Ask in prayer and believe,
maintain the faith and
you'll recieve
Keep the faith always. If you lost that, you'e already lost.
there isn't a clock
to tell you how many
sunrises you have left

there's no scoreboard for
how many heartbeats
until your death

don't let your prized possessions
weigh you down
never greet love with a frown

live everday as if it were your last
and don't awake one morning wishing for
a new past
When you were just a  little person what did you want to be ?
We’re you motivated to strive for what you see?
Doctor Lawyer  Business owner or Actor ; take your pick
But as you gotten older you realize it’s not that easy to get
Ambitious you are you’ll do what it takes
You close your eyes and Dream cause you’ll be there one day
I sat in a cold room
filled with everybody,
feeling empty.
Watching the clock's hand turn to an icicle,
watching the time stay still.

I sat hopelessly
Zoned out.
Didn't care.

A voice of authority clasps my consciousness
ever so suddenly
ever so gradually
I am drawn back into the lesson on Phillip Larkin.

"Earth's immeasurable surprise.
They could not grasp it if they knew,
what so soon will wake and grow
utterly unlike the snow"

Earth's immeasurable surprise.
Mine was the very identification of it.
It came to me in my state of hopelessness
It came when I wasn't looking.

My winter had snowed,
yet that moment shone a warm sunlight upon my cheek
and a few birds sang
and the spikes of grass began to pierce through the ice blanket.

My winter was melting;
my spring was growing;
my world became mine to choose,
this silver lining, I couldn't refuse.

Although I must keep in mind
that winter will come again
and everything I have grown
may soon be hidden by snow;

But that snow too, will not last
under the the sun's eternal burning desire

The seasonality of life;
the permanency of light.
happiness is a choice.
my hand      
Walk with me      
through dalihian    

              ­   under the
                   crown of gold light

the lake            
Under trees            
A silvern rope              

             the rope
              swing to pond
               Swim beneath the

Lights dance past            
Strokes of painter's              

          greens, pinks
          Pure   in  beats
          Music    for    our

well  up                ­  
and  fall  at                  
the beautiful                

        love fly
        on the wings
          of hope and peace

to     the        
world of  dreams        
Ride   the  winds  of      

          hold  hands  with
           my  lost  inner

the dark skies            
     Shadows behind              

                          ­        is  now
                                   tender   flame
                                Don't hang,  lantern
Lanterns poems, my lastest obsession!
I just let the words flow here. And reading it makes me feel so happy.
Like I'm lighting the lanterns of my inner child's dream...
Makes me feel so warm and fuzzy inside, it's almost unreal.
Truly. These poems are making me happier. A level of happiness I haven't felt in such a long time. I'm definitely going to do more of these! ^.^
Love you, everyone! Thanks so much for 84 followers!
You're the bomb!
Be back soon!
Lyn xxx
I exist in fragments
scattered over years and moments
of love, of joy, of pain.

In fragments held by people;
I hope they need them someday
if only a brief remembrance.

In fragments lodged in places
where I've been or have wished to be,
where I loved, I laughed, I cried.

In fragments in your heart
that I broke myself for.
Those fragments I may not find again.

I exist in fragments
broken but knowing
that maybe we all need a fragment of me.
Keep that grin on your chin and you’ll be right mate.

Said to me the other day by an old timer who, passing by, has seen a thing or two in a long life.

Keep smiling - I think my Dad said that on many an occasion.

Laugh and the world laughs with you.

Cry and you cry alone - well that’s an old one.

Great smile on your dial.

In a while crocodile.

Fun, good humour, kills the tumour,

Beats any rumour.

Love and laughter - it’s the best medicine.

Despite the odds, the challenges and the stress

And sometimes the pain.

Go forward, onwards and forever upwards.

The stars await.

@Tom Stodulka
We'll go skydiving together
And not think about the future
Quickly plunging into
A new life

We'll travel together
And see the world
Letting the past
Melt behind us

We'll be us
With no fears of future
With no hauntings of history
I believe my first poem written out of pure happiness, so I definitely want to remember it
Lyn-Purcell Jun 11
Applauding someone's beauty never
diminishes your own, so be kind
to adjust their crowns, and
not rip it off their heads.
We are all equally beautiful, man and woman. Appreciating someone else's beauty in no way undermines yours so help each other. Shine their crowns,
instead of knocking it off.
Too bad the world doesn't feel this way...
Be back soon!
Lyn xxx
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