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We meet
at the horizon
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Titled: "When We Meet at the Horizon"
allure Feb 3
Once a little girl
with chocolate eyes
full of bright determination
and so full of tries
opportunities taken from the left and the right
she had so much delight
"You are so bright"
"You'll go far"
"C'mon girl, you know you're a star"
but sometimes you get taken by surprise
and all of a sudden
problems begin to arise
out of nowhere you can't seem to get out of bed
you can't sleep at night due to thoughts in your head
your mind starts to race
like a horse on the track
but instead of running forward
this ones running back
so fast you can't catch him
you're fate's looking grim
your cup was once filled up to the brim
now running on empty
but cannot give up
because soon, my love
you will grow up
almost too fast
but one day
you'll see
you'll be able to say
take that, world,
I am me.
and I am okay.

This is a poem about Mental Health, coming from a personal perspective.
Remember, it always gets better. Things take time, and everything happens for a reason. When one door closes, another opens. You just need to find your door!
My past is too much of an influence on my present,
I know it's a problem.

But all I have ever been taught is
To be a joke, because thats all I am
To be silent, because nobody really cares
To never ask for help, because I'd just be judged
To never say no, Because I'd get punished.

And all I've ever been told is
I'm not beautiful
I'm not fitting their standards
I'm not not going to be loved

so thank you, step father
Thankyou for destroying everything I was.

© Copyright Tyler Atherton
If I know what you are going to say before you say it, you disappoint me. If you copy what I do and lack personality disappoint me. I look at some people and watch how they watch me. You seem to be annoyed, yet you try to use my words. My actions you copy.
I don't understand why, you try to act they way that I do. I was born into this personality. I did not built it. Be who you are, if I speak to you, there is something about your boring little life that is admirable. So admire yourself. There are some that pretend that they don't need love, yet you ooze hate. Fact: you need love and were unloved as a child. Learn to love yourself, otherwise no one will love you the way that you need.
Ha, yes! You disappointment me. Are you always looking to blame things on others? Do you look for people to harass because you are unhappy? I hate to say it, but you disappoint me. Do you disappoint yourself? I know that you do, when you say things out loud, you hear if from another persons standpoint, then, only then, can you really hear what you need to.
This will allow you to better who you are. If you are a disappointment, things can change for you. Self help, work on you. Don't focus on me, I love me..funny, witty and silly! If you see something that you like about me or anyone, make it yours. I don't look good on you.
Know who you are and standout. If the room is crowded don't let your light dim. But don't over work to be seen. Those that need to see you will.
Aimin Dec 2018
My mind feels
As though it

To experience ADD
is to have your brain
Switch between
Six different channels,
Six different themes.
It will always feel like you are
Rocketing between things.

In the span of a second,
Your mind will explore the dying children
In Mozambique.
In the next ponder,
Your mind indulges in the roleplay of
Naruto and the pink-haired chick.

I have no power over
Who dances in my play.
I know they bring flames,
But I’m uncertain as to
Who is managing the stage.
I am the director of this show, yet
I was banned to say.

The show has no ending, no beginning,
My life didn't come with instructions.
So I ****** it up and just lived with it.

In the moments that I daydream,
I always force myself to be in the present.
In fear that the world will think
I'm too dumb or complacent.
But that's just how my brain works.

Ten seconds gone,
I am travelling across the pool.
A red bruise on my lips and
A ***** on my tooth.
I ask myself again,
Then and there,
How and when
Did I get this bruise?

It can be such a disadvantage,
It can be such a gift.
To be wholesome in a way,
But to also lack the basics.

I feel like I’m constantly living between
The two binary opposites.
As regulating emotions
can become a huge problem
I  may have creativity and the sway,
But I'm also managing my impulsivity every day.

Do you know
Why I zone out
And lose focus?
My world inside
Can just be too chaotic.
But trust that I'm working on it.

I know this faucet will flow seamlessly
And being more aware of this condition
Will only help me manage it.

So what have I to lose,
In the midst of this plight?
I’ve been writing a lot of poetry,
Haven’t I?

Aaron LaLux Oct 2018
Man I have no time,
for slow minds,
so I stay in my own mind,
while they show crime,

to sew paranoia,
and lessen our faith in fellow Man,
Lennon wanted to give peace a chance,
but the Shadow Hand had other plans,

oh the humanity of our humanity,
full steam ahead even though we don’t know where we’re goin’,
it’s all awkward whether on stage with the spotlight ablaze,
or in the bandstands with a bag of popcorn and a program,

and I’m anxious as heck and want to get out ASAP,
but she’s got her eye on my and wants us to slow dance,
and I don’t want to but can’t think of an excuse not to,
because I’ve got no plans and it feels so good this bad romance,

so I step forward take her hand and take a chance,
nothing else left to do but pick out a spot with a good view,
to watch the fireworks from our collective apocalypse,
as the night sky lights up and we start to dance as if on queen,

because if all we’ve got is lemons,
then baby we’re making lemonade,
and if all we’ve got is each other,
then baby we’re making love until a new day is made,

as they watch in awe,
thoroughly entertained,
keeping up with the gossip,
but not with the current pace of our mental state,

and that’s why man I have no time,
for slow minds,
and why I stay in my own mind,
while they show crime,

to sew paranoia,
and lessen our faith in fellow Man,
Lennon wanted to give peace a chance,
but the Shadow Hand had other plans…

∆ LaLux ∆

Venice, CA.
October 8th, 2018
Ashley Somebody Oct 2018
Won't you keep me dizzy so that I stop spinning
Out of all control when I'm alone

And won't you keep me busy so that I stop snoozing
All the day away when I'm at home

Sing to me, Sera
We're calling you back home
Prozie, Addie, all of our old friends.
Sing to me, Sera
Please don't leave me alone
I want to look at my life through your lens.
Eyithen Oct 2018
I think I think too much
Thoughts are ricocheting in my brain.
Never stopping
One thought starts a domino line
I dangerously follow the rabbit trails

I think I talk to much
I think faster than I can speak
Then later I regret it
Thinking maybe your annoyed with me

Wish I could turn it all off
Im sick of hearing myself
Always overthinking as my brain keeps going and going
Always over-talking I ramble and ramble.
I Yearn for the peace and quietness

I blast the music to turn off my thoughts
Disrupt the chain, break the link.
Even as I sleep descriptive dreams envelop me
I'm looking for the off switch
For temporary release.
Kasey Wheeler Oct 2018
Wall to wall and ceiling to floor
They bounce and shake their sheltered home
My thoughts whirl in a whirlwind of smoke

One after the other, there they go
Chasing after one another innocently
My mind enjoys the play of tag

One moment its thinking of this
Another of thinking of that
My A.D.D. Is getting out of hand

Words that are spoken to me
Go over my head
My mind would rather dream instead

Work is a chore for my focus,
It wavers and is forgetful
My mind doesn't care if it is important

Sleeping is pitiful
For the dreams are bursting in
My mind that cannot rest

Getting up is a joke
The midnight dreams want to be relived
My mind is too nice to reject them

A shower takes hours
The water is so nice for a daydream to run wild
My mind gets clouded with the steam

Everyday task gets overwhelming
When my attention runs in the opposite direction
My mind decided to go and wander

A.D.D. Has left me insane
It had given birth to depression and anxiety
My mind is in shambles
Woop, here's my experience with A.D.D. (its not called that anymore, but when I got the diagnosis it was).
Jack L Martin Sep 2018
"Stop It!" shouted the man
who was dressed in a ***** pin stripe suit,
eye glasses half askew on his nose,
ski-***** haircut sported since his youth.

My face turned blank, shoulders shrugged
not fearing this man's belligerent outburst
because I was used to it;
it was the hundredth time I felt it's sting.

I stood there, patiently and quiet
caressing my double bass violin
my secret seventh grade lover;
she had **** curves and a deep, soothing voice.

I stood there, impatiently and quiet
waiting for Mr. Heidrich to finish the lesson
focused on the third seat violinist
whom played without feeling, again.

I stood there, overbearingly anxious
tapping on the shoulder of my wooden BFF
my rendition of the William Tell Overture
A performance worthy of a Grammy!

The man in the ***** pin stripe suit,
turned and looked at me, scornfully
his half-bald head turned beet red
body shook violently like an earthquake!

The energy released from his gullet
would have made Mount Vesuvius jealous
fiery vocals of curse and rage
would have made the evilest of demons run for cover!

My face turned blank, shoulders shrugged
not fearing this man's belligerent outburst
because I was used to it;
it was the 101st time I felt it's sting.
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