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Dani 1d
Guilt or greed
Neither do you need.
Hatred or fear
Don’t even dare.
It is like dusting dirt on a windy day.
Try to deny it, but what can you say?
Would you dial a phone not in service? What ample sound.
It’s like climbing down a ladder that doesn’t touch the ground,
Asking a question without waiting an answer, just demanded.
It is a dying wish never granted!
Why bait a hook without throwing a line?
Fighting a fight only to drop the knife and resign.
Cooking a meal just to let it mold.
It is giving up your passion, this is truth, behold!!
Guilt or greed, neither do you need!
Hatred or fear, don’t even dare!
Let go, move forward. BE POSITIVE!
Let me hold you by the throat and take your breath away
Watch you choke out the words I love you
But it always sounds the same
I could turn my skin platinum
But never meet your standards
Because blonde haired girls
Don't like ***** skinned boys
ATILA Nov 30
The sun peaks from behind
Just to warmly say hi
I encourage myself to smile
And view the world without a sigh.

Let me observe what is right
And detach the wrong knit
Let me decide with supreme might
To avoid the doom pit.

Let me face obstacles without fear
And let my body steadily bear
Let me cure the wound with tears
And change the misconception of dear.

Let me enjoy my worldly life
But not abandoning the true divine
Let me kiss the moment that rife
To make my days stay shine

Let me live within the moment
Appreciating the oxygen given
Let me strive to be competent
In studies, in work and in romance.

Let me be the real me
Who is weak but love Lord
Don't judge, don't peeve
Cause I believe not only me is odd.

To live a life that is hella dificult
To be a girl of diamond worth
To ignore any kind of evil cult
To make my mark on Earth
I thank myself for these endeavour.
I wrote this only in 20 minutes. It might not that good but I TRIED.
Harley Nov 29
I am a...

S                     assy
L                   oving

U        nreplaceable

T                alented

Put your demons in a chokehold
And refuse them room to breathe
Let them lay doorment
In a bed more comparable to a tomb
Like they've spent years doing to you
Suzy Young Nov 28
We all have times
that shape us
change our views of the world
we feel conflicted
our days characterized
by wrinkled brows and
downcast glances
what will bring relief
the support of those around you
our words may reflect
our struggles
no matter how hard
we try to hide behind a smile
let people save you
allow yourself to love
and be loved
live another day
love another sunrise
love another sunset
love another song
Johnny walker Nov 27
Trying to be strong but
It late can't sleep and
I'm lonely what to do
now with life that's so different of things to
how they used to be
with Helen at my
She was my everything
all that I dreamed of
no other can replace
her for she was my one and only forget all the
rest no more fish In the
sea for me But I'll try
to be
strong to
get along It's not going to
be easy with so memories
fixed In my head so I'll turn memories Into
poems to keep my
dreams alive for my remaining
Making every effort to cope with my lose and turn what's left of life Into a positive find new things to do as I've done with poetry writing encourage others where I can
Marianne Cruz Nov 27
And I'll stay here
'til I'm found;
I won't fear,
keeping a steady ground.
Your laughs I will hear,
with me liking how you sound.
Soon, please be near
if to me you'll be bound.
Can't help but hope for a better tomorrow. Can't help but to wait for you.
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