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Great men and their stories
I listen to them carefully
I learnt of astral body
It can come out of your physical body
You've to be an advanced yogi
If a bhogi, you've to die
Astral body to come out and fly
I craved for such an astral experience
Turned an yogi from a bhogi
I had two options
Either wander jungle jungle
Meditate and practice yoga like a traditional sadhu
For decades to have magical powers
Or sit in an air conditioned environment
Take yogic lessons from some modern Guru
I chose the second option
For I was lazy dog like Albert Einstein
In terms of Hermann Minkowski's language
Lo and behold!
Miracle happened
I turned into an advanced yogi
I came out of my physical body
I floated in my astral body
I set out on a journey
Astral world of heavenly tourney
The journey was quite comfortable
Except that I was naked
The thought what would
I do if I met women on the circuit
Made me a little bit jittery
Nonetheless all went well
My dad already in the astral world
Had some telepathic inkling
He met me there in the beginning
He asked me in an authoritative tone
After all I was his son
Have you come with official records
No, I've turned an advanced yogi
I can go anywhere, everywhere
Go in, come out of black holes, white holes
Except S370HSSV
I told
With confidence
Mistaken you are my boy
He said with concern in his eyes
You aren't allowed without official records
You won't get astral clothes at the astro-drome
If caught, you would face an additional charge of obscenity
For being naked in public
So he hid me behind a bush
Bushes were as if jewelry of diamonds, gold and platinum
As I peeked behind the bush
My dad appeared on the scene after sometime
He had brought an astral chaddi for me
Buying full astral dress was very costly
It would have been sheer wastage
I realised lateron
I put on the astral chaddi
My dad gave me tight hug
He asked me to return
Come when it is my turn
Back home I took off my astral chaddi
As I was to enter my physical body
I kept it safely in my wardrobe
My physical body was lying on the bed
As if I were dead
With little effort, I entered it
Went to sleep and woke up in the morning
I searched for my prize possession
Astral chaddi in my wardrobe
It was nowhere visible
I was in utter confusion
Suddenly, a modern Guru appeared before my eyes
Prostrate on his feet I was lying
He said, get up you ignorant guy
For you enlightenment hasn't yet arrived
You need more yogic lessons
And my special blessings
With full devotion do my "seva"
Till I die, be my chela
Astral bodies and objects aren't visible in the physical world
That's why your astral chaddi has disappeared
With this I woke up from sleep
It all happened in my dream!
Chaddi = Underpants
Bhogi = A person given to pleasure and luxury
Sadhu = Ascetic
Chela = Disciple
Seva = Service
Astral body is said to be exact copy of your physical body. At the time of death, if your physical body has diseased organs and cells, so should be your astral body. If limbs are missing, astral limbs should also be missing. Average life span is 77 years, so astral world should be inhabited by aged people of average age 77 years. It is said, souls take rebirth. How, and when does one shed astral body of previous birth and acquire new astral body of an infant to fit in counterpart physical body in mother's womb? Can one explain?
Carved from marble,
                                                   marvelous and draped in my covers,
                                        floating above my head in a puff of smoke or
                                                                ­                 as a cartoonish memory

I stay in bed today,
peeking through the blinds.
Surrounded by no one but my
soft and artificial menagerie,
I'm bubbling at the lip.

There are sacks of rice sitting
right above my hips and they're
heavy. Who will help me hold them?
Pressing a thumb to the surface and wincing;
I can feel the grains shifting under my skin.

Today I cooked the rice.
                   ­                                                                 ­               , I swear.
Heat built up in the *** til steam was lifting off my skin^
Hard crunchy bits to tenderize,
softening under the lid.

When I felt that click,
I broke out my wooden spoon
and ate a big plate.
The warm fluffy substance blessed my full cheeks and belly.
For the first time,
I felt like I wasn't hungry.

Maybe tomorrow when I bathe
I'll grow 3 or 4 times my size.
I will fill up the tub,
ceramic squeezing my fleshy form into a
rectangular shape.

Stick a spoon in
and eat me piece by piece.
a metaphor for using meditation to overcome physical and emotional but mostly physical pain
Sometimes in the morning
I'll crack my back so hard,
I think I might just
snap in half.
the chronicles of a year long break from professional wrestling
Circumstances compel
You think and analyse
What's what
What's why
What intervention  
Is required
What you desire
What's desired of you
Physical, financial, or communication
Or two or all
Physical, financial
There's maybe a tie
You may try
Communication tricky
Knowledge of circumstances
Tells you
What to say
Skill tells you
How to say
Wisdom tells you
How much to say
Whether to say
Or not to say
Circumstances compel
You think and analyse
Maha Mar 24
do fires kiss my skin's senses not when I should be kept back at a spines distance
not when I solicit crimson splashes
from transients that gaze longingly
from a screens distance
but for the aftertaste of tenderness
I often wonder if the inferno that burns in a particular shade of loneliness
could be extinguished with nothing more
than what you call a "hug"
about me
You ****** *****
Don't sit
He's crying
He is dying
Why did you
Come his way
Told him
You would stay
Why did you
Promise him heaven
If you were to stay
For days seven
You say
Your love is modern
Laden with
Honey dews of heaven
Have some grace
On your face
Come and save
His life
Be his wife for life
I shall call Plato
From heaven
For stopping
Honey dew supply
So that
Platonic love survives
Zack Ripley Mar 14
Pain has always been there
To help remind us that we're alive.
But not all pain hurts the same.
A broken heart starts with a shock.
A bullet, a hole of fire.
A stab or slice, a sting.
A punch or kick, an ache.
But the worst pain isn't physical.
It's psychological.
Over time, you may forget the pain
Of being shot, stabbed, or punched.
But you'll never forget the words
That were said or the fear you felt.
The point is,
There are different types of pain.
But none of them hurt
or heal the same.
Examine the word "embrace"
How syllables escape into sound
Mouth shapes

E - M - BR - A - CE
How tender
A gentle approach

E... arms open wide
the invitation
an elongated welcome
"Come close"
Lips parted into a smile

M... a joining together

BR... limbs entangling
Millimeters pulse

A... the one enclosed

CE... teeth in contact, lips dangle
Hold that position
The lock

No letting go. No gaps. No holes

In bracchium -- this is your home.

Hug -- to console
a rush, a thud, an immediate response

H - U - G. Hug.
Here. Now. Tighter.

Speech Pathology & Linguistics.
How the mouth works, how we make sense of words -- Why does your face look like that when you say those words?

Anthropology. Semiotics. Etymology.

Notice how we gather and release,
what we do to make an embrace, a hug.
Mouths feel before nerves could touch.

Have we yearned so much that utterances have become placeholders?

Settling for words, we fixate on how we say them
Read my lips gained a new meaning

Embrace, hug
Opening and closing,
holding and releasing,

Wishing an action upon someone is not tantamount to sensations of nerve-endings

But bodies never really touch

Atoms push and pull
It's the physics around them that we feel
When palms caress
When fingers trace
When skin brushes upon skin

Let the physics of my words be enough until our electrons can interact again

In a dance

The expanse between your atoms and mine is dismissible as long as you hold on to the words "embrace" and "hug" and "kiss" and "love"  and the anatomy of how these words come to be

Until then, I wrap my whispers around yours

Their warmth is the 3rd law of motion in action
Written: May 4, 2020 amidst the implementation of lockdowns in various regions of the Philippines as part of the effort against COVID-19 spread.

This has been published in Beyond PGH: The Human Spirit Project Anthology, a collection of literary pieces written by healthcare workers and other contributors.
physical whereabouts is,
a physical science
science is science’s physical whereabouts
science capture science’s physical whereabouts
physical is physically a physical whereabouts
physical is physically a physical science
physical is physically a physical capture

respectively is respectively a whereabouts
science capture science respectively
science respectively capture science
respectively is physically respectively
respectively is physically capture
a capture of science is respectively a capture of science
science physically capture science

a physical whereabouts respectively,
is a physical whereabouts
a physical whereabouts respectively,
is a physical science
science is a physical science
science is a physical whereabouts
science respectively is a physical science
my writing is called philosophical writing. i only uses middle ages words,words liked gracious,extravaganza,etc… this poem is about science is science’s capture science. i don’t add capitalization’s on my writing.
Chad Young Jan 8
How did I walk 37 miles in 19 hours?
How did I bike 90 miles in 11 hours?
Inhale in nose, exhale in nose 4x
Inhale in nose, exhale in mouth 4x
Inhale in mouth, exhale in nose 4x
Inhale in mouth, exhale in mouth 4x
And repeat.

You just need enough food and water and a pair of soft and hard soled shoes.
Life's wisdom
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