that’s me
held together by wooden joints and strings
a real boy, a real boy
i repeat to myself
that’s what i am
and it’s true, it is
i just don’t look the part
i’m trying, i swear
it’s just so hard
i used to accept that i would always be a puppet
but i can’t anymore, you have to understand
i’m trapped in myself and i have to escape
but goddamnit, i am going to fix myself
even if it means giving up a few things
because what’s the point in being happy when you’re not yourself?

It's truly hard.
Jaycee 2d

It wasn't all bad.
You made me happy for some time,
after the things you said,
I can't really know if you were really ever mine,
but I was yours wholly.
If you weren't really there,
I couldn't tell.
At least not until it all came falling down.
I know I did some things wrong,
but I'm not perfect
and you were my first real love.
You taught me things I needed to know,
even if it ended with blood in the snow,
I survived and somehow I know you will too.
I really, wish the best for you.

I hope you'll move on from her and if you haven't already, then me too. I hope one day you'll see all that was wrong and how you could be happy while the song is still playing. Instead of letting your record break.

was try.

Guess it wasn't enough.

According to you, it never was.

And it never will be.

You know who you are.
Tyler 4d

Why is it
That the strongest words,
The words that Haunt our souls
The words that build up until they spill out of your eye sockets,
The words that constantly repeat in your mind,
Are the ones that can never be expressed.

Thoughts on the way back from L.A.

one me
trust me


Lure Pot Jan 9

I am still trying to find him
I am still crying for him
I can't stop caring about him
because I still love him!

I still miss him with school bag
I still feel his sweet loving hug
I still hear his melodious song
I just can't forget his first poem!

Oh sweetheart, where are you?
How are you doing now?
My tears still miss you
my heart can't erase your name!

I have loved you, love you still
I always have and always will
No one knows how I feel,
but I need to say to my mom.

hannah kay Jan 9

im standing, barely
    trying to see what's around me
im crying but no one can hear,
    not really
people throw their advice at me and it hits hard like ice against my skin
   and all i want is for someone to
hear me
    to really listen
they keep giving me words i did not ask for
we love you, we’re here for you
keep it; give it up
    life is hard; welcome to adult life

i open up to you
   but it’s still not enough
you’re the one who sees me cry;
   my tears are hidden by my smiles
to everyone else
you’re the one who knows my pain;
    my laugh hides the torment
from the outsiders

here i am, standing,
wishing you knew
that i have given you
all there is to give.

Justin Rio Jan 4

The only
One way to

It is the same
way to

First entry for my thing called plog. I wanted to improve my vocabulary and will try to make poems everyday! Thank you for reading! :)

And as the teacher said goodbye to her graduating class
filled with children she taught so much to,
she wondered where they would go,
and she wondered who they would be...

Would so-and-so make it through high school?
Would what's-her-name keep dancing?
Would that-one-boy ever stop talking and begin to listen to others?
Had she done enough to help them all?

It was no longer her responsibility;
she had set them free.

After a nostalgic sit, she walked home to a simple house,
in a simple town. Her husband waited
at the dinner table, silently admiring her curls,
as she sat down, ready to take in food and new information.

When she was at home, she was no longer the teacher,
but the student. Her children filled her soul
with things she never knew or imagined.
Her husband smiled and reminded her
that no one in this world is perfect,
but in his eyes, she was,
and that was all that need matter to her.

Lex Dec 2017

The girl next to me
is all I wish I could be
I look at her and say, "you look pretty"
What I know that she can't see
is the building jealousy

the constant tugging at my waist
my demons trying to pull me down face to face
trying to make myself smile without leaving a trace
saying my words that are heavy and laced
with hatred for my temple,
my place

The society that I live in
has taught me I have to hate my own skin
I need to to be thin
in order to win

Instead of looking at my sister with admiration
I look at her with damnation
because i've been taught by the people in my nation
society will never cause cessation
to the standards givin to us

I will never again feel elation.
Because being happy takes up too much time.
Takes up too much power.
Takes up too much attention.
And causes me to not focas on my calorie consumption.

Please, know you are so much more.
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