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The Kimbeaux Aug 19
I know a boundary
That can’t be seen.
It separates me
From other beings.

It’s in doing
And not doing.
It’s in unspoken
Social ruling.

I suppose this boundary
Would support my healing
But the lines blur
With human feeling.

But I saw a physical boundary
One built to cause pain
A simple fence
Across the plain.

This barbed wire
Through rough terrain
Separates fantasy
From truth.

Between each side
I see no change
But it’s a real boundary
Between work and play.
A reflection on social and physical boundaries.
Man Jul 28
I don't want you have no difficulty,
With the things you're still in motion for.
Likewise those you have emotion for,
Physical love. Those who came before,
Those you still adore, and new flames
You think offer more.
Man Jun 20
I'm not looking just to use someone.
Or be used.
I want a partner.
If that's asking too much,
Pass along the news.
Alicia Moore Dec 2022
the bones in my legs
are like shattered glass,
yet I am still walking
on these two shards.
SøułSurvivør Apr 2022
Tara grew up, planted
Firm in the loam
Like that southern plantation
A farm was her home

She shot up like a sapling
She swayed with the breeze
Wind scented with lilac
And magnolia trees.

Around her the horses
Needed nurturing care
Then they needed exercise
Tara was there.

Now a physical therapist
She helps folks along
When they are feeble
She helps them to be strong.

That's how I met you
It is to this end.
I need to be strengthend
I'm glad you're my friend!

💜 Cathy
For my physical therapist. Thank you!
GQ James Sep 2021
I can't take anyone serious anymore,
My heart is locked away,
I'm the only one with the key to unlock it,
The key will be locked away in a safe place,
Heart on ice,
That's what happens when you suffer so much,
That pain put me in a different ora,
I'm a different person all around,

Once I see the vibe ain't for me I exit silently,
No harsh feelings just ain't for me,
Can't stay in a uncomfortable setting,
At least not anymore,
Because I've been there before,
I'll be go there again,
Learned from my mistakes so won't be going back.

They ask me "why are you single" ,
I tell em "I'm just chilling",
I ain't even looking or studding anybody,
I got trust issues,
I can't trust others or myself to trust anyone else,
There's no space for anyone to get close,
Sorry but I'm not sorry.
One Andean Sky Jul 2021
Cervical Thoracic Lumbar

The natural curve
Supports all that life gives.
It withstands gravity
Wears and erodes with time

Dignity and poise when life is light
But heaviness of life burdens and bends
Life humps drag and pushes down
The spine fights the forces

Fighting the creep weighs dead
Muster muscles and thought
Natures law wins
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