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Baylee Kaye Mar 14
all I feel is alone
dark is the only thing crashing through
I want to be found
I need someone to carry me
because I am all alone
someone please rescue me
You are glass that fell down
You’re a king with no crown
You’re a sea with no water
You’re a book with no author
You say please don’t let them see
The broken glass keeps hurting me
You say it’s too much you have on your plate
So instead you expect me to carry your weight
And I want to help, I’ll do what I can
But you have to remember that I’m just a man
What you need I wish my love could do
But me and my love can not rescue you
Gemma Jan 27
You’ve come to my rescue many a time.

But not in the way you might think.

Yes, you do help me in the typical way.

Pulling me up before I sink.

But it’s all the small things you do for me.

The accidental things, that only I see.

That really mean the most to me.

Kind gestures with no intent or agenda.

It’s just who you are, my defender.

You see, the sweet things that you do and say.

They rescue me every day.
Baylee Kaye Jan 21
his love stretch’d down from heaven above
with my peace derived from his affection
once astray now brought to life
lost in an untamed sea, but
o, what joy - o, what joy
he found me
L Brown Jan 1
I find myself lost in a river of emotions,
With no life jacket, no raft,
Just me,
Water up to my neck,
Drowning on the inside where nobody can see,
I put a smile on my face and act as if everything is ok,
But all I do is wait patiently,
For someone to save me from these crashing waves,
The longer I stay here,
I drift further and further away,
The bed I made was a river,
I had no intentions to stay,
I guess that’s what happens when you pretend and put on a show,
But the truth is out,
Now everyone knows.
JoJo Dec 2018
Dear God,

please keep my head above water,
even when I feel like drowning,
I know your hands are guiding the waves.
Amanda Dec 2018
For so long been a victim to your charm
Sweet and seductive smile
So I have seen voodoo put to work
Learned to accept it, at least for awhile.

Time has taken toll on us
Which is an excuse for behavior
Watch me grow up and grow tired
Of you being my savior.

What do I do to rescue myself?
Heart does not know how to fly
Is the leap worth the risk I take?
He isn't a hero, he's just a normal guy
She needed a hero, so that's what she became.
Jasmine dryer Nov 2018
hey you!
can you hear me?
you can?
oh god finally!
help me!
i'm trapped!
this cell!
its dark!
and cold...
and the eyes!
the eyes are watching meeee
don't back away!
im not inane!
i'm trapped!
i'm trapped in my own mind...
and i don't know how much time i have!
oh no the guards are coming!
wait where are you going?
come back!
don't leave!
JRF Nov 2018
Too happy to write words.
The words of despair.
Sentences that came easy before, now sit in a void.
A void of unfortunate happiness.

The crevasse of heartbreak looms under inches of pleasure.
One last kiss won’t break the ice.
Let’s risk it.

To fall down to the depths of darkness.
Only to be rescued.
Once more.
By you.
The pleasure of meeting someone but you know they will hurt you in the end.
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