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Get up
Stand up
Don't give up the fight
Happiness is your right
Don't let your thoughts run you down
Persevere and receive the crown
Inspired by Bob Marley's song get up stand up.
The choices you make define you
The past is who you are
But don’t let that confine you
To not going far

Mistakes, they serve a purpose
Just like sadness and pain
They are all reminders
Of what not to do again

So make your past a good one
So that when you’re frail and old
With your family gathered around you
A marvelous story can be told
Like a jack-o'-lantern
Who can shine for
A mile.
Show yourself,
Like you are breaking free
Of chains
That bind you.
And light up,
Like the sun,
To blind you.
I've had some thought of writing about love in measured dozes
and how it could be applied in daily life for therapeutic poses,
where love is generated in certain amounts and directed to one
for them to use it for recovery purposes once they have begun.

It wouldn't matter at all what the ailment or condition might be
the love generated for such purposes would be used medically,
in the treatment and cure of just about any known life disease
where a patient or those suffering received right love to please.

We could debate and argue about the implications and scope
of what this would mean for one who didn't have much hope
of ever getting better or to living life without further distress
once they would come under the regimen called love's caress.

Take for example someone accustomed in life only to hate
and how love would turn things around for them to abate
those feelings toward their fellow human beings that stave
or so impede any beneficial relationship they might crave.

Even a genuine simple smile or a random act of kindness
would go a long way or could be used in such a boldness
to make an initial impression on one who was so in need
or show them that love was what they're missing indeed.

So then, a look, a wink or even a gentle loving touch
could also be employed with a positive effect as such
like the unconditional love in life of a caring mother
towards her children suffering in one way or another.

The wisdom of love applied in such ways wouldn't ever be
found to be wasted or seen to have anything unnecessary
that could do harm to anyone receiving a treatment of love
as the real source of it we know comes from heaven above.
Written early in 2018.
Get to the positive lane..
Not just by keeping your mouth shut..
But by keeping your mind shut..
From stuff on the negative Lane..
I pressed the first flower you ever gave me in a book
the red petals stained the rough pages a dark crimson
but I will not let you stain me
with your negativity
the words I write and the stories I tell
have already been weighed down
by secrets I never told you
lifting you up
was so easy to me
that I forgot it wasn't my job at all.
Don’t allow negativity to be,
A contributing factor to your misery.
**** those bad vibes,
Don’t let them bring you down.
The opportunity to be happy really does go around.
@copyright 2018 Luke Wallace
Yesterday which seems so far away
brought a new glowing dawn, a new day, opening a new path, new ways
Blessing every tired child with new energy to play
Every blind to see, mute to say
past is gone but let's love this gift of the present
do not delay cause life has a bad habit of taking everything away
If you are fortunate than me then in this journey called life
you'll be stabbed and betrayed
if you don't love yourself but want others to pray
here's harsh slap on your face that no one will ever want to stay
Everyone wants others love but no one will give their's to spray
This life of your's is more of a living on a battlefield
every day will bring new war lined up in arrays
ready to ****, to defeat
ready to send you on your knees
This life is your's to live
yours from society's chain to free
take charge of it else not only for you
but also for other's your life will become a misfit
I don't have the guts to make cuts
So I bleed on paper
But these days it never seems enough
Because a plea for help
Never gets a second look laying in these old dusty books
He wanted to go to the mountains and breathe in peace with a cup of coffee to witness the beautiful sunrise.

She wanted to go far away and drown into the waters for she loved the sea. A place where she can relax and adore the sunset.
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