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I made the toy with imperfections
The broken pieces in my collection

It was whole
And filled with joy
when it was given to me

But so many people wanted it
So many fought for it
Some earned it
Still they crashed it

Maybe because theirs were also broken
Maybe they didn't mean it
Maybe they just didn't know how to treat it

I am aware that there are pieces that do not belong here
I am not proud to say it but I also crashed and and kept pieces of other people's toys
Trying to fix my own
I joined the pieces

Each piece has its story
Stories of different journeys


I've traveled so far with this little gift for you
But how would I know who you were?
Why there isn't a sign on your face saying "soulmate?"
I tried to find you so many times and I had to use my toy as bait
I am sorry for not bringing it in one piece
But hey look around
None of these toys are new
And all this suffering led me to you.
Yes... The Toy is The Heart.
I feel like a *** toy,
Men always use me, to  make themselves feel better, they use me for their own joy,
I care about people too much and I end up getting used,
And in the process, my body always gets abused,
They touch me in the most inappropriate ways to satisfy their needs,
At one point I even start to bleed,
But I made no scene out of it, I just said it was ok,
Even though I felt so sick with my self, even though I was in pain,
I always knew I was just a toy, I just failed to admit the truth,
But now I can no longer run from reality, it makes no sense since I’ve already ruined my youth,
Everyone I talk to use me sexually, just because I care too much,
Not just that but I feel responsible for things I haven’t committed, and I easily trust,
It breaks my heart to remember how I’ve been touched,
I feel like a **** just thinking about the ways I’ve been touched by men,
then they laugh in my face acting like we are friends,
but I am just a toy,
played with when bored, then eventually destroyed,
Daddy brought a toy car,
toy car , toy car,
Red and blue, red and blue,
red and blue,
It has four wheels,
four wheels, four wheels,
Which go round and round
round and round,round and round,
You wound it with a key and it goes vroom, vroom, vroom,
Up and down, up and down,
up and down
Right and left, right and left,
right and left,
Daddy brought a toy car, a toy car, a toy car,
I love him a million times,a million times,a million times.
The heartfelt joy of a poor boy who lives in a slum and barely has a proper meal.Sing with him and see how happy you feel.
WhiteWolf101 Mar 19
my heart is used
but you don't see that
you see it as old unwanted
but he sees it as new,
something to love,
he looks at me and sees
something to live for
you look at me and you see
a toy
something to use
and throw away right after
it is what it is
Liz Mar 8
if you promise you will love him,
must he also promise he will love you?
or is it that the man gets the choose
to leave if he gets tired of the toy
he bought in the clearance section,
though the “toy” was misplaced,
and was meant to be
placed with the jewelry, the diamonds
which cost more than twice his income.
you, a priceless artifact.
you don’t deserve that kind of love.
the love that enchants you,
though it was always a one-way arrow.
Xgaizer Mar 5
You treat me like a Trash
Thought you where my Johnny Cash
Thinking that we could make a pack
But you lock me in the dark

You treat me like a toy
Thinking I'm full of joy
but you slowly ripping me apart
Breaking walls down like lego parts

You throw me in the mad
like i was just a door mat
You left me inside my head
thinking I was all dead
A forgotten toy
Left in the road
Lost out the window
With no hope

Forever unwanted
Forever used
Never to be kept
For I’m far too bruised
Asiah Mangham Feb 26
He's a broken toy.
Tired of being kicked to the side for a new experience
Tired of the wheels falling off only for him to repair himself
The engine won't start anymore, the gas tank is empty
He's living inside out with his emotions
He is broken and that is okay
He is lost and that is okay
The broken have a special place in the Universe
Dredd Feb 8
using emotion as bait
to reel and reap
for their selfish rewards
not thinking about the cost
of toying with someone's feelings.
Pyrrha Dec 2018
Use me
Play me
Break me
Tear me
Lose me

Im your toy
So I don't mind

Burn me
Drown me
Rip me
Throw me
Manipulate me

I'm just a toy
So I can't cry

Cradle me
Kiss me
Treasure me
Talk to me
Love me

You own me, I'll always obey
I am your toy
Just never give me away
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