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Donna 4d
Never judge how your
day will plan out..just get up
smile and be happy
My motto today ** had lovely surprise I’m off out for lunch with my daughters ***
Lovely weekend to u all ❤️
Nat Lipstadt Apr 23
“into the women-coloured twilight”

from Post Impressions (VI)   by E. E. *******^

there is a woman here who seeded in a ‘darling,’
awhile ago, thinking it passed unnoticed
but wax polished and jewelry bag separate kept

placed in a soft Etsy silken purse
suitable for holding precious iou’s,
vision her in the fields picking up the fragrance
of bulbs from soil, now scented upon a working woman's gloves,
arrival timed, in the woman-colored twilight of e.e.’s woman,
knowing she will be both prepared and unprepared,
perhaps for my recital, certainly, my comings unexpected

she knows I come with no singularity or multi-purpose,
except to complete this poem with proper decorum,
decorum properly undefined, but how many fictitious poems
scribbled in between the living days, in plastic bags to keep,
till a grounded definition is someday procured

April 2019
ok okay Apr 20
Let me die and take me to nowhere
nowhere is better than heaven !
Lynnia Apr 19
Well hello again. Although we’ve clashed,
A new tune rises from the ash
Vermillion chords may paint this song
Ending it all; I hope I’m wrong
I am a little bunny.
I eating lot of carrots.
One carrot, two carrots
Three carrots, four carrots.
One carrot for you, one carrot for me.
Two carrots for us.
That's vitamin E.
The carrot have vitamin E.
It good for your vision and skin.
Hey bunnies, bunnies!
Eat carrots.
Improve your vision and skin.
I’m in love
With your
Wolf Feb 15
But I can't do anything about it now.
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