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I reach with outstretched hands towards
the tiers of a fading sky, with no words. And I
preach to myself to hate desperate plays.
I hide these tears by myself, dismayed
by my lack of worth. Oh, how it hurts...

To him, I flash for the flavor of friendship
feeling forever fine in my fleeting eyes.
Over him, I’ll get a grip and still trip
around the land just for his hand.
It doesn’t matter who is near,
with him, I have no fear and no tears.
My wishes are as hot glass
when he molds, he holds and folds
my prayers with his wants no matter how old.
Through everything I stay,
for these desperate plays.

To her, I head, head over heels
hoping her happiness hears my heart.
For her, I race to become better.
So gracefully, I craft an arrow to start
piercing the evils that set us apart.
I wade through brooks as a crook,
looking for how to fall deeper on her hook.
I lie, I cry, I die with her, parting
anything between us. We can never depart,
she is my restart, she is my art.
Her attention outpaces any meal,
it’s shocking as eels, that she kills,
steals, my hurt for sheer thrill with sheer will.
And yet she heals. She heals with watts
that work to change my energy so powerfully.
Through everything I stay,
for these desperate plays.
August 21, 2018: I hate being desperate. It is not the person that I want to be, but it is the person that I am. For them both.
a delicate white rose,
sweet and lonely and
upon it, a butterfly
so fragile and light;
but when will it take flight?
when will it take flight?

ocean waves close to shore,
sand and water entwined
in loving embrace,
earthly beauty skin to skin;
but when will the tide go in?
when will the tide go in?

a passionate fire, spitting and
pouncing, rustled by a breeze,
kissed gently by the air,
the love between them devout;
but when will it die out?
when will it die out?
Your jurisdiction ends over my veil
You are nobody to rule on my zeal

This limited sovereignty is mine
Where I am free to cry or peal

Don't let your dubiety ask me
If I am leal to your creel.
lovers lie,
lovers be here now,
love is in the moment only
as nothing else
Tsunami 7d
My body still searches for you
In a sea of bedsheets and stuffed animals.

I try to mimic the warmth of your arms around me.
I, once again, fail miserably...
Just like I did when you packed up and left.

My hands sleepily clasp at nothingness.
I am half asleep,
Just at the stage before waking up,
Desperately trying to find any semblance of you.

I was always told my insomnia was the reason for my lack of rest.
But what do we call it when I can not fall asleep without you beside me?
God I miss your body beside me, it was home if I ever had one
Chris Saitta May 19
Seer of joy but sayer of sorrow,
From numinous lips, the heart burns down,
The convergence of pulse in ash wireframe
Is love, in keeping but not in heaven igniting.

Excise my heart and let it keep as an island
That only beats when the waves come across,
And all the ancient world speaks in me
With light of burning lips and crushed hearts.

When someone dies, the world becomes this
Unreplicated moment of beauty, an essence
Unconfined and filled with no other self
But selves complete, though all heaven may blaze alone.
Bee Burnett May 18
My finger tips pour into the indents of your ribcage as I hold you tight ear to chest,
Your heartbeat pounding against my eardrum like the sea spilling from a conch.
Lacing fingers plucking at your skin like a harp.
We share the same air in this tight pocket of intimacy.
Your lungs expand as mine contract, a silent exchange.
You fill my chest with thorns it hurts to breathe, choking on the heart making its way into my throat.

My bones ache with sweetness, decayed by the sugar you force down my oesophagus.
You're such sweet poison.
Mitch Prax May 17
The sum of my heart
needs no addition to it-
the answer is you.

10:51 AM
fall into my lucid dream
lay here by my side
lady that walks my sleeping thoughts
oasis where we hide
slide beside my wanting heart
caress my burning skin
colors collide
where passions reside
dream lover
won't you come in
hold me til the colors fade
from neon bliss
to black and white
until we sleep again
this kiss
shall linger til that night
oldie  slightly revised
Mitch Prax May 14
This heart
beats in silence
but then I met you
and now it can't
stop singing.
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