I've always had trouble expressing my emotions
Constantly shoveling coal into a fire that needs to be tamed
Leaving me mentally deflated
But also ready to expload
My nails dug up skin
Scratch marks in moments with a lack of thought
Burning Running down my finger tips
Where i make connection with a pen
The ink finds words I can't quite form, even though the deliverence isn't always what I pictured
Its the sweetest release I'll receive
Don't look down yourself,
so no one will judge you.

Don't compare yourself to others,
because you were amazing more than them.

Don't be sad,
just be optimistic.

Don't always say you're wrong,
'cause we've never been a perfect one,

Imperfections were made in this world yet we continue to struggle and pursue living for our loved ones.
stop being so pessmistic
My favorite people

Are those who
Inspires me
Could be,
Genre: Experimental
Theme:  Worth Telling || Micro Writing
Sophia Li Aug 8
It starts again-
like a rainbow after the rain
Syreal Lewin Aug 7
Alone Again.
I will never be
I am always
I will never be
My smile is
My sadness
Ever increasing.
Hope around me  
Is all gone.
This loneliness of mine
Top to bottom. Bottom to top
Kim Essary Aug 6
Looking back in my life, where has the time gone?
I have lost so much, yet gained so much more.
I have had so many unanswered Prayers, but later realized in life that those unanswered Prayers was infact answered by not being granted.
I have had material things stolen, ruined in a tornado, and burned up in a fire, but received more than enough to replace them and give to others in need.
I have lost relationships that I thought would last forever,
But realized to trust in God because he gives for a reason and he takes for a reason.
I have carried many struggles that weren't my own just to be hurt, but those struggles helped me to be a better person in the end.
You see I've learned alot throughout my life and have so much more to learn.
But one of life's greatest lessons have taught  me that for every negative there is a positive and if you dwell on the things you don't have or lost or never received, then you miss out on all the Blessings you will overlook because you never tried to find just one positive to every situation!
No matter my state of mind or attitude, I do my very best to wake up every morning, look in the mirror and find just one positive about myself to carry me through the day. ,
I would like to challenge each and everyone to try this for one week . At the beginning of your day look in the mirror and find one good thing about yourself, it can be anything your smile your eyes just anything and all throughout the day Everytime a negative pops in your head cover it with that one positive. Ex.  Your car won't start!  Before you get all down think of your positive, my car won't start but I have pretty eyes , it will clear your mind and give u a chance to find a way to fix your problem. I challenge each one of you to try this and let me know your results
People will always smile at you
If you allow them to

Do initiate first
Genre: Experimental
Theme: The Lost Wisdom
Joy Aug 3
Start something with no desire and without much intention embedded
Like knitting fabric without thread
Collect the strands after the silk from the worm that hangs on the sleeve of the tree
Seek capital and foster determination as much as possible

A moment of consciousness
What I am doing this time is not something easy
Some time to come will feel heavy and not for a moment
Dictate education and learning that must be boring
It is not easy to deepen what I have decided
But in other words
Choosing is a path that must be taken by anyone
Regardless of what and how the choice is made
Of course the greatest consequence is to accept and run everything with the best treatment

Choosing does not mean losing one thing to another
But choosing is the form and attitude in determining the way to achieve something
Although there will be a lot of opposition and even rejection within
It is not the end
Make every difficult thing a whip
And what feels easy
Becomes the power to fulfill the difficult

For what will happen in the future
All attitudes and treatment must be embedded from this moment
Having chosen is courageous
Ready to live and wrestle all the races and obstacles ahead
So far
All new preparations have been collected
While walking slowly
Follow the directions and learn to read nature

What I have started
One day
I have to reap
If you're help. Im a hope.
If there's no love left in this world
I'll give my life giving it Away
When I'm not proud of some of what I have written,
I make myself stay quiet and say,
That you have to write to improve.

When I think "you haven't seen any of my best" (- Marianas Trench, Josh Ramsay),
I tell myself that's okay,
Because I still have the rest of a lifetime
To prove what I'm capable of,
And the only person I need to prove that to:
Is myself.
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