Kesha 2d

I tried to forgive,
I tried to forget.

But how does one forget
The way your fists
Pummeled me like a ton of


The way the bruises
Decorated my face
Like I had painted myself


The way you held the knife
To my stomach,
So sure of yourself that
You could do it,
But you never did


Though the hunger in your eyes
Never died that night,
Even when you cried
And told me how sorry you were.

But how can one do that
& then apologize


A raw & emotional piece, domestic abuse happens around us all the time but we never confront it, sometimes we even think it's okay! As if the person had done something to deserve it! Anyways, here's a piece on it
Cloud 4d

the clouds
the sunset's colors

when i gaze at them for a while
my eyes see another world

and my soul yearns to run from reality
but i can't
for i still don't know how,
for i still don't know what they are trying to tell me.

Worrying about nothing
While nothing is everything

Why be anyone else?
When you're more beautiful being yourself.

Just a really random thought in my head.
Elin Roberts Aug 7

ignore this mess babe
clean your own sins
my hands are a lot stronger
when they're not holding yours

random thoughts

Do all people find ways to torture themselves?
We could have colors
and blindness
stacked on our shelves

but we are keen,
and desperately mean.

lay off the Pause button and I'll Play
the string of
your harp
that nobody else knew how to start
You're fucking welcome,
I'm glad you see I tried,
never did I imagine they'd ignore me when I
cried, or when I
stretched out my hand
for love instead of admiration
comfort instead of more opinions of their conceptualization
of my place in our dirty swarm of civilization

it doesn't mean a thing to be complimented
when you want more than recognition

are boys stupid, or am i stupid for loving them (:
Brenda Mukisa Jul 20

I am sorry that I wasnt perfect
I am sorry that he left.
I am sorry that I let him leave.
I am sorry that I didnt beg him to stay.
O r to come back.
I am sorry that I didnt think of you.
The way you wanted me to.
I am sorry that I didnt wait with you.
I am sorry that I told you to give up.
I am sorry that I made you feel bad for waiting.
For believing he would return.

I am sorry I did what I thought was best
I am sorry I wanted to be perfect for my kids.
I am sorry I sacked at marriage.

I just wanted to be a perfect mother....
I just wanted to love myself as well.
silently, I hoped he would return.
Lure Pot Jul 18

Sweet, happy birthday to you
You are getting some new
It’s much more; not a few
Wish, everyone loves you

Have a great life again
Remove the dark and pain
In the morning rain
Happy birthday to you…

I wish, always smile
Run away mile to mile
With honesty and own style
Happy birthday to you…

Long live with family
Stay close them surely
Do pass yourself nicely
Happy birthday to you…

Don’t think so slothful
The future is beautiful
You’re not really woeful
Happy birthday to you…

Have a sweet morning
Have a great new day
You can do anything
Sweet, happy birthday…

Atul Kaushal Jul 15

I have understood
Over the last decade
That I'm unlovable
And an eternal failure

Only my parents care for me
First Gods they are for me

Truly selfless they have been
Really supportive in my life
Unwavering their commitment
They are the only permanence
Hurting them will be my sin

I may be unlovable for some people,
But for my parents I am the prime,
And I have truly realized it finally.

To hell with all those unfaithful lovers.

My HP Poem #1624
©Atul Kaushal
Sun Jul 14

I wish I could be the colors
on your canvas
Whom you touch gently
to make something more beautiful;
like the enigmatic clouds
keep dancing
with the last ray of Sunshine
to please the grace of soil

When you nurture
with so much love
Don't you believe....
all you have is today
but no tomorrows for another thoughts!?

You skip your heart beats
when your vibes get mingled
with the lyrics of the wishes
intertwined with the painting brushes

I wish I could be so....
What you hold with so much caress
And never let go....

I wish I could be the winds that passing through your windows
Touching your veins
making you sway

I wish I could be the roads you come across each day
I would turn myself into green grasses
where you would rest upon
to live in the moments

I wish we were the distance
only in dreams
Why's & What if's
are rising to the ceiling
What is "One day" to you
Is that my Lifetime
or endless waiting !?

Notes were taken ;-)
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