Runi 6h

Two lovers at the end of the world. Always two lovers. Always a countdown or the candle about to burn out. On one side someone smokes menthols. On the other Marlboro lights.  It's a shoot out. Always questions like will you die for me? Will you bleed for me, baby?

Thoughts on the end

The sun is captivated by the moon's lunar fire
The moon is bewitched by the sun's blazing spears
While the moon sees the human soul, she aspires
To pierce through the day without any fears.

But she knows her duties, and she lights the tides
While her counterpart shines with a glorious touch
But unlike the sun, in her, the humans confide
Feeling loved by them, their secrets - her crutch

Unlike stillness of the moon, the sunlight can't be outrun
All he can do is stare and glare and comes, an eclipsing tune
So close, she was. Smiling and calm, the moon embraced her sun
So full of glee, he chuckled as the sun reached for his moon

I just let the words flow out of my head. And I transferred it from my notebook to the here.
Hades 16h

Love exists when two souls collide,
After eternity vanishes with the crashing tides.
And as soon as the lovers encounter the perfect ride,
The other falls down; death finishes grips on its neck.


At 1:14 in the morning, We breathe a different air.

7 years ago I met a girl,
She was rough,
She was kind,
She was independent,
And she wasn't mine.

The moment I laid my eyes on you,
There was something in the way you move,
There was something in the way you talked,
There was something in the way you were,
There was something in the way you loved,
That made me want to be your something.

You were taken.
I was taken.
But that didn't stop the love from growing.
The heart wants what it wants.
And mine wanted you.

7 years ago all I could imagine
Is what it would be like being the girl in your bed,
Being the girl riding shotgun,
Fingers locked in with yours,
Wind blowing through our hair,
Seeing you sneak glances my direction as you drove,
Radio blasting on that sunny day.

But that was not how it was to happen.
Sometimes we can dream.
Sometimes we can hope.
Sometimes we can pray.
But not everything we want comes true.
7 years ago my heart never thought it would get what it desired.

Today I sit here in our bed writing this,
I sit in the passenger seat stealing glances at you,
that turn in to smiling stares,
I'm the one making you laugh,
I'm the one you call baby,
I'm the one you come home to at the end of a hard night at work,
I'm the one stealing kisses at red lights,
I'm the one holding your fragile heart,
Keeping it safe from pain,
I got the dream.

So let me tell you of a tale from 7 years ago,
That I NEVER thought would come true.


Sleepless nights
Boundless exploration

© 2017 Case Coniglio
All rights reserved

she said the rain reminded her of Paris
can almost hear the cafe's and distant lovers laugh
can almost feel Paris 'neath my feet
she is Paris in my mind
Paris in the rain...

melancholy on her face with that distant heartfelt...

the rain slips away
she said she wanted to walk in the garden
in summer bloom
linger there by shady tree...

rest herself on the wooden bench framed in sunshine
her perfume lingers on the trail
of her soft footsteps
a seductive path to her secret heart
she says she is compelled to ask
but the silence follows her words...

her long white dress
reflecting beautifully in the summer air
her long white dress
once reflecting enticing moment at a time
she hums the tune to that song
the one she so loved in Paris
the one that played on that night of joys
the one that she held him so much
not me    not me    not me
she is Paris in my mind
Paris in the rain...

I am withdrawing from the beautiful image of her
without moving she is getting farther and farther away
no more Paris in the rain for me
no more song for me
she will always be that Paris in the rain
Paris in the rain

© 2017 mark john junor all rights reserved

skyler 4d

they were caught somewhere in the middle
between strangers and lovers
like where the waves hit the shore

not quite the sea
but not yet land


Its always been you
It's always been us
How dare we hide this godly connection
Selfish of us to not show people the fire we create when we touch
A pair of lovers
In a room full of bodies
But it feels like we're alone
Tempted to touch but not too much
Or they might catch on
Then I'll catch myself
Because I always forget where I am
When I look into your eyes
Don't ask me where I went
Because I don't know
But I'll take you with me
I'll take you with me if it means
We can be in solitude
Because you are my truth
In this lie
How could they not see
That we are lovers
It never felt easy but it always felt right

I'm in love with some I shoudnt be.We know it's wrong but we cant help it.Its hurts but it feels so good.
Toby 6d

We spent so many hours, and nights, pushing against each other.
Going back and forth to be with each other.
It wasn't until we stepped back and looked at the situation as a whole.
We can try to fix each tiny part.
It doesn't help if the foundation is cracked.
The love was there, and it always has been.
The compatibility was missing.
Like they say, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over again expecting different results.
If I had a choice to do it again or not, I still would.
I found a great love in my life.
Just not the love of my life.
A great best friend who knows all my secrets and still loves me for me.
Not all relationships work but if not for 3 years of struggling, I would have never found my life mate, shield sister.
And now, I move forward and see where I'm guided.
I know I will never fight alone.

Divine Dao Jul 15


A toast to every unreasonable, sweet, cuddly and foolishy cute lover <33

kiss and cuddle amorously.
"the young lovers smooched in their car"
a kiss or a spell of amorous kissing and cuddling.
"he moved in for a big smooch"
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