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Jeremy Betts Jun 5
Locked out of every building down the block of trust
Left in my torrential downfall to rust
Knocked off course by a simple gust
A visual SOS is a must
But follow the flair I launch daily at dusk
And stumble across a cold and lonely husk

I S A A C Dec 2022
3 years deep at least
hiding from yourself more than me
honesty is healing, your honestly killing me
why would you
say that, i need payback
say that, when you knew that
it was lies, projecting all the time
i let your into my house, into my life
Pseudonymous S Jun 2021
I am bursting
From stomach to seam
With this overwhelming
That some would call
But I would call
The enemy
Aspen Sep 2020
There are no words
to describe the way I can feel
so empty
so full
In this one body
It feels like
there is no limit to it all
No limbo
Only free space
for this hole inside of me
To grow
Brave Wilson Jun 2020
If a mask I Dawned
of secrets and lies,
and hatred that I've spawned.
Would you betray your inner self,
to stand by me?
Or would you dismay into hiding?
And abandon me ?

There once was a girl
who lived a life of secrets and lies that she told,
she portrayed herself as happiest of them all,
with laughs and smiles she would hide in crowd,
her nights she would spend,
currled in a dark room,
Silently Screaming,
and wishing she could cry.

Her days were a lie,
and her nights were lonely.
the only release from the pain,
was a blade to her wrist or a knock to the brain.

This cycle was stable and kept her in check
but it slowly  consumed her,
driving her to a point,
Where her wold would come of ruin,
If a change was not made.
A truth she acknolaged but could not accept,
cause the only strenght she could count on,
Did not exist.
- Sometimes those that struggle know they need help, but cant trust anyone to follow through with them. so they suffer under the guise of a facade.
Amanda Kay Burke Dec 2019
The hardest part of living
Having to face the past each day
No matter where I look here it's there
Impossible to get away

This town teems with memories
Of our favorite places
Plagued by overflowing mental holograms
Ghosts we left as traces

I cannot forget the laughter
Nights stayed up too late
Who knew all was wasted?
Happiness was not our fate

These roads we have walked a thousand times
Striding arm-in-arm or hand-in-hand
Traveling them alone is a concept I hate
Grown to understand

It was yesterday it seems
Hand was free from chains
Regret imprisons my body and mind
Eternally haunted by what remains

Lost the comfort of a monotonous routine
Contradictory emotions I thinly hide
Was naive to believe all the walls I put up
Shut out but not shut me inside

The war between fear and hope
A battle I fight every day
Out of shape
Out of breath from sparring
Pretend I am okay

But know my "Fine" is only a facade
I will cry when I'm alone
Convincing myself pain will one day end
How can it end if I'm doing it on my own?

And if I did ask for help
Choose to send an SOS
There is no guarantee for an easier life
I would just be bringing somebody more stress

So bear the explosions as best as I can
My frozen soul I long to surrender
With an army of regrets I strive to forget
Must be losing-because I still remember
This is sad but true
Max Neumann Dec 2019
even the strongest
even the wisest
even the most spiritual

saviors have to be saved:

through faith.
They need you.
Today is a good day.


Regardless of your skin color, gender, age, money, ****** identity, religion, atheism, cultural and historical background.

God is good.
Mark Sep 2019
You can call us all, including our dog, your hero men  
So when you need help quickly call 9/11  
Rescue we try and save you we hope, from Gods sun filled heaven    
but sometimes we lose out to the devil in this ash scattered hell    
Climbing the steps and spraying the fire, that nobody's skin should've felt    
Bringing you out, one by one, just hold on tight to my safety belt.
We are there to protect you, not to distress you    
Dressed in blue, pistol and taser at side, all in full view    
We arrest the speedsters, traffickers and all the gangsters    
Let the judges decide if the sentence should incur extra time for visitors    
Your lawyers, barristers and familiar jailbird friends    
Will testify, use false alibi to get you off and to make amends.
We're racing to the scene with the medicine in the back    
Inside bed, needles and portable CPR machine, just in case of a heart attack    
We will revive the dead, patch up a sore head and even help mother with newborn    
So let us through with ease and don't for a second put your hand on the horn    
For one day, it might be you or your family or even a long lost friend    
That is waiting for the moving medical miracle machine in the end.
We dress in disguise, mainly in tree green and dirt black    
On the back of tanks, falling from the sky and we won't take any flak    
We're here with orders from the guy at the top    
So don't get upset at us, when we come back with a hop    
We fight to protect the freedom of all mankind    
Just doing our job and hoping not to leave, anybody behind.
Showunmi samson Aug 2019
Alas! Again you get weak,
you are strong,
what is all these?
The irony of
an ant
in it's colony.
of a soldier
to defend his/her Nation.
The fate of a man,
even we more esteemed
too deep to be seen
but easy to be accepted and twisted.
It takes your
to show you
your place
in this life.
is like
a map.
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