Sand 18h

You are three hours in the past
we live oceans apart
yet you sent me your heart
to keep safe

I love you, I trust you
the only way I know how to

Wholly, deeply and purely
exactly the way you love me

I want to wrap my fingers between yours
I want to be safe in your arms for hours

I want to cross this distance
and love you outside my head
for once

Long distance relationships can be hard, and this was written at a time when my emotions were running especially high
Ishh 23h

I want to fall in love again,
not with the old school lover
or with that boy I just met in the club.
I want to fall in love with the essence of myself.
love each and every edge of mine.
Appreciate myself, like you never did
and embrace myself like you always wanted to.

Olympia 23h

he makes her happy
like sunshine after a rainstorm
like surprises on Christmas
like extra whipped cream on lattes
like perfect winged eyeliner
he makes her happy
and we all know
she makes him happy too
like an A+ on an exam
like the perfect parallel park
like payday

like her
like him
nothing is more perfect than that

I always have company
In my large log cabin home
They come to me
For their vacation
And I am a gracious
Attentive host
But when I retire
Behind my bedroom door
I am a different person
And purposely alone
I undress completely
After locking the door
I slip between the sheets
The feel of silk
Against my skin
My nipples respond
I can feel them tighten
With pleasure
That I egg on
They seem directly connected
To the feeling
Between my thighs
I don't need a phantom lover yet
I can do this better on my own
I will chose a partner
Give me a minute
I move restlessly
Postponing the rush
My hands glide across my skin
Feeling the hills and the vales
So familiar to me
No secrets to unveil
Every glide of my hands
Bring me closer
To the place
Where my wetness hides
I let one finger dip
Lightly touches me
And I shiver with want
Escalating to neediness
Demanding it right now
How long will I last tonight
Sometimes it seems
As if my body controls me
And my mind is a lustful mess
Mentally I use the Rolodex
Of past and current lovers
I know they won't mind
Looking for someone
To fantasize about
Man or woman
Anyone I have
Ever had sex with is fine
If I called and told them
What I am doing
They would happily
Cheer me on
Want to share with me
This small journey of mine
But tonight I want
Them to be quiet
So I can pretend
They are watching
Desperately wanting
To lay between my thighs
It's a favorite turn on of mine
One I have used
With most partners
Beg for me I tell them
But they never last long
I am a exhibitionist
I have been for some time
I watch my hands
Glide closer
To where I crave them to be
The want is building
Inside me
Greedier and getting
Harder to resist
I squeeze my thighs
Which doesn't help much
I watch my hands
As they finally
Part my lips
My thighs fall open
I love the sensations
I provide myself
I can finish in several minutes
Or I can try to make it last
But my body demands release
Now, after only a minute passed
I am shivering with need
That only I can satisfy
My Rolodex lover
Is still not allowed to speak
I just tell him or her to watch
I need them to desperately
Want me
While I deny them satisfaction
Their unrequited lust
Is what I need
My fingers move faster
My hips lift off the bed
I wish I could hold out longer
But I am no longer in control
The need and want
Between my thighs
Is mistress of me now
The pleasure is intense
My whole body
Then the ultimate release
Sends waves of pleasure
Through me
I spasm harder when
Nothing is inside me
I am my favorite lover

And as soon as I am finished
The Rolodex is closed
The best part
Of being my own lover
Is poof!
They are gone

This was fun to write. I will certainly understand if I am asked to delete it.

If just for once, our lips touch.
It would be a Hiroshima bomb drop in my heart,
a sweet Lilac in my throat, and a jar of fireflies in my eyes.
As if the crevices of your lips are like windows to my sweet dreams.
A good night I godly won’t stop.

If just for once, our hands hold.
It would be an ocean of poetry lines written in songs,
a moment of zero gravity where Venus lands on my palms.
Like a scent of fresh-plucked Lilies crawl back in my neck
A familiar feel of breathing.

If just for once, I can tell I love you.
We’ve been folded in cold sheets at still nights,
And I won’t be having dreams for long,
For it’s an oath I’d like to repeat for a life,
Three words to hoping you stay.

If just for once, it can be forevermore.

Lie to me
Tell me that you love me

At least this way I know you are
Telling the truth

Saw him at the counter
Before my first sip
Instantly caffeinated
When he smiled at me

©LadyofRavenhill 2017

I only want you two truly feel my love my special love knowing that your heart is forever inside my heart feeling a warm love sheltered by evil in this world feeling true love inside my heart as your heart smiles every day feeling love in life your heart beats for true love knowing that your heart is forever truly loved beating together inside my heart in the name of love.

In Love Together We Are
Lyn-Purcell Sep 12

Roses blossom with the moon overhead.
May lovers stay entwined forever.

Based on a dream I had last night.
Viany Sep 12

We're just young lovers...
                         with old soulful hearts

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