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Jaxey Nov 29
I know that I'm not
But is it okay
If I just let myself
Feel disgusting today?
I just feel gross today
polka Nov 16
is the ******* teacher
who tells you what you could have done to get an A
when you've already turned in your D level assignment.

have i learned anything?
we'll see.
Lil lotus Nov 15
Im so tired
Mentally unstable
Sane ish

This is meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Schools driving me crazy ish
Tyler Nov 5
The bliss of a good day is gone
A calm, dull darkness spreads in me
I don’t really feel sad
I don’t feel scared or worried
Neither excited nor happy
Actually, I don’t feel much at all
I just exist in some twisted, tiresome way
My head hurts of bad sleeping habits
And too little food
And I’m still wearing my tights pants
I never had the energy to take them off
My house is a mess and my kitchen is weary
But how can I clean when I can’t catch the glimpse of an energy boost
Not even a hint of a little hopefulness
How can I do things when I can barely keep myself awake?
My life is good and generally, I’m happy
But every time I set foot in this cursed apartment
It all comes back to me, like a light switch
And suddenly -
All that joy is gone
And what remains is merely a blanket from the past.
Carlyyyy Aug 21
I know what I’m about...
I just don’t know who I am.
Brad post Apr 20
Just ******* bleh.
50RR0W Mar 12
Some times I sit here and wonder if I still exist in their mind.
If I'm really there or not.
Or if I'm just a ghost from a past they long want to forget,
If I'll be remembered when they're ready to see me once more.

A year approaches fast and all I can really do is smile and shrug.
Do I not care anymore?
Do I not love them anymore,
Is it because I've accepted things that have come to fruition from these events?

I want to think on these things but I fear I won't find answers.
Well, the Answers to Questions that I am unaware of still existing.
Then again, do I really want to know,
Do I really want to forget?
Mindless blubbering that comes to me before bed time. Haven't been on here in a while. Built a new PC so haven't had time to log into all of my 'normal' sites. Hope to be somewhat more active again.
jess Mar 9
i don't think i've ever been in a place
in myself
where i've felt wanted

i feel kind of dark
my eyes are burning
i'm not sure what to think

sorry i exist
i'll go

polka Jan 8
so schools starting up again,
we were out for winter break, in case you didn't know.
it's weird to have a winter break
but never see a drop of snow.

my backpack is empty
my sadness returns
seeing those familiar faces
makes my eyes burn

this isn't a sad poem, though,
it's just about school.
im relating to the young souls
who can feel this too.

because they know,
we really don't learn much
so why are we judged
by the grades we're forced to bring up?

why can't we be judged
by who we actually are,
instead of meaningless numbers
that spawn from meaningless subjects
that come from meaningless
can you tell im salty ab school rn :') at least i had a three week break thats p neat
polka Jan 3
laugh in the face of
sickening doubt
because that doubt
is the one skeptic of your ability
to ever laugh again
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