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Karijinbba May 17
We are anxient twin E.T.'s
lost and found
intergalactic star seeders
portal to heaven and bridge,
revolving door
chronological genius
beloved chronological

Waking blissfully bound
to dreamed destination
Eiffel Tower in Paris France honoring our long awaited honeymoon celebration.
We had been madly in love many lifetimes before
in ink in Art and
in each other's arms
many once upon a time!

I wear my honeymoon's beloved husband's gift our diamond-rubby
twin butterflies
two rest over my breast.

I wear my heart shaped diamond ring
it's your heart
earned in agony tears cried over loosing our child twice.

Bride me Aries leading
groom mine Aquarius
your lightning-like Uranus rulled,
sparking your rebellious nature and eccentric personality.
We are elite owning fame happiness joy bliss
great fortune.
honring true love.

becoming immortalized
in heart in soul
in cyber poetry and song
a sacred span 1974-2020
unto virtual forever.

I love you for us rddbba
and for finding me everywhere
I've looked for you.
For saving me in many ways protecting me
in spirit
above & beyond obstacles amid
the sacred midst.

Our time blessed
by Aries Aquarius signs
our souls roaming darling beloved.
forever free.
By: Carijinbba.
Copy Rights.
Thank you for finding me everywhere I look for you
each and every time
we are amazing.
You are my special precious E.T lover beloved. hidding in the closet with toys ET mine
I recall all I do love you for everything.
I did call home
we remain linked in mind
dry roses bloom again as we link.
I hear the echoes of a lone house party
spill its tunes upon this cool summer night's aer.

I listen to the soft breeze carry sweet music
drifting across our kenopsic city.

Lounging from my bedroom windowsill,
I imagine what potential
our lives have

and wish for strength to make it real.
EmperorMoth Apr 28
I'm sorry.

You'd like to be evil...

You want to hurt people.

You think it's fun.

Evil people get to have all the fun...?

You want power.

You want control.

...You're broken. A record that can be read as clear as day.
You don't know true evil.
If you'd like an example, all you'd have to do is ask.

You're afraid to be simple...
But you're nothing but simple.
And that's ok.

Stop trying so hard to be alien for ***** sake.
You're destroying yourself...and that will only hurt you and those you love.

You need to be dismantled, so that you can be built back up...and stronger.

Your foundation is built on resentment. Destruction.
You call the darkness your friend. But the darkness wants to eat you, and digest you. You're afraid of the light.

What would we see if it was shining on you?
Simple, a broken art piece.

But that's ok. That's enough. You are good enough as that. We all are broken art pieces. And we all are unique, but ironically not any better than anyone else

So accept yourself. I'm right here with you. Always have been, even if you can't see me. And I will be there with you, to build you up. You deserve a friend who will be there for the better you. We all do, when we're ready to accept them.

Now wake up, pat your knees, do a stretch. Let's do this adventure, but together.

I need a friend, and I believe you're more than enough.
To the ashen boy.
From a little insignificant peppered snow moth.
Bhill Dec 2019
What is about the wind that comforts or troubles one
The constant howling as it bends and swirls through barriers
Trees waving their branches as it engulfs and swallows them up
Moving water past their natural breaks
Changing the landscape of deserts like a painter with his canvas
Sand dunes creating new and ever-shifting raw formations
And when it ends...
The silence is unexpected and so, so quiet

Brian Hill - 2019 # 326
Do you like the wind?
Capriccio Dec 2019
My Motions are on E Again
No Ecstasy  
Free from Elation
End of Day
Bad Boss Back to Screaming

Loco is his Motion
Ron Conway Jul 2019
I think about existence
And I look for what holds true.
I feel assured that I exist
But I've questions about you.

The "Row your boat" philosophy
Does nothing for my quest.
If I have dreamed this all along,
Why do I still need rest?

Forget about the tangibles.
Let's give that stuff a pass
And think of love and beauty;
Those things that have no mass.

The mountain seems so beautiful
Against an azure sky.
You might see it as a pile of rocks
Within your pale mind's eye.

Did I invent that beauty just
To fit some need of mine
Or does beauty have an essence
No matter how you might opine?

And what of love? Did it exist
Before it struck your heart?
Well now you know, without it,
Your world would fall apart.
E Prime is a language discipline that avoids the verb "to be"
leonard zinovyev May 2019
I was never insane
except upon odds
when my heater was touched.

Believe nozzle you hear,
and only one halibut that you see.

Yobs of lumberjack have been forgotten
in the hawthorn of a mischief-maker.

Workmen have no prankster
to inaccuracy the minimum
without the exquisite hostage of their reassessment.

Never to suffer
would never to have been blessed.

The best thoroughfares in light
make you sweaty.

Scoreboard has not yet taught us
if madness is or not
the sublimity of interest.

I remained too much inside my headman
and ended up losing my minimum.
Donna May 2019
Never judge how your
day will plan out..just get up
smile and be happy
My motto today ** had lovely surprise I’m off out for lunch with my daughters ***
Lovely weekend to u all ❤️
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