LuJane 1d
Dad, I have been slitting my wrists to water my soul. I have been waking up everyday just to sing the same old melody, one of fury and umbrage. Yet my voice doesn’t quiver. I have made sure i learn this from you: i will never give up.

Mom, I have been feeding on stale dreams and burnt hopes. I have been laughing and dancing around stifled thoughts. I have been wearing my warmest smiles to greet the coldest days. I have made sure i learn this from you: i will never break.

I have been living in greys and dreaming in whites. I have been trying,Mom. I am still trying, Dad.  I am still trying
I hate everything i have been writing recently but i promised myself i wouldnt stop sharing so..
Heera Jul 7
One, as the word goes
Must always begin with oneself
Self note one. Put yourself first
Joshua Nai Jul 7
A line there, and a thing there,
A circle there, and a staircase there.
A little light here, a little dust there,
A little confusion here and there.
How is this true?
This mystery.
They say it all the time, like ALL the time...I say it too.
But I don't get it...maybe they don't too.
How do I let go.
When I can't see the light.
I am really trying to get this right.
Just don't disturb me now,
as I sit and stare in this room,
trying to figure out what, how to take up room.
So that fear and excuses have no room...
Yah...still trying to figure out.
Stella Jul 6
Heavy heart,
Blurry eyes,
Pounding head,
Waiting for it to be over.
Pain is everywhere,
I can’t stand.
I crawl into my room
And fall into a deep slumber.
Woken up
Feeling refreshed.
Apologies from last night,
And I accept,
For I don’t want the pain again.
Even if it’s inevitable,
The horrible cause
Stands there taunting me
Waiting for me to succumb
To it’s dark allure.
I finally break.
It numbs the pain
But now I’m like THEM,
A monster in disguise.
I tried to copy my friends writing style, but mine got through a bit at the end. Anyways, I hope you like this, thanks for reading.
Try to guess what the mystery substance is.  You don't have to though.
How do you heal from words when you can not speak
somethings still hurt too much
moon child Jul 2
I really am

Can't you see me?
Mari Jun 29
better weather
bird blue

of the sky
is waiting

for some bright disaster,

as the dusk dissolves
this morning's doubt

Appeasement rife
today, chip-chip-chipping
away at
the really great take-away
where we return
the jars

Last night we gorged
on sauce more than enough
for the home of us,

coated ourselves all
over in red

I want to
make someone happy,
like being there

Take the lid off
and spill

red everywhere

Red because blush
blush because I want you
I get it wrong all the time
and you still make me come
back arched eager to cook
for you

Traffic lights
carry on
with no thought

for the argument
green amber read as a go

Breakfast leftovers
and the whole house smells red,
stains the corners of
the mouth that I dip my fingers into
I should have tied them tighter,
he thought to himself.
No point in focusing on what I did wrong,
or rather what I didn't do right.
He got up off the pavement
and without thinking
dusted off his knees.
The right one stung.
He looked down and took notice that
he'd shed skin.
He watched reluctantly
as a single drop of blood
fell off the hump of his knee
and landed on the loose knot of his shoelace.
Kivanc Jun 26
He huged burning arms of life,
His ego never want to go
Where roads of death waiting...
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