I never thought we would end up like this..
Tangled in each other under the sheets
As the morning rays peek out
And spill through our window

I never thought I'd feel so cold without you
So empty

When did I start missing you?
When did the thoughts of you start invading my head?
When did you carve your name into my heart?
When did 'I hate you' turn into.. well, this?

I built my walls so high
I was sure you'd turn and leave
When did you even tear them down?
Love was a fantasy I never believed.

Sitting on our roofs
With the universe in the palm of our hands
Rolling down the windows
And belting out song lyrics to our favorite bands

And even sitting here I'm thinking of you
With a smile plastered on my face.
I never wanted to date again
Let alone be "that couple"...

But I guess that's what we are
This is what we're meant to be
We're cliche
     We're timeless
          And when we're together
                       We're free

This was buried deep within a pile of poems. It was so beautiful I found myself smiling myself. RH, as I know her, is a helpless romantic under all that negativity and her hate for all things "cliche", and to see that side of her come out in a poem was heartwarming. I hope you all a wonderful day ~BM

I used to think
about traveling the world
searching for a happy place to go

but then I've met this girl
and realized
I'm in the happiest place I could be,
in a relationship between you and me.

I collide with my dreams in a dark gloomy night,
All its premises getting wider and darker,
Wearing my sleep and falling to my nuisance,
Wearied my eyes along with my greatest fear,
My brain freezed and fails to interpret its sensations,
I rolled to one side to another,
Yet confusions spoked with its creepy voice,
I listened to the knockings on my windows,
Holding my heart as i call for protection to my Master,
I prayed yet my eyes failed to participate,
They crawled to one corner to the next,
Forming images before my presence,
I cried,
Yet my tears were clouded by fear,
There i was frozen from head to toe,
Lying helplessely on my bed,
My waterfall crawled like a piece of dirt wandering the street,
My senses broked yet the mess is already have been done,
Was i been saved from the hunger of the unraveling thirst of nightmares?
©19 July 2017 - South Africa

My First Fear

I am forever wet in your love,
Forever soaked in your arms,
Deepend in your skin,
I am surrounded by the potion of your eyes,
Where you drunk me with your caresses,
Where you dry my tears with your smiles,
Wash my sworrows with your love,
Persueth overflow of strength in my veins,
Endureth my waterfalls to run white,
The bells of my dreams,
The sweetest voice that wipes all nightmares,
Burning me in smiles,
Your love is all i need.
©19 July 2017 - South Africa

My First Love

You are
my early morning sun
my midnight moon

and even in my dreams
there is light

because eyes are not required
to see how much
you shine.

Colors rises your beauty,
Overdosed your love,
My hearts wells for the unknown,
Wearing pieces of smiles,
Piled before my breath,
My eyes roars open wide for your lips,
Groaning the peace of your kisses,
I could barely smoke your essence,
I could barely drink your obsesive love,
My eyes are yet dry,
Still refining the sculptures of our love,
Wandering through your thoughts,
Getting high and drunk at once,
Yet breaking the rules of our forgotten smiles.

There was time i fell something sneaking to my heart,
Drawing closer and closer,
I looked and admired the view though my feet dares not to move,
I tried to escape but fear was all over me,
My lips could barely move,
Obsession took all my might,
I started with words,
Puzzled by your voice,
My pride was all shuttered in vain,
Driving me insane with your eyes that shelters my heart,
You planted smiles to my heart,
Encourage my breath to weaken before you,
And fear began stronger,
Yet you whitened all my rivers with the structure of your beauty,
And lie me belovedly with the essence of my admirations.

In a starry-starry night
you tell to look up at the sky
and then I realise

the star that shines the most
is the one by my side.

Her tears were like a storm
one of those that makes you cry

And her smile was like the morning sun
one of those that makes you feel alive

The weather has never been so intense
and it hurts to live in a house without windows.

m i a Jul 15

she made me speechless,
everyday words could
never describe her,
so i found beautiful
words that described
the beautiful her.

she is inexpressible.
   [coming soon.]
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