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Johnny walker Mar 11
Sometimes at night when
I can't sleep and I'm just laid staring at four walls with nothing to do my mind goes wondering to thinking of
But even thoughts of you still comfort to me just as If you're still here with me It with those thoughts of you eventually I fall to sleep to my dreams of
Nobody knows that you visit me whilst I'm fast asleep you're here with
me the little secret that I only know for I can never let you go
So sometimes when I can't sleep I think of you darling
and then soon fall to
sleep that's when I know you'll visit my dream and for the brief time I'm asleep Helen my darling you're back with
but no one hears your voice only me when I'm a laid asleep In my dreams of you and no one see you like I see you when come to my dreams to sleep again by my
Imaginary thoughts of Helen whilst I'm awake and can't sleep my mind goes a wondering till I fall asleep
Hi, hey, here I am again
Looking for a friend?
Still here, no worries!
Still full of follies?
I can fix it, I swear!
Hey, wait, you still there?
Hold up, please don't go!
Don't run, I want to know!

Hi, hey, here I am again
Looking for a friend?
I swear, I can be one!
All good, it'll be fun!
Hey, wait, you still there?
I can fix it, I swear!

Are you hurt, feeling despair?
Weight heavy, save you a prayer?
Hey, wait, don't feel sad
Smile, it's not so bad

Hi, hey, here I am again
Looking for a friend?
Still here, no worries!
Still full of follies?
I can fix it, I swear!
Hey, wait, you still there?
Hold up, please don't go!
Don't run, I want to know!
Johnny walker Feb 28
Now I live my life In limbo
I have an acceptance my sweetheart has gone but as If I walk an Imaginary path
that lies between Heaven and Earth since Helen been gone It seems to me I belong to
So I live on this Imaginary path that lies between Heaven and Earth but at the end of the road there's a light
so beautiful one day I'll walk Into that light and join my wife who will be waiting patiently for
An Imaginary path that lies between Heaven and Earth
Poetic T Feb 27
Where all the victims
                             of imaginary friends

Still talking
                         even though

They never really said

We Just made them
                        to make
         excuses for our weaknesses.
E B K Feb 26
I realized just today
that we can never be real
that we must stay

for inside my head there are no problems
within us
or in
our imaginary world
I only hear our laughter, see our smiles
in place of anger and tears

inside my head I'm never scared
for you or me, you and me
everything is flawless
we talk, and then we see

the truth
each other
everything clear

and in the real world, well
there are sharp edges on which we will trip
knives that we will create and use to cut ourselves
of my fear and shame

things that would never exist inside my head

so thus, with a heavy heart
I must keep us imaginary
so that we

Johnny walker Feb 23
I'm laid In bed I've closed the curtains on the outside world and with thoughts
of Helen In my head then close my eyes off to trip down memory lane
To places, only Helen and I have ever been memories
only shared by us but In my mind, some
them are Imaginary places
made up by me In my Imaginary world I've now created as a form of survival to cope with losing
Since she been gone I've created In my head my own world It's where Helen and I both live now for In this world we can have anything we
Helen Is free of pain now
she can walk freely we can walk again hand In hand
just as we used to do before she took ill Helen Is laughing again
Sometimes I have to return briefly to reality but when
when I come back to my Imaginary world Helen Is there waiting for me and
she looks as pretty as the day I first me
Through grief In order to deal with the loss I've created my own Imaginary world where Helen and I now live
grace Feb 16
the fear we seek is what we ignore
the fear we have for the people we love to hate
and love to love
a mirror loves to capture our faces but not what's behind the eyes
your love is what i see flood into mine
and though the look of your reflection is a bit scary to me at first because i haven't been in love for quite some time
the sound of your voice and the care that you give breaks the mirror
i have imaginary feelings for your reflection
and real feelings for what's behind your eyes.
I once ruled a small kingdom…
I was lord; and I was free.

But as I looked out over the land
From atop my royal throne  
I saw no nobles, no knights,
No clergy, no servants…

I had, finally, risen to power,
But now everyone was gone –
Mysteriously vanished,
As the children of Hamelin.

So, there I was, alone;
And the silence haunted me…
Inspired by David Foster Wallace's 2005 commencement address at Kenyon College.
nameless Jan 10
It's sad really
I made a person in my head to sooth me
She doesn't clutch me in a tight embrace
Doesn't yell
Doesn't tell me that I'm perfect
Doesn't say tomorrow will be better
She just sits with me
Lets my fallen head rest on her shoulder
She lets me cry
And she does not hold me
Instead she softly rubs circles into my arm
She shushes me
But it's not harsh or demanding
It makes me feel safe

"I know sweetheart, I know"

I've only ever wanted someone to truly know
And she does
Because she's me
But I pretend she isn't

"You've been fighting so hard, sweetheart, harder than anyone thought you could. He'd be proud of you."

I can feel her hand now.
Tears are welling in my eyes and typing this is
She isn't real
She doesn't have a name
Her face shifts so often I don't even know what it looks like
But it's alright
I don't really have a name either

I wish I didn't have a face

It's sad
I'm sad
I've made someone to sooth me
She isn't real
But at least she doesn't tell me I'm perfect
For the love of god please stop calling me perfect
Take me back to the green city
Where the concrete jungle exist
Surrounded by flowers and trees
Breathe in the fresh air
Let go the feeling of despair
Forget the memories that was grim
Just pretend that it was a dream
Life is much better than it seems
Behind these walls of concrete
Is one of the most beautiful places
That your eyes have ever seen
Green City is where I need to go
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