valerie 1d

am i trying

to make you

the person  i

try to forget?

When i listen to you
I feel  as if I were lending my ears to someone else
Someone who wants to listen to your stories
Someone who is not me
Someone's place I'm trying to fill

When I talk to you
Words seem more complex than Pascal
Deciphering what to say becomes a paradox
Do I shamelessly arrange my cards in the box
Or do I pass the turn to another personality
Reuniting time to form the perfect reasoning

When I see your cherry lips
There's no contradictions
To what I'll will taste
Nothing but what she left
Your saliva, her saliva, and mine
Colliding creating the perfect test
What will be my answer
Do I ignore her manner in you
Or do I make you spit
Until everything of hers cease to exist

written for the boy who loves my ex-friend and who I am trying to.
Saint Titus Apr 14

Honestly, I've never felt alone
My thoughts keep hitting a depressing tone
Light in life, keep it light
Fear the dark, keep it right
People make me lose my shit
I've long since had my finger on it
There's something to be said about solitude
Mental gymnist mindset feud

I've been fed too much too long
Now its all I can taste
Fall in line or fall apart
The choice; voicless restless ill never make
Structurally sound, yeah maybe so
The footing never lets me down
But walls I cannot abide
Living life or letting die

Can't have it both ways
What a damn shame
So ungrateful
Sitting bankrupt, linen table
I won the world and still feel
Like someone somewhere owes me something
Take the second
Grasp it
Something you would have sooner wasted
Self reflect
Can you taste it?

It might not be up to you
But either way you get to choose

Its like three in the morning
MellowMomo Apr 4

Our hearts are made from puzzle pieces
Intricately complex, but incomplete
Full with gaps, stains and creases
Changing with every heartbeat.

We're looking for real connections
Something fitting instead of patches
And endure a lot of rejections
To find the best possible matches.

This puzzle is hard to complete
At times impossible to cope
Not wanting to admit defeat
But we continue, because of hope.

So I too shall keep on going
Like everyone else day by day
Constantly failing, but also growing
Collecting our hearts among the way.

Special thanks to Mr. Jin!
Sarah Boon Apr 2

I've played this game for far too long
to consider quitting now
The consumption of anxiety for breakfast,
The lethargic depression on my plate for lunch
The constant debilitating fear of life for dinner
Will not break my core
I would eat scrap metal as a snack, and my body would howl with laughter at me,
How foolish to think that that would do anything to my bones
my body,
my poor, poor body,
absorbs everything I toss into my mouth,
sharp nicotine and old pomegranates
dirty raspberries and foaming beer
black mould and cheap sugar
My heart is still standing strong even though my shoulders don't register
I will fight this life if I have to,
I will live it if I can.
Spinal cords can break;
Blood cannot.

Kash Mar 23

I put in too much
and yield little crop
like an over watered garden
the intention was there
I gifted all my effort
there was no lack of care
but the fruit came up bare
and the vegetables drowned
so my little garden failed
like a reflection of my work

Carly Mar 21

A sliver
and I'm good for days

Until I'm not
A sliver turns into a gash

I see it
Run out of me

I do nothing
But do it again

Rianna Mar 19

So there I was,
running and running
trying to catch up with the sun,
with all my hopes and dreams.
I was right at an arms length,
until then I woke up

Grace Kay Mar 17

I gave you my heart
And in return you gave me nothing,
I opened all my windows and doors
But you kept all yours shut,
I tried so hard to make you laugh
But the most you could manage was a smile,
I bought you gifts
And you gave me a bracelet.

A token of the love you never show,
A reason for me to keep trying,
A way to feel the relief,
A bracelet.

No emotion,
No charisma.
But a bracelet.

A little, shiny, sterling silver bracelet.
No charms and no colour.

Just a bracelet.

From the heart ❤️
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