Did someone steal your youth away
And leave you as a tiny old-timer?
Did someone say painful things to you
And, like a coward, did they run away?
Was there any kind of warning
So you could at least adjust?
Or did they just leave you there
With no hope, no faith, no trust?

Open up your arms you angels!
See me where I languish!
Have you no caring word for me
To raise me above this anguish?

Was there one day pleasant skies
And dreams of a cheerful future
Then the next day you were all alone
With no one there for nurture?
The world becomes a darker place
When do people on which you rely
Make a choice between you and themselves
And leave you to live or die.

Open up your arms you angels!
See me where I languish!
Have you no caring word for me
To raise me above this anguish?

Looking for the face of love
And finding disapproval there,
Where else can a person go,
To learn of love and care?
Will they not find other things
With much less pleasant names;
With the risk the sufferer
Will find themselves to blame?

Open up your arms you angels!
See me where I languish!
Have you no caring word for me
To raise me above this anguish?

Agbor Enya Aug 20

I ran through woods of shadows
Tripped upon rocks and roots
Stumbling, falling and back to my feet
Through north, south and east
To the quiet caves of lost souls

I heard voices, footsteps behind me
Around I turned, to thin air they vanished
I turned to the west tunnel in full speed ahead
But just before I got to the light at the tunnel's end
A mighty fist struck me down the rocky ground

I crawled in pains, the rocks I grabbed
Yet in its claws of pains I'm trapped
Ruthlessly it plugged out my eye balls
And crunched it like cheese balls
I felt it's claws on my neck as I screened for help
To the point you kissed my lips
And saved me from my nightmare

Sam Jul 12

Hope depleting
Heart beat fleeting
Cast astray
Void taking over
Numb to the touch
Cold at the skin
Crushed by the pain
A life lived in vain
There is no escape
Chalk and yellow tape
A hero, not pretend
Now has met his end

Atoosa Kourosh Oct 2016

Lost in Paradise
Purgatory without you
Come to my rescue

Little rocks,
will one find the river's touch,
what if one was taken away,
and placed in a lake,
with tiny fishes that swim then go,
will you find your way to be its river?

No current, no rush,
just the wind that never reaches the ground.
poor little rock,
pathetic and lifeless,
just another addition to an earthly invention.

River, river, river,
they said rivers are people,
always moving, always loud,
they leave silent imprints,
that can build and crash,
will that little rock be part of its life?

They said rivers are people,
I've only met one,
rafted through my memories,
then to its brilliant water,
I met the Great River.

Vexren4000 Jun 20

A coffin,
Bought by man,
A suburban home,
He will age in,
Age into dust and obscurity,
He will sit next to his partner,
Until one fades away,
Then he will sit,
Stagnantly staring at the television,
Not recalling his wife is deceased,
Or not wishing to accept it.
Then he becomes a part of his chair,
As his cold wife has,
Now his form lost life,
Bacteria gluing him to the chair,
Carrion coming forth,
To overtake the man's form,
The same fate as his wife,
Died in sleep in a chair,
A throne of the suburban man,
Where he sits until he decays,
The television the only bit of life in the home,
The television still running as the firefighters,
Breakdown the door,
To find a rotting man,
Holding hands,
With a skeletonized woman.
The smell of rot overwhelming,
The vision of the man and wife,
Too much for a heart to handle,
As the man who broke down the door,
Breaks down into tears.
As he realizes,
That this very well may be,
His fate,
Set into stone,
The stone of the modern age.


My mama says
There's two boys across the sea
One, who lost everything in the fire
And the other, who lit the fire first.
The first boy ran away from the fire-
He lost everything.
The second boy lit the fire-
His heart and home were ashes anyways.
They stay the young boys like they were before
Sure, they grow,
Birthday after birthday passes.
Their experiences never change
The memories' smoke choke them and fill their lungs.
And then a girl comes along.
She meets the boy who lit the fire,
And she changes him.
She rebuilds the broken house and washes away the burnt soul
Changes him in every way possible.
She meets the boy who lost everything
And she waters the plant that shriveled in the heat
And she makes sure he never falls asleep alone.
My mama says that if it wasn't so far away, I'd be that girl..
But what she doesn't know
Is that five years ago, right in our town-
There was a fire.
And there were two boys.
And a girl just like me.

Inspired by the spoken word "If I Should Have A Daughter" by Sarah Kay.

I’m sorry I used you as a lifeline
But I don’t think you’re sorry.
You threw yourself out to me, after all.

Maybe it was just an accident
You were trying to save yourself again
From something, and I was good karma
Saving a life ought to make it all even.

Maybe it was just blind luck
Or St Jude, because I was a desperate one
The spirit of familiarity, the gods of my ancestors
Or maybe just you, because you couldn’t just be done.
With me.

I’m sorry for the times I called
I’m sorry for the times you answered
I’m sorry for the way I made you scared
But I’m not sorry that you cared.
No one else did.

And I hope I was worth it.
I hope that karma has repaid you
Because god knows I can’t.
I’m sorry for everything I made you do.

But I know you’re not
And because you never will be
I found the strength
To keep death
From catching up with me.

When I was 18, someone saved me after I attempted suicide. They were there for me a lot at that time and I felt terrible and guilty for leaning on them but I'm not sorry because I made it through to today because of them. Somehow I doubt they would be sorry either.
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