Emma P 32m
We are all in spring,
our lives budding and blooming.
Shifting, changing, rearranging,
rushing, always moving.

Our future will be so different
than what we’ve always known.
Some may run from this strange new world,
some will embrace the unknown.

We are all in spring,
and summer will soon arrive.
The winds of change are blowing;
It’s the end of the beginning of our lives.
Written in 10th grade to reflect how I felt about teenage years and high school.
Rich 1d
He sits on the roof
Legs numb
Eyelids shut
Mind open.
The sun drops and rises within the time it takes for a single smile to bend his adolescent cheekbones
The wind comes and goes, as affectionate as the lover he once had
in a dream.
Planets rotate and so do perspectives
His misery is truly ephemeral
Even though he may not know it yet.
How a seventeen years old teenager can decide
What he is going to do for rest of his life
Life is no game or gamble
Where you come to test your guess

Life is simple
But I get complicated
When you see me as an astrologer
Who is still getting educated

Start running
Or you will be late
The race is tough
Because everyone is blind folded

We are running in a circle
Where one thinks
He is ahead of other
We are never going to reach further
If we don't stop comparing
Ourselves with other
Never forget the joy of being 17 years old.
Never forget the joy of being 18 years old.
Never forget the joy of being 19 years old.
These years created a story that I'll reread for the rest of my years.
Days of slushies and singing,
days of love and summer.
Grassy fields and star gazing car rides.
The truth is I've been really lonely and distant from who I used to be.
So I stop and think that this is how growing up is actually meant to be.
It's lonelier than I thought,
but it's time to face reality.
I forever treasure our years and days together.
Kaylah S Aug 9
She spoke little
But the girl had a lot
More to say than we thought
She never really felt the need to speak
Unless given reasonable cause
Like a forest she seems calm, cool, collected
But on the inside
She has ecosystems
Like a bull
She shows aggression
But on the inside
She’s joyful
Like a Venus fly trap
She snaps when she needs to
Beware of her looks
Because they may be
I wrote this one a little while ago, I'd love to hear some feedback! :)
tamia Aug 9
i cut my hair to my shoulders
and things began to change
i thought that i looked much better
but everything turned strange

if i had kept my hair so long
would things all be the same?
would my long locks have saved it all
or am i the one to blame?
my life seems divided into two at the moment: before i cut my hair and after i cut my hair
Ally Ann Aug 9
At 12 years old
you learned the majority of stars
were already dead.
They are masters of deception
giving you hope that beauty
is permanent
and love is forever.
You learned that love
is too often a lie
and promises find themselves
shattered on linoleum floors
that you step on in the night.
At twelve,
you learned that your bones are fragile
paper thin like the birth certificate
you’ve never seen,
buried under other things
you never really cared about.
You found truth
at 3 am in your bedroom
followed by rivers of tears
and open pill bottles.
You saw life
and you saw death
and sometimes those nights
when you were twelve
are the only things that make you feel
like the world is real.
When you were twelve
you found out the stars were dead.
When you were twelve
you found out that you were not.
I hurt so much at this age it almost killed me
Ally Ann Aug 8
When I was thirteen
I thought that I wouldn’t make it through the year
birthdays felt like due dates
that I was never going to make
and each day brought me closer
to my ultimate fate of nothingness.
My bones felt like they were
filled with lead
and my eyelids sank as if they
only knew how to fall
like the rest of my body
into sleep.
I thought each moment was
a ticking time bomb
that was going to blow up
and leave my family to mourn
the life of someone who chose not to live it anymore.
I was so broken by my own brain
that nothing seemed worth it
and the easiest thing would have been
to step into the water
and let my leaden bones
pull me down.
When I was thirteen
I saw nothing but emptiness
within my own chest
and a body that would soon be useless.
When I was thirteen
I did not know what the future held for me
with laughter and love
and everything I would eventually dream of.
When I was thirteen
I was wrong
about most everything,
especially that I would never make it
through the year.
Romann Aug 4
We are still only shrubs.
Soon, we will grow into majestic trees.

There will be many a freezing winter,
Tearing us apart with the dark embrace of snow.
There will be many a scorching summer,
Evaporating all but our tears.

But that does not mean we shouldn’t wait for the fruitful spring
Bringing us smiles,
Or the romantic autumn
Where our leaves and memories dance among the skies.

So onward
To a terrifying but beautiful future.
Sometimes, it's scary to be moving forward. But I know that I'll be making encounters that are worth the goodbyes.
Winterblue80 Aug 4
Live in the Present
But still never live happy,
Follow a fantasy, to make your path
But each and every fault you create
Are all for you to carry
Does That sound easy?
But words aren't louder than actions ?
because words hit you
both where you want and don't want it to
and there's no stopping the pain
of an imaginary hope lost in the distance
in the fog of what others call
A big disgrace and nuisance
But to the dreams you never reached
and the path you couldn't make
just always remember,
you can't turn lead to gold
but you can always try to do better
My 2nd ever public poem I posted on AllPoetry
and my entry for a contest  called "Teenagers"
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