Bella Dec 1

Open your hands slowly towards each other
fingers reaching like lost lovers
each with their own soulmate
they meet each other with a kiss
no lust
just love,
slowly trembling to each other
embracing in a long hug.
wrapping around each other

it's silent
They're holding each other in safety
the manner of love to attain to
like a dance in the dim
of pure,
but unspoken,

zero 5d

The pieces of my heart,
weigh me down
and cut me,
I ache from the lies you spun
and the time I spent with you.

The next time we meet,
you won't have teeth.

You hurt me.
Don't hold your breath on my resurrection day,
you won't have it for long.

zero 5d

Imagine you and her together,
Right now.
Hand in hand,
cheek to cheek,
laying comfortably in bed.
The vinyl record humming,
and hearts kissing.

That's me and him.
We're like this, but we love separately.

6ft apart.

One above ground,
one so below.

Me and Him.
The story of my love.
The story of my death.

JS 5d

If one day
Far or further in the future
I will be able to love him
At least half like I loved you
I will be happiest girl alive

Danny 7d

A darkening sky covers an expansive forest in a dreamy blanket
As two lovers lay
Surrounded by flowers emitting the sweetest scent
A fragrance so intoxicating to the two
Though not as strong as gentle kisses
That make the hearts soar
Drunk off of affection
And stumbling through sleep
As suddenly stars descend from above
Flickering among the two
Shining like a supernova
Before drifting off
Gazes caught in awe at the display
That illuminates skin
As lips connect for another kiss
The action being an explosion itself.

Again, I stayed true to my love for all things space. The little supernova the two lovers see is meant to be fireflies or something of the like, but take that how you will. And, again, I hope someone got something from this.
Danny 7d

Stealing light touches in the early morning
Brushing fingers over sleeves
And dipping under star-ladden fabric
That twinkles with every ruffle and tug
As it's pulled aside to reveal skin composed of galaxy swirls
An iridescent palette
In softening eyes
Changing from blossoms of pink
To hibiscus blue
And lavender purple
Encompassing shades from every flower
As hair woven from silk is mussed by fingers
Supple kisses are taken
Without warning
Sending sparks flying between
Igniting ardor for every brush of skin
Though the two must break away
For the sand dripping in the hourglass
Uncaring of the meagre time the lovers have
Cues for the ending of a morning
Filled with longing.

This is a bit more in my style than the previous one I wrote (Thoughts at Dawn). Again, I hope someone out there enjoyed this.. and didn't mind the space descriptions (I have a bit of an obsession, can't you tell?).
Danny Dec 8

I ache to think of when the sun rises
Because once the light hits the surface of your window
Scattering rays in abstract patterns
And beautiful, glittering gold
The toll bells for me to leave
Though I don't wish to go
I'd much rather stay and watch the way
The morning light pools over your shoulders
And lean in and kiss the soft skin
Glowing amber
I'd much rather listen to your pulse
Slow and steady by sleep
Wondering if your dreams
Are any bit of sweet or wonderful as you
I wonder if they star me in them
Though I can't be all that interesting
No, perhaps what you dream about
Is something I can never comprehend
After all, what a beautiful mind you have
And I've taken refuge in it
Somehow I managed to snag a small space
And occupy a bit of your time
And every moment I'm with you makes me curse the ticking of every clock
As each second that dawns closer to morning
Signals my departure
But until then I'll watch the golden threads
Weaving through your hair
Touching your locks and making you appear
As breathtaking as any otherworldly being
As I chuckle to think that perhaps you are, in fact, from another world
How else would you be the miracle you are
Managing to like someone like me
Who really isn't worth the time of day
With your spools of gold that make up your mind
Glittering with every thought that acts as a match to light your passions
And I love to watch you come alight with excitement
At whatever topic you speak about
For the words you say tumble out like soft music notes
Almost visible through the air as they hit my ears
And ever so pleasant to listen to
And the determination that makes up your skin
Sculpted from marble
Smooth and slick
Yet still hardened from life
Is something my fingers desire to run across
And polish with affection
As you shine in contentment
And defend in opposition
And the delicate way your hands move
As you cup my cheek
Never have I been deserving of such careful treatment
And the way your eyes are made from a drop of every ocean imaginable
Culminating into a blend of blues and greens
Drowning me in awe
As your gaze lands on me
And the way the red of your cheeks
Is similar to roses
Coveted and admired
And the heart of yours I've somehow stolen
Even if it's only for a moment
And I doubt I have all of it
But even the tiny shards I've managed to caress
I'm grateful for
Is made from the light of stars and quietude of the night
Cosmic fibers weaving it together
With drops of the sun to make it glow
And dipped in the moon to make it shine
Even in the darkness
So I'll still kiss you when the morning comes
Reminiscing of all the extraordinary things about you
That I've somehow gotten to see
And the feeling of longing will leave me
The moment you kiss me back
Because mornings only last so long
But nights can be infinite.

It's not in the traditional style of poetry I write in, but..I hope any readers enjoy it (even if it's only a little). I tried to describe the subject of the poem using various similes that would elicit mental images relative to the description (such as the heart or mind parts of the poem). Hopefully someone got something out of it.
zero 6d

Swept away to distant lands,
but still, I call out your name.
I whisper them in my sleep,
but still, you do not call.

Mama, Papa.

it's me,
your son.

Reply to me.
Set me asleep.

Mama, Papa.
Call me back.



A day to be held
by steady arms of love.
To relax - belly, forehead, toes.
To wiggle under blankets
As fingers intertwine.

Singing softly
a song of Life Eternal, as the
silky dream of innocence
Transcends into This.

Fireworks of wonder burst
in sky of pink and gold strokes but soon
turn to a dull blush
in the sight of true Loves embrace

Steady. Present. Holding.

Twin Souls caressing the moment
cosmic gazes meet
Lips pull to each other in
Tenderly they touch,
Opening to taste ever deeper
existence, unashamed.

You feel closer now,
Yet inside
We know
The heavens have already
Declared us

No thought can grasp this
ocean we enter
in Holy embrace

This Placeless place
echoes a memory,
unseen here, only Love
carried in waves of light.

Fingers soft as petals of Lilly
lifting into infinity, touching gently,
with the delicacy of a Lover
bound by Heart to the Beloved.

In Reverence you reach
to meet the unseen song of no-thing
as the One Heart opens, revealing
fragrance mimicing the fields of Heavens on High.

Sharing the feast of Heart
boundless, awake
waves of intoxicated bliss opening This
as He decends upon, as your lips.

Dancing under moonlight
no eyes can see
delighting in poem
no words can speak.

The ocean sings of Silence
to the ship longing for shore
washing away all sense
of "two", all need for "more".

We, ever becoming
take off on a star heading for Truth
and leave the sleeping and waking
to the dreamers.

The Lover's destiny
is the union Absolute,
following the inevitable, miraculous
disappearance of the universe.

Ocean and waves voyaged in Mind
become worldless Void
You and I,
Boundless, Unborn Love

Traveling the cosmic sea
Two become One
Lover and Beloved
Unborn love
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