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we were planted in each other’s lives
for a reason
and ever since, our hearts
have been beating
I want to grow with you,
no matter the season

we are two seeds, independent
destined to grow into beautiful creatures
we are filled with love and harmony,
two plants growing into a romance,
tasting each other carefully.

you are the sun I need,
and I am the rain that waters your seed.
together we will bloom,
as we wear flowers as our costume.

we are two seeds, planted for each other
happiness is what we seek,
we are destined to love,
destined to suceed.

- gio
Eslam Dabank Sep 3
Through the evergreen spikes and idle sun rays,
     We slipped into the shelter of a glade’s keeper.
Our chests, that morn, merged with soil in haze,
     letting lungs inhale the dust, earthly mud deeper.

We coquetted the sunbeams until they faded away,
     Greeted the old night with cuddles fake and stark,
Stole the water from the vines, and turned ash-gray,
     And towards us, lured prisms, from a lost lark.

We heard the rivers, the winds, and rains above,
     We carried rotten grass, pale tree stories and awe;
We re-lived days of damnation, miracles and love.
      Being rigid, eye-closed, and silent was the law.

Dim violet shattered light warms our skin below;
     Where I and she, between the lilies grew our days,
Between the Larkspur submitted to our eternal foe:
     Time: the long-lasting eons of gloom and craze.

In the forest’s lap, my lips are in a meek embrace,
    With her; the unrivaled goddess of fostered innocence,
Demeter, the fertile goddess of our home space,
    And O, here comes the angel of late repentance.

A divine party of lust it was, underground, unseen,
     Where the beauty of immortal euphoria lodged in,
And godly licks and temptations filled the in between.
     We tricked the forest and land, and portrayed our sin.

Under the evergreen spikes and idly languorous sun rays,
     Two humming mouths presented one last song for life,
A song of farewell, sung on a white bed of sorrowful essays,
     Chanted above rendered up necks and played by a knife.
And O, godly licks revive the remnant of us that decays.
selina Sep 2
it was a puppy sort of love
but we were young
so it felt much deeper

perhaps it was the reason
why we were so hesitant
to let go and move on

thus, i found myself cutting corners
so i could fit myself into your box
and in the painful process of loving you
i made myself become someone i knew i was not
Persephone Aug 31
When she begged her heart not to find another lover
It went and cheated on her anyways
All she wanted was a bit of beating room
selina Aug 25
how did i romanticize this in such a way
there were no soft whispers, no shy touches
we moved quick, with staggered rhythms

neither of our hips lined up properly
we sounded more animalistic than anything
it was good, alright, a good ****, alright, but

this wasn't quite what i was looking for
lust wasn't quite what i was asking for
you weren't quite what i was hoping for
Jay M Aug 22
Lover's drive
Knows no bounds
Not distance, nor rules
With the other they thrive
Running along like gleeful hounds
Eyes glittering like the most prized jewels

- Jay M
August 21st, 2021
Nothing is more powerful than that of a driven lover- let alone a driven pair of lovers.
In the empty hours of the night,
     no matter what I do
Behind my eyes and in my soul
     arrives the ghost of you
I wonder if you think of me;
     if my soul could haunt you too
To this day you give me chills,
     no one else can know.
@LadyRavenhill 2021
Atlas Aug 19
You are beautiful
I see it in the way your crooked teeth show when you smile big enough to make me choke
I feel it in the soft cracks in your voice when you are nervous

You are beautiful
In the way that your body shakes with all the energy bursting through your fingertips like life isn’t always moving at your pace
In the way that your brows furrow when you are focused

You are beautiful
Like the golden red and orange sunset reflecting on the ocean and big puffy clouds tinted pink
Like handpicked bouquets you gave to your mother when you were 7

I love the way your toes curl and your hands shake when you’re anxious
I love brushing my fingers across the soft expanse of your skin, every freckle and scar, the stretch marks that grew with every inch that you did

You are beautiful
I am so lucky to live a life with you in it
selina Aug 16
if i had told you how much
i hated this stupid santa barbara pier
you might have stayed for centuries

was it not you who said
was it not you who promised
you would be here for me if i called

all i say now is this:
i still see your eyes
in the blue of the skies

i still hear your laugh
bouncing off the high tides
i still hold millions of memories

that play on an infinite loop
fading images of your expression of shock
of you, forever sixteen, never changing

i can still feel your breath
the way you whispered for me to leave
how could i have left?

did you think i could just go home
wash your blood off of my hands
and sleep in a half-empty bed?

i wish i had told you how much
i hated this stupid santa barbara pier
if it meant you could have stayed
Wet welling from earth
Deep valleys, hills, sweating *******
I plung into her

We are lost at sea
In moonless night our soft cries
Curled waves drowning us

Above her in bed
Little breaths lifting our bodies
Eyes, fingers, dreaming

Her green eyes are set
Jewels from sargasso seas
My ghost ship is wrecked

Her long hair tangles
No struggle in rising— then
We are rapt in bed

Her eyes blinding me
Milky way of her body
There is a heaven

In forest we taste
Each other in evergreens
Hot dews on the moss

Blissful time kissing
My bare thighs sink into hers
Running sands so quick

As olive or grape
So shed, paired souls are threshed
Out of their bodies

Hummingbirds share truths
Nature sounds with all sweetness
Bee in the flower

Always in a field
Wild flowers— a bunch to pick
Herself a bouquet

In the park we walk
Flocks of white birds taking flight
Two hearts light as air

We kissed under moon
Pox of stars grew flowering
Nightshade of her lips

She took me to bed
Skinned in bliss— was reborn, lost
In her satin folds
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