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Luiz 1h
I've been waiting an eternity for you to arrive Darling
why are you shaking like a leaf in the wind…

this is our moment to surrender to our longing...
come close Baby
slide on these of hands of lust
that extend with love from my soul
invisible hands onto your
beautiful contours

hands that explore familiar grounds
then go and delicately
caress your elegant neck and shoulders...
gracefully massaging and
gently squeezing your pains away

your shaking has subsided now Honey
I lean closer
jealous lips now whisper gently on your left ear...

“Como te quiero Amor…
ámame, como yo a ti...bésame Preciosa!”

you don’t know Spanish you say
yet you know exactly what to do with those words
your shaking now to a calm and steady

go to the rhythm of my heartbeat
that heartbeat that is one with yours
quietly the beat deafens all good morals

torture me with that tease...
we gray out from my black soul and
your white disappearing innocence

but you know how I like it Love...
tare that fucken last piece off you!

No puedo detenerme Amor...tu atracción
es más que mi peleo!

drawn to you….irresistible!

I am the hard steel
upon your body...
an electrified sensual magnet
In the eye of an electric storm

let it loose! Fuck it!
lustful instincts take control...

you pull me by the hair…
throw me against the wall!

I am good...perfect!
but for one thing at this moment...
to make you forget about him
and don’t worry Baby
that bitch is the last thing
on my mind…

Come! HERE! NOW!

wild growling
muffled moaning
greedy with lust, you take me whole!
I am your victim
your willing slave
Oh! Goddess!

you feed upon me
I feed upon you
sinful ambrosia….

one soul lost upon storming moments of bliss…

indistinguishable shadows
and silhouettes
twisting and twirling
in the eye of the storm

we are pieces of the same
puzzle fitting together
both twirl and moan
twist and contort!
and as one we conspire...

manifest malicious pleasures
that break
whole religions
with carnal sins!

grab me by the hand!
face to face
soul to soul
lock and key...

run with me!

I see God in the distance
open the door!

run the distance!
do you feel his smile?
do you feel my smile?

run Baby….
we're almost home
let God in!

touched by the hand of God

time stops
this moment is


untainted by guilt or the past

-Luiz (running) Syphre
© 2017 M&M Edition
elaine 12h
These halls close in on us,
it is just us now.
Me you,
living in harmony, just like it should.

Dance with me now, for we have all our lives to worry,
come with me now, we can be together.

Live! Don’t let the silly past creep up on you, it is just me and you.

Nothing will hurt you now. I will become a soldier of the night, protecting your sleeping soul.

Lay down now love, the day has come to an end, I will be here with you tomorrow, for we shall dance around lily pads and hold each other close.

It will all be fine now. Just rest.
Come with me now, for the adventure has just begun, we will live together in peace, the wind guiding us.
I should've held you closer
I should've called.
I should've texted.
I should've wrote.
I should've hugged you tighter.
I should've talked to you more.
I should've told you how I felt.
I should've told told everyone what this was.
I should've told my parents.
I should've told my friends.
I really should've told my sister.
I should've known you were destined for greatness.
I should've known you were more than this.
I should've known you were more than us.
I should've known it wouldn't last forever.
I should've known you were different.
I should've known this was something special.
I should've listened.
I should've talked.
I should've laughed more.
I should've cried less.
I should've told you to take the chance.
I should've listened to that damn song you recommended.
I should've watched that movie you raved about.
I should've put you first.
I should've loved you.
I should've loved you more.
I should've done more.
I should've told you.
I should've told you.
I should've told you.
I wish I would've told you all of this when I had the chance. but it's too late. I'm always too late // love always
The lightest hints of honey
A rich muggy scent of dew
Scents of the east
As the sun slowly rises
Brilliantly orange and shockingly sweet
And the lightest hints of honey
Stirs your mahogany cup of brew
And the rich drops of dew
It's that which I breath
Your skin a perfume
My favorite perfume
We share a bond,
and poetries and songs in the spaces between.
We love ice cream,
and the conversations that come with it.
We dance,
and pour our hearts out into the lyrics.
We share hugs,
and giggle through those bedtime stories.
We steal kisses,
and some untold stories that peep through those peals of laughter between the drinks.
We gossip,
as if no one's watching.
We cry,
while watching movies and pamper each other after finishing.
We live in different cities,
and still, never miss a call a day whether it's for just five minutes or fifty.
We miss each other,
and write letters about it.
The distance feels really unread between us.
Maybe, that's why we're just best friends and not lovers.
faeri 4d
We drifted;
Like the continents,
Like icebergs,
Like thoughts.

Like lovers,
we drifted.

so different now

returning to my lover

innocence is lost

haunted by the ghosts of war

my hands angry with bloodshed


rob kistner © 2018
A contemplation on one personal cost of war to a returning soldier.
This was inspired as I was reading about John McCain.
My thoughts were also drifting to the Viet Nam war returnees.
I am in this constant state of
"he is just that good",
feel like I should bottle it up but
I don't know where I'd put it because I'm already wearing
your fingerprints on my hips and there's not much
room left, you love me too much and I can honestly say
that we've made it this far because it's too many times to count that I wake up thinking he's mine;
Don't go making this out as less than it is
I think I know when I've got a real one.
You're an angel
Kay 5d
The sun has set
The birds have stopped singing
The wind whispers for me to go home now
This field is no longer for two
The ground has hardened beneath me
and you’re no longer enjoying the view
Our path is covered in weeds
Where the flowers use to be
No more purple and pink to dress our feet
Only black and blue remain
For they have left a stain
I follow our foot prints back to the road
For now it’s time to take the long way home
Only this time I’ll be doing it alone…

- K.B.
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