When you swim out to sea and your limbs need a boat
turn all of you over and you'll learn how to float
See the water has welcomed each pace you have made
it is writing your story upon every wave
And when you are ready your book will be bound
by an author you've asked to be part of you now
A Scribe who intends to relay what you have said
or a snipe who's been hiding inside of your head


Here l come,
Oh 60 kg target!
Be ready for me,
'Cause I am determined.

Weight loss demamds a lot of determination, exercise and sacrifice.
I am 64.8 kgs now down from 72 kgs almost 50 days ago.

My HP Poem #1580
©Atul Kaushal
Emil Jun 7

You are clothed
with strength and dignity.
and you
without fearing
the future and reality.
In the darkest days of your life;
I know you’ll
stand tall to find
the sunlight.

Sarah May 30

I said I wanted to be left alone
Which makes me a liar
You knew that though
You know that loneliness follows me wherever I go
But you didn’t protest
Which I guess proves my point

I promised you I wouldn’t hurt myself again
Which makes me a liar
You must have known that though
I’m not to be trusted with anything sharp
But nothing cuts worse than the words from your mouth
Stinging me hours, days, and months later

I told you was doing okay
Which makes me a liar
But why wouldn’t I lie
When it’s easier for both of us this way
You get to live your fantasy where everything is fine
And I don’t have to be more of a burden
Because I even weigh myself down

I pretended I didn’t need you
Which makes a liar
But after all this time
How could I reach out to you
After I’ve lied all my life
Subtle manipulation to make you think I’m not broken
But I am broken
I think this is all on me
Yet sometimes I wonder how you can’t see the cracks in my facade

I am a liar, but you must be too

I now tell you a #storyofmylife,

Starting in the autumn of #2007 with quite a strife,

To be precise say #barcamp for my very first one,

since then people have used #hashtag for

#fahsion, #selfie, #art and #fun.

Anyhow I am nothing like a number sign,

Nor do I stand alone like a straight #line.

You may dislike the way people #followme,

Or you might to #follow along with a sense of #glee.

But don't I just #love #my #friends,

You let me know the #world, #news, and a sense of #motivation.

With you I have lived through many a

#bestoftheday, #night and #cool #lifestyle passion.

Since my #birthday you hand me many #powerofdreams,

#IceBucketChallenge,#BlackLivesMatter, #BringBackOurGirls, #LoveWins,

As I live on in the #songs and #voices of vibrant #life hour,

In this point we emerge into a stream of #peoplepower.

Along the #tenyears lifespan #we continue to see,

Singing along with #music, #beauty and #life of diversity,

#myself #work #happily #4youreyesonly

#smile #peace #love #withme

Zan Balmore May 21

Do you know when to stop drinking?
Do you know how to smoke less weed?
Do you know where you're headed,
Do you know what you'll do when you get
To where you're going, why you go,
Or who you'll try to meet when you get there?

I don't know so, please, please would you stop asking?

So I'll turn it all around and ask you instead,
What is it you get from raking up my mistakes?
If you see them all in piles in the first place,
Why would you take me blind to it with
my display so prominent?

You know who you are.

I had been extremely patient,
Wish she was a bit mature too.
With my love she was lucky,
I so wish that I was lucky too.
Hope she showered love on me,
Not a zombie but I am a human too.
But it is Karma and it is not yet shining!

My HP Poem #1544
©Atul Kaushal
Sheena Samuel May 17



yes You!

with ALL of Your teeth



You look amazing when You smile.
You're making me smile!

I am aware of certain words in the middle of some sentences are capital. They're meant to be there.
Ryan Holden May 13

When I was a child
We threw stones outside our home,
Wishing time away.

Nicolegy May 10

Been living beside the river
All alone and still
With no one to talk to
No one to share with

Your body is cover of dirty mud
You disgusted yourself because of how ugly you were

Then someone picks you up
And put you to the group of clean stones
The look on their faces was unexplainable
Yet you know for sure;
They don't like you
They don't want you
And they feel disgusted the way they looked at you

Tears fall from your dolorous eyes
The rain suddenly poured and joined into your sadness
The raindrops clears the dirty mud on your body
And suddenly you shined brightly

You are not a dirty stone you think you were
You are not ugly people think you were
You are not disgusting
You are not what others think you are

You are precious
You're like a star that shines brightly;
and twinkles beautifully
You are everyone adores and treasures
You are a diamond

A diamond, my love

sometimes we have these insecurities to other people, we feel down and frustrated. But if you love who you are, you will know how beautiful you truly are. you will become a diamond, a diamond that adores and treasures by everyone.
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