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Nathalie Aug 24
I am in tune and  
Honor this  
gentle wisdom that
whispers to me
through this
field of energy,
engaged with
the wheels of sacred
essence and insight  
swirling inside
my physical body
inviting me to
marvel in the  
quite revelations
which show up
through every breath

Nathalie Aug 15
I reach for you
But you are
Not there
I can feel you
But I can’t see you
At least not
With my physical
I choose to
Go within
And look deeper
I search through
This vast field
Of energy and
I find you
As I open
The door
Of my heart
Where you have
Been hiding
Safe all along

Spriha Kant Aug 4
A person with physical beauty lacking
insight is like a seashell without pearl.
LL Hamilton Jul 24
It is the absence of air - of space.
A twoness made out of oneness, that slowly becomes oneness again.

It is fire.
The light graze of HEAT along the edges of your suddenly tight knuckles. Every pore in your body falls in love in a vivid blur of life.
It's all-encompassing, like how the lazy sunset spreads and pools its searching golden fingers across every living thing, clinging to the earth.

It is a lazy ripple striating across the surface.
The stress leaving your body in waves as they rub your shoulder. It's an intense, firm awareness of every atom in your being, every breath and shift of your limbs a story waiting to be told.
It's a prison and a release when they hold your hand for the first time.

It's earthy comfort and flickering excitement. Heavy heat and grounding warmth. Lightning nerves turn to steady assurance.

Love Languages Series: I. Touch
E Jul 10
New pair of shoes
New way of thinking
New type of coffee
New summer camp

So why can’t we adjust
To this new way of life
Physical distancing
And wearing masks

Sure, Plexiglass might be a pain
Back in the office, but
It’s better than working from home
With your kids hyped up on sugar

If you’re stuck in a rut
Don’t be afraid to ask for help
Sure, it might be embarrassing
But rent won’t pay itself

I hope you have learned
Check the CDC website
If you have any questions
During this time
Words' Worth May 19
The starlight like a wind races to cover the sky
Spilling the sands of time into the oceanic blue tides
When the moon comes to bring the inside of a bellied whale to shore
The ocean, crystalline, dazzles in the greatness of such lore
Almost as if a dream of nerves less and muscles more
Part 2
Atta Apr 28
everything that will happen tomorrow
is a blueprint of yesterday's ignorance
help the one in needs by stay at home and do physical distancing
blackbox Apr 27
Curfew lifted,
Free as a bird she flew.
Caged in her own thoughts.
Will we ever be free? Wrote this piece with this question on my mind.
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