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CrackedMoonboy Sep 2021
It was like only yesterday  
you were able to hold me

but sadly now I am just a grown
teen, not a baby

It's a very scary feeling when u know
the biggest support could just disappear
and without you knowing

I can't stop thinking about it all

What if you are gone now I didn't get to say
goodbye let alone see me get married

NOO! grandkids no family I wish so much you
could be around but this feel this thing, I think

Are time maybe be up

It's just enough I can handle all this
bad new could the lord stop this pain inside

Cause it's hurting to now the out
come, with zero power to

Stop it, cause I just feel worthless
I can't lose my grama
Only time will tell they say,
but when you're living in the moment...
time seems like forever, a forever eternity that you been waiting
and longing for, for the most half past hours.

The clock ticks away and you're still in dismay, hoping for that hour to come quicker.
Minds racing, heart is thumping, i want the answer NOW.
You tell me every night you have gone to sleep and that you're sorry about how tired you were....
but now your mother tells me to send fourth a message whether i' am talking to you tonight?
Does this mean you've gone out without a say,
if so then you just cast me a stray.
This cannot go on forever.
I' am waiting in anticipation for morning light, when the answer will come forth a true new site. Please, I need an answer, now....
Jenny Bllr Jun 2021
I feel like I'm the only one
who really cares
about the pandemic.

I feel like I'm the only one
who is scared
to infect someone I love.

I feel like I'm the only one
who sees
that a storming is coming.

I feel like I'm the only one.
Glory Abel May 2021
I fear the bridge of my heart would collapse and live me lifeless,
I fear I might be dead at heart and not feel your touch,
I wish your touch would last for a lifetime,

Again, I fear your smell diminishes when you leave,
I fear I may not want to hold you close because I am dead at heart.

Is this how my life would end?
A lone bridge with rough edges, where paths cross with stagnant water.
I fear for the darkness in my heart.
When bridges fall and the cause of the waves changes.
Wolftrax Apr 2021
Prove to me that love still exists
Show me that I'm worthy for love
Let me hold you and tell you stories
Share me your most passionate dream
Convince me that you're worth the wait
Please don't let my heart continue to break

My mind is full of anxiety and frustration
I promise my heart that this is different
Let me know that I'm not making a mistake
For all I ever wanted was to be with you
Going down this lonely road with you by my side
I hope you see the love I have for you, deep inside

These lonely nights, they get so old and restless
Drinking cheap whiskey, to chase away the pain
Peeling back old memories, that refuse to go away
Holding out for a little bit longer, to be with you
Feelings so strong, they will never let go
If you only knew, how much I love you so

Trying to move on, finding someone new
I've tried over a dozen times, I lost count
But when I see them all flop on their ***
I find myself coming back to you, nobody else
There's something I cannot describe
You keep me in check and help me get by

There are nights when I can't sleep, I think of you
Thoughts race through my mind, like a wild fire
I cannot get over you, it's just too **** strong
Please help me understand what I'm feeling
I'm just feeling so guilty, what I'm doing is wrong
For all I want in life, more than anything, is to love you
When you love someone, they tell you that you deserve better, you try to move on. However, when you try over a dozen times (off and on) to do so, you find yourself coming back to them. There's something about that person, they draw you in, they know you well, they are easy to talk to.
Broken Pieces Apr 2021
I'm finally ready to go,
But there is a fear that I won't let show.
I'm so scared I'm going to fall into the same dark,
I'm still forced to relive the past with every single mark.

What if I'm not actually ready to be okay?
What if everything goes great until people don't stay?
Why do I have so many fears about this day?
I keep saying I'm ready but is that really the way?

People tell me the fears are only in my head,
But I still have the biggest fear of being dead.
It's true I've worked hard and I seem new,
But yet there is something that still draws me to you.

I always thought if I could smile I was over you,
But I smile and the pain stays too.
If you say you're okay enough I'm sure it'll work,
But the demons will always stay around and lurk.

So yea I'm ready to leave, let's see how this will go,
Hopefully all of my emotions will begin to show.
I really do want this to be different so please help me,
I just want to be happy and be set free.
LC Apr 2021
is something I wish someone would have said when I was falling through the depths of hell and my spirit was being burned over and over again and my voice was eroding while they cast my pain aside and took my power away so they could feel comfortable. they forced me to stuff the feelings deep within my heart and look perfect for the pictures so they could feel comfortable. they kept pushing me more and more, even though every cell in my body was joining forces to keep me from falling apart, so they could be comfortable. my body and mind were wrung out and tattered, and I thought the only way out was to do it myself. i would have given anything for them to say "I'm worried about her" and actually DO something about it. but they wouldn't have been comfortable with that, would they?
#escapril day 10!
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