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Where have all my friends gone to since my sweetheart has passed away why did they up and go and leave me all
All my fickle friend have gone and left me hear on my own If I were asked question do I miss them
answer you Can't miss what you've never had for fickle friend that's all they where I'm glad that they're all gone now to
Aileo 7d
The gunshot still haunts the parents, the gory sight will forever be with them.
They couldn’t have known he would leave so soon, through all of his rants they never listened.

Now they know, his voice spoke the color of human veins and blood, now all that’s left is the hue of a brain.
Perhaps next time they’ll listen before the next life is taken, and red is forever splattered on their memories.
Here you go peoples
Dimitri Ali Jun 18
I'm not mad that people won't know the truth,
The reason behind why you had to go.
I am mad little cousin, that you left before you had a chance to know.
To know that we all love you.
Your mom, your dad, your sister, your brother,
My mom your aunt she was like your second mother,
Your cousins, we miss you too.
For christ sake I just wish you knew.

You left behind more than what words said,
More than what eyes have seen,
Left it all behind at the age of 19.
Forgive me because out of all your cousins I'm the oldest,
I loved and respected you, I hope you died knowing this.

Remember the drinks that cheered our glasses?
The 'sup cuzz' that signaled our passes
On the street everyday because you lived next door,
Dam it kills to know that I won't see or hear you anymore.

You had a crown tattooed on your chest,
The symbol, a badge of a real king.
I'd wear your badge too, give a moment of silence while I cheers with friends, I'd hear the angels sing.
Rest now cousin, my brother, my family,
Though gone in body your spirit shall stay beside me.
larni Jun 17
love is a word
too much
much too soon
Tilda Jun 11
It is this day,
                       that we lose. We lose the skies
                  and everything goes.
                     We go to the clouds. Nothing
                                       matters there.
            We are like the man laying in the ditch
                      ***** in his hands. Cold, wrinkled
 ­  The woman, arms wrapped,
       ­                              around the toilet bowl
                                           Now limp
                        in her grave.
                                                         We, collectively, lie
    looking to the skies. That's where we'll be...
                                                           ­               soon.
                                            ­                   The air,
                                                       full of smog
                                                            ­           will
                                                            ­                  clear.
                                        ­              That is not a hope
                                                            ­                      it's a
                                                                ­              Promise.
I need a little time to process
I'll be back.
A poem every day.

(I'll keep posting every day but it'll be quick shitpost until I'm ready to write again)
One day I did open up my eyes to see reality staring
back at me awoken from
a dream like a
taken by  surprise I was wondering what the hell Is going on and oh how
strange my life
become without her nowhere with me taken all these sleepless nights and empty days to realise
just can't without her now oh cruel now the world does seem since It stole my love away leaving the meal
one each and every day to my
for what life once meant to
Helen and I It's taken all these lonely nights end empty days It's only to memory now for
I survive the cruelty of this world I've long since fallen out if love with It taken all these sleepless
and empty days to realise
she's not be coming back to me It's all over now but for dreams and
but never stop asking the same questions why so soon In life
All those sleepless nights and empty days to realise she won't be coming back It over but still asking why so soon In her life Helen deserved so much better In life than she was given bless her I shall never forget her
Ickabobroe Apr 27
I probably spoke far too soon
Should've caught my tongue before it fluttered away
I know it left me for I'm at a loss for words
However I don’t think you’ll ever feel the same
Sketcher Apr 13
Past 8 Days: </3
Sunday: <3

There’s two types of missing you.

Firstly, I think about you as a person and I miss hugging you, kissing you, holding your hand, running my fingers through your hair, making you smile, making you laugh... making you happy...
                           ...I miss making you happy.

Secondly, I think about *** and I miss slow kissing, touching your *******, touching your ****, rubbing you out, grinding, all forms of teasing, *** in any position... whatever makes you happy...
                           ...I miss making you happy.

                    I miss being your happiness.
                I miss my happiness.
           I miss you.
See you soon, baby <3
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