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lua Aug 6
one night, i counted the seconds
the ones i could hear from my broken wall-clock
each tick was one second, and i would tap my fingertips together to count
reaching to the hundreds

running to catch a moving train,
id lose my train of thought
and start again

each tick, every second
is the amount of time to dot a page with the tip of a pen
to stipple it with ellipses
for a quiet read

one night, i counted the silence
the ticking between the words
i counted the periods, the commas
every pause that collected thoughts
and i wondered with my jumbled mind
on what the amount of time in a person's life is spent on thinking before speaking
pondering on what to say
til the last second

i think it comes with the fear of stumbling over your words
to get tongue-tied and garbled
the fear of embarrassment as you pick your sentences up from the floor
not knowing what to use in an appropriate manner
yet time ticks by, each second dotting the space
as you race for a response against
looking like a fool and looking like a fool
one with words unsaid and one with the wrong thing spoken

one night, i counted the seconds
i counted the dots when i would type a reply
the three dots of contemplation
and the conversation ends.
Thomas W Case Mar 27
When the urge
to react to the
tactless clowns,
down looks like
and life's teeth
are sharper than
a steak knife,
and take a
sacred pause
a hiatus, a break,
for this day...
when I both don't know what to do
and feel that I should do nothing...
at all...
Its nice to stop
if even for a day
to rest
something inside seeks stillness
Taking a day off... phew...
The Foodie One Feb 2022
There’s a heaviness
upon my shoulders

I sit and try
to regain
my vigor

Just to find
my eyes
are slowly closing

Maybe I can stay
and rest a little
© 13/02/2022
Steve Page Jan 2022
Enjoy this.
Give focus.
Take pleasure.

each movement,
each breath.

And then
Trying not to get ahead of myself
Bipolar Poet Dec 2021
As I pause in his presence;
  he's the one who pushed
   back oceans, for foundations I see,

     walking in valleys of darkness;
       he's the lamp guiding the
         ways of my destiny's feet.

As I pause in his presence;
  I have the privilege to be
     in God's Holy Place,

      waking me up; armed and
       ready for battle,
          Made invincible in every way.

As I pause in his presence;
      I'm lost for words to say,
        at the Oasis of Spirit's peace,

         overflowing, your love's blessings,
           shaking my heart at it's core,
             for your love is sweet to my lips.

I pause in your presence; waiting on your will to be done,
I pause in your presence; knowing that I am always loved.
all weight
        and meaning
is not
to be found
in the substance itself

there are spaces
between words;
    and pregnancies
or an absence
that contains more
than semantics ever could

the trouble is
finding a balance
that punctuates the message
you just seem


Dave Robertson Sep 2021
Sometimes tears
don’t come from grief
or sudden pain,
from moments moved
by others’ stories
real or sharply imagined

Sometimes it’s just the steady
tap tap tap
of life that just won’t pause
for any cause or reason
for any chance of respite

We’ll often deny those tears
as weak
but listen as they speak
or they will never, ever stop
John McCafferty Apr 2021
Two dark sides converse in glinted eye,
we judge between few subtle signs,
vibrations bend which speed up time,
what sad masks we wear, when occupied.

Allow yourself some pause for thought,
searching around inside of you,
whichever form this may flow through,
to find that place of peace and solitude.

Importance of imprinting reflective memories,
we hold onto questions of our visions set,
remembering of what was and came to be,
a fabricated formulae.

The varied receptive connections of others,
helps us engage respond and occupy,
to release the grey that builds inside,
heaviness escapes through focused sighs.
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
Melody Mann Mar 2021
If I could repeat this life there would be much to do,
Hearts to mend and deeds to undo,
Time spent mustering courage would transform into acts of expression,
My journal would be blank for my prose would meet your ears and not the page,
I'd share my mind's cavern with you,
And the journey would be ours to conquer,
If I could rewind and reverse time,
I'd relish a life with you.
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