, I hope
Amoy Apr 2018
It’s like walking on air
Floating on sunshine

Sniffing rainbows
Dancing with unicorns

Twirling under sunsets
Always and forever my love
Jedda Dec 2018
Admire the growth we cannot see
tree roots are just as pretty
- j
Poetress2 Dec 2018
However do I tell you,
how much you mean to me;
I fear that you will laugh,
or maybe set me free.
This love I feel for you,
is rare in many ways;
I fear that if I tell you,
you'll turn and run away.
I adore all things about you,
since the day when we first met;
I'll cherish you forever,
on this you can always bet.
For when I am without you,
I feel so sad inside;
It's as if you are the only thing,
that's keeping me alive.
I pray I'll find the strength,
to say these things to you;
But for now I'll continue,
to cherish all you do.
Richie Dec 2018
You are my greatest fear, my greatest challenge.
Though I know, it shouldn't be this way.
You are so good in playing hard to get.
On that note, you taught me one good lesson.
Not to trust, not to fall and learn to detach.

When you left, I have mastered the art of bouncing back, the art of loving oneself and the art of accepting the things for what they are.

I became strong but still forgiving.
I've been through a lot without your presence.
I continue to hold my torch way up high so others may see and to be a light to another's path.

Now, you're back. Sad truth, same feelings came back.
I guess, this feelings never went away.
You gave me back the sweetest smile that I never witnessed before.
A smile that crushes my heart from within that you can literally feel that it's melting.

You are a busy man but you now gave me that special attention. You even managed to act like a kid. I know, I am the one who's to be blamed. But, don't you know it makes you more handsome... more attractive and more of an ordinary man...

We're two worlds apart but for now, I am happy and contented as to what we both can share.
faith Dec 2018
i feel my cheeks begin to flush again,
as she whispers sweet nothings to me,
feeling so adored and loved,
i can't help but smile,
and close my eyes for a while.
Sometimes you just need to be adored for a little while...
Jack Nov 2018
I’m falling in love again,
And I had told myself never again,
But I let myself slip again,
Her oak brown eyes make it impossible to refrain,
And I’m falling in love again.

I’m falling in love again,
But it’s early again,
And I’m scared again,
Of sadness that I may regain
If I choose the wrong girl again.

I’m falling in love again,
I’m smiling and happy again,
She makes me feel human again,
No longer tortured by starving pains,
I’m starting to eat again.

But I’m falling in love again,
Because I think she’s the one again,
And this time I think I’m right,
And I know she thinks I might
Be the one she’s been waiting for,
Early days still, but I’m starting to adore
The open mouthed smile she gives me
Every time she lays her eyes on me.
Alone at night, thoughts of her drive me insane.

Im falling in love again.
I wrote this a while back and thought it was probably time to post
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