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Let's not go down memory lane
For we may not come back sober
But drunk with pain we caused each other
And things will be back to the first squre
Of the entire grid that we have crossed
Or rather somehow,just stumbled across
To stand in this square, together,once again.

Let's not fight,cause it felt nice
Talking to you once again tonight
All of a sudden I wish to hold you tight
And be the source and sink of each others strength
Dare to tell me you do not feel the same ?

Let's not be teens,for we were fools back then
You physical and me emotional
Maybe our grown up depression was meant
To bring us on the same page
But here on let us just be kids
Frolicking in the sun
Falling on the grass
Drinking the rain
And licking our hands
Tasting all the fun we ever had
Relishing those flavours once again!
you told me this secret is ours and all I could reply, in heavy shades of blue, was - secrets are sad and lonely, so maybe it is best to forget and not dwell too long. we don't want to become etched in time for wrongful reasons.
Mebbe laugh at me?  


Tis snowing lightly, like the fragile sense
Of steam too many hours ago, that pale
Dance of half ghostly tendrils as a veil,
Now white lies in the shoveled tracks fr'intents--
Some veil laid down for "I was here" ist?  whence
I'll try to not remember on that scale
It IS a Friday night with naught t'avail,
This cabin fever sans a cure from hence.
I should watch films tonight.  But that is poor.
Eat choc'late?  Mebbe that could thinly do.
What good were all my boyfriends as it were?
Girls half my age are married now.  Love's to
Effect a ***** joke played on me fer
Laughs I cannot enjoy.  Why is't not true?

Dear Love, when, oh when? wilt thou come knocking with a true heart?
You don’t see me
You won’t hear me
You don’t call me
You won’t text me
You don’t look for me
You won’t touch me
You don’t love me

Set me free.
When you feel there’s nothing else between two lovers.
There’s also suggestions for a different ending “I will set me free.”
Star BG 6d
Musical melodies are in my heart
an orchestrated masterpiece.
Even stronger when two lovers meet
and sing in tune.

a river of musical notes
inside one’s pond of eyes
Even stronger when two lovers,
meet to gracefully swim.

There’s a mountain of verse
when one smiles with light.
Even stronger when two lovers
kiss with passions.

And, there is an energy of peace
inside self love never lonely.
Even stronger when two lovers
convene with ecstatic pleasures.
Inspired by Robin Lemmen -A gifted poet Thanks
flower-color Jan 13
I left you or you left me
who really knows
everything was so tangled
I slipped out and run away
sorry wouldn't be enough
but who knows, who cares
I'm putting blame on you
cause that's what I have learned
to never blame ourselves
but others
so who in the end
deserves that apology?

i have been through some stuff, but in the end, im back, hope you will get my poems... :)
As I hold you sweetheart
Forever in my arms
You feel my heart
Touching​ your heart
As we embrace love
Our hearts beating
Softly together
Smiling forever
Feeling true love
As I hold you
Forever inside
My heart forever

I softly whisper ill love
You Forever......
His Love
They kiss sometimes
Mostly when the moon is high
And the stars are blurry
Diluted by the fourth and fifth whiskey
Details of this velvet cloaked romance
Are kept sparse
Once daylight touches their skin
Watered down recollections
Remain under lock and key
Hidden in that dark box
Not even the brightest sunbeams *******
Mae Jan 12
How romantic it is,
That the sun and moon are lovers.
That he died every night just to let her breath.
[High You Are (Branchez Remix) by What So Not & Branchez playing in the background]

We were both ***** that night
sitting comfortably on a hotel bed
As we smoked a bowl together
from your fancy ****
the high hit us both
with waves of desire
**** in our *****
Love in our hearts
Liberation in our souls
You grabbed my face
and started making out with me
with such passionate aggression
the moment being intensely beautiful
the night being so dangerously young
"Let's make this night last forever." you said to me
"We'll be young forever." you said
with a deep breath of passion following your kiss
with tears in my eyes I said "We will."
with the same expression you said "Perfect."
You pushed me down onto the bed
Got on top and continued to French kiss me
Rubbing your ***** and moaning into my ear
I'm licking and ******* your *******
as you take my **** and insert it
into your gorgeous *****
you started off riding me slow
asking me "How do you like it?"
"Faster, baby." I said
"Be careful what you wish for lol" you said in a *****, **** little whisper
As you ****** the tears right out of my eyes
"I want to pleasure you." you said
"I want to make you feel so ******* good." you said
"It's okay to cry baby." you said
"I know it feels good." you said
"**** right" I said gasping for breath while laughing at the same time
You laughing with me as you briefly collapsed on top of me
You got back up and started kissing me again
[Unforgettable by French Montana & Swae Lee starts playing.]
"Harder, baby" I said
"Lol I never thought you were daring enough to want to *** down mother nature's throat!" you said as you kissed my lips repeatedly in succession
"Don't underestimate me lol"
"Actually scratch that because as long as I'm under you
I don't even give a **** because the scent of you clouds my brain with such blissful emotion and euphoria."
"That's what you're supposed to feel silly." you said
"Now close that pretty mouth of yours and let me love you." you said
"The night is still young."
"Let us be."
'Let this be."
Random foreign chick I hooked up with after the club.
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