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lua Sep 15
the tired eyes
and sluggish hands
in a late night rendezvous
that starts with a touch
that explodes in your chest
the fire at your fingertips
that splatter all throughout
and it's the sparks in your lungs
the brightness against a groggy gaze
which fills the spaces between your words
the ellipses between your sentences
the pauses between each breath you take
every hesitation
and never seems to end.
Kitten Yvad Sep 11
Sometimes bodies say
whoa now
slow down take it easy

dont resist
or let everything
get thrown out
Lay low
breathing freely

when my body says
take time, its right
she's never failed me

when im exhausted
i can't just pretend fine
ignoring weather signs
and expect smooth sailing

Sometimes bodies say
whoa now
slow down take it easy

Lizzie Aug 12
If only the world would pause for a moment--
Then how quiet it would be!
Only the birds and the wind and the sky,
And also there'd be you and I.
Once the world moved slowly,
But now were going faster than even the wind can fly.
Rona Librada Aug 6
Cold night breeze
Serene evening sky
Dancing city lights
Walking side by side
Fingers intertwined
Memory lane on our path
People passed us by
Couple they may think
But it was the way of bidding our real goodbye...
Amanda Jul 19
I am sorry that I am a hopeless mess
Waste of space
Broken at best
Words my comfort when taken by fear
Times I can't face who's waiting in the mirror
I want pain to end so I can be free
The overwhelming misery
I try to pause
Breathe deep and slow
Anxiety will not let me go
And I want to change
Be happy once more
I'll never get back the life I had before
Just make the world disappear for awhile
Then maybe I'd remember how to smile
It's been so long I think I've forgotten how it feels to laugh
undermyfeet May 26
I have spent too many hours looking at the screen
I searched again for words that'll make me feel complete
but all I write is something that I'd heard before
and my words all look like you
Joshua Phelps Jun 28
We all have goals,
We all strive to obtain them

We try our best to stick to the path,
And avoid obstacles at all costs.

But we realize that life isn't always a straight line.

Sometimes it hands us a curveball,
And our direction veers off course.

Once again, we're back at where we started.
And that's okay.

It may not be what we wanted,
And it may not be what we asked for
But we make the best of what we've got.
And try, try again

In these uncertain times,
Self-reflection isn't unheard of;
It's almost like a great pause.

With the world around us slowing to a crawl,
The stress and anxiety are getting to us all.
We find that brief moment of clarity,
A revelation that, maybe, we're not lost after all.
In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, I realize that I'm not the only one going through a major shift in life right now. We're all going through this. We will get through this.
Glenn Currier Jun 27
I wrote a poem for him when he was still here
he was a Cajun artist without peer
for her a paean to a life well lived but now gone
her gentle self slipped into an eternal dawn.

All too few left who care
to read or hear
my poems of yesteryear
not even a single tear
from anyone but me
for these souls who graced my life
and led me to pause, think, feel, and write.  

What sweet sharp sorrow
drifting now in this dark and lonesome lake.
Author’s Note: Reflecting on poems written many years ago and wishing these special people were sitting in this room so I could see the expressions of their faces while I read their poems. Losing friends and kin brings a keen kind of aching. For my cousin Marcia Lister and painter George Rodrigue.
Tryniti Jun 19
A pause..

The pulse quickens
Throat swallows
Tension thickens
A breath follows

The silence weighs a ton
An everlasting duration
To the silence between someone
The sound of hesitation
Written 06.19.2020
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