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Nothing hurts me more deeply,
then your
physical silence
so dead calm
not knowing
if you're living
or colder
in your grave

Speak to me
I love you so.
By: Karijinbba
All rights reserved
Indifference as cold
as forgetting
an absent loved one
a painful un necessary tactic of "less is more"
in the solitary life
of a precious lover
left behind. Hate me
I beg you,your rancor hurts me less then being forgotten!( Revised comment 03-22-19)
Asia Mar 13
She was chained
by the FURORE of
knowing far too little
and feeling far too much

Her lungs crushed by chaos
her words stolen by shame
her hands flooded by fear
her thoughts filled with pain
her eyes blinded by tears
that leave her palms with stains
her skin as pale as snow
so white that one sees veins

"Help I cannot BREATHE!"
she cries in muted ****
"My mind it cannot SPEAK..

all it does is YELL"
Thought i'd try to describe as best as i can how i feel during a panic attack. and as you can see, its not all emotional, a lot of it is physical. I would say I hope some of you can relate but honestly, I wish for no one to ever have to go through this..
Stay strong,
Love, Asia
Alaina Mar 10
I find myself in this bright, dangerous light. It engulfs me and tears me apart.

It is not all black and white,
it’s more like a color chart.

Blues, reds, yellows, and greens
What have I ever done?
You say you’re sorry by all means
For each and every one.

It is time that I left
It is time that I go.
Now go rest-
No... no... NO.

you’re always right.
How can I be so blind?
Let us


Now a week later,
and the lights are back.
You’re a liar, a traitor.
Slap, hit, whack!

I hide myself away
I know what’s going on
You say that “I’ll pay”,
all you are is brawn.

10 years down the line,
I hope to be happy and calm.
I hope to be drinking a nice glass of wine,
and no longer seeing your palm.
i found this poem i wrote on a piece of paper shoved underneath my bed. It scares me to think I was ever in such a place.
Ash Mar 9
To love is to know,
And to know is to love ,
A bond sacred by intimacy,
Not birthed by erratic physicality.
No touch, no kiss, no hand I could hold,
Could warm the emptiness of my heart, so cold.
Two hearts torn
a broken hello from opposite sides of the world,
Our love simply lost, not permanently lorn.
Not by your kiss, not by your hold,
Will new love emerge from the fettered old.
I miss the warmth of your words
Their tantalizing embrace
Bonding immeasurable next to mere attraction of face.
alex Feb 24
my body is missing something
so i try to cover it in more fabric
bright colors and dark colors
skin tight or loose or covering no skin at all
but still my body is missing something
so i try to drink something
water or soda or juice or gin
i try wine so maybe my tongue will taste
as bitter as i feel
but still my body is missing something
so i scrub it
i place it under a steady stream of water
and i lather it in soap and i scrub away
until surely i must be brand new
but still my body is missing something
so i eat and devour
sweet and salty and bitter and comforting
and it sticks to the roof of my mouth
and i think maybe that’s what it was
but still my body is missing something
my body is craving something
i think it just wants
to be different.
ache in my gut and blood on my hands.
Arianna Feb 23

The rainbow erupts,
Spilling the decadence of Seasons
In colors and curves
Over crystalline cloth

Banquet hall turns to vineyard
Grapevines spiraling up the pillars

In the finest brush strokes
Of fingers teasing the air



Sun-ripened flesh

Of rose-petal nails
Peeling through layers
Digging fossilized sediment
From beneath amber-painted faces:

Brushing the leaves from your brow,
I gaze into the Earth,
Feeling down the vines
To the roots of your tree.

Gently, peeling away the dead bark,
Biting your sunset-colored heart

Rising, filling, falling

Lapping at the nectar welling up
From your veins.


Salt turns to sweetness
Where les fruits de la mer merge
With ceux de la terre:

Mango skins and dolphin fins,
Mermaid tails and lion shins
Tangle with emerald vines,

Somersaulting in the tides

Our forms brush
Between Land and Sea,

Our lines cross
'Twixt shadow-dappled waves
Where the murmuring forest°
Harbors cherry blossom glades
Behind nettle screens and nectarine trees.

My heart quickens,
As the breath swells into a roar
Reverberating from your core:

"How does the forest whisper?"

Wine runs red
From the pomegranates at my breast...


Inhaling pear blossoms from your chest,
Fingers caper down your spine
Caressing sunflowers and blueberries,

Knees nestled
Among the lavender in your thighs.

Exploring the crevices of your roots,
Plucking wild grapes and olives
And avocados
From your hollows,
You ripple with Life
Flowing from below
The surface,
Feasting on your Essence
Butterflies kiss you with your sweetness:

"Do you not taste the Sunshine
coursing through you,

shivering in the warmth
of Turquoise?

I'm surprised
you never noticed
the flecks of Springtime
in your eyes...


Tearing figs from hips, I

C  R  U  S  H

Roses in my fists

Dripping perfume
Over your neck

My teeth become fangs



Where they've pricked your skin,
Scattering ravished


In the dark spaces
Between your ribs

Listening, listening...

Licking clovers and honey
Over your raspberry-scarred wrists.


Seafoam champagne
Glistens in the trail of my tongue
Tracing rivers over the desert
Spilling its golden embrace
From the mystery of your smile

Wreathed in laurel, hazelnut, acorn, and ivy

Winding vines
Tighter and

Borders vanish behind starry mists,
they slip...

Elemental perfection
Of Earth and Sea
Made gentle by moonlight:

"Enough, enough,
I am enough!

We drift
On the edge of two worlds;
No sound pierces
The rush of water and schism of land.

We tumble,
We drown,

Our colors bleed together...


... gushing brilliant bordeaux
Over the tattered tablecloth.

"Drink deeply, for the cup
Runneth over!

Starving muscles
Revive at the sensation
Of violet plums
Bursting with the sound of a kiss
Between blackberry-stained lips

Planting almonds and strawberries
On pollinating tongue-tips —

Quoth the Bee to the Hummingbird:

"Open your heart!"

Quoth She to He:

"I will unfold my wings
That you may kiss every inch of me...
A collaboration with Crown Shyness. :-) You can read Part I here:

Haha, my segment trailed away into space, following no cohesive thread whatsoever, but perhaps you can imagine the words trickling down your chin like the juice of your favorite fruit.

° = ;-)
Alexander Feb 18
You burnt me without fire
Bruised me with just words
Twisted with my desire
Until I was begging to be yours.

I remember clearly,
The day I said goodbye,
The fire left burns,
The black and blue
Up and down
My arms.

I’ll never go back,
And I’ll tell others too,
Because they should be warned
Of people just like you.
I’m so sorry
He left colors
That blemished my face
In purple,
Blue, yellow,
And red.

Then having a blade
Through my heart,
But only hearing
A voidless
Of "I love you."
swaggmaster Feb 7
learning to be
aware of how to hold
my physical being
creeping into the christening
resistant fingers and toes
curled inward in fear
driven by woes
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