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Yinka Adedire Oct 17
Why do I feel like
the only actor
Among Y'all humans

Why do I feel like
the only sinner
Among y'all saints.

Why do I feel like
the only masked man
Among Y'all maskless.
I feel like I'm floating on the sky,
Rather than being afraid to cry.

I feel like anything to come is good,
I feel like I'm finally understood.

But at the same time I've filled with fear,
Wondering if the bad is near.

I feel like it's wrong to feel this much joy,
Because it could just destroy.

So is it wrong to be okay?
I'm not sure if I still feel that way.
Mark Parker May 20
I promise you I’m not worried
About the trials of life

I promise my nightmares
Mean absolutely nothing.
That the vivid visions
Don’t dance in my mind
Or send me painful messages
That haunt my day.

I promise you I’m not worried
When deadly air topples the world,
Closes my recreational parks,
Locks all my favorite restaurants.
I’ll just sit at home like a good boy
And play around with little toys.

I promise it’s all just static,
That the sky can’t weather
what my mind can dream,
That I’m not falling apart,
At the seams microscopically.
Bad dreams
Anurag Apr 7
Don't wait till the cuckoo hums,
Or the sound of marching drums.
Tell today, what you have for tomorrow,
Propose now, portray your sorrow.

Don't wait for a heavenly moment,
To hold her tender hands.
You don't have a magic wand.
(to go back.)

Tell today, If your Love is fake,
Or you love someone else.
They might die without knowing.
That your love was just for showing.

So, don't wait till the cuckoo hums,
Or the sound of marching drums.
What if
Tomorrow never comes?
Don't wait for tomorrow,  Life changes everytime. Tomorrow is not compulsory. God gave you today, don;y postpone for some other day.
Thank You!
For every response left unread.
For every thought trapped in my head.
For the way you make me feel.
Decrypt if it's fake or if it's real.

It's hard to explain a feeling you don't quite know yourself.

Understanding your own mind can be tricky sometimes.

We don't quite know each other yet, despite that fact.

I still feel comfortable to talk to you.

 it feels like we have already had a wonderful first date, a romantic second, and our third wasn't the best but we are both don't care because we are spending it together.

 It makes me nervous, not knowing if you imagine the same thing.

That's why I panic when I talk to you, not knowing if the thing I just said was good enough.

so I say something new before you can type back, and believing that isn't good enough so I repeat the cycle.

Becoming stuck in a whirlpool of my own anxiety and overthinking, just because I don't want to miss my chance at that bad third date.

I don't want to miss the chance to stare at you, on a night not going as planned, but still being able to smile when I look at you.

I'm sorry I'm not good at talking, but I promise you would enjoy my rambling and awkwardness if you gave it a shot.
Another midnight poem I have found on my phone.
I feel alone in a way no one else seems to be
Despite me knowing that everyone else, too, is alone
I'm so certain I was never meant to have someone
hold me through my pain
it hurts to
even think about it half the time
I want to scream
I want to tear something to pieces
my frustration leads to fingers
tearing at my own heart
and sabotaging everything I hold dear
I've went to therapy
I take medicine
and I'm still in the same place I was before
frustrated and angry
and inexplicably sad
I can't seem to find that person in my life to take it all away, just like the movies and books
and what Mom has always told me
and I hate to admit
that I knew the whole time I hoped
for this person to arrive
that I knew it wasn't true
that I was just lying
I've thought so hard about these things and yet
admitting this weakness to myself is hard just in itself.
Acting on it would be useless now
trusting people
I've found
is more difficult today
Maddy Kay Jan 24
As I sit in my bedroom,
I wonder if you truly want me in your life or if you just feel bad for me.
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