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Mrs Timetable Aug 14
You can try to fix it
Or just live with it
But dont fix it
Til its damaged

Carbon steel can be easily damaged.  The human heart is so much more fragile.
Good "life" analogy.
ky Jul 22
You were like a little kid looking to buy a new toy.

You picked the expensive one because it was
shiny and pretty and new,
but you didn't have enough money.
So you settled for the cheaper toy
even though you wanted the other one
so much more.

Eventually, you were happy.
But you still dreamt of that shiny toy
every time you closed your eyes.
Flo Jun 2022
I fell for love
For every honey-dripping word
Leaving your sweet lips

Lips red like cherries
Sweet and gentle upon touch
Taking me to the gates of paradise

I fell for your intimacy
For your fingers that run down my chest
For the warmth of your body on my own

My heartbeat jumps and raises
Stunned by a beautiful smile
Pounding against the merits of my chest

I took the bate, I called you my own
Mistaking my worth and significance
As I’m just a toy, next to your beloved
One of my older works. I hope you’ll enjoy it!
Bell Oct 2021
blank* is like one of those gashapon capsule toys
Swimming in a sea of the indistinguishable look-alikes
until a passing stranger is willing to spare a coin or two
similar to how one gives themself up to blank
Much like falling_
A colorful little capsule falling
Twirling in anticipation
For its final destination
A little metal door
You can’t help but wonder what will await you
passion, partnership, disappointment?
Only one way to find out
(ガシャポン), also called gashapon (ガチャポン), are a variety of vending machine-dispensed capsule toys popular in Japan and elsewhere.
xavier thomas Jun 2021
Big dummy, you caught
Run around town like a little thot
Think you know better, but you “no” not

Always out trying to shoot your shot
Scheming on girls like wild thoughts  
Giving out handouts, handouts
Numbers so high like your body count
Name everywhere, you can yell it out
My Dear Poet May 2021
Turn the dial
on my back
and spin me around

Press the button
on my head
and push me down

Ring the bell
in my ear
bring on the sound

Push me off
the ledge
pick me off the ground

Check the crack
in the battery pack
no longer around
Juliana Feb 2021
You push me,
shout at me,
pull me around
like I exist as a form of playdough;
one which molds at your touch,
like you are my creator,
and I, just your masterpiece.

Like I am an object,
a toy,
some plastic, a bit of wire.

Even if that may be,
even if you reduce me to
be held in the eyes of a child,
is that all I am?
Am I not more?

Does a child not feel?
Not love?
Not play?

How is a child’s love any less than yours?
How am I any less worthy?

I am not a ball of dough.
I am not to be rolled around.
To be pushed;
to be shoved.

I will not let your words penetrate me.
I will stay guarded;
I will not unravel under the thread of your fingertips;
I will only be picked apart by my own.


Like the last breath of a flickering bulb,
those sweet sorrow seconds of a candle
right before the flame dies down.

I am a flame, and I will be fire,
and I will not be stopped.
yes i did just write an unironically deep poem about a personified bot it. yes that's just who i am.
Jasmin jazz Jan 2021
Never pretend all the girls as cat
There is a lion who roars when it is hurt
Don't think all girls are cute
We know how to react when you overact.
And not all girls love pink..
Because I love black.
Being silent doesn't means that she is shy
She is just waiting to tear you apart.
Girl is meant not to cook food and do laundry
She's same as you; a human
She's not a toy to PLAY  with..
There is feelings inside her
One day she'll burst out like a volcano
Then you can't control; she'll
Destroy everything around her
So beware ; be careful think twice before you act
Women have lots of wishes in their heart which they don't reveal if you are reading this just let their dreams come true...❤️ Plz like and follow🥰
Ken Pepiton Jan 2021
Taking stock of good ideas, tried and proven,
handible, holdable, ways and means to ends
The End
which means now, nearly, for me, part of me,
for the thymus gland, font of wiser than I imagined
T-cells, about which AI knows everything,
in the cloud of knowing witnesses now

encompassing us about---
so I need no wax pedantic,
tic asktask
AI ' f'
Art's intelligence, or-if-suf-ficial ficiency
--- stop-- think what is
the point to a life lived in focus, point by point, stretching
any point that may
stretchy, to its snapping point, and say

That only goes so far, re
mind me, next time I try to stretch such a point, re
mind me to only go
this far.

But, Hello World; Hello Poetry, is a place
where long drawn out thoughts
may amuse strangers as they
ask, what lies do I tell
as well as any fool?

Jokers. Can't take a joke, wanna take a poke,
knock this chip

from my pseudo-frontal-cortex module?
I might have broken something, I confess, everithing is as crazy as I thought it could get... back when I was thinking about how bad it could get... so I smashed it to smithereens to see what made it tic.
max Oct 2020
i wonder how many people
dated me just for my body,
or the pleasure that they knew i could give them.

i want to know if im any good for anything besides your pleasure.
did you fall in love with me?
or did you fall for my body?

tell me,
was i just your "friend with benefits",
to emotionally **** with?
or did you fall in love with me?

did you want me for my sense of humor,
my music taste,
my sense of pride,
my fashion sense?
for my body?

did you think,
"yeah, theyre hot"
or did you think,
"this person and i are meant to be"
"this person makes me feel loved"
"this person gives me butterflies.
they make me feel like im on top of the world,
like im all that matters to them,
like im the only one they need,
they want,
the one they'd marry."

i thought i was that for you,
i guess i was just your toy
hi, guys. um, update on my last poem. didnt stay strong enough and im only one day clean now. i got kind of triggered and inspired to write, so i made this, kinda a messy one, but it's really genuine. thank you for reading this far. if you have, here, have a virtual hug <3
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