Look at you sleeping there
my little cutie;
laying so calm with that fierce beauty.
My sun,
my flower,
my lover
under the stress of everyday life
without you, i cower.
Here by my side you complete me
with those light brown eyes,
soothing cloud like lips,
and hypnotic dancing hips.
I die when you come in sight,
and I'd gladly die by your side.

Mom, your hugs are magical
They are wonder me always,
Make me cool and happy
Your hugs are the cure when I'm upset
They melt my body, mind, and soul.
I need more hugs of you every day,
To grow into a secure individual
And bubbling with confidence.

Mom, your hugs are care for me
I would be a piece of your heart
You will be always here for me
Your hugs make my life smart.
You promptly correct if I misbehave
Ma, your love is unconditional to me.

Mom, have you hugged me today?
Have you forgotten my need?
Mom, I miss you, I need your hugs
Every night, every morning, all the day...

A Mom's feelings today

I'm out of town
I'm in Newberry Park
My parents are watching the kids
I feel bad for leaving
When my mom is sick
The kids are really good though
They won't give her any trouble
They are sweet and caring kids.
(I miss my sick mom, I miss my kids)

You are the dream of my life
The happiness of my heart,
I would forget myself
But I'll never leave you alone,
You're the feelings of my mind
And blessings to me from god.

I am a friend of your sadness
And a bird of your happiness
I sing of your dream song
And always will sing for you,
You are the dream of my life
The happiness of my heart.

You are the river of love
And I am your shore
I will play with blue water
And will do some more,
You are the dream of my life
The happiness of my heart.

You're new days of my spring
I need your touch to smell pretty
I'll be green with your sweet love
I will never die and love you forever
You are the dream of my life
The happiness of my heart.

I will face all of your hurts
If you give me happy smiles
Sweetheart, make me promise
'You will never leave me alone'

Angel you are ...

are you a human lady ...
created as every one ...
creature you are ...
or you just an angel ...
fell down from the sky ...
with it's white dress ...
as it pure soul ...
with this loving heart ...

yes you are ...
an angel ...
whom i saw always ...
and share with ...
all my dreams ...
yes you are ...
my angel ...
who came to me ...
came from the sky ...
to give me a happiness ...
and to share me ...
as always i share her ...
my great love ...
and all desires ...

yes an angel ...
you are ...
came to me ...
fell from the high sky ...
drawn as a human ...
but angel you are ...

good morning my lady ...
my human angel ...

hazem al ...

halsey 4d

But right now
I am chaos to your thoughts
and you are poison to my heart.

Shyamu 6d

Be like a kite in your life
Be in someone’s control
But fly high happily
As if you are out of control.

Be like a star in your life
Shine brightly
Make your talents to twinkle
But ever never forget
You are a small star in a wide sky.

Be like a balloon in your life
Fill it with good values
Tie it tightly
But never let it to burst.

Be like a butterfly in your life
Let your thoughts fly high
Let your head held high
But others should be in awe of
Not be in loathing of.

- Shyamala

Do you know me at all?
Do you know what I've seen,
Where my mind goes when it drifts off?
Off, off, off
Until it falls right off the Earth.
Favorite song,
The one I sing to break my heart
Over and over again.
Favorite movie,
That always excites my personality.
Favorite book,
That always leaves me inspired and craving life.
What brings tears to my eyes?
What gives me the warm, fuzzy feelings.
Am I just a toy to you?
New and shiny, for the moment?
Until I'm thrown into a corner.
With all of your discarded things,
thought, and feelings.
Left to collect your dust.

Mama, you're the best gem
You are my life,
Mama, the world is filled
With your love.

Mama, you give me everything
All of you, self-goal
Mama, you are the most special
In the earth, first of all.

Mama, you are starving
But give me food
Mama, you are the cure
When I am sick.

Mama, my heaven is
In your care
You’re the most important one
In my whole life.

Mama, I hurt you so much
But you sill give me love
If something happens to me
You got beat up!

Mama, you understand my sadness
That I can't language
Mama, let your tears fall
In my sadness,
Mama, you are so happy for me
When I am happy.

Mama, you are my everything
All my love for you, Ma
You have my love and respect
For my whole life!

Mister J Oct 14

What is this wretched feeling?
That eats all my happiness away
What is this weary feeling?
That secretly tears me away
What is this heavy feeling?
My chest being crushed by the weight
What is this dreadful feeling?
No matter what I do it doesn't dissipate

No matter how much I cry out
Nobody wants to listen
No matter how loud I scream
Nobody can hear my pleas
I feel like no one cares about me
Would you please help me?

Sometimes I just want to disappear
And take an adventure to a life without sadness
Would dying lead me to
A pain-free afterlife?
If Death greets me and brings calm
To my grieving, bleeding heart
I guess I won't hesitate
I just need to get out of here

Imagine that?
You still live in the flesh but
Your soul is way beyond rotten
And yet you can't do anything
But whisper it in silence
My heart pumps blood
But it never really is beating
My days go by without me struggling
Thinking about what to do with my life

I am depressed
It's no joke
I feel bad about me everytime
I see them getting somewhere
in this life but I'm still stuck
In the middle of

Can I really turn this around on my own?
I don't know what I should do?
I still want to live but everyday
I'm dying inside

I'm just depressed
I may also be insane
I don't know if I'm manic
Or just really anxious
So will anyone just sit down
And listen to me?

Listen to me?
Help me please?
Empathize with my suffering?
Hear me out?
Will you just stop?
And will you just
Listen to me?




I need help..

Will you help me?

From the perspective of a person suffering from depression
Lure Pot Oct 12

               Good morning sweet
               Have a great day
               How are you?
               Are you there?
               This is for you.

Yes, I am here
Very nice,
You write nice poems.
               Thank you so much
Something to say?
I am kinda busy
Having lunch, see you soon.
               Alright then.

                Hey, did you read?
Yeah, I did, that’s great
You’re very talented
I am going to sleep
Myself in a min
I am so tired
Good night.

         Good morning
         Have a lovely day
         How's your day going?
         What you look like today?

Hi, I was not around.
Nice and thank you
         You're welcome
How are you today?
I am having a lovely afternoon.
         I am good, that’s sweet
         Could I see your beauty?

Hey, sorry just got busy
             It's okay
Have a look…
             Wow, sweet, lovely, shy and cute...
             Just your smile?
             Not beauties and them?
Sure, you can see
Really, you’re the cutest…
            You are so sweet!

See what?
              Your beauty?
You’re naughty, naughty lol.

Apart, apart and apart!

After a while,
     You was emotional
     And said me with happy smile-
"Hey, how are you?
Just thought I say-
Hope have a great day,

Yesterday, Good morning
Yesterday, Having lunch
Yesterday, Good night
Today, Good morning
Today, Lovely afternoon
Evening, Have a look… ( glad smile)
Midnight, You's emotional
                and said,
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