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I told the stars about you
And they filled with an

Because for so long, they held my attention
And now you have it

The passion I have for you burns like 1000 suns
And you have become my sunshine
And I bask
in every ray you beam upon me

We take up space          in each other
Behaving how planets inhabit the galaxy
And they have lasted for eons
So let's see if we can last just as long

All the constellations and moons pale in comparison to my


I orbit you
And you orbit me

The way you keep me secure
Reminds me of the rings that wrap around Saturn  
And as Mother Earth blesses us
I breathe life into you

You are my world
As I am yours
And we are

Always and forever
Light melts across the gilded field
sunbeams through holes in a cloud
silently across your face, rays yield
shadows cast off their shroud

A dewy kiss warms morning thoughts
of a lover's raw embrace
desires twisted up in knots
yearnings will unlace

Lay me down on a clover sea
and a honeysuckle bed
gentle breezes wash over me
flowing like water instead

Wet lips entwined with hunger
gives way to beating hearts
our fingertips do linger
panting breaths depart

So lay with me on this bed of gold
blowing kisses in my ear
a golden field for my love to hold
darling, let's stay right here
Forever chasing songs
within the wind
so I remain
safe in
sofolo Oct 8
Your ivory
Was devouring
First as a smirk
Then a ploy
Grazing a nape
I was your boy

“When will I
See you again?”
You said
“C’mon over”
I replied
So you made the drive

We were lovers
s o m e t i m e s

A birthday card
Now gathering dust
In a bin
I often think
Of what could
Have been

To have your teeth
Grasping my
Whole being
And your
Primal scent
In my nose

“When will I
See you again?”
. . . I wonder . . .

Knowing the answer
Is never will we be
More than a secret
Every bead of sweat
Locked up in memory
Safe from your faith
Safe from your family

Which makes me
And cry
And die
A little inside

This is purgatory

Your purple satin
Slipped through
My fingers like the
Sands of time

s e v e n

And still a part of you
Is always on my mind
sofolo Oct 6
Don’t make those eyes
I’d sooner carve
Out my own
Than let yours
Meet mine

Don’t smile
I’d rather
Than curl
My lips

Don’t think
I didn’t notice
Your hips
As I drift away

Don’t think of me
Like I think of you
It’s all tarnished now
There’s nothing
I can do
sofolo Sep 13
I breeze into the bar alone
Order a drink then
Waltz on my own

Four fated eyes
Fog machine

Seven blocks
Until home
On the dome

The ******* twist of
Pinkened papilla
Candled glow

Your tongue the till
To my loam
I shrill

You blissed me
So sweet
Sugar stains
On my sheet

Your departure
While slippery
Is no less
A victory
///oh how the echoes of a one-night stand resound ///
we smile and laugh
his arm draped around my shoulders
we talk like lovers, you see
but when im gone he holds her
and i know this to be true
i have seen it with my own eyes
we would both be so much happier
if we dropped this friendship guise
Ileana Amara Aug 29
sometimes i still mourn & long
for the language we made for ourselves
but can no longer be spoken.

sincerely, ileana.
08.29.22.| they say lovers are like inventors; they create a world & language of their own — one that is both beautifully & painfully irreplaceable.
Katelyn Rew Aug 10
We lay together in darkness as your hand trails down and rests between my thighs.
Your light caresses send me shivering into a world not entirely my own.
Your fingers dance in me, sliding through puddles, finding hidden doorways I'd thought long gone.
I brace your wrist, fingers encircle.
Don't stop. Never stop.
i am
the roses
in our garden
with thorns, shared,
kept / kept distance
ensnares me's
& you's, all
too my purpose:
to inspire, to provoke,
and "I do" both
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