An old lion sits on the balcony writing a letter to his lover describing the moment he first saw her; he uses the moon as his lamplight as he murmurs the next line.
"I thought: you are the best drawing I've ever seen..
The most captivating painting,
Most sensual of all the sculptures."
I simply want your embrace.
Your arms wrapped safely around my frame
the heat of your blood pumping
the soft texture of your skin
the musky smell of your neck
I do not need words
I do not need that look
just your embrace.

So often as the day grows
my resolve dies
situations frustrate the mind
hardships puncture the heart
and my mood fowls

I simply crave you
the balm for a wound
that has never healed
I simply need you
holding me together
till the end
Safety can be in the arms of a loved one. Love can be simple.
And hands worn from a days work,
would find the
sensitive skin of my back
we were to never dine in public
though I was embellished
in silks and deep red lace
Part one of "The Scupltor"
Stay tuned for more
I never knew toxins
could be packaged in such magnificent
Until I noticed your eyes
fire spark of lover's sweat
hazy moan engulf the air
gripping sheets and bending pillows
moonlight streaks on wet windows
energy reaches dream state
then disappears through the keyhole
and there is nothing more than silence
before the quiet escape
and the unspoken acceptance
of this graceful mistake
oldie - revised
Stay awhile…
Share your smile
It’s been gone so long from your face...
Do I see you now basking in her loving embrace?

I see that sparkling dance in your eyes
Singing of love now and tomorrow
That is the sound track of your life
She is your future and I am your past

You want your love to last?
So please don’t delay
Run… to her fast
As she will fervently pray

You might still say...
Stay awhile …
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Every day as our
Hearts embrace the
Power of love
Our hearts forever
Together entwined
Forever in true love.
Our Love
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