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You had many lovers before me.
Perhaps some were just
passersby, meant but
for a cheap night of carnal pleasure.

Still, many others stroked your skin
as I now do, your cheeks supple
yet rough against my fingers.
Many others laughed in your arms
as you held them
much like you hold me now.
Maybe a few of them even loved you,
or thought they could love you,
as I do now.

Maybe you lost yourself
in their gentle eyes
and easy smiles,
and found love in them, too.

Yet, when it is you and I
alone in bed,
our bodies pressed
into the shape of one,
our laughs quivering together,
I feel no other lover.
I feel only you in all our delight.
Graff1980 Oct 6
Soft pink petals,
part unfolding
as the flower blooms
sweetly growing.

Arms around me
while I am moving
in a sloppy circle
cause we are two
who are grooving,
while her
soft flower arms
enfold me in their
springtime charms.

A tiny droplet
becomes percussion
as soft music moves us
to a percussive mood
in this wonderful interlude.

She clenches tighter
and I smile.
Her head rests
on my shoulder
and the world
gets less colder.

So, watch this weary
old romantic
start to tear up
as he imagines
a true love.

In the evening we are talking
while soft footprints
on the beach
finds us walking
sandals in hand
because we both
enjoy the feel of sand
on our bare feet.

In the morning
we wake together.
Her hazel eyes
and hair of fire,
her tender touch
does so inspire
that in this moment
I loose
a hundred pounds
of life’s abuses
and gain a shiny new
point of view.
I wake from wonder’s reverie
knowing this is but a fleeting dream
that will never be my reality.
Entering into a new phase
To love bold free and unafraid,
Alluring is your love  like falling stars gravitating steadily on a collision course  with a distant Planet, how would our love fare there
would we dare to explore the uncharted territory and bust free out of this confined zone Where we  both find our hearts in,
and breach some of life's greatest milestones together as our love thrives of pure Energy a genuine Bond that feels tight and to fall in love with you seems right satisfied unharmed by the slight of insecurities

Glaring deeply beyond the Surface of your flesh proven to be enticing to my desires,
I find you dazzling as shootings stars across the horizona of the universe, soul baring I'll glorify you as my moon the light bulb to my gloom,
all I ask of you is when the moment is right
to let what feels assured to bloom don't
let this be lost drifting into space,

Let's confide into an entrusting relationship where fears to commit to eachother won't be covered in ash, crust of old wounds destruction from our past a heart smashed into debris,
it's ashame how wasted time turns a pure soul
of love into dust when emotions flee,
stay enjoy yourself let this real love, all this passion be

© Copyright 2019 by ED RJ.
Mark Wanless Oct 3
on soft clouds i walk away
so many days we were lovers

feel time pass now with my heartbeat
as we wander far apart

kissed by angels when i'm sleeping
or is your sweet soul touching mine

this vaunted world is just a nonsense
without your memory in my mind

in dark night dear past the moonbeams
i will ever see our favourite star

but in this moment my spirit aching
i'm slowly marching off to war
Sarah Sep 29
oh, how you make my heart soar!
i never knew such a love could exist
much less that i should be do lucky to possess it
promise me that we can be permanent
for you already make me feel eternal
Tony Tweedy Sep 25
Separated by half a world but united by their dream,
Two dreamers who would be lovers share in true loves theme.
In cottage upon a hilltop among trees in blossom their love stands,
Nightly, imagine being there together whilst tightly holding hands.

Each knows of the other dreaming love half a world away
Alternating as one loves by night and the other loves by day.
Thoughts so very similar of the love they wish to share.
Knowing that only by dreaming, together can they be there.

Imagined love by day and dreamed love to ease the night,
In mind alone, things that lovers do, tells each the dream is right.
Only by dream and imagined time there in that lovers place,
Can they know the others kiss and passion born of loves embrace.

And So nightly I will go by dream to that cottage on the hill
Where again she awaits and for our love, time is standing still.
It may not be everyone's dream... but I think its pretty good.
Seanathon Sep 20
You strengthen me
Stretch me tall in fond pursuit
And call my waking trees to move with subtle hints

Familiar as the folding sound
Between quiet rustling parchment leaves
Becoming new our newest sounds as an inkwell drawn

Like a sunlit jewel your dulcet glow
Is stumbling down a penciled path of painted memory
Colored by every season anew with the hues of you

Don’t cry when I am no more seen, my felicity
It was always and with you in mind
That you made me want to try
Painted Words Between Distant Mailboxes is built around a song, a sketch, a classic story. Separated by time and space no more. These lovers turn now, to face a new fate, having not been left alone in an empty word. "Through the long and lonely night." We persevere until the dawning bright. Shines back at us with joy.

Through limerence a longing lust lingers,
Beginning by stroking your face with my fingers,
A sensation wells from my ocean as my body swells with more than emotion,
Helpless to my impulse to begin slow smoothing motions,
Across your soft skinned irresistibly gorgeous pert body,
None of you remains untouched apart from the parts the animal in me wants so much,
As smoothing turns to grasping heavy breathing turns to gasping,
Breathing and heaving in unison as I hold you tightly within my clutch.

You whisper softly, longingly your desires of the night,
As our breath becomes heavier we can't control ourselves try as we might,
The rustling of clothes as they become dispensable items,
Only serving to ready us for the sound of skin on skin as the intensity heightens,
Light thuds as clothes fall to the floor,
You moan in a way that lets me know you want more,
In our underwear we hold one another our lips smacking,
Our movements make the bed make sounds of creaking and cracking,
You gasp for air and sigh loudly with delight,
Your body underneath me is the most glorious sight.

My hands can't help move down your sides to that thong you have on,
While they stay on your hips a while as I kiss your stomach I know it won't be on for long,
I slowly slide it down past your thighs,
As I kiss the inside of them we are both on a high,
I move my lips to your lips below your hips,
Taking care to do here what I do there as you begin to flip.

I move my head up slowly to yours as I kiss along the way,
I'm rock hard when I reach you but I stay outside to play,
I slowly move inside you as you feel me throbbing strongly,
As I move in and out my hands don't stop as you start moaning loudly,
The bed it rocks from side to side as if on choppy waves,
The sound of you in ecstasy is what my body craves,
As we reach the top of what we got I leave some of mine in thine,
The afterglow is so bright it's like nocturnal sunshine.
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