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Gemma Mar 8
I spent such little time with you in the grand scheme of things. Yet I feel like you've been in my heart forever.
The first time I saw your picture asking for help, I knew we were meant to be a part of each others lives.
Your big brown eyes spoke to me, they said take me home, I will love like no other.
And those big bright eyes were right, you did love like no other.
It took you three days to know you were safe, after that first bath I gave you, I prised you out from behind the ubend of my toilet. You must have felt safe there.
I bathed you carefully and gently talking to you the whole time.
Letting you know it was OK now, you will never feel like you did on the streets of romainia. I will never let you feel that scared or alone again.
On the end of someones misplaced anger.
I wrapped you in a soft warm towel and brought you to my room.
I had already layed out towels on my bed. My little ningnong dog was already fresh from the bath and wriggling around getting dry, all fresh and frisky.
You watched her do this for a moment, until something inside you clicked. I'm sure I felt the air get a little lighter.
I'm sure then you knew you were safe and loved.
I put you on the bed with ning.
I had not seen you happy yet, but my goodness I saw it then.
As soon as I placed your tiny paws upon that bed you ran straight to and almost into ning, and then did laps of the bed, laps of elation, laps of relief, laps of pure joy. It was so funny! Your legs were almost jelly with how excited you were. You hadn't ever been that clean.
From that moment you never looked back to the hell you had known.
You lived every single day with happiness and joy in your heart.
Mornings were your favourite. I've never know a dog so happy to just be awake. Your warm little body laying next to mine, nibbling my nose as I spoke softly to you, welcoming the day in.
You did not change. You were always the happiest most loving little soul I have ever known. And I am so thankful I got to see the world through your eyes. I know it will never be the same again, the days seem duller with out you my dolly.
I miss you so much my whole body aches just knowing your not here on this earth with me.
I need your head against my chest just one last time, letting me know you are there with me.
Thankyou for waiting for me, for sharing your last little breath with me.
I will never forget that.
I will never forget you.
My brave little lady, until we meet again I will keep you in my memories and in my heart.
I promise once I am healed enough I will try to treat each day as you did and be thankful for what I have.
I know I will never love another like I loved you.
I miss you so much my little floppy dolly dog.
Sleep tight, say hello to the others for me, tell them I love them and tell them of our adventures.
I will hold you again one day and it will feel like we were never apart, I promise.
My little Romanian rescue dog Dolly passed away after a suddon illness.
I have had dogs for as long as I can remember, but this little soul was the sweetest kindest most loving little dog I have ever known, she has left such a massive hole in my heart I don't know if it will ever heal.
Ken Pepiton Mar 5
The big dare:

Define reward to an organic automaton.

Make a point that rewards. Reward me for leading you on.
or, what´d´yḱnow?
pop my bubble, but it appears

Dan Hooper,

knowledgist conimpeered reviews, knows,
scienticical as anything you can imagine, he
knows he believes knowable things,
don't know knowable, much less,
do I know them known knowns.

I do know I don´t know how a mortal can know

for sure, but it was likely something
was going to happen any way.
Words work, they make ways, truth be known.

It was, before time, impossible to know right? rrrr
ight is a tough concept to even, even, level, equaliated samesave
smooth, no creases, no bumps
heavy, who knew? One door or many, you and I in the realm where
mortals claim to know, among other secret things,

What Happened At The Beginning Of Time?
- with Dan Hooper (Royal Institute Youtube)

But, I agree, a good rule for life is:
Imagine the speaker knows the exact same meaning for each

word he breathes,
that you may define with your connection to all known word definitions,
so you know what he means
the ex-act, out-active, meaning

intent to cover the chaos empowering the ever expanding universe,
and make it plain, so they may function
like a smooth running system creating slight
in the gospel truth reality in
which I find my treasure of once idle words, now accounted for.

ah, periods,
breathing commas, are such a wise invention.
The engines of our warfare are not carnal, meaty, muscled to push or pull,
**** and tear,
rubbed and scraped to
sharpen, push
gentle awl,
of any hard thing, pointed
through a poking
to make a point. A once.
In time, a been.
A place to hook a silken thread,
I swing by on a whim, to hear

Point. Truscore.
****, proof.
We won

On with the show.
Upon such pointed slivers from actual out perience,
we agree, we join our extra ef-fort to ward
the newborn babe, effectually, fervently demanding

input, input, input, expel, expel, what! THHISMUSBEEHELL!

Burp. Not all gaseous beings belong in you.

Pat yśelf on the back, be kind to yo logos, yo logos be kind t'me.
Then, in the book of life, now on,
did that.

Set a landmark, what they called a breadcrumb,
for navigating stateless spaces,
in the early days of hyper text,

did I not hear a voice say outside?
outside the vector of time

oh, yeah. I know the tie in.

ligate this to those old guitar god souldsoul
crossroad stories forming
a somewhat searchable
substructure to science, sci, with known uses,

conscience. Things we think we can do and do,
by virtue of knowing we did.

as far as this ever expanding state,

this bubble of being, we live and breathe in,

here, your role was dear, reader. Next is yours, to make of it all you will,

unless Sam Harris is right, and yoou have no will of your own.

I am bound to wander off into the confusion,

in search of lost boys, wombed and un, trapped under one of those spinner

things that seems too orderly to be random. Your reward,
activate this word:

rescue (v.)
c. 1300, from stem of Old French rescorre "protect, keep safe; free, deliver" (Modern French recourre), from re-, intensive prefix (see re-), + escourre "to cast off, discharge," from Latin excutere "to shake off, drive away," from ex "out" (see ex-) + -cutere, combining form of quatere "to shake" (see quash). Related: Rescued; rescuing
A christian  by self proclamation asked me how a heretic could feel safe? I think he dared me to think you could underrstand knowing a guess is as good as a go. Both truth and treasure are where you find them, and make use of the knowing.
Bhill Mar 2
we are surrounded by cluttered thinking
is it surprising
we need to light the torches of our minds
burn through the misinterpretation
flush out the decoy that has represented itself as truth
find a passage
think facts
rescue our purpose

Brian Hill - 2020 # 62
Find your passage and rescue it..
Jieun Feb 17
I was talking about everyone
while she remained quiet
which made me curious and ask her
"why do you look so upset?"

she sighed as she held my hand
as she looked into my eyes and say
"you keep telling me wonderful things you did..
but let me tell you, this is not okay"

"not okay? how so?"
i asked wondering whats wrong
she looked away before saying
"You always we're too strong"

"you never doubted anything, you only loved them
you adored them, no matter what they say or do
but let me ask you, one thing..
have you thought about yourself? like...what about you?"
Sam Feb 5
Hello Alan,

It's been years when I last saw you.

I remember you were sick

so I brought flowers that I picked.

Would you remember how we met?

It was in a rice field during sunset.

I was just going to visit my aunt

but you showed up without one hand.

You probably didn't know I was sad

The moment I saw you covered in mud.

How could they leave you there crying?

when you needed help 'cause you're dying.

Would you remember how you were saved?

How my tita took and put you a name?

I'm so stupid to ask –

when you're just a beautiful cat.
21, Copyright © 2019
Sam N. de la Rosa
All Rights Reserved.
Betty Jan 28
I slipped through a crack in the world

To a place where dreams lay dying

And a hundred empty bottles broke my fall

Invisible to all the stomping feet

Who would not see

Among the cans and the sidewalk garbage

You came and lifted me

***** blind and raging

Gave me wings

And mended the tear in my soul

Made me whole

So I would not fall again.
To the one

Who inspires my thoughts
Hearty welcome
Gone are the days
You were there
Being mystic ink

Then and now
I long to write
Looking forward
For a rescue
To find the way

That much to say
Genre: Experimental
Theme: Peace Of Mind
Carlo C Gomez Dec 2019
A Byzantine world upside down

starts by praying for time

Then climbing over everyone
and everything

Going top to bottom, blow to blow
with a common fear:


We struggle with life
as much as we struggle with death

Where will we be
when the water rises?

With heart in our hands
or with hands at our throat?

Hail the lifeboat, captain
one of us is about to break through the hull
Empire Dec 2019
I don’t need this medication
It’s not helpful
But man... I keep wanting to take it...
Every night it’s like a treat...
Swallow the clonidine
Then very very soon...
Sleepiness sets in
Getting drowsy....
Mind... drifting....
Until sleep.... sleep saves me
My rescue from the pain
It’s a good medication
I don’t need it
But I really really like it....
Mmm.... goodnight, everyone...
sekots Dec 2019
Tonight, this **** dog
Keeps farting himself awake.
Sleep seems quite futile.
I am truly impressed by my darling dog’s ability to rouse not only me but also himself with his own perfumes. Rescue alumni rule.
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