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Egressx 1d
he asks
when will it open
what, i asked
your heart.

he says
i brought hammers but
i fear it might hurt you
i said
soft, love. soft hands.
soft touch is enough

he says
kiss me
you won't have
to open your legs
just your lips, nothing
no, touch me soft

he tears my heart
and licks the inside
i moan
because my tongue is

he touches and touches but
i won't come
i won’t come but i still
moan to keep him

im afraid the wolves
might come
i tell him when it's all over
that night the moon was too loud

so you trust me?
he asks
like howling wolves
we lie, crying
and as the dusk came he
covered me in his arms

in the morning i woke
to see the bed empty
only stains of the last night
in the bedsheets

i was afraid the wolves
might come
WHEN i am alone i am with you
my heart aflutter!
i am standing on the edge
of life crying. Life give me
the answer of what i am.
When i wait here i hope for
your gentle smile and love
your insides a pleasant
surprise. And soft hair
touches my deepest love,
it's throbbing!

i smell you i feel you
then again i write my prose
and my heart closes like a clam

inside the universe there's a
soul burning with you
i don't want to be without you
tick as i tick flowing like time
i embrace your world with eyes
rolled black -- a pool in time

come please, forget this world
and jump into my world
when i am alone i am with you
my heart aflutter!
i am standing on the edge
of this life crying.

:: ~ ::
There is nothing more special than love and how two lovers spend their quiet and private moments together.  I have forgotten!  I am alone but with you!
Zywa 3d
Village boys drive the harvest
princesses through the main street

the eels in the source swim
answers for the lovers

who seek assurances, but
we lie on the attic mattress

and repeat what should never
end, we know it for sure

in every cell of our body:
more real you cannot feel

like no one can reason away
diseases or a torture, so

let us, weightlessly heavy, sink away
together in the smell of angelica
Collection "Eyes lips chest and belly"
Dancing on tiptoes
Prancing around in the dark
Feeling. Touching.
Falling into songs of a lark.

Dovish tones
With hawkish excitement
Caught in the throes
Of devilish enlightenment.

Cries of pure ecstacy
Battles in sweet rain
A nearby fantasy
In a far far away place.

Clashing tongues
Of silver. Of knives.
A softening slate
In between lives.

A sour dream
In a fifteen carat cage
Locked in a world for two
Deep. Love. Rage.
Your eyeballs are shaped like a heart
I can see love in your eyes
I can feel the touch of your words
As they flow out of your heart

They say... Love is blind
Maybe that's not very true after all
We can both see our flaws
We iron them out and leave them behind

Love is not just something we feel
It's a decision we have made
Against all odds, we will keep our love tank filled
Maybe that's why I am not falling in love with you
Rather, I am rising in love with you!
Brynn S 4d
Lying in nights true form
I saw you beneath me; the bees began to swarm
Tasting the trails of where finders have lead
Ecstasy leaning to worlds untread
Marks to deliver such sweet sound
Pounding hearts beat as movements confound
Show to me this sweet child of night
What lips have shown each chase cause me fright
I shutter under melodies of hot cress
oh darling you have pocessed my breath
Arches and bones have created your path
Lead me to the promise land and show no wrath
Curves sway as the seas begin to crash
Meet me at the high point, watch it thrash

Dear somber veil
Intertwine the wreaths forming moaned laurels
Little by little each touch shows quarrels
frivolous children under satin minds
Laced with faucets, wax, and rinds
I know it's cliche
But you are like the sun
My day revolves around you
As you rise, I wake
And when you set, I sleep
And dream of the next day
When I'll get to hear you
And your beautiful morning song

Or maybe
If you are the sun
I am the moon
Revolving around you
As the stars watch
And grow jealous
That your light is for me
for my girlfriend
Stale air
Stills the night blossoms
Leaving us in a wandering midnight blue
Like stars burned by an over zealous moon
I sought to seek the truth
Only to have it ripped out
Like the page that was inside of me
That drifted out
Into the wind
If I tried to reach
To get it
From my window pane
Bits and pieces
of the very soul of me
Could fall and break
But if I let it go
I may never hear your voice again
Oh, how I wonder what you are
Black star
I’m watching for you
Waiting for you
Void of mystery
Painful curiosity
I watch carefully
I reach out as you
Swallow me whole
I drown in
Addicts are lethal lovers
aubrey 6d
I tried once to love the moon
but he was pale with grief and his tangled grin, silent to the fireflies in my lungs.
I longed to plaster galaxies along the canvas of my flesh.
once starved by a myth,
where is the purpose?
what have i not found?
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