Lovers side by side
Watching the sunset
feeling the tide

Makes me think of holidays in
Broom beautiful sunsets

cold cement under my feet
contemplating a deep colorful galaxy
humming to myself the tune we love
you are not mine
as the breath within my lungs is not mine
I take you in, and then you are gone
we are worlds apart
a century between us as we embrace
the soft night air is our home
adrift on a sea of doubts
lovers and friends
and at last friends
the universe expands
and you float away from me

I smoke a cigarette
at 11:30 p.m
it is cold
even with your absence
I am alive in a world that is home to you
that is enough

Seek out the skeletons on every surface
Your no fun if you go to bed first
Those days were dark & merciless
You recited lies to my pretty face
I forgave you;
Lord knows we both sin
My fortune predicts I won't win
Cause you're already tasting that drip;
And you crave the bitterness

You can't cure him with charisma
And your love won't liberate him
So say your prayers till your voice is strained
100 Hail Marys won't alter this game

-Kellie A. Scranton

May 2017 - Lippincott days in moorestown
Ormond 4d

Rain falls shooting the grounds.
In walks avoiding the schrapnel pits
Bleeding, over spilling, as they swell
Memories play to the mute bitterness
Of far cold, how we went wrong, bled
At arms, burned within salted wound
Of dishonest rush, assault of friendly
Fires as die smouldered out of smoke,
Taint of grace flew into a cauldron dark
A cross of red was only suture to veins
Ripped in the onslaughts and love was
Our only casualty.  We were lost, never
To reach the shining wins of conquered
Spoils, never to bed with timeless downs
Of lovers on leave, we now just soldier on,
To walk with rains, in campaign of sorrows.

Cné 5d

Raindrops part with lover's walk
beneath the dreary skies.
A secret shared of our desires
the bond between the eyes.

Fingers clasped with racing hearts
their footsteps briefly pause.
He turns and gentle lifts her face,
a breath, he deeply draws.

He speaks to her of love so deep
which time cannot affect.
The only union of its kind
no mortal can deject.

And since the test of time has passed
conseding, she reveals.
Her soul is ever bound to his
and through a kiss conceals.

My new lover is an old ghost,
who picked apart armour
left bereft by rust and rain,
to sit inside my ribcage
once more throwing pebbles at my heart

I did not welcome them
to my table
or to my bed
but this ghost holds me close inside my bones,
and each morning,
I entertain a phantom
that clamours to be fed.

You are the night sky
and I lie here with you,
tracing over all the starlit spots on your skin.
I am an astronomer
mapping constellations
and naming them for all the reasons I love you,

Raegan Meyer May 19

crickets and
frogs alike
chirping to the beat
of a hot summer night

insects swarming the
lanterns and lights
summer sweethearts laughing
feeling their hearts ignite

young lovers and
insects alike
dancing to the beat
of a hot summer night

This is how I picture summer nights, and it's how I choose to remember them
Toby May 14

What divides friends and foe?
Where do those blurred lines come into play?
I watch you move on from me.
Rightfully so, as I made your move.
Are we friends or lovers?
That divide is way behind us now.
Do we step back and think about it for a minute?
Do we barrel forward and for the best?
Do I remove myself from the equation completely?
The thought hurts to bear.
If only we could go back in time and make things right.
We wouldn’t have to look at those lines in the first place.
I’m too boring, you’re too crazy.
Wash, rinse, repeat.
That’s how we coped.
Always coming back to each other.
As if not to bear those lines.
But at what point do we stop before the line is behind us?
Will we ever know?
I think not.

Toby May 14

I lay here wide awake, not going to work again.
I saw the smile on your face as I told you.
How can you ever be kind to me again?
I broke, shattered everything we had.
With just a few simple words.
Yet still you lay by my side, uncompromised.
I do not deserve such loyalty.
Unwarranted for I have been nothing but cruel and selfish.
Granted you who I love immensely would say otherwise.
I have not known love like this nor will I again.
For my best friend is my life mate.
We’ll see how long we can stand.
For now we lay next to each other reflecting on the day.
Hoping we can say I love you to each other and still mean it by the end of the day.

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