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Sophia Jan 8
they scream in terror and oppress
they know not how much a mess
feeling cold and frightened only with
a purple charcoaled hyacinth

they burned in fires far away
they waste tomorrow and today
with nothing more than **** tales
of tears of blood and starving wails

they poured salt upon the wounds
of bleeding mothers and their wombs
with a childish knife of rusty black
they stole their lifeblood like a snack

they, vampiric victimed selves,
could not climb off of their shelves
of fear and hatred reigning high
like the quivering leaves of Apenine
n Jan 8
Cubism an **** distortion, criticised in comparison to fine art. Look at those shameful, jagged and unpolished edges. But no, change your perspective. These deviations are the very building blocks that allow us to tower over those who once marginalised difference. Those who rejected the ‘other’, for fear of refracting their own reflections in the opposition. Inevitably they’re left face to face with the ‘****’ perceived in here.
My first art was painting. She has been my mistress for years now. This is me exploring how the new and modern is always rejected by the norm and traditionalists. Cubism comes to represent discrimination in society of 'the other', those who are different in us/them.
All my dreams of yesterday I have to leave where they are always they'll be there
safe In my
But In order to move on with my life now I have to
leave them there where they will be safe
I'm going to start a new life
summer around the corner
need to get out and enjoy myself again just
Sage Dec 2018
You scream THEM
You shout it from the rooftops
Bellowing until you throat cracks
But they hear SHE
'She' they say with sweet smiles
You continue your shouts
Begging them to understand
THEM you wail
Your voice breaks as you sink to the ground
They lay a comforting hand on your shoulder
Then whisper in your ear with breath like a poisonous flower
charlie Dec 2018
you ask what they're doing
even though you know
every word they wrote
about you for tomorrow

you heard every single comment
got them repeating word for word
you're holding on tightly
'cause your perception is blurred

you bow down when they don't listen
shut up when they're presenting
you're the beauty and the beast
yet you also keep 'em guessing

you're the queen and the king
all rolled into one
you're holding onto their hands
and now we're done
Rizna M Rameez Dec 2018
Those who hide
Have never tried
And can never try
Because they have never seen the sky
Narrow minded people live under a roof of enclosure, unable to be open minded because they have never stepped out and looked at the sky.
The hurt
That hurts mind and heart
The thoughts, I paint in glossy words
Mould  them in ornate frames
And set free as vintage art
Matthew Harlovic Dec 2018
to them or they
here's a brief overview
find me on a bad day
i'll hurt both of you

© Matthew Harlovic
I only tagged love because I'm full of it ****
Luiz Dec 2018
Part 1

She was the type
that would cut and sell
her long beautiful hair

to gift him a golden wristband
for his beloved watch

one christmas, she did

Part 2

He was the type
that would dare sell
his dead father's watch

to gift her
that golden hair clip
she always wanted
for her long hair

that same christmas
he also did


Luiz D. Syphre
An M&M Edition series
© 2018
Luiz Dec 2018
Part 1

She was the type
that would float
him to conversations
with angels

in one delicious word

Part 2

He was the type
that would caress
her sweet lips
to a silence

so that he would not
elevate with words
above her pedestal of


Luiz D. Syphre
© 2018
an M&M Edition Series
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