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Flint Holcomb Apr 20
i imagine his hands are warm
they fit so perfectly in mine
my mood would instantly transform
and everything would be fine

i imagine his smile
so beautiful and bright
if everything was dark for a while
i'd know it would all be alright

but then i'm back here
in my cold, empty bed
for a man that holds me dear
only exists in my head
Grey Apr 2
"It's like you, Jackson," I say softly, reaching out a hand.
"I once cried because I wished you were real.
"Now, I cry because I wish I were real to him."
I pause, then shake my head slowly.
"No, that's not true...
"I think... I think I cry because I wish he were truly real to me."
Axel Mar 7
Empty, and insanity.
A world, an imaginary bliss.
A mindspace, nothing to believe.
How I describe my own mind
Carlo C Gomez Feb 22
If it lives
Man will **** it

If it burns
He'll eat it

If it happens to be
Make believe
He'll then imagine
All the ways he could
**** and eat it

He lives and dreams
Merely to destroy
Siren Feb 3
I am
fed up

of this

I have
in my head

Fed up
with this
imaginary world

tearing me

Fed up
with the
Make stage for the head cage.
Tea Jan 30
Everything was dark and dull...
Sometimes I would see a ship's hull.
If I were lucky, I'd spot sea animals...
There were no walls...
But I was trapped...
The sea bottom was not mapped...
And I was stuck down there...
I couldn't go anywhere...
Till someone helped me up to the surface of my troubles...
We popped the sea bubbles...
We laughed together...
Even though it was windy weather...
I will never forget that day...
I hope the happy memories will stay...
Richard Frank Jan 14
When I first laid my eyes on you,
I fell in love so passionately
My heart pounded deeply into my chest

Happiness overflowed my soul when you felt the same too
When we held hands on a beautiful summer day
When you kissed me and told how much you loved me

It saddens me to realize the delusion I've created
The result of a playful and desperate mind of mine
The love that doesn't really exist

Because we will never be for each other
Luvanna Jan 13
You used to talk to me often
I remember how small you were
And your mom worried
If you were talking by yourself
Little did she know
Our little secret
Eating out is a nightmare
as every meal dissolves
into a food poisoning scare.

Riding the merry-go-round
is a disaster, your claim of being allergic
to horses forces them to shut it down.

Google is your friend,
symptom searches are endless
whether they're real or pretend.

While reading this poem
you begin to feel a bit worse for wear,
wishing you were in bed at home.

Brain tumor is your answer.
Sore throat?
It's probably cancer.

You're not sure if your back hurts
or your kidneys are failing,
neurotic to a fault
you call in sick to your own wedding.

You even press for a second opinion
to see if it's serious,
nonetheless, we do wish you a speedy
recovery from your imaginary illness.
TS Ray Dec 2019
It was an unusual fight,
soldiers and surroundings were primed right,
war cry and emotions were taking flight,
I wasn’t sure how I was going to spend the night.
Who's better in the war of love?

Tears can’t replace war cries,
War horns can’t drown out deafening silence,
Armed armory can’t beat out lonely foot soldiers,
Seeing eye to eye can’t wish away looking past each other.
What’s right in a cry of despair?

I wasn’t Napoleon,
she wasn’t Helen of Troy,
we were made for each other,
yet we seem to be from different eras.

Even as we were battle ready,
it didn’t matter who won,
peace doesn’t come at an expense,
indeed it came at no cost,
'cos you can’t buy love.

Now, who wants to argue about that?
TS. 2019.
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