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Susie 2d
Tiny toe beans
How I love you so
So smol and good
My cats feets are so sweets I'm gonna ****** die. Just thought I'd share a small short happy poem real quick
I paint over
the true colors
that they show me.
But they blend
and I no longer know
what color it is.
It's a mix
and that is how
mixed signals are created.
They are not made by them.
They are made by you.
Lost in a world we don’t know
But grew up in
We don’t know what to do
So we drink, and get high
And we laugh and we cry
And love (or so we think), and we
Have issues but are too proud to see a shrink
So eventually we die
We blow our brains out and slit our wrists
We overdose and drive off cliffs
You get it
And meanwhile
Those of us who survive support those who are lost
When we are still not out of the dark yet
I’m fine but this is for a friend
Dani Nov 8
I don't turn my back, I stare them in the face.
Like a shadow follows its host in the spotlight of the moon in the most quiet time of night.
Following, lurking, staring. They, the infamous they.
There is no name, there are no words known to me to tell you what they are. What they do. How they taunt me.
They stand near me, whispering, screaming, begging me to come.
I cannot run or hide for they are with me wherever I go.
In my happiness they laugh, knowing they'll tear me down, knowing it won't last.
They scream for help as if I am their savior. It makes me want to go to them, hold them like a child covered in darkness, but their blood covers me, it blinds me. Are they real?
Why do they need me? I ask why? Why did they choose me?
How can I possible join them? Can I? should I try? If I do does that make my heart dark too?
I am afraid to go to them, but they call me. They stay with me.
All my joys tainted by their shadows.
Are they a part of me? How do I cut them out of my head, out of my heart? I can't breathe, at least I don't think I can, yet I am here with air in my lungs. How do I make it stop?
How do I cut them out of myself, stop the whispers, the screams, the begging, the darkness? How do I tell someone? How do I explain this without getting put away?
Written during an anxiety attack.
Pre Nov 5
do they imagine us
as we imagine them?

do they dream of us
as we dream of them?

when they hear
our names
do their hearts jump
in their chests
as ours do
when we hear

do they smile
to themselves
at the thought of us
at the sight of us
as we do
at the thought of them?
at the sight of them?
alone Oct 16
I want to cry
I want to scream
I want to break
I want them all to understand
I'm just a soul
A single pink soul
I'm far from perfect
I don't want to be ******* perfect
Perfection is boring
Why is it so hard to understand
That I don't want what they do
I want to be me
I want to be free
I also kinda want to die
But we don't talk about that
So please
Don't pull
Leave me be
And maybe
I'll make my way back to you
family issues ;-;
Anya Sep 20
They were my friends
They aren’t now...
Is that really true?
Or is it just me,
distancing myself?
Before you do it for them
ask yourself
Who is them
and do they matter?
Do it for you
Julian Delia Sep 9
‘Playing it cool’ – defined as follows:
Lacking visible emotion as a rule,
Trying to avoid looking like a fool.
In other words,
The pretension that your heart is merely an engine,
That it is clear you feel nought beneath your veneer.

Of all the people I meet hereinafter,
I shall ask only the following:
I am no lord or master,
No unduly glorified *******.
Thus, with that in mind,
I hope your true voice is mustered,
And it no longer becomes difficult to find.

Please, if you are around me,
Don’t play it cool –
If you need to, DO act the fool,
Do display your emotions, **** the rule.
Do not taint your soul with undue restraint,
Do not hide behind platitudes vast and wide.

Cry, be bitter, rage if you must!
Never say die,
Be a hard-hitter or become a sage one can trust –
Open up those clogged channels,
Feel it, as your soul unravels!
Cherish it, as an adventurer does his travels!
Only a fool would be slow enough to conceive
That the act of playing it cool is something I believe.
I ******* abhor political correctness in all its forms, including the proliferation of such social norms.
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