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They said she was 'too sweet',
I knew she was 'too meek'.
Johnny walker Jan 13
Never I've ever felt so low as I do now, have no fight left It's all deserted all vanished my plans
Lost In a state of confusion mind completely unable to focus can't believe the year struggle I've been
Believed I was doing ok had plans but all dashed
where I go from here I do not any
I have no will to continue hate this government who have destroyed the likes of me and many others
One of the riches
countries In the world and can't look after It's
Has no compassion this country destroyed In just 9 years by a conservative government that should be ashamed by their disgraceful
to human rights
glad to the age I am so don't have much more time left to see the suffering of the most vulnerable In our
who deserve so much better In life but will never get It while these bunch  clowns that call them government stay In power
we're all finished this country will be finished
God help us all
Heartfelt a message to the so-called government who are destroying our lives and country with evil policies
if you give a kid a match
they will learn to start a fire.
As a kid, I remember watching the famous moon landing before I went off to school at the time It seemed so unreal
My only question did they really go to the moon and why did they never go back
or will they ever go back
so I repeat my question
did they really land on the
Just a passing thought strange but don't get anywhere In life without asking questions
Cat Lynn Jan 3
When they see a Monster

I see a Demon,

When I see a Demon

You see an Angel

When they tell me I'm worthless

I tell myself I am nothing,

When I tell myself I am nothing

You tell me I'm everything
and that I'm worth it.
Thank you, God for Your Truth and Blessing of people <3
Myles H Dec 2018
They imagined Him again
And again
And again

They tried to replace Him with Her
But They couldn’t
He just kept coming back

They Never took interest in Dolls
Or Castles
Or princes and Princesses

They played King of the hill
with the Guys
Pretended that They were a Knight

They felt and looked awkward in Dresses, the Feminine makeup
Or Long hair

They wore button ups tucked into black, Combing Back hair
And tightening a Necktie

They would cringe at the sound of Their voice,
Their laugh

And hope that They could slip by as Their self
Despite it all

They had denied

Just androgynous
They lied

They lied
They lied
They lied

Make Him go away

Make Her go away

What were They supposed to tell Their loved ones
Though, perhaps They aren’t the only one.
Sage Dec 2018
You scream THEM
You shout it from the rooftops
Bellowing until you throat cracks
But they hear SHE
'She' they say with sweet smiles
You continue your shouts
Begging them to understand
THEM you wail
Your voice breaks as you sink to the ground
They lay a comforting hand on your shoulder
Then whisper in your ear with breath like a poisonous flower
charlie Dec 2018
you ask what they're doing
even though you know
every word they wrote
about you for tomorrow

you heard every single comment
got them repeating word for word
you're holding on tightly
'cause your perception is blurred

you bow down when they don't listen
shut up when they're presenting
you're the beauty and the beast
yet you also keep 'em guessing

you're the queen and the king
all rolled into one
you're holding onto their hands
and now we're done
Bryce Dec 2018
It is the way the world looks
When the sun has hidden itself
And the sky is glowing in sad gradients of shadows
Teal, aqua, lilac nights
Making statements to space

I wanted to believe that rocks would take in stride their banishment from life

I wanted to believe they'd be okay with being stepped on
Ground up
Tumbled, tributaried, washed and molded
Into a beaten perfection that lasts momentary--

But they weren't.

They cried gems!
they made the best replica in silica they could

They were insulted and worn close to the breast at first, but shining too bright those greedy fools mistook them for

a legendary thing, sacred, not God.

I wanted to believe that these rocks were intrinsic, that they had something in them
That gold was worth more than its weight
And malleable

That there was god in those plagioclase tears, that they were not the embodiment of sin

I was not convinced
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