Morning 9h

Is it even possible to truly be cared about? Having someone to understand your feelings instead of just throwing you out?

Is it possible to be loved for everything you are? Even when the worst of you is the worst they've seen by far?

I prefer to be alone,
In the cold darkness of my dwelling.
The only secrets I keep are my own
For the reason that no one needs to know.
You must be careful around me,
For in a second I could snap and bite you.
The serpent in my mind lurks inside of yours
And watches the movements your body tells me.
I am wise, but you would never guess that
Because I hide it with my laughs and smiles.
I know things that you are too afraid to spit out.
You call me a snake, for that is what I am.
I will not change myself to please you.
If you don't like the quiet and unpredictable part of me,
You do not need to stay in my presence.
The snake inside does not exist to protect your feelings but rather,
It protects mine and allows me to know things I would not know without it.

I wrote this a year ago after someone called me a snake LOL. I just found it now.

The perfect form of imagery
They're clear but not
They are but not
Visible but not directly in front of us
A marvel of modern society
A symbol of something
Safe and deadly
Broken but whole
Reflective in all
A monument of our mastery...

Suck it Bill Gates

Windows - Always liked em

Regime of dreams, pretty soft
symphonies alluding
to beautiful worlds.

This is where I live, by the fountain.
If not now, then in my dreams.
If not now, then it’s my war.

or was i

we could never
feel stupid


we don't have your number

call me
was so smart


There Is A YOU That’s Only You

There is a You that’s only you
And no one else:
The meditative point’s dynamic
Force that stimulates all progress;
Within the system You or process.
You the core, nub, bottom line:
You without a fine distinction.
There is a Cause that’s cause
And nothing, nowhere else.
For some an easy goal,
Even a means of solid gold.
The point of points is to unite
The You that’s only you with Cause,
Invisible, one might
Proclaim invincible.
So let us start with you, your tool:
Arms, legs, trunk, head
Inside of which the trillion cells
(More than the stars, the galaxy’s as well)
Which make up I and All Q that is you.
Why do you think they’re there?
To share with others, naturally,
But to evolve to unity:
A two in one,
(or if you’re into Trinity
Then three…)
To make the story short,
Wise thinkers, seers over all the planet
Have perceived pragmatically
Two ends:
To find the You that’s only you;
To get into
The Cause that’s root.
After which you’re through
To all that is and true.
The end.
There Is A You That’s Only You 1.9.2018 To The Child Mystic II; Revelations Big & Small; Arlene Corwin

In the 70's when I was studying Raja Yoga in London, the very first thing I was told was: "You are a soul that has a body not a body that has a soul' I had experienced this for myself in the 60's when I had a 'breakthrough', a mystical experience which lasted many months and which has influenced my life until now.
Mel 4d

The power of words, is amazing to behold.
They build and they break, they furl and they fold.
A simple word, empowers a man,
Or throws his hopes, his dreams in the can.
Such simple devices, such miniscule tools,
But used correct, can elevate fools.
Just letters on page? It does not seem so,
Do not simply think, your words nowhere go.
Everything said, by someone’s received,
For better or worse, in thought and in deed.
Regardless of all, the things you have heard,
Do not disregard, the weight of your words.

Words Are Powerful
Roses Are Jan 6

We are
White noise that never developed color
In black rooms we sit
Steadily guiding the stage lights
And as we sleep here tonight we contemplate
How to break its walls

But this city doesn't sleep
It doesn't wake up

We just observe and talk to ourselves
Of how and when it could all be over
By the touch of a button
The click of a mouse
The twisting of a plot

But the reality is
In a way we'll all end up in the same room
A room where there is no walls
When time will stop
And I will stare back

I watch you watch me

It all depends on perspective

Rosà Jan 5

Do heavens really open;
And greet everyone with a smile
Or with a thunderous laughters
That may destroy humankind?

Will oceans depart
When worse become worst
And allow people
To pass the crossroads?
Or will it devour them to be buried underneath its hidden shelters

Where demons linger and abode?
Do you think it's worth believing
That your religion
Shields you from harm?
Or will you accept everyones beliefs to avoid
The destruction of the world you fond?

Questions that fulfilled my curiousity with more curiousity.
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