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These voices haunt me day and night,
Their mostly mean, their not nice.
I try to survive, they jeopardize my life.
They terrorize my mind, all the time.
They push me off this mountain i climb,
Its harder to climb everytime i try.
I pray to God and ask him why‽
I look up at the sky with my eyes and cry,
Wanting to tell these voices bye.
True story
Jeremy Betts Jun 6
I sit outside alone
Trying to count the drops of rain
It helps to tune out everything
Well, everything but the pain

Jeremy Betts Apr 12
Would you get a load of this priick...

Entitlement punk crybaby excrement
In mom's basement
Trying to **** his own wick

No ******* with a chick
Mildly pathetic
Stream it to the public

Embarrassment is gonna hit
Shoulda quit
To late
Now this is what you get

Find blame and aim it
Control the topic
"It ain't me" it must be women's empowerment?

Assuming you never knew what rhetorical meant
You can't know that wasn't
I'm asking,
That's not a statement

The angers placement
Seems specifically targeted doesn't it
Common denominator
Looks to be your equipment...
...dip shiit

Y'all need Jesus, you're sick

SANA Mar 28
with tears rolling down my cheek
i understood that
"they may want you be the happiest in your life
but you will neve be their first priority"
and this hit me hard...
Jeremy Betts Mar 11
Still breathing
But gave up trying
Heart still beating
Though I feel I've lost my life
Living proof grief hits harder than dying

I don't want to stop trying
And yes, I'd love to stop crying
'Cause life can be so deflating
I spot the gleem of the razor edge
And it looks so inviting

Death defying
I stole this pale horse I'm riding
Wrath and vengeance shouldn't be so enticing
What will it take to get my life back on track?
Hell, has it ever been?
I'm having trouble remembering

Hawley Anne Feb 16
I gather up all the tiny shards,
pieces of my broken heart.
And hold them oh so carefully,
so they don't further fall apart.
I wrap them so very tightly,
in what I think is love.
And I whisper to them so no one hears,

"I promise that you're enough."
Mrs Timetable Jan 20
Not everything
Got some boo-boos this week
Jeremy Betts Jan 12
I'm not afraid of dying
I'm afraid of the shame from trying

James Rives Jul 2023
in moonlight whispers love fills my heart
and glass with wine, and magnifies
my soul to tenderness.

the biting, scraping, lustful pining
for distant and abhorrent truth
is solace in place of reality.

a reality where we address the trauma
of unkind childhoods, bloodied knees,
and chipped teeth.

misunderstandings that follow the gap
in a shortness of breath before an apology.
that remind you that your thoughts
can only love if you do.

and years later you will have some drunken
outpour that darkens the moonlight
and comfort, but makes way
to some otherworldly dawn beyond
the you that reads this now.
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