K Harris 18h

words just want to spill out of my mouth
im using everything i have to hold back
these words hold a lot of weight and i cannot take them back
my heart strings are interlaced with yours
if we pull apart now
          my heart will be  hurt like i hurt yours a few weeks ago
jumping when things get too close is woven into my being
never existed without it but hadnt quite seen it for what it is till recently
i took some time to weave through the jumble that was my heart and thoughts and came to the decision to try and mend our broken pieces  
my winds dont think of others they just simply blow at a moments notice
im sorry i hurt you
but i think i love you

im a mistake

do you remember
when your eyes found mine
and do you remember
when you thought it was fine?

Butterflies are mysterious creatures,
They choose where they want to go.
Every time I see you,
They seem to be alive in me.

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deery 2d

the light is gone the fun has rotted
now all that is left is grey

can you give me a light?

i want to write something people can resonate with.
for most of my life, i spent hours in book that i cried with or laughed to.
but now it is my turn.
i want to write for the ones with swollen hearts that are full of love,
i want to write something for the kids who were never enough,
for those spend hours sitting in the shower because the water frowns out the sounds of their tears,
i want to write something for the ones who have spent nights upon nights dreaming of ways to leave this world,
i want to write something for those finding bliss in baggies and hope in a pill
for the children who have found companionship in literary hero’s,
for the ones who twist words and rhymes,
the ones who for countless hours have manipulated vowel sounds and consonant endings.
i want to write for the ones who still believe in the magic of pixie dust,
for the ones who’s pixie dust only lives in hard bound books and in aisles of forgotten book stores.
i want to write something for those who appreciate the weird and find comfort in the uncommon.
i want to write for those fighting every day for that loaf of bread in the grocery store.
i want to write something people can resonate with.
because i’ve been there
so here it is,
here’s to you.

i’ve felt more at home
cradled inside words
and rocked to sleep by stanzas
then ever being in your bed
i’ve felt growth most
when i’m speaking in tongue
and writing rhythms,
then ever talking to you
you planted my soil
then let me choke on it,
while you sucked the life from it.
i’m growing flowers and life inside
of this body,
i am reclaiming
the revelation
that has started it all
i am washing my art down my body
feeding myself with the love and passion
you never showed me
in this moment i am growing
and my art is ever flowing

Everyone is wearing white today.
What a strange thing to wear to a funeral,
Ah, but this is no ordinary funeral.
For my sadness died yesterday,
The same moment you walked in the room

Sunny 4d

please, leave me a second
for me to not think about you
or all of the feelings that i feel for you

please, leave me a second
leave me alone on my mind
or help me escape from all of the thoughts about you

please, leave me a second
to not overthink about words you said to me last night
about how everybody just look at me as someone ordinary, when you're not

please, leave me a second
for me to write all these words
and cry because i just show the world my chimpy side of me

please, leave me a second
stop try to call me every time
i dont want this go too fast

please, leave me a second
and try to think about you too
are you really into me? or just fuckery things you give to me

please, leave me a second
or maybe two,
or maybe more..
so you dont have to come to me everytime
and see my red face because how often i cry at one night

please, leave me a second.

im so into you, but i doubt that you have the same feeling as me too.

Sunny 4d

"hi, can i drive?"
"no, haha, just come in."
"can you drive me home? actually.."
"sure, come!"

tiny black car and beautiful interior you got there.

"have you set your seatbelt on?"
"sure! let's go!"
"no, no, put it on right. i dont want you ended up like our friend.."
"don't say that.. i put it on right. we're gonna be okay."

smell of the ambi pur you got there, take me to an erotic scent to my nose.

"where we go now?"
"dont you say you want to go back home?"
"oh, sure!"
"no, no, no, i know something better."

you keep the windshield closed, make your breath even warmer.

"hey, is it the route to the city side?"
"yeah, why? you don't want to go there?"
"uh, actually i have a lot of tasks to do."
"oh.. okay, I'll just drive you home then."

the keychain you got on your back mirror, it's shining and pink.


i start to look at the wood we passed by. it's silent.


it's a beautiful voice you got there, with every kind of melt you made me.

"I... kinda.."
"turn left! that's my home, the orange one."
"oh, oh, okay."
"okay, stop here."

the car just stopped. left the noise of the machine we heard.

"ah, sure."

i look into your eyes like you did. you want to tell me something.

"ah, Dy?"
"yeah, Sunny?"
"it's a beautiful car you got there. thanks for the ride."

it's a beautiful car you got there. I'm sorry to say that, because my words are just lost in your eyes.


take a look into your eyes, it's confusing.


I guess I was naive for hoping
that I could get you out of my Mind
though my heArt always sTopped
whEn you were Just walking by

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