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Khoi 34m
For the two of us
no other jagged's will find
the perfect mending
My Home....
The shield I had over my emotions was broke,
I turned around, consumed by fear of losing control over the last threads.
He pulled me into his arms and hugged me close.
The intoxicating smell of him lingered in my mind,
I immediately relaxed in those strong arms.
The melodies rhythm of his heart was cherry on the top,
and I felt drifting away.
"Feeling better now, my Lil' fighter," He asked.
His voice was just above a whisper,
but that baritone voice sent a shiver to my spine.
I looked into his eyes,
His hypnotic gaze held my own.
His hands touched my ******* and I instantly felt butterflies swirling around my stomach.
He smiled, bemused by mischievous acts of his own and my reaction.
He came closer and joined his forehead to mine and said
"I always with you, no matter what."
That moment I knew, I found it,
My Home!
In a world full of love,
like cold and distant stars
his love burned like a sun, The devil's love.
The devil, she fell in love with, years ago,
The devil, she was waiting for years.
Now he is standing before her,
offering his hand for her to take.
His love will engulf her,
His darkness will consume her, she thought.
For he knew that she does not,
She is light, his light.
And darkness can never overshadow the light.
She stood there with a conflicting mind.
She can take his hand and be with him,
Or, she can reject him and be alone in this cold dark world without him.
The thought of losing him again sent chills to her spine,
She sighed and placed her hand in his.
For she knew, she is his
From the moment he held her in his arms years ago.
She gave him her heart, body, soul.
Losing him means losing herself,
She does not have a choice.
She never had a choice.
One day when I forget all,
I will remember you,
I will remember us.
I will remember how it felt to love you,
Your tenderness,
the warmth of your embrace,
the fire of your eyes,
and the kindness of your heart.
I will remember the way you held my hand for the very first time,
firm but gentle.
The way my heartbeat accelerated,
the way my skin flushed with your single touch,
the way our heartbeats synchronized.
The fiery passion that took my breath away
but made feel alive.
I will remember that I felt safe with you,
That I found a home in you.
When one day I will forget everything
I will still remember you,
I will remember us.
There is something about lovers not being able to grow old together. When they love each other so much that the universe forces them apart. Not sure what that does besides force pain and teach them life lessons, but why can’t they be together? Why does one have to die or be forced apart? We loved each other, is what I constantly hear. I never hear, “ I love them and they’re currently outside watering the plants,” why so much pain for the lovers? Why so much absence, test it may make the heart grow fonder but it hurts like glass on the soles of my feet.
“He was supposed to be the one,”
“She fought for her life,”

The most pain probably comes from people, they don’t even realize your pain, they don’t have to but they should at least empathize.

“What if he never loved you?”
“You’re still so young!”

“You’ll find someone new,” I never understood what that was suppose to do, I didn’t want someone new. I wanted you.
Heartbreaking loves follow me everywhere
Betty 4d
Smooth, the touch of a lovers hand upon your skin
which wakes a beating heart within
it stirs the sparks of bold desire
and fans the flames a little higher
my wrists sink into
the bed as he climbs on top
the sheets get colder

his body is warm
a heart of gold, but stone cold
fingers trace my skin

hold the dial tones
wrap it tight around my neck
tell me you love me?

i want to hear it
it'd so be easy to fall
for your words again

calling you again
no, you don't have to answer
i just miss your voice

                                voices in my head
                                it’s harder than expected
                                i’ll finish alone
i wouldn't know what to say if you actually picked up
JKirin Feb 26
Gentle breaths, huffs, escape your sweet kiss-swollen lips.
At the feel of your heartbeat, my own wildly skips.
I am content right here with your head on my chest.
I will hold you close, dear, while you’re taking your rest.
Selina Lin Feb 25
the pastel sun pulls
clouds into cotton candy
i think this is love

the roads get wider
these mixed signals and blurred lines
love looks for green lights

the skies burn orange
monarch butterflies fly free
this has to be love

                                 this is it, maybe—
                                 just the closest to lovers
                                 that we’ll ever be
inspired by halsey's song, drive
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