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Sometimes tears
don’t come from grief
or sudden pain,
from moments moved
by others’ stories
real or sharply imagined

Sometimes it’s just the steady
tap tap tap
of life that just won’t pause
for any cause or reason
for any chance of respite

We’ll often deny those tears
as weak
but listen as they speak
or they will never, ever stop
Two dark sides converse in glinted eye,
we judge between few subtle signs,
vibrations bend which speed up time,
what sad masks we wear, when occupied.

Allow yourself some pause for thought,
searching around inside of you,
whichever form this may flow through,
to find that place of peace and solitude.

Importance of imprinting reflective memories,
we hold onto questions of our visions set,
remembering of what was and came to be,
a fabricated formulae.

The varied receptive connections of others,
helps us engage respond and occupy,
to release the grey that builds inside,
heaviness escapes through focused sighs.
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
Melody Mann Mar 22
If I could repeat this life there would be much to do,
Hearts to mend and deeds to undo,
Time spent mustering courage would transform into acts of expression,
My journal would be blank for my prose would meet your ears and not the page,
I'd share my mind's cavern with you,
And the journey would be ours to conquer,
If I could rewind and reverse time,
I'd relish a life with you.
Steve Page Feb 13
Within the long Selah,
deep in the chasm of the pause,
His words sink,
down into the cracks,
into the gaps
and salves where bitter words
were once rooted
and grew to sprout a harvest
of self recriminations
to the third and fourth generation.

Within the long Selah,
in that cleft
his seed begins
a fresh sowing
and leaves new promise
of a fresh crop
of sweeter fruit.
The Psalms include the use of the word, Selah - thought by some to be a musical term, denoting a pause.  This years been a long pause.
Pause once in a while and be amazed by the wonders and graces that God has poured on to thee.
When you are silent
If the story ends

If it is like that
That is not your story
My dear

You don't belong there
Genre: Observational
Theme: Turbulence
Author's Note: Sometimes you wait to see if your story is being heard, and sometimes you stay silent to decide, do you need to continue the story.
Finishing the last sip, I took the pause,
Reminiscing the scintillating flaws,
Conjuring the crowded applause,
Staring at the emptied walls,
Living the ******* cause.
Marie Nov 2020
Eines Nachts im Sommer
funkelten die Sterne am Himmel,
und eine kühle Brise zerstreute die Hitze des Tages

und die Erde war still.
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