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she was afraid
when they looked
at her
what did they see
always wondering
what they were thinking
how do they feel
analyzing every
little thing she said
she just cared
so much
she just wanted to be
Change is coming
so quickly,
so fast
its easy to miss
but somehow
some way
change is here
its not wanted
they think
its unnecessary
but change always comes
change is here
and we
are not ready
they say
they say
that he'll be blown away
blown away
in a ballot paper display

they say
they say
that he'll have an unfortunate day
an unfortunate day
of terrible gray

they say
they say
that he'll be made to pay
made to pay
for his unpredictable play

they say
they say
that he'll receive an unforgiving spray
an unforgiving spray
from the fifty states array  

they say
they say
that he'll not survive the onslaught's affray
the onslaught's affray
which is coming his way
The poem is based on Donald Trump.
the anonymous who keep us fed,
allowing us to stay in shelter, hide in bed,
while they masked and gloved,
go about keeping us safe and living

with no glory, the invisible,
the shelf stockers,
the wipe-downers,
of our collective spaces,
disinfecting when we
are home in our heads, while
their families worry~wait

we are the indebted,
so our collective can prosper,
no one calls them heroes,
but we would be at greatest, fatalist risk,
if not for the burdens they accept,
for they deliver

so I when I ask nowadays, where is shelter,
the answer is, it is on the way, it is in their hands,
being delivered!
in NYC we are able to survive only because of this army
I know that They aren't there
Gnashing Their teeth and salivating
Primed to revel upon my corpse
When I tumble down and fail
I'll turn a corner
And the shadows might be bare
As winter trees
With skeleton fingers instead of leaves
But They exist in my head
So I must believe that They're as real
As real can be
Mrs Anybody Mar 18
why do i
always start
to care
for people
i barely know

when they
probably don't
care about me
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Bailey Feb 19
Eyes closed tight
With the sounds of the night
Filling me with fright

Be a good girl they said
It constantly plays in my head
I wake to my bed

And I smell the flowers
Just like they said
deyrah Jan 12
They... They will take yhur pride and expect you to stand tall.
They will collect your ballon and expect you to smile.
They will take your meals and expect you not to starve.
They will take your God and expect you to have faith.
And they will take your happiness and still expect a laughter.
Take your life and expect you to live.
Society and people... Leaders especially
Star BG Jan 6
He is a quiet man,
but sure can move on dance floor.

He’s a simple man,
but is filled with grand wisdom.

He be a shy man,
so don't ask him to sing to a crowd.

He's a big talker not,
but his actions speak louder than words.

She is a quiet woman,
who appreciates simple things in life.

She’s a simple woman,
brought up the old fashioned way.

She be ashy woman,
preferring to stay at home rather than party.

She's not big talker,
but when she speaks people listen.

He is a quiet man,
but ***** in bed.

He’s a simple man,
who loves nature walks.

He be a shy man,
so plan no surprise party.

He's no big talker,
but sure can write a grand ditty.

HE believes in fairytales of love
SHE believes fairy tales of love
THEY are living happily ever after.
Inspired by Peter Lim. I value our connection
Ruheen Jan 4
Say too much
But do
Even less.
It's enough
To make
Me hate
They do
But I know,
They hate
They do
Mean everything
And everything
And more.
But they
Mean nothing
To me,
Even less
Than before.
Because they
Are sinking
In my eyes
They are drowning
In a pool
As shallow
As their souls.
Everyone else.
But me.
As well as a few other select people.
It's not really everyone else. Just mostly the people around me.
I honestly don't know. It's late. I'm tired.
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