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There are no words left,
to matter a change
that's worth any positive
cause and effect
Unless action can be taken
to calming to nurture a yearning
My first lover king ever
from mine youth now shared.

A precious dream breathes
and lives at last if
only in poem form, in song
and in memory chip.

In imaginary form
Bittersweet a fire burning.
Endless true loving of the woman
who loves you most
in this whole world wide.
Mind to mind,
and as the music played
To summon my story.

Any hope left
by the edge of this this cliff,
is but a final blow.
My misfortune.

Be your happiness my own
Her joy, my joy.
By: Mr. And Mrs Andrews
(Honors to this famous English
vast land famed painting-portrait
of something missing on Mrs lap,
  One of many past karmic lives.
Being chosen for changing Earth
I finally understood my peril
and then other's dilemmas
A great fortune against,
and for me stolen .
Written with Karijinbba.
Dear poet on HP, G..C; Are you familiar with Dukeoftx?  
SMc. Hu? Do you know them it's imperative
I know please.

I am just a time traveler like the love of my life...but only he or his significant other, his brother her grown daughters, son, parents might know about reading old love letters, written for me alone, not for his significant other" finding them
 distant and faint memories!,
our perils became.
As for being trapped by disillusionment
with misleading comments it
isn't happening with me.
I am, and have been open minded.

I know when comments
aren't from the love my life
writing back
but from others
who wish to inflict further
I don't dwell on such
cheap shady manners.

I am so used to this kind of cruel retoric insinuations to make me feel inadequate and late a nothing, as if I remain in the midst of such shallow concerns.
I know who loved me; how when, where he loved me.

Money wealth given earned or bought to those by his side is not happiness. Neither is deceiving an old sweet Caroline like me who remains lovely loving someone behind their masks visiting Hp.

My beloved will always be the love of my life, and deep down I his very own, sacred imaginary friend companion.

Bittersweet as Rhett Butler, to Scarlet told.
It's my misfortune, as in Gone W The Wind

but knowing I was loved truly, wished well near or far to me, this is very healing
If on the other plane it is the love of my life commenting
saying I am but
faint so and so,
like I too say it's my misfortune. I rather die feeling once upon a time loved then never loved. Until someone loved me I became somebody.
Come to me anytime
Beautiful love divine in spirit and in form young old sick healthy, poor rich.
I forever love you
I pledge my love to yourdd.
All Rights.
Mark Wanless Feb 2023
they say and therefore
we are imaginary
blind money makers
Carlo C Gomez Dec 2022
undecipherable loss
  • [it's steeper near the roses]

  • [the mystery in the trees
  and the mistral sound of your breathing]

dreams of perfection: floral dress summer
  • [the apnea and the scream]

a touch of labyrinth to this world
  • [in the fair and harmless light]

imagine somewhere close by
  • [imagine him waving as you say goodbye]
for Jasmine
Vishal Pant Jul 2022
My blue bicycle breezing over the grass
silence surrounded, colors faded
I saw the void gaining mass
knees went weak, I pled
What lay beyond the darkness
of the mysterious black sphere
I didn't fathom what I saw, not even a guess
The green grass went sere
Should I surrender to the sans-khrôma
maybe it was free of war and worries
utopia itself opened to us
or was it an otherworldly bleakness
I took a step into the vacuity
There wasn't a deity
nor the promised eutopia
Tried a sci-fi inspired mystery poem.
Radhika Krishna Apr 2022
There’s a bottle of my mother’s love
Sitting on the kitchen table
It’s gone sour
It’s Sunday morning,
In the piercing comfort of a place
I once would’ve called home,
And the world woke up and walked out on me

The aftermath of July grows right outside my bedroom window
While I sit on a desolate strip of imaginary sand,
With my head in a water cooler
As significant as an ill-fated horsefly
Mark Wanless Mar 2022
if if only is
imaginary why not
stop playing the game
belbere Jul 2021
call me your imaginary
lover, miss pretend,
your concentrated fantasy,
a night that never ends,
the prettiest delusion
your mind ever made believe,
a pocket full of pixie dust,
your self-prescribed reprieve,
the sandman tried to warn you
not to get lost in a dream,
you took your wishful thoughts
and said, “they look real to me,”
your mind could only conceive
what it thought could never be,
felt better to be trapped there
than lost in reality,

under a pretend sky
in a myth you made believe,
it’s just imaginary you
and imaginary me.
Andrew Rueter Jun 2021
I had that dream again
the one where I'm floating in space
stuck in a box that looks like where I sleep
I can't control my container's course
as it floats towards a black hole
I try to push my cell in another direction
but I just make the room spin
faster and faster
until I'm holding onto the floor for comfort
then I look over and see you
laying next to me
making me feel safe and warm
we kiss and cuddle
forgetting the spinning cosmos outside.

I know you're not real
you're an amalgamation of everyone I know
friends, family, suitors, lovers
you may not be real
but the safety you provide in my nightmare is
so I thank you for that
and for spending time with me
which is how I know you're not real
but I enjoy our nights together all the same.
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