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I tried
I tried
I tried
I hurt
You thrived
I tried
I hung on
I’m tired
You’re gone.
Emphasis on when you’re the only person making an effort in a relationship and you keep holding on because you love them and it just doesn’t matter.
Niamh Feb 26
One day I’ll open my eyes
And feel relief.

It won’t ache,
And for the first time
In a Long time,
Sadness will not be my only belief.

For the first second
I won’t think about it.
I will open my eyes
And see the sun.
I will hear the birds,
And I will feel their peace.

I will bathe in the beauty
That surrounds me.
Skin soft. Thoughts soft.
My life won’t be on lease.

One day I’ll open my eyes,
And feel
Natalie Jan 21
I haven’t forgotten
the sound of your voice
or the way lines form
next to your eyes
when you smile
I’m sure you’ve forgotten
those things about me
and everyday that passes
I think less and less
about that
or whether or not
you think of me or
if you lose sleep at night
like I did over you
The earth still turns
the sun still shines
and today is still today
with or without you
“sooner rather than later”
MuseumofSoph Nov 2021
I walk in it’s very clean
There’s a creepy man watching me
He looks mean

Nobody told me it would be like this
Why didn’t they tell me

I’m anxious now I didn’t know I could be
Mom said “I told you”
No you didn’t

This is too much all at once
Panic attack hidden by a mask and controlled emotions

I shouldn’t have gone to college this soon
No one helped me and now I feel like a buffoon

I know I’m not crazy but I certainly was
Doesn’t make it easier to share with the fuzz

Everything is hard right now but I’m trying to get better
Why wasn’t mom there for me when I told her

I’m learning and growing everyday
I just didn’t want the help

Now I do but it’s a bit late
Adjusting my schedule to fit the intake

I hope I’m a good patient even if it’s virtual

I never wanted this
I told them I’m not cis

Well I guess this is the beginning
The start to healing
Sometimes help is unwanted and sometimes it isn’t
I’ve got to figure that one out
Wrote this after having a mental evaluation. One of the hardest things I did but I’m grateful I made it through
Estelline Nov 2021
I’ve done it again
Made a mess
Can’t help but wonder
What’s wrong with me
Wish I would have spilled a little less
Can it be cleaned up one more time?

If I could see things through your eyes
Then maybe I’d understand all I needed to
But all I have
Is a clouded mind

Like a useless crystal ball
It’s no longer good enough
So it’s placed on a shelf
To be left there forever

That’s where you found me
Dusty and broken
You polished me up
And gave me a smile
But I still couldn’t give you the world

Now you hardly come around
I forget your pretty face
The light your smile could bring
And the love you gave

I know it’s there
But tinted by the fading of time
I wish I could rewind
And hold you close
To feel your heartbeat with mine
Maybe the clocks would stop ticking
And I could call you mine
Time would once again be ours.
Some cigarettes
that you have smoked
will tell you;
this is a life
where you must not give up
and keep trying
and hoping
for every good
that grows
from your breath.
Indonesia, 19th October 2021
Arif Aditya Abyan Nugroho
s y kalindara Sep 2021
Two years since I've been here,
and I'm still pacing, and asking
the serotinal skies why you left.

I'm not one for letting things (or people) go
until I've purged the questions from my soul,
and this is me trying my best.

Copyright © 2021 by S. Y. Kalindara. All rights reserved.
I have no idea why things ended, I can only guess and overthink it, and try to move on without any closure.
Zack Ripley Sep 2021
I'm trying to find a girl. She hides behind tears that no one sees her cry. I think she's trapped under a mountain of insecurities and lies people have told her. If you find her, can you tell her she's loved. Wanted. Can you help her understand she's not a burden if she wants to talk to someone?
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