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Positive twice
The reports, don’t surprise
In a hotspot, you cant jog
Free of being caught
Asymptomatic it was
A respite
Never less
The fight

One prays for good
And works toward it
In testing times
Perseverance and dedication
Your strengths
Face the biggest fears
With all the might

The flames belligerent
Unforgiving wild
Bringing mayhem, along
Far and wide

Elders are susceptible
Caught in the wave
Nowhere to fly
The runway cold

To win against
The unseen
A force within

To think and act
A race against time
It works alright
When you take charge
And set things right
Into care
Paths lead to victory
Road to recovery
End of April, my parents tested positive for the virus
Me and my spouse were to travel to my hometown to take care of them
Got ourselves tested
Came out positiv
However we were asymptomatic
We traveled to my husband’s hometown
As the facility and doctors are known to us
Thankfully we all live in the same state
My parents, parents in law and us
Had to hospitalise my parents for a few days
They are now back at home, with us
And recovering well
Daivik May 19
This OCD
It's killing me
I'm a bit dead already
(But I won't die)

A normal day
I saw a spot on the glass
I cleaned it once to sanitize
Don't know what touch came to my mind
I voice in my head I can't comprehend
I wasn't sure of myself
So I cleaned it a second time
3rd time out of doubt
4th time to maintain my sanity
15th time it was insanity
And I still thought that the glass wasn't cleaned
In that moment I became diseased

I heard these voices constantly
Dictating me,giving decrees
Things I didn't think about
Now so hard to live without
Thinking of them

Intrusive thoughts
Such apparitions
It haunts me still
And they wouldn't leave
(I begged and begged and begged)
Such thoughts
I could die
(But I wouldn't )
I felt like the worst man alive
Was I bad
Or was I mad
It made me insufferably sad

A spot a speck
A fallen drop
Rendered me paralyzed
And I carried out rituals
Just to have some respite
I cried inside
Most difficult to fight
To win with your own mind

Internal demons
Killing me
Using me as their device
Too frightened what would others think
An academic boy
Being possessed
I didn't utter a single word
Until I was caught
It was too much
I was obsessed,compelled and disordered

I don't know why I did things
I just felt disgusted
By the spot the speck
Real and imagined
I doubted everything
Even things I did seconds ago
And made crazy theories
Of how that speck would **** me slow
Rationality thrown out of window
Lady Macbeth why won't you go

I confided
Couldn't bear
My parents were there
They couldn't understand
Why I was acting
Over silly things
But it was real to me
It mattered too much

I searched the web
To find the cure
But thing I read
Made me more
And more scared
Was I forever impaired

I went to the psychiatrist
He fed me with some medicines
I would be lying if I say they didn't help me
But my real fight was with the demons inside me
The thoughts
Be gone
I beg to you be gone
I to again become the master of my life

Make your mind stronger still
So what if speck landed on you
It won't be the end of the world
Boy gather will
Said mrs psychologist

I tried it was hard
To be exposed yet prevent reaction
Be obsessed and prevent the compulsion
I had panic attacks
And emotional outburst
Yet I feel
Slowly but surely I am getting better

Thank God my family was so considerate
I feel for those less fortunate

Mental health is all too real
And first step to cure it all
Is to talk(please please for God's sake talk)
Sarah Synk May 19
I want those words reversed;  

Into something so positive,

That it would be like a new birth,

And those negative words,
Would be reversed.
Those negative words;

Are an awful kind of thing to even think of,

And they come from our mind,

The negative words are so not fine.

I want those negative words,
Norman Crane Apr 27
someone once said,
a negative mind will never give you a positive life,
but that is itself a negative thought,
which must be the product of a negative mind,
if it is true, it's false,
and if it is false, it's true,
but what identifies a princess is not a tiara but a shoe,
or, positively said,
a negative mind will give you a positive life,
for to live uncritically
is indistinguishable from being dead
Jammit Janet Apr 15
I've been gone,
Focusing on my goals,
Savoring every minute,
In the present,
Being whole,

Disconnecting from distractions,
Discovering new attractions,
That move me to the next level,
That make me feel confident,

I am stronger than the devil,
Or anyone who cares to defy me,
For I am the light,
That burns so bright,
To educate and revive thee,

From the pain,
Of the mundane,
Lack of wonder,
Abysmal plane,

That is life,
Without dreams,
Daivik Apr 15
আমার হৃদয়
নব বর্ষের প্রথম সূর্যোদয়

ঠাকুরের গানে নাচে পাখি
এই দিনকে এত ভালো বাসী
সাদা লাল অম্বরের নীচে
খেলে বাংলার সবাই বাসী

নুতুন বছর আনে উন্নতি
এতই আমার প্রার্থনা
শুভ নববর্ষ
পয়লা বৈশাখের শুভকামনা
Shubho noboborsho
stephannie Apr 11
step foot and let your heart be empowered.
million colors mixed in one majesty;
like the fleeting faith of a sunflower
and the hope of each petal of daisy.
pure water pours and rushes through the veins,
deep into the soil with wisdom and grace.
voila! a rose's passion fiercely reigns,
along with its thorns that we still embrace.
the caterpillar's wings unraveling
begins the journey of a butterfly.
and marking the start of the one great spring,
the flowers dance in awe without a lie.
as seasons change, withered will flowers be,
but majesty's forever marked in me.
written with my groupmates in literature class,
joy, maria, and rose.
Early morning birds chirping
Singing melody’s of peace
Looking out into the forest
I see beauty in your face
Africa has a smell that no one can erase
A smell that echos love into your soul  
Life so simple, life so inspiring and incredible
Don’t believe what the discovery channel told you about a land that existed before any other
Africa the mother of the earth
Birthing billions of souls
who left it but still live in it
It’s blood runs deep in our souls
Skin shades might change
but our roots are deep Within
When Africa cries we feel it’s pain  
When Africa smiles we rejoice with pure joy
Colonizers tried to change it but it changed them
They stole its music, passion, material good, it’s minerals, traditions, and norms
Taking even its greatest queens and kings
Tribal men and women
They tried to **** its joy but it still smiled through the pain
Enslaving it’s people still couldn’t **** it existence
Birthed in resistance and molded by resilience, inspired by diligence, fueled by consistence
We are strong, powerful, and courageous  
Africa the birthplace of the human race
With our palms pressed let’s say Grace
As we pray for peace
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