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Syll Oct 3
You have to keep fighting.
But it gets so hard to keep fighting.
There have been loses on both sides of the war.
You feel defeated.
You want to give up.
You want to surrender and end it all.
Please don’t.
There are people who want you to stick around.
So keep trying.
LC Sep 18
that day broke me.
a part of me left.
I don't know
if it'll come back,
if I'll be me again.

but I'm trying.
I'm picking myself up,
taking small steps,
looking for the missing part.
I hope to be me again.
Leah Sep 6
Too much has been happening
It’s just one thing after another
But there’s always tomorrow,
I can try again tomorrow.
AM Sep 1
don’t you hate

when you’re told

that you trying

isn’t enough

isn’t right

isn’t going to fix anything

isn’t what’s needed

isn’t helpful

isn’t okay

because you realize
they’re. not. wrong.
"If through me you’ll seek and try,"

Says the Spirit,

"I’ll raise you high."
Sierra Aug 28
My shattered self searches for something
That will help fill the void.
But all it finds are capsules filled with empty promises
sharp edges filled with pain.
It no longer knows what to do.
So it takes the capsules
and carves with the shape edge.
that the new additions might cover her flaws,
might fill her empty spaces.
it sits in aching silence.
My shattered self is ruined.
My shattered body is torn and broken.
My shattered thoughts escape me.
I am shattered
I can not be fixed.
Sarah Nehring Aug 27
I'll try
I'll try my best
I'll do what I can
I'll see
I'll attempt it

I'll change my self
I'll try to be better
I'll push myself to be what you need me to be

I'll lie to myself
for the rest of time
to try to make you happy,
to see your daughter go to college
to see your daughter make a living for herself

I'm your prize
So i'll try
I'll try to be what you need me to be.
I'll try for you
I'll try for me

Because me is more important than you.
Starting my second day of college and I hope that the rest of the time that I am here goes as well as today has gone so far. So i'm writing this poem
Cat Lynn Aug 25
I never said was going to be easy to become...
Nor did I say it would be a pretty process
Lord i am trying... i cant look anywhere else... i cant depend on anyone else... you have to be my focus... i dont care what it takes... Do whatever it takes for me to be more like you
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