And, when you wake up
you shall only see
an imprint in the pillow and covers.
long gone i will be,
from this mess, and the loose
webs that reveal your other lovers.

zero 3d

I'm finding it hard to be
anything but myself,
I feel the waves of water lap at my wrists,
the ones where I carve out your name,
I'm sending you a letter,
a resignation of my life.
I want for it to end, but I long for it to live,
I want to sleep and forget you
and everything you do
but the more I wish to sleep,
the more I hear your voice,
and the more I wish to wake,
is the more I wish to drown.
To tumble down below the waves,
and choke to the sound of your voice,
it's muffled.

Drunk and Suicidal is never a good mix.
Ormond 3d

Wet welling from earth
Deep valleys, hills, sweating breasts
I plung into her

We are lost at sea
In moonless night our soft cries
Curled waves drowning us

Above her in bed
Little breaths lifting our bodies
Eyes, fingers, dreaming

Her green eyes are set
Jewels from sargasso seas
My ghost ship is wrecked

Her long hair tangles
No struggle in rising— then
We are rapt in bed

Her eyes blinding me
Milky way of her body
There is a heaven

In forest we taste
Each other in evergreens
Hot dews on the moss

Blissful time kissing
My bare thighs sink into hers
Running sands so quick

As olive or grape
So shed, paired souls are threshed
Out of their bodies

Hummingbirds share truths
Nature sounds with all sweetness
Bee in the flower

Always in a field
Wild flowers— a bunch to pick
Herself a bouquet

In the park we walk
Flocks of white birds taking flight
Two hearts light as air

We kissed under moon
Pox of stars grew flowering
Nightshade of her lips

She took me to bed
Skinned in bliss— was reborn, lost
In her satin folds


AAA 4d

it can be so obvious to someone that two people are meant to be together
yet they are so blind to it
you say you want me
but you are talking about the way she used to make you feel
you say you love me
but you are day dreaming of her touch
you don't want me
you want her
free me and go get her dupree

We are more than friends, but less than a commitment. We are stolen moments and whispered secrets. We speak in futures and I love you's. Somedays and maybes. Our hearts have accepted each other. But you have yet to accept a label.

You are the sun to me,
you are the air I breathe,
you are the one I meet,
I find you in my dreams.

I am the moon to you,
I am the colours and hues,
I am the one who's true,
You see us as a breakthrough.

You are the past,
The magic I cast,
The one who'll last,
Our world so vast.

I am the now,
The wolf who howls,
I pledge, I vow.
I bend, you allow.

We break the mould,
Don't do as we're told,
We merge and fold,
Untie our blindfolds.

I have no idea what being in love is like, as the woman I am today.
I experienced it when I was 17. That was 10 years ago. I am fascinated by love - and crave it so.
Silence Oct 9

When I say his name I know what you feel
Like a kaleidoscope of butterflies just erupted in your stomach
The thought of him makes you wanna do flips all around
But you know you can't have him
You know he's not into you
You know he's into someone else
You know you'll never been good enough
But babygirl you just can't get over him can you
You're addicted to all his cologne
You're addicted to the way he talks to you
But he talks to you about the other girls
The girls you will never be
Babygirl trust me he will soon realize how great you are
But for now
You can't get over the way he bites his lip
It helps him focus
You can't get over the way he puts so much effort into his hair
It looks better than yours
You can't get over how blind he is
You almost tell him straight up you like him
But you know he'd just laugh in your face
You just want him to call you his baby girl
But dear theres a reason why they are called crushes
Because the crush your heart when they don't like you back.

I wrote this about my crush and honestly I'm proud of it. I just can't get over anything about him, and I know I'm just not good enough and I have to accept that
Myself Oct 7

Why do you stay?
Is it because you feel like you have to?
You were the one who left me and the one who came back
You said yourself that I could leave you once you explained
explained why you left without a word
I decided to stay, to let you come back into my life
You are now the love of my life
I promised to always stay because I don't want you to feel the pain
The pain I felt when you left me
Now you seem as if you want to leave
but you refuse to leave me
So why do you stay?
Is it because you love me or because you feel like you have to?

Aaron LA Lux Oct 5

Don’t let me go,
because when I’m gone I’m gone,
and I’m not coming back,
and the only thing I’ll leave behind are memories,

memories and these words,
that’re used to describe the absurd,
sure you might think this is permanent,
but I’ll tell you right now nothing is for sure,

don’t lose me before you have me,
I’m right here with my everything,
a song in my head and a beat in my heart,
a skip in my step and a willingness to be heard,

and to hear you,
I hear you,
believe me,
I hear you,

and I feel your pain,
I feel your joy,
I feel your everything,
I hear your voice,

loud and clear my dear,
no need to be so serious,
I mean nothing really matters anyways,
we’ll all be dead in a hundred years,

don’t even know why we’re here now,
I guess just to share some experiences,
before we’re both gone into the ether,
or our own collective memories,

we are one in millions,
our meeting was not by chance,
thing how many things had to happen,
for us to have this event,

this event as in our meeting,
I mean seriously,
every thing we ever did,
led us right here to this moment,

and now we’re together,
and we’ve created our own alternative reality,
where nothing matters except our emotions,
where we can just be ourselves let down our guards and play,

and it took so much for you to have me,
and now here I am,
and I only ask one thing,
please don’t let me go again,

don’t let me go,
because when I’m gone I’m gone,
and I’m not coming back,
and the only thing I’ll leave behind are memories…

∆ Aaron LA Lux ∆

author of multiple best selling poetry books

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