ALC 2d
You know I tried,
In so many ways I tried.

I tried to be friends
I tried to keep in touch.
I tried to forget you.
I tried to fight for you.

God did I try,
And try,
And try,
And try,
And try.
You didn’t seem to notice it,
You barely seem to notice me.

I tried so very often,
That I was surprised to notice,
One day I didn’t care.
I didn’t care if I got a text back,
I didn’t care if I got a letter back,
I didn’t care if you even wanted to see me.

I always expected my detachment from you,
To be like a tree falling.
But it was nothing like that.
It was like a leaf falling.
-ALC April 19, 2018
clever 2d
There's always beauty in the most insignificant thing.
The way your voice sometimes shakes when you sing.
The way the falling snow always collects on your lashes.
The way your face looks in the rain after lightning flashes.
I know this is cliche,
But you're most beautiful when you're not trying to be.
As broken he was
A burning flame resided still
he smiled vaguely
Burning bridges momentarily wondering why.
Why were these built in the first place.
In this time in my life i was seeking to make ends and finish things with someone in my life. Sadly the bridge is on fire but still remains
Ella 3d
It's hard to find the sunrise when you're a storm
Hard to find anything in the dark
Even harder to transform

It's hard to stop swimming when you know there's a shark
Waiting for more blood
But you were my spark

I was drowning in a flash flood
Not really trying
You pulled me up, dragged me out of the mud

I felt like dying
Straight to the point
But now, I feel like flying

I'm terrified to disappoint
I want to be the best for you

You are my only one
My checkpoint.
Amanda Apr 13
I am standing beside you
Heart resting in outstretched hand
Hoping you will take it
Use it to try and understand

I do not know why I hurt the ones
My arms care about the most
Maybe it is the ocean
Of paper insecurity I host

I have many loud problems
Make numerous unerasable mistakes
Cause more damage than flexible ripples
Shown from angry earthquakes

I know that "I am sorry"
Does not change what I've done
Or fix the childish horror you feel
This grave guilt weighs a ton

I am so used to fucking up
Destroying parts of my life that are good
That I have convinced my mind
I will not change and never could

I set limitations for my abilities
And cannot seem to find a way around
I stay in the same dark place
The self-loathing to which I am bound

You do your best to rescue me
Nothing works for more than awhile
When my pleasure and excitement fade away
You are back to coaxing out my smile

I appreciate your full efforts
They help my behavior more than I show
I hate the impatient look of frustration
You wear with concern when I am especially low

It is not that you don't make me happy
Neglect my emotional needs
There is a gash inside my obnoxious head
It is small but constantly bleeds

It leaks doubts into my brain
Until I question my quiet worth
Leads me to believe that the world
Is better without my memory on Earth

I am aware you think I'm amazing
It makes me like myself less
To watch you give, yet expect nothing in return
Pour your perfect heart into an unworthy mess

I may be what you desire, but not what you deserve
I am reckless, you should be with someone more stable
I am stuck in my ways, trying to grow
Mature and strong but I am unable
Why is it so hard to change?
Lucio Apr 10
Time heals all wounds, or so they say
But that doesn't mean there aren't scars on display;
And a single glance at them can bring it all back
Reminding you of the pain, again you're off track:

Trying to regain your composure and sanity
But it's tougher than you think, please don't be mad at me;
I hate who I am and who I've been
And at times I mourn the old me, the one with the sideways grin:

Now don't get me wrong, I still have that smile
But it's usually forced and fake, it hasn't been real in a while;
And I'm chipping away at my self imposed cell
Cause I  know going through life without love is my own private hell:

And you found the old me, like a child lost in a store
Saying you'll heal my heart, if she doesn't want it anymore;
I wipe the tears from my eyes and I sigh
And ask are you sure? I'm broken, damaged, and far from perfect.  And quickly add but for you I'll try:
Justaperson Apr 9
Let’s say, metaphorically speaking, there’s a tree.
A small but strong pine tree.
This tree is in a forest with many other trees, and in this forest nothing happens.
There are no other trees besides pine.
No birch.
No redwood.
No beech.
Just pine.
But, what if that one pine tree...didn’t want to be a pine tree?
What if that pine tree wanted to be a cedar tree, or the most beautiful cherry blossom in the orchard?
But no matter how hard it tried it was always just a pine tree.
Surrounded by other pine trees in a forest where nothing happened.
Metaphorically speaking.
I’ve really not been in a good place and I don’t even know why I wrote this
jas Apr 9
I've been
like a disappointment

what can i do?

..if im not enough for you

i try so hard,
to be happy and gracefully
but it never seems to work out

im failing fast

any moment and im drowning

sometimes i just wanna die
sometimes i ask myself why do i try?
if im not enough
than it must be pointless
to find reasons to go on..

what a disappointment
arby Apr 5
i’ve stopped trying.
i just bump into walls until i find a door,
the dull pain is
more annoying than anything,
and i could stop if i wanted,
but at least i’m moving.
i’m bad at titles.
They try SO HARD
To be sexy,
For some reason,
Their photos
Just don't look right.
Is the problem the pose,
Or the inadequacy of the woman?
With the right type of camera,
A woman doesn't need to try to hard
To look hot!
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